International Ecommerce Roundup: Our Best Posts on Cross-Border Trade

International Roundup

International ecommerce – selling directly to consumers abroad – is growing at a tremendous rate. For sellers it’s a compelling proposition: expand into huge new markets with less competition, and reach new buyers who may be willing to pay more than your customers at home.

Those benefits are real, but there are plenty of challenges to go with them: language and culture, taxes and regulations, logistics and timezones.

Here’s a roundup of articles from the Web Retailer blog focusing on cross-border trade. They cover specific international marketplaces like Cdiscount and Rakuten Japan, product regulations and taxes in the EU, sales tax in the US, international returns, currency exchange and more. I hope they help you unravel some of the complexities of international ecommerce.

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Our Top Ten Alternative Marketplaces in Europe

European marketplaces are not just about Amazon and eBay. Here are ten alternative marketplaces to consider when selling across Europe.

European Marketplaces

Europe is full of diverse online marketplaces with large and loyal customer bases.

Selling on Rakuten Japan: Your Questions Answered

With 44,000 sellers, 105 million members and sales of $17bn, Rakuten Japan is one of the largest ecommerce sites worldwide. It’s a compelling proposition.

Rakuten Ichiba Japan

The key to everything is quality. Japanese consumers have certain expectations.

Ecommerce in Brazil: A Golden Opportunity?

Brazil is the largest ecommerce market in Latin America, expected to grow to $29.65 billion by 2019. Here’s a deep dive into the Brazilian ecommerce market.

38% of Brazilian consumers purchase goods online from foreign stores.

Complying with EU Product and Labeling Regulations

EU product regulations can be very complex. Here’s a broad overview of the main standards and requirements, and what happens if you are not compliant.

Navigating the regulatory landscape in the EU can be incredibly time-consuming.

Selling on Cdiscount: Your Questions Answered

French marketplace Cdiscount sold €1 billion of products in 2015. With only 7,000 pro sellers, Cdiscount is a great opportunity for international sellers.

Cdiscount are actively seeking foreign sellers to round out their product catalog.

Indian Ecommerce: a Big Opportunity for Marketplace Sellers?

Ecommerce in India is growing by over 60% a year, and marketplaces need many more sellers to meet new government rules restricting vendor market share.

Ecommerce in India

By 2020 India is expected to be home to over 320 million online shoppers.

International Ecommerce: My Top Ten Myths

The aspects of cross-border ecommerce that sellers often misunderstand include strategy, translation, returns, taxes and duties, shipping and more.

International Selling Mythbuster

Testing international markets is easier than ever.

US Sales Tax for European Online Sellers

The USA has 12,000 taxing jurisdictions for sales tax, each with their own rates and rules. Here’s what UK/EU businesses with US online sales need to know.

US Flag Maze

It’s a veritable minefield of legislation, regulation and complexity.

China’s Tmall Global: Everything You Need To Know

Tmall Global was set up to help foreign brands enter the Chinese ecommerce market. Here’s everything you need to know about selling there.

Tmall Homepage

Tmall Global positions itself to target high-end consumers in China.

Selling Internationally? Look Beyond Amazon and eBay

Trevor Ginn explains why he sells internationally, and how he decides where to sell next. He talks about common challenges, and how he has resolved them.

Selling Internationally? Look Beyond Amazon and eBay

Today, we regularly sell to 34 countries around the world.

Options for Handling International Returns

A number of new options for international returns have sprung up this year. In this article I’ll explain each of them with their pros, cons and costs.

International Returns Options

Few sellers think up front about the challenges of international returns.

Inside Ecommerce Currency Exchange Specialist World First

In-depth interview with World First, a foreign exchange company providing international bank accounts, foreign payment services and more for online sellers.

World First Interview

We pay out in over 200 currencies, to any bank account in the world.

3 Emerging Markets to Have on Your Radar

Businesses small and large are on an even playing field when it comes to selling globally. Here’s three markets which might be worth keeping on your radar.

Three Emerging Markets

Enter an emerging market early, and establish yourself before your competitors.

34 Tips for Cross-Border Ecommerce

Expert opinions on the biggest challenges of cross-border ecommerce including translation, shipping, returns, local laws, taxes and currency exchange.

Expert Voices Cross Border Trade

The worlds of logistics, regulation and taxes are stuck in the past.

German Online Marketplaces: The Essential Guide

How to sell internationally through German online marketplaces. Includes information on German buying preferences, delivery expectations, taxes and pricing.

German Online Marketplaces

Germany is the second largest e-commerce market in Europe.

European Ecommerce and VAT: The Essential Guide

What do online retailers need to know about European VAT? What are the different rules and regulations? How do you comply, and what happens if you don’t?

European Ecommerce VAT

If you sell to buyers in Europe, you need to know about VAT.


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