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Multichannel ecommerce solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has released new features including support for Amazon Sponsored Brands.

The updates include:

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands support
  • Where To Buy – Buy Local enhancements
  • Drop Ship Network expansion
  • New marketplace connections including Amazon UAE, Amazon Turkey, Amazon Brazil, Google Shopping France, Allegro (Poland), Urban Outfitters (U.S.), Free People (U.S), and Anthropologie (U.S.).
  • Support for Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS)

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Amazon Sponsored Ads management tool Teikametrics Flywheel has added a feature which automatically adjusts sellers' bidding strategy.

The hourly bidding algorithm is powered by an econometrics and a machine-learning data model that allows Amazon advertisers to automatically adjust bidding strategy quickly, minimize wasted ad spend, and adapt to changing marketplace dynamics. This takes advantage of Amazon's recent ad update that significantly reduces lag time in reporting advertising performance data.

Being able to calculate the most profitable bid on an hourly basis allows Teikametrics' platform to proactively invest ad dollars where the algorithm predicts the highest return on investment. Keywords and ad groups with high traffic volumes and competitive auctions, such as consumer electronics, household items, and apparel, are among those that will benefit the most during the first few days of bidding, during which time wasted ad spend can be curtailed by up to 50 percent.

Even sellers whose product keywords have fewer search activities and less dynamic ad data history will benefit substantially from Teikametrics' hourly bidding capability, which offers them access to up-to-the-moment information about advertising performance. With this new feature, Teikametrics' clients can also explore winning auctions and experiment with more aggressive bidding strategies to extract keyword performance information quickly.

"Amazon is quickly gaining ground on Facebook and Google as a leading online advertising channel," said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO and founder of Teikametrics. "In a marketplace as dynamic and competitive as Amazon, reaction time is critical. Teikametrics' hourly bidding algorithm is the first solution to enable brands to react to statistically significant changes in their Amazon ads data with hourly granularity. This is another major milestone in our ongoing mission to help brands maximize profit on Amazon."

Teikametrics Flywheel combines advertising data, transaction data, and cost of goods sold to algorithmically optimize advertising profitability. Teikametrics has more than 2,000 clients, who have generated an average of 34% more revenue within 60 days of starting on Teikametrics' platform.

Source: Teikametrics

Tool for Amazon sellers Efficient Era has updated the Dashboard and Product Performance pages in its Ad Tool.

The new Dashboard shows exact numbers on metrics inlcuding Bid Adjustments, New Keywords, Match Type Changes, and more. It also shows an expanded view of campaign performance graphs.

The new Product Performance section shows summaries of the products with Lowest Impressions, Lowest CTR, Lowest Converting, and Highest ACoS. Users can also adjust the Target ACoS for a specific product.

Source: Efficient Era

Amazon selling software ManageByStats has released a new scheduling feature for their advertising tool.

The scheduler allows users to pause and boost bids for keywords during selected hours, giving them the option to more effectively manage their ad spend. The Advertising tool runs within MBS, and connects to the campaign manager in the user's Amazon Seller Central account, giving them the ability to oversee all aspects of their Amazon Sponsored Ads. Full management of ad campaigns at each level is possible, from campaign to ad group to keyword, with additional features such as tracking of bid history, setting of targets for ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and now scheduling.

"As we've mentioned before we're on an aggressive development cycle," says ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "New tools and features are in the pipeline and more are planned. Scheduling for advertising is something very few other providers are doing, and we've got it readily available right in your Advertising tool."

ManageByStats incorporates multiple tools into a single suite of online software, providing services for stats analysis, profit, ROI, margin, customer management, inventory, graphing, feedback, reviews, automated customer emails, keyword monitoring, advertising and more.

Source: Digital Journal

Seller Labs is to start rolling out a brand new version of Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite.

Ignite 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more powerful, flexible, scalable, and effective. Enhancements include:

  • New user interface and dashboard
  • New stats, graphs, and action items
  • Bulk actions, uploads and updates
  • Customized campaign groups
  • Alerts and notifications
  • All-new sophisticated suggestions engine

The new dashboard and features will go live in the next few weeks.

* * * * *

A new edition of Ignite for agencies, consultants and PPC managers has been launched, called Ignite Plus. It's a scalable Amazon advertising platform created for users who manage multiple brands, accounts and users.

