How to Build an Audience of Raving Fans for Your Amazon Brand

This post is by Pilar Newman, an eleven-year Amazon seller veteran who provides ecommerce training on her website and YouTube channel.

It’s time to turn up the heat on your competition and turn your faceless Amazon private label product into a bonafide brand. A brand with some serious backbone and the resilience to overcome copycat sellers and price wars that stifle the growth of your Amazon product.

So what’s the expert secret that will make all the difference? 

Build an audience of raving fans first. Then turn your ordinary commodity item into an irresistible offer that anyone who comes across it will have a hard time saying no to.

Here’s the good news. There are free gifts at your disposal to attract your niche audience of raving fans. Facebook alone has 2.4 billion monthly active users on its site as of September 2019. Not to mention Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and now TikTok, that allow you to freely connect with billions of people around the world. 

But want to know the BEST news of all?

There’s only a small handful of people online who are effectively harnessing the power of these free social sites, which means there’s a hole in the marketplace for you to take full advantage of.

In this article, I’ll dive into Amazon brand building and traffic secrets using free Facebook traffic methods. For the full Underground Traffic Playbook to get customers to your Amazon product with credit cards in hand, I’ll leave the blueprint for you to nab on my website.

Optimizing your Facebook personal profile

The first step in building your audience of raving fans begins with optimizing your FB personal profile page. Yes, your profile page, not your FB business page. 

Your business page is great to have, but having a face behind the product is what will allow you to execute on this organic traffic strategy. This works for one fundamentally simple reason. People connect better with other human beings, not with inanimate objects such as a brand logo or mascot. 

In this instance, your personal profile page will serve as a great primer to sharing your mission and the story behind your products. Your audience will begin to bond with you. And once that authentic connection is formed, they will follow you to wherever you choose to lead them.

With the audience attraction methods I share with you below, your audience will begin to gravitate towards you in the form of Facebook friend requests.

Pilar Newman personal FB profile banner

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve chosen to amplify my affiliate marketing mentorship niche on my FB banner. (This strategy is so effective it works across multiple niches, not just ecommerce.)

Your banner is essentially your “bumper sticker”. What do you want people to immediately know and understand about you when they first take a look at this? 

Creating your own Facebook banner

Let’s say you plan to sell a private label superfoods green juice powder in your Amazon storefront. What’s your mission with this brand?

Your mission is to choose healthy habits that bring about abundance, by trusting in mother earth’s healing powers and embodying the power of a positive mindset. You do this by creating an environment of sustainable lifestyle changes that center around plant-based organic products and community.

Here is how you would create your FB banner using the example above:

  1. Use a software tool such as Canva to create your own banner image. If you’re like me and not a great designer, then you can use a freelancer platform such as Fiverr to get one done. For about $25, you can find a good designer to create this image for you.
  2. Include images and graphics that embody your mission and brand story. Below is a simple example of how you can articulate your story with drinking superfoods green powder.
  3. Call-to-action (CTA): This is done in the form of a web link on the banner. This is where you direct people to a free resource that speaks to your audience or it can lead to a FB Group.
Live Well FB banner example

If you don’t have any subscribers to your email list yet, then I would suggest creating a free resource to entice them into it; something like, “The 7 Superfoods that Increase Your Mental Clarity and Daily Productivity.” Then place that link on the banner.

As for your FB profile image, simply use a photo that shows your authentic self.

Leverage niche groups to build your community 

With your optimized Facebook profile in place, you are ready to begin actively attracting your community. You do this by joining other FB communities where groups of people are having conversations around shared common interests. As human beings, we thrive on connecting with others who share values and character traits that are similar to our own.

In our case, we’re looking to join FB groups where there are people discussing ways in which to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Our product centers around this, so we want to attract people who are already of this mindset. 

(Quick side note: It is much easier to sell something to someone who is already looking for similar things to what you offer, than it is to convince someone who has never showed interest.)

Now, there are different verticals or layers of FB groups we can join to accomplish this. 

For instance, we can join groups where people are well aware that superfoods increase their mental game, and generally help them stay healthy. We could also join groups where there are entrepreneurs looking to increase their productivity level, but they are unaware that superfoods can help them with that.

