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Guangzhou China
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I help importers source products from China with a focus on managing import risks & reducing costs through strategic sourcing, optimizing the supply chain and using China specific negotiation strategies and with the help of our Chinese team. I have been working with Chinese factories across a diverse range of industries for several years gaining insights into their working practices, production processes, challenges & capabilities.

I am also the author of The Sourcing Blog, where I share my experiences on importing from China, dealing with Chinese factories & other international trade issues of interest to importers & exporters.

As I was an importer based in the UK before moving to China & having spent a major part of my life living in India, UK & China, I am able to understand the requirements, quality standards & challenges that importers face when importing from China & therefore able to bridge the gap between their requirements of & capabilities of suppliers in China.

During the time I have been in China, I have visited various factories & workshops in the remote corners of China in my quest to find the right suppliers for our clients, get the best possible prices & ensure quality control processes are implemented. I have worked with several clients to help them turn an “idea” into a prototype & eventually the end product, working through all stages of the new product development process.

I love making new professional acquaintances, so feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss about importing from China, challenges with your suppliers, logistics or other issues. If I can’t be of service, I may know others who can meet your requirements in China.

Specialities: China Sourcing, Amazon FBA, Risk Management, New Product Development, Quality Control, International Trade, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Payments & Purchase Contracts.
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