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Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom
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SDL Managed Translation - Quality translations powered by world-leading technology

SDL has been the leader in professional translation, language technology and language services for over 20 years, powering brands and independent sellers on eCommerce platforms (eBay, Amazon and Alibaba) as they go global.

Simple, powerful and fast; SDL Managed Translation puts you in full control of every translation project. This is your hassle free way to raise the bar on quality whilst accelerating speed to market of your translations and smoothing the collaboration process. Even better, our smart translation memory means that the more you translate, the more you save.

The definitive professional translation service – fast, affordable and dependable. All projects, all sizes, all formats, all languages, one definitive high standard.

There’s a reason why thousands of demanding businesses rely on SDL Managed Translation when going global. They recognise the difference that having 15,000-plus in-territory translators makes when you need to have an answer for every language. They are reassured by the fact that with all these people working to one consistent ISO standard that they can rely on a consistent quality of product and service. And they take full advantage of the technology we have created, and that sets the industry standard, for simplifying translation projects, reducing costs and speeding time to market.

To find out more or get a translation quote in 30 seconds, visit our Managed Translation website.


SDL Managed Translation


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