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Ask The Expert: David Jaeger on Ecommerce Advertising

David Jaeger Thinking About Advertising

This Q&A has now ended. It’s been a real education, with some great answers from David. You can read it all here, and if you have any further questions please start a new discussion to ask them.

Today I’m launching our latest Ask The Expert event! The topic is advertising your ecommerce business, and our expert is David Jaeger, COO at InternetMarketing.net.

The discussion will close at the end of the week so please ask your questions early to give David time to respond and answer any follow up questions. No new questions will be taken after 8pm UK time (3pm EDT / 12pm PDT) on Friday 15th August so don’t leave it to the last moment to ask your question!

Go to the discussion now Ask The Expert: Ecommerce Advertising or read on for more about David.

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Expert Tips for eBay Sellers Starting Their Own Webstore

Expert Voices May 2014

Back in March I wrote a post about why many marketplace sellers shouldn’t open their own webstore.

There were some strong reactions to it, both in the blog comments and on Facebook. It was intended to get people thinking, so it was great to see the discussion.

But I’m not against independent ecommerce – not by any means – and do want to help sellers expand with a successful store of their own when it makes sense for their business.

With that in mind, I spoke to a dozen sellers, suppliers and experts around the world. I asked them what marketplace sellers should look out for when starting their own online shop. Here’s what they said.

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Why You Should Stop Hankering After Your Own Web Store

Hankering After Web Store

“I just need to get selling on my own website – there’s no eBay fees, no feedback system – I’ll save so much I could even set my prices lower to bring the buyers in!”

Have you ever thought that? Or heard other sellers say it? I’ve heard it many times, and don’t question that there are advantages to having your own independent web store.

But there are many differences between selling on the marketplaces, and selling through your own store. The marketplaces have the advantage in almost all of them. In this post I’ll explain why most sellers should concentrate their efforts on the marketplaces, and tell you about the few cases where it still makes sense to go it alone.

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