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Las Vegas United States
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For over 15 years Danni Ackerman, Founder of the Danni App has been using eBay as a way to not just sell stuff, but build a business.

Danni calls herself a serial entrepreneur and has always thought outside the box when it comes to ways to do things better and grow a business. She had a $250k a year Avon business and was responsible for the corporation changing their policy when she found a way around their retail store selling clause by opening the very first Avon Showroom.

Danni also raised and trained thoroughbred racehorses. She learned about auctions from attending the large Thoroughbred horse sales and rubbed elbows with millionaire purchasers to learn the biz. She purchased the cast aways and built a profitable horse business through creative marketing and strategizing. With the horses came goats. Danni took her herd of Nubian Dairy Goats from backyard horse buddies to competing at the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) Nationals. Danni supported her love of animals by turning it into a money making business including producing such things as goat cheese and fudge to sell at local Farmer’s Markets as well as through local co-ops.

Danni’s true passion is the second hand world. Danni has managed flea markets, an antique store and an auction house. With her extensive knowledge of the buying and selling world Danni knew that when eBay came along it was a match made in Heaven. She’s made it a huge part of her life and now helps others use it to grow multi-channel, six figure businesses.

Danni wants others to be as successful as they want to be. She helped her mom go from working outside the home and miserable to working for herself and loving it!

Danni knows what it takes to build a business from scratch by taking an idea and seeing all the possibilities. She educates, empowers and excites peo


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