Facebook groups for healthy superfoods

Understanding who your target audience is becomes a key ingredient to this organic method. 

Who are you trying to reach with your superfoods green juice powder? People looking to lose weight? Entrepreneurs looking to increase mental clarity and productivity? How you go about connecting with people will differ depending on which audience you select.

Participate in Facebook groups

The whole point of being part of a community is to be an active participant, especially if you are a business owner. It always surprises me how little effort some make to genuinely help and interact with other members in a group, because they are so intent on selling their product. They will generally wait to participate until an opportunity arises where they can pitch their product. 

That is not the way to participate in groups. And it is also counter-intuitive to what we’re trying to build here. As a matter of fact, the less you focus on selling, and the more you focus on genuinely helping out, the more raving fans you’ll attract.

Here are some ways to be an active, valuable participant in Facebook groups:

  1. When questions are posed where you can help with a viable solution, make it a habit to answer those questions.
  2. Write and post valuable content that helps members. For example, “This week, I hired an organizational professional to declutter my office space. It added another level of clarity and focus that I simply wasn’t expecting. Here’s the one simple thing she added to my office space that I had no idea I needed.”
  3. Help the group owner moderate the group and keep it spam free by tagging them on posts where someone is violating group rules. 

Connect with group members

Now that you’re making your presence known in the group as someone who is helpful and provides great value, you’ll notice that some members will begin to send you friend requests.

They will take a look at your newly created FB banner that speaks to a common interest you both share. Some will even take interest in your call-to-action link and join your email list. 

Go ahead and accept some of these requests. My main criteria for accepting these is that they are real people with real content on their FB profile. As long as they don’t come off as overly spammy, then I’m good with that. 

You should also be actively sending friend requests to members you’ve interacted with in these groups. They have shown interest in you and your content, and have also shown that they’re active group participants. FB allows you up to 5,000 friends on your personal profile. That’s 5,000 potential leads for your new Amazon brand! 

The other great part of being a valuable contributing member of a FB group is that you’ll get invited to give interviews on podcasts, do special training for large groups, write guest blog posts such as this one, etc. All this helps you expand your audience of raving fans simply because you chose to be seen and provide valuable content. It’s truly a win-win situation for all! 

Build the KLT Factor with your new FB friends

We have all these new FB friends, but now what?

The first time I started adding people that I didn’t know personally to my FB friends list, it felt weird. It’s OK if you feel that way too. It takes a little getting used to since your “new friends” will mainly feel like strangers. That’s where the KLT Factor comes into effect. 

Know You

Get known by showing up every day, consistently. 

Like You

You exude positivity, give compliments and show genuine interest in their content.

Trust You

Keep to your word. Follow through on your actions. Don’t sell scammy products.

It’s very common for people to buy from someone who they know, like and trust. Friends we grew up with as well as acquaintances we’ve known for some time, generally will root for you and support your endeavors. But strangers… well, not so much.

We need to turn that around.

We do this by generating content on our Facebook personal profile that shares our stories and values, and speaks to the shared common interests of our audience. 

Some examples of a good mix of content can include:

  • Images of your daily routine with family and work.
  • Inspirational quotes.
  • Valuable content related to and around your niche audience. 

Your FB profile is NOT for selling. This is very important to understand as FB will immediately shut you down if you do this.

Create your own Facebook group

This does not need to be anything overly complicated. Anyone can create a private FB community and set the rules to it. Here’s an example of one below:

FB group Food for Health

As long as your FB group banner represents the common interest for the niche audience that you are trying to attract, then you are good. 

Continuing the example from before, a simple image of superfood vegetables and a couple of lines that represent your mission would work well. I personally like to keep my FB group under the private setting to give it a more exclusive feel. 

Once your FB group begins to grow further and you have more resources available for your audience, then you can start working those into your banner.

Invite friends to your group

Since you are building a new brand to launch on Amazon, you will want to get as much input into that as possible from your niche audience.

The idea here is to involve them in the development of your new product so they ultimately feel that it was built for them, and want to buy it… because this will truly be the case!

