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amzLenders is the world’s first loan provider designed exclusively for early-stage, cash-positive Amazon FBA businesses and sellers in the US. We aim to provide quicker, easier, and more affordable financing for FBA sellers.

At amzLenders, we understand just how hard financing can be to come by as a growing Amazon business. The company is built and owned by an FBA seller himself who understands the unique situations and struggles of growing an Amazon business. So we designed our process, requirements and terms to exclusively fit Amazon businesses. Our repayment are timed to match each Amazon payout, so it's always affordable.

Aside from just providing FBA business financing, we also aim to provide recommendations on how to improve selling account performance as well as assistance in the event of situations critical to continued business performance.

If you think our FBA financing solution will help your Amazon business, feel free to sign up ( to get notified as soon as we open our doors.

amzLenders - Simple, fast and affordable financing for your FBA business |
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