Seller Stories Roundup: Many Ways to Multichannel Success!

Seller Stories Roundup

Over the past two years we’ve profiled successful marketplace sellers from the United States, UK, Germany and Australia.

We don’t like to put forward a specific business model or sales channel as “the best”, so we’ve covered them all: wholesale, retail arbitrage, liquidation, private labeling, used items, Amazon, eBay, online stores and more.

So this post is a roundup of all our Seller Stories to date. It shows there are many ways to sell online, and no right way or wrong way to do well in this business. There are many ways that can work.

Neil Waterhouse

Australia’s Neil Waterhouse sells mainly through eBay, and has built his business by focusing on dependable, repeatable process.

Neil Waterhouse Beach

John Lawson

John Lawson is something of a legend among online sellers. Besides his eBay store 3rd Power Outlet, John is a keynote speaker at ecommerce events, multiple winner of Small Business Influencer Awards, and author of the leading book on using social media for ecommerce.

John Lawson With Stock

True Interior

A lot of marketplace sellers struggle to get sales off the ground with their own online store, but Paul Rogers and Rob Carter of True Interior had a lot of early success getting traffic to their store. We ran a three-part series covering their initial marketing strategy then their product catalog challenges, and finally how they migrated from Shopify to Magento.

True Interior's Paul Rogers and Rob Carter

Will Tjernlund

In one year Will Tjernlund and his brother Andrew grew their Amazon sales from $1.2 million to $6 million. They also generated around $1 million of sales on eBay, and half a million on their own webstores. I spoke to Will about this fantastic sales growth and much more.

Will Tjernlund

Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin has built a rare thing among marketplace sellers: a genuine, recognizable brand name that stands for something. His company Crucial Vacuum also made Inc.’s list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.

The Crucial Story

James Amazio

James Amazio grew his Amazon private label business from zero to $50,000 a month in sales in only six months. But then a crisis hit: he was suddenly banned from selling on Amazon.

Car Crash


I spoke to Elizabeth Hitchins about how UK Sports Warehouse diversified their clearance-based business with thousands of current product lines, sourced from wholesale suppliers.


Victor Levitin

Victor Levitin talked about how he got the highest conversion rates on eBay, even being awarded a certificate of achievement by eBay.

Crazy Lister Founders

Jason Sanchez

Jason Sanchez is a true ecommerce veteran, with over twenty years’ experience. He has sold a range of products from novelty inflatables and swimming pool equipment, to fancy dress costumes.

Christian Wegner

Christian Wegner‘s company Momox is the world’s second-largest seller on Amazon, and fourth-largest on eBay. Last year they surpassed 100 million Euros in annual revenue. They have 750,000 square feet of warehouse space and 1,000 employees, but this company was built from nothing in only twelve years.

Medimops Momox

Robyn Johnson

Robyn Johnson uses retail arbitrage and wholesale to source products. She has spent as much as $50,000 on inventory in 2 to 3 days, and sold well over a million dollars on Amazon and hundreds of thousands on eBay.

Robyn Johnson Interview 615

Kyle Goguen

Kyle Goguen of Pawstruck is a lot more focused on marketing than your average multichannel seller. He has thought strategically about branding, email marketing, product reviews, social media and even packaging.

Pawstruck Interview

Trevor Ginn

Trevor Ginn runs UK-based business Hello Baby, selling baby, toddler and nursery products worldwide through several online marketplaces and his own store.

Selling Internationally? Look Beyond Amazon and eBay

Shaun O’Brien

eBay seller Shaun O’Brien has two bricks and mortar stores, has sponsored racing cars, and has two private label brands. He’s not your average eBay entrepreneur!

Selby Warehouse with Racing Car

Do you have a unique story to tell about your own ecommerce business, or know someone else who does? I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch here.

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