After you’ve built a decent following on your personal profile, you’ll want to promote your new FB group. There are two ways in which you can do this. 

  1. You can use the FB group feature to invite friends from your FB profile to your group.
  2. You can post every so often on your personal profile that you have a new FB group opening up soon.

Personally, I prefer the second option as it will attract the individuals who are most interested in my content.

As people join your new group, you will want to have pre-populated content already inside. Again, this is content related around your niche audience, further educating and entertaining them. This can be fun niche-related memes, conversational questions, and valuable niche-related information.

This will further nurture your audience and help turn them into raving fans of not only you, but soon your product as well.

This is what the simple process above looks like so far:

Facebook process progression

Build excitement for your new Amazon brand

You now have a fully engaged Facebook group who know, like and trust you, and are ready to introduce and launch our new Amazon product. 

Here are the steps to follow to begin this process:

  1. Create three different logo designs and ask your group members to choose their favorite design.
  2. Ask your members questions related to their most common challenges. For example, “What lifestyle changes have you tried before to help establish healthy eating habits?”
  3. Retell the story of what motivated you to embark on this journey of creating your new Amazon brand. What are you trying to inspire? 

The more closely connected they feel to you and your story, the more likely they will want to help support your new endeavor. 

At this point, you have essentially picked your market (who you plan to serve), and you now want to create an offer that matches that audience.

Most sellers simply offer a product for sale on Amazon. Yet a product is a commodity that anyone else can create and sell. Buyers will compare features of your product to that of your closest competitor. The only thing you have as leverage is price, and it’s a race to the bottom from that point on. 

Create your irresistible offer 

In order to build a bonafide brand with some serious backbone, you will want to create an irresistible offer around your commodity. This is what separates successful Amazon sellers from the ordinary sellers.

What else would someone buying your superfoods green juice powder need in order to achieve the result that they are looking for? 

Well, maybe they need to know what to eat in order to maximize the benefits of taking this green juice? Great. Then you can create an e-book explaining what they should be eating.

Maybe you find out that there are some people in your group who would like to use it as a reset for their body, so they function better. Great. Then you can create a video on how to do a 30-day green juice body reset diet. 

Or let’s say they want to learn how to sleep better at night and that’s why they are taking this green juice. Great, you can create a night time sleep system routine that helps them achieve this while taking your superfoods green juice. 

(By the way, your audience will begin to tell you what they want from you during everyday conversations in your Facebook group. Simply by paying close attention, you’ll learn what it is that your audience wants from you.)

Amazon launch time

It’s time to launch. You have now created a brand and a movement that your audience of raving fans are fully invested in. And then you place the most irresistible offer in front of them. It looks something like this:

Hey Guys, thank you so much for being part of this journey and my vision in creating a product that not only tastes great, but also offers mother nature’s most potent healing powers.

This superfoods green juice powder was created exclusively with you in mind. For you who want more clarity and focus to work smarter, not harder in your business… For you who desire to reset your body so that you can sleep better at night and wake up more refreshed for your day… For you who want to nourish your body with only the best of the best and that centers around a plant-based organic diet.

We simply could not launch on Amazon without first thanking you for helping us achieve this and creating the best superfoods green juice product on the planet! So here’s what we’re going to do for our community.

We would love for you to try it out and tell us what you think! For the first 200 people from our community who purchase it on Amazon when it launches on [DATE], you’ll also be receiving these free gifts from us:

  • The 24-page e-book explaining the best foods to eat along with our superfoods green juice powder for maximum health benefits!
  • The 7-Day Night-time Sleep System Routine that works best when taking our green juice, so you can fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed for your day!
  • The 30-Day Green Juice Reset Diet so your body can function better and feel stronger!

Simply send us your Amazon receipt and best email address where we can send you your free gifts.

Sign up to join our waitlist below to be the first notified when our superfoods green juice powder goes on sale on Amazon.

And just like that you’ve built a bonafide Amazon Brand with some serious backbone, and a hardcore fanbase of raving fans…who will continue to buy from you over and over again.

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This post was by Pilar Newman, an eleven year Amazon seller veteran who runs her business full-time while traveling the world. Pilar provides ecommerce training on her website and YouTube channel.


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