Seller Labs has also introduced Ignite Managed Services, offering Amazon PPC ads management to sellers as an outsourced service.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon selling software ManageByStats has a new feature for managing and optimizing Amazon Sponsored Products advertising campaigns.

Philip Jepsen, CEO of ManageByStats, said, "This tool has been in development and testing, and we've now released it wide so all users can take advantage. Fundamentally it greatly simplifies user interactions with Amazon Sponsored Ads, making it a snap to oversee what's happening from the Campaign level all the way down to individual keywords, with tools to easily adjust bids, take bulk actions and set targets."

The new Advertising tool runs within the ManageByStats software and can be used to monitor campaigns, ad groups and keywords. It facilitates full control and easy views from the big-picture down to detailed specifics, with clear recommendations that users can accept or modify, then implement with a single click. A trial version will be available.

"This first version adds features, enhances and makes easier the current Amazon experience," said Jepsen. "That alone is huge, as oversight of Amazon's sponsored ads within their interface can be trying. Our next version will go further, with a type of AI, or artificial intelligence, that will actually advise you on steps to take to really make your ads perform."

Source: Digital Journal

Amazon ads management tool Ignite has added new features including integrated Bid+ support and reporting on Headline Search Ads performance.

Amazon's new Bid+ feature, which allows Amazon to increase PPC bids on the seller's behalf, is now available within Ignite. Bid+ can be a valuable tool if sellers are willing to let Amazon up bids based on Ad Placement reports and Amazon's own internal ad metrics.

Headline Search Ads are available to brand owners using Amazon's Brand Registry. Sellers using HSAs can now use Ignite's sophisticated reporting and graphs instead of Seller Central's limited features, and easily compare performance with Sponsored Product Ads.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite has released a new feature which gives sellers the ability to control when ads run and for how long.

Ad Scheduling is a Seller Labs exclusive feature not found in Amazon's Seller Central or any other third-party Sponsored Products Ads software. The feature is currently in beta and gives sellers control over the timing of their Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

Ad Scheduling can set ads to run for specific hours and days with no manual pausing or resuming. The feature can be used to automatically turn off ads during periods when conversion rates are low, to test ads at different times of the day, or to run ads only in the evening when competitors have exhausted their budgets, for example.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon Sponsored Products ads management and optimization tool, Ignite, has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The article looks at three key challenges for sellers using Amazon Sponsored Products and explains how sellers handle those challenges right now, and how Ignite helps turn them to your advantage.

Ignite can help sellers keyword selection, campaign optimization and reporting.

Read Spotlight on Ignite: Taking Amazon Sponsored Products to the Next Level

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added support for eBay's new "Promoted Listings" advertising program.

eBay Promoted Listings is an advertising program that puts seller listings in highly visible placements on a unique cost-per-sale model. Sellers bid for placement and only pay when there is a sale. Using ChannelAdvisor, retailers and brands can efficiently create and manage Promoted Listing campaigns to deliver ads for products that are tailored to consumer searches. Consumers who click on the ad are taken directly to the eBay product detail page where they can purchase the product.

"Promoted Listings are a great way for retailers and brands to gain maximum exposure for their products on eBay," said ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz. "Building campaigns that advertise hot items is a great way for retailers to help boost their online sales this holiday season. We're excited to work with our customers to ensure they're making a concerted effort to get their products front and center on the popular website."

"eBay's Promoted Listings offering allows merchants to put their best-selling merchandise and seasonal must-haves in front of the right buyers, while taking advantage of a transparent and innovative cost-per-sale model," said Hal Lawton, SVP of eBay North America. "We're excited to partner with ChannelAdvisor to enable a simple process for sellers to implement this service and take their eBay business to the next level."

ChannelAdvisor says it is the first ecommerce solution provider to support eBay Promoted Listings.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Ecommerce feed management tool Lengow is now integrated with Microsoft's Bing Shopping.

The integration, part of a new global partnership with Microsoft, provides Bing Shopping data feeds for Lengow users in the UK, France and Germany.

"This exciting new partnership with Microsoft offers the chance for online retailers to reach over 615 million unique users, on Bing's worldwide Network*, by publishing their product catalogue on this channel," says Mickael Froger, Lengow's co-founder & CEO.

