Product Sourcing Roundup: Importing, Reselling, Liquidation, Arbitrage and Used

Product Sourcing Roundup

We have covered the topic of sourcing products many times over the past few years. Posts have ranged from sourcing methods and strategies, to the nitty gritty of finding suppliers and working with them effectively.

Many aspects of selling come down to processes and policies – understanding the marketplaces and running a really streamlined operation. That efficiency is crucial, and can be hard to achieve, but really it’s just a requirement so that you can stay in business. The ability to find appealing products at a profitable price is what actually determines your success.

In this roundup, I’ve pulled together our best sourcing posts. They’re grouped into six sections: general, importing, reselling, liquidation, arbitrage and used.

General Product Sourcing

Five Ecommerce Business Models

Where Do I Get Stuff To Sell

This explains the main sourcing methods: reselling, private labeling, liquidation, retail arbitrage and used items. If you don’t know the terminology, start with this. Read it here.

Twelve Tips For Your Product Sourcing Strategy

Twelve Tips For Your Product Sourcing Strategy

Here are twelve tips from ecommerce experts around the world to help you develop your own product sourcing strategy. Great general advice. Read it here.


Posts about sourcing products from China, particularly for private labeling, are some of the most popular on the site. Of course you can import products without private labeling (to sell as generics or to resell a foreign brand, for example). You can also source products domestically to private label. So importing and private labeling are not the same thing, but a lot of the time they do go hand-in-hand.


Reselling is where many successful sellers end up. It has a lot going for it: stable sources of product, recognizable brand names, and the ability to scale easily – just add more SKUs. But it’s also the hardest to get into, and can be difficult to manage in the long-term if you build up to hundreds or thousands of products.

The Amazon Sourcing Strategy That Really Works

Amazon Sourcing Strategy

Andrew Tjernlund’s Amazon sourcing strategy, focusing on  domestic suppliers and building a large catalog of products. Read it here.

The Moneyball Method for Amazon Product Sourcing

Baseball Player

Meghan Gleason explains the science of sourcing from brands, and how to pitch your value to suppliers. Read it here.


Liquidation or clearance products are items which retailers have decided to sell off cheaply in bulk. Retailers might decide to “liquidate” any stock that they can’t sell at full-price, such as customer returns, out-of-season stock, and product lines that they simply bought too much of (overstocked).

Sourcing Products from Liquidation Companies

Liquidation Products

Everything you need to know about sourcing clearance products: how the liquidation business works, pitfalls to be aware of, and tips on how to profit. Read it here.

How UK Sports Warehouse Built SportsBubble


The story of how and why UK Sports Warehouse decided to add regular lines to its long-standing business selling clearance products. Read it here.

Retail Arbitrage

This is buying products from ordinary bricks-and-mortar stores (or online retailers) for resale through online marketplaces. It’s attractive to many beginners in ecommerce, because you can start small and don’t need any special business or tax registrations.


Selling used products is probably the least glamorous of all the methods, but it can be very profitable. It can also scale to be a very large business – some of the highest-volume sellers on Amazon and eBay sell used items.

Selling Media Online: Books, Music, Movies and Video Games

Selling Media Online

This covers the category where most sellers of used products focus: media. Brennan Burns of Monsoon takes an in-depth look at selling books, music, DVDs and video games online. What are the current trends and challenges, and the best channels for selling media? Read it here.

Meet Momox: The World’s #2 Seller on Amazon and #4 on eBay

Medimops Momox

Germany’s Momox are one of the world’s largest sellers, with over 100 million dollars in sales. They only sell used items: books, CDs, DVDs, games and designer fashion. Read it here.

In Closing

I hope you’ve found this roundup useful and wish you the best of luck with your product sourcing efforts!

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