Featured Member: Jax Music Supply

Jax Music Supply

This is the first in a new series of posts focusing on members of the Web Retailer community – an amazing bunch of people who live and breathe ecommerce, and don’t mind sharing their knowledge and experience on the site!

First up is Jax Music Supply. Jack has been posting on the site for five years, helping out other members in the forum and writing balanced reviews on software including Volusion, SixBit and OC Designs.

At the time of writing Jack has a little under 1,000 Kudos points. Just a few more likes will take him over the threshold, so please take a look through his posts and hit the Like button if you find his contributions helpful!

A big thank you to Jack for being such so generous with his knowledge. You can read more about him and his business below.

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Where do you sell?

Where are you based?

Midlothian, Virginia (USA) (just outside of Richmond)

How did you get into selling online?

I ran into someone who was selling products online I was interested in and he was bragging how good he was. Ten minutes in I figured I could do better.

What’s your current business focus?

Continuing incremental growth in the 10% range and improvement of back office processes for continued efficiency. Growth without additional overhead is what it is all about for me.

In the future I plan to commercialize software written to improve my business (BitSynch Software). There’s three products on the drawing board.

Who do you most admire in business?

Gary Vaynerchuk – social media guru, author, founder winelibrary.com.

What’s your biggest business achievement?

Besides being a father of 3 teenagers? Quitting my job to run my business – a big risk and a $50k per year pay cut!

What are your top tips for selling online?

  • Price appropriately – be realistic about your costs, overhead, etc. Build it into your pricing.
  • It’s not personal, its just business. Don’t sweat it when packages get lost or you suspect a buyer is lying about something. Let it go. You will waste too much time worrying about these things refund it, offer a return, etc., and move on. I see a lot of people sweating a lost $75 item. This is not worth your time.
  • Keep your overhead low, but don’t skip on necessary expenses. A good example is shelving. I see people showing pictures of their inventory in their garage, with boxes and boxes of inventory, few labels, etc. Time is money. Spend a little money now on good storage and organized shelves and bins.
  • Use the tools that are available – shipping software, thermal printers, repricers. Don’t waste time doing things that are not your area of expertise.
  • Sell on multiple marketplaces. Too many people just focus on Amazon or eBay. They are different markets but you can succeed on both.
  • Sell internationally

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened in your business?

Some guy called me from England (to the US) to complain about paying VAT or customs fees of about £5, even though we warned them on our listing. Spent 20 minutes talking to me – and it wasn’t a Skype call! Cost more to call me than it was worth.

What websites, books or blogs do you recommend?

Well, this will sound biased but Web Retailer is one of the best resources available for finding software and services to help run your business. EcommerceBytes has some interesting info but seems a bit negative at times. There a couple of good Facebook groups – The eCommerceGroup, eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores.

Thank you Jack for being our first featured member!

Are you an active member of the site and interested in being featured? Get in touch!

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