As Microsoft's preferred technology partner to roll out Bing Shopping in Europe, Lengow will enable online retailers to optimise, manage and promote their product catalogue on Bing Shopping. Lengow's platform provides feeds to marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, retargeting platforms, social networks and more, and is used in over 45 countries.

"We are delighted to integrate with Lengow platform and therefore offer the Bing Shopping service to ecommerce players and allow them to be ever more effective in their digital marketing campaigns," said Cedric Chambaz, European Marketing Director at Microsoft Search Advertising. "Visual representation is having an increasing impact on brand and product image. Bing Shopping is giving Lengow's clients the ability to bring product image to the forefront of SEO campaigns, which will be ever more targeted and personalised for the benefit of customer experience and engagement."

Source: Lengow

Ecommerce ad management tool Mamaya has released a new tool for creating product ads on Facebook.

Mamaya's new creative editor can be used to create ads and specify advanced targeting options for retargeting ads, including gender, age and country.

The new editor also allows products to be presented in a carousel ad or single product ad. Portrait format images can be merged to make one rectangle landscape image more suitable for Facebook.

The budget section provides more control over campaign bidding, and special tags or a side image can be added based on product category or if the product is on sale.

Source: Mamaya

Ecommerce marketing tool CommerceHub DemandStream has added support for Yahoo's new Product Ads.

DemandStream users can now manage Yahoo campaigns alongside other ad channels (such as Google and Bing) and make informed decisions on how to best optimize these campaigns. They can manage ad groups and product groups, as well as bulk bid updates, for Yahoo campaigns.

The Bing/Yahoo advertising partnership agreement was amended in 2015, making Bing Ads less prevalent on Yahoo properties over time. Moving forward, up to 49% of ads displayed in Yahoo's search results on desktops could be served by Yahoo's Gemini ad platform instead of Bing Ads. For mobile, 100% of Yahoo search ads are eligible to come from Yahoo Gemini.

Retailers who have generated the majority of their revenue from Bing Product Ads displayed on Yahoo properties, and haven't started using Yahoo Gemini, could lose revenue during the transition.

Yahoo recently announced the general availability of Yahoo Product Ads, after extensive beta testing.

Source: CommerceHub

Ecommerce ad management tool Mamaya has introduced dynamic remarketing product ads that work with social network Instagram.

Mamaya analyzes store catalog, orders, reviews, customer behavior and 3rd party triggers then automatically generates personalized product ads.

Mamaya now supports ads on Instagram, in addition to Facebook. When a user visits a product page on an online store and leaves without making a purchase, they will see an ad for that specific product in their Instagram feed.

Source: Mamaya

Inventory and channel management tool ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added support for Amazon's new Sponsored Products advertising program.

ChannelAdvisor now supports Amazon's Advertising API. The API in turn supports the Amazon Sponsored Products program, which allows Amazon sellers to promote products they sell on with keyword-targeted ads.

With this support, ChannelAdvisor now provides a comprehensive Sponsored Products feature that allows customers to build and manage campaigns that deliver relevant ads to targeted consumer searches. Clicks on Amazon Sponsored Products take shoppers to the Amazon product detail page on which the seller's offer is listed.

"Advertising on Amazon is a great way for retailers to boost their product visibility and get in front of Amazon's large customer base," said ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz. "Retailers can use Sponsored Products to direct shoppers to their Amazon product listings. Our support for Amazon's Advertising API helps retailers stand out from the competition by targeting consumers based on relevant keyword searches while they're making purchasing decisions."

When asked what digital marketing channel provides the most return on investment for their companies, 35 percent of the ChannelAdvisor 2015 Online Retail Survey respondents listed Amazon as the top channel.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Online store provider Bigcommerce has announced a new partnership making it easier for merchants to submit product information to Google Shopping.

Bigcommerce can now automatically submit data for Google Shopping campaigns, minimizing the workload and improving data accuracy by continuously importing fresh data.

New products can be added to Google Shopping simply by adding them to Bigcommerce store inventory.

Source: Bigcommerce

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has extended its enterprise analytics to all users, and launched a new social media product ads feature.

