What Does a Million-Dollar Amazon Seller Look Like?

What does a million-dollar Amazon seller look like?

Currencies Direct have put together a great infographic, based on the findings from our recent survey of 1,500 Amazon sellers.

The infographic covers statistics about million-dollar Amazon sellers including private labeling, other sales channels, favored product categories, biggest concerns, sourcing strategies and marketing tactics.

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Million dollar sellers

6 comments on “What Does a Million-Dollar Amazon Seller Look Like?

  1. Great infographic! Interesting that million dollar Amazon sellers are “twice as likely to visit trade shows and take suggestions from suppliers”. It’s an old school way of sourcing that’s often ignored. Keep up the good work!

  2. surprised that grocery wasn’t on the list at all. It is much ‘easier’ to sell 1 mil in grocery, not as much ROI usually, than other categories.

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