How to Get Involved in the Web Retailer Community

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A lot of work goes into Web Retailer – creating blog posts, editing the directory, moderating the forum and more. But the most important, useful and relevant content is created by you – the members of the Web Retailer community.

That’s why user participation is built into every part of the site. Members can write reviews, post in the forum, send private messages, comment on blog posts and more. It’s the contributions of real online sellers that bring the site to life!

In this post I’ll explain all the ways you can participate, and get the most out of Web Retailer for you and your business. A lot has changed recently, so I’ll tell you what’s different too.

Your Profile

Your profile is where you can tell us about yourself. You can upload a photo – it’s great to put a face to a name – and set your website URL. Recently we’ve added a place for an “About Me” bio, and you can create links to everywhere you are online – eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and more.

We link to your profile whenever you participate on the site, so it’s great to add all your links. And now we introduce new members to the community in the weekly newsletter, so your website URL (if you’ve set it!) will be seen by thousands of members.

You can edit your profile here, or by clicking your user name at the top of the page, or from the community menu.


Reviews are the cornerstone of the directory – everyone wants more of them! If you write a review, comment on one, or just like one that somebody else has written you will be helping out other members of the site.

Reviews don’t have to be long or written to a high standard. Just tell us about your experience with the product or service you’re reviewing – what was good or bad, why you stuck with it or left, who you’d recommend it to or who it wouldn’t be right for.

If you’ve used any of the products or services listed on the site, your review would be much appreciated. Try searching or browsing the alphabetical list if you can’t find the software you’ve used by browsing the categories.

We showcase reviews on the homepage and in the newsletter, so writing them raises your own profile too.


The forum, now running for nearly ten years, is the place to talk about anything related to selling online. We’ve made it simple and now have one main discussion board where anything goes.

Every week I start a new topic to make it easy for members to get involved. Right now I’m asking What have you changed this year? How’s it working out?, and before that How did you get started selling online? If you’d like to participate in the forum but feel nervous about posting, reply to one of those discussions to get started!

After that, feel free to post your questions, observations, comments and complaints. As long as it’s related to selling online and you’re doing more than just promoting yourself then your posts are very welcome.


You’re reading the blog right now! The focus is on in-depth educational and opinion pieces for online sellers including Seller Stories interviews, advice on Markets & Channels and looking inside common misconceptions in our Myth Busters.

You don’t have to register to comment on blog posts, just a name and email address is enough. The most popular page on the whole site this year is a blog post, so commenting is a great way to participate and get your name out there.

Your Reputation

It’s so important to recognize members who participate on the site that we’ve created a completely new points system called Kudos. It’s an Ancient Greek word, meaning praise for exceptional achievement!

Members gain Kudos when they:

  • Complete their profile.
  • Write a review or post in the forum.
  • Receive positive feedback.

To make it easy to get started gaining Kudos, we’ve created five different missions – one for each of the different ways to participate on the site. It’s easy to get started, but a little more difficult to complete them all – let me know if you manage it!

In Closing

A community of experienced, active and helpful online sellers is a powerful thing – there’s a lot we can learn and achieve together that would be so hard as individuals.

It’s easy to get started, just tell us about yourself in your profile and complete a few Kudos missions. Then go with the flow – ask questions when you have them, review software when you use it, and reply to posts when you have something to say.

The Web Retailer community really is the most important thing on the site, and I want you to be part of it!

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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  1. Let’s get a leader board going and some expert badges! =D I would also like to see the forum posts categorized a little better. Anyone else? I think Andy is up for some suggestions! =D

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