Private Label Roundup: Sourcing, Trends, Trademarks and Compliance

Private Labeling Roundup

Private labeling is where sellers source generic items, usually from China, then add their own branding to create a whole new product.

It’s a hugely popular strategy for Amazon sellers, because it creates their own unique product listing and avoids direct competition. But it’s also surrounded by a bubble of hype and misunderstanding.

Over the past year we’ve worked to demystify private labeling, raise understanding, and let out a little of that hot air!

Here’s a roundup of our private labeling-focused blog posts. It’s also worth checking out our blog posts on Amazon and Sourcing, which are often relevant to private label sellers.

Amazon Private Label Checklist

Mark Scott Adams provides a detailed checklist to help sellers decide if their idea is viable as an Amazon private label product.

Amazon Private Label Checklist

How to Profit from Trending Products

Veteran Amazon seller Pilar Newman, who runs her business full-time while traveling the world, wrote about how to capitalize on fast-moving industry trends. Pilar explained how she has made money from trends in the past, how to identify hot products, and her best tricks and tips for creating your own items.

How to Profit from Trending Products on Amazon

Top 10 Private Label Landmines

This infographic covers trademarks and patents, import delays, sample sizes, testing, exclusivity, quality issues, marketing, Seller Performance warnings, competition and hijacking.

Private Label Landmines

Private Label Myths and Facts

Will Tjernlund gives his top 12 myths about selling private label products on Amazon. He talks about getting reviews, finding a niche, the Buy Box, software and much more.

Private Label Mythbuster

Protect Your Amazon Listings

Tina Marie Bueno covers Amazon Brand Registry and FFP – programs which help protect you against competitors hijacking your listings, or outselling you with copies of your own products.

Protect Your Amazon Listings

How to Use Trademarks

Eric Perrott from Gerben Law Firm gives some great trademark tips for Amazon white labelers and private labelers.

Amazon Private Label Trademarks

How to Find a Private Label Niche

Manuel Becvar answers the question, How do you find a private label product to sell? He looks at picking a product niche by looking at your personal situation, and how to pick a product to private label within that niche.

How to Choose a Private Label Niche and Product

EU Product and Labeling Regulations

Fredrik Gronkvist talks about product regulations in the European Union, including electronic safety standards, chemical regulations, documentation requirements and the rules for laboratory testing. You will also find out what can happen if you fail to ensure compliance.

EU Product Regulations

Private Label Product Liability

Matt Thomas looks at the risks of importing products from China. If your product hurts someone or causes property damage you could be in serious trouble.

Private Label Product Liability

What other topics should we cover for private label sellers? I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch here.

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