The analytics tools, created by third-party developer Jirafe, was previously only available to merchants on the Enterprise plan. It is now available to all Bigcommerce stores at no extra cost. Bigcommerce is creating instructional demos, webinars, in-product tips and blog posts on the new feature.

Reports include a real-time dashboard, overview dashboard, merchandising report, marketing report, orders report, customer report, purchase funnel, and abandoned cart report.

"My advice to other merchants is that you will use Jirafe more than other analytics solutions and it is more accessible," said Justin Winter, co-founder of Diamond Candles. "It also has better UI/ UX design, and you get more immediate insights to surface to the top without a degree in web analytics."

Bigcommerce previously released a set of Insights ecommerce reports for an additional fee.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce has announced a new advertising platform designed to help retailers increase sales, awareness and brand loyalty through major social networks. Built to support the needs of both high-volume retailers as well as new online businesses, the Bigcommerce advertising platform enables brands to easily create, launch and optimize product ads on Facebook and Twitter.

"The global reach of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter present a massive opportunity for our merchants to promote their products and attract new customers," said Tim Schulz, chief product officer for Bigcommerce. "This unique, integrated advertising solution is an example of how we continue to invest in building the industry's best platform for merchant success with a comprehensive set of tools designed to help our clients grow and scale their business."

The platform is available to U.S.-based merchants through the Bigcommerce Marketplace. Advertising purchased through the platform is subject to a 20 percent service fee.

Source: Bigcommerce for Enterprise Analytics and Automated Product Ads

Ecommerce management solutions from ChannelAdvisor and CommerceHub have each announced their support for the new "Purchases on Google" program.

Purchases on Google is a mobile-only feature of Product Listing Ads that enables users to buy products on Google from participating merchants. The new feature is designed to make mobile transactions easier and improve conversion rates.

"The distinction between advertising channels and transactional channels is blurring," said ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz. "Purchases on Google is a reflection of the evolving future of e-commerce and the important role of mobile. The goal for online retailers is to be in front of as many shoppers as possible and these transactional product ads should help them do just that."

Purchases through the new program will remain cost-per-click, as it is a feature of the existing Product Listing Ads. When a shopper clicks on an ad with the feature they are taken to a retailer-branded checkout page hosted by Google.

Google recently confirmed that more than 50% of Google searches occur on mobile devices — yet in the US and globally, desktop and tablet shoppers convert at three times the rate of smartphone shoppers.

Source: ChannelAdvisor and CommerceHub

Ecommerce marketing solution ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing has added new features for Google Shopping Campaigns.

The new features include the ability to test the performance of product images in Product Listing Ads (PLAs), as well as an improved dashboard for better managing Shopping campaigns in the ChannelAdvisor platform.

"Google Shopping is a central part of nearly all retailers' advertising budgets, yet most lack the data to know what strategies are most effective," said Link Walls, ChannelAdvisor vice president of product management. "By giving retailers the ability to test multiple images for a product and see which have the best-performing click-through rate, we're helping our customers increase return on ad spend and use data, not guesswork, to power their Shopping campaigns."

ChannelAdvisor is hosting a webinar on June 10 to discuss the new features and how they can help retailers improve their Shopping campaigns.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Online retail advertising solution ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing has added support for Facebook's new dynamic product ads.

"With the launch of dynamic product ads, retailers can serve relevant ads to Facebook's reported 1.39 billion active users," said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. "This new program allows retailers to create product-based retargeting ads more efficiently and in a scalable fashion."

Facebook's dynamic product ads help retailers with high traffic and large catalogs more easily promote their products on Facebook. It uses "retargeting" to show ads related to a previously visited page on the retailers website.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing allows retailers to market their products on search engines, comparison shopping engines and social media platforms, maximizing sales while minimizing spend.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel marketing software Lengow now integrates with the IgnitionOne plaform for managing Google Shopping campaigns.

"We are delighted with this new collaboration with IgnitionOne. Lengow works daily with agencies in various global markets to help online retailers improve their performance. This new partnership was a logical decision, given our shared values with IgnitionOne, especially in regards to providing clients with the most innovative solutions", adds Mickael Froger, Lengow's CEO and co-founder.

IgnitionOne manages over $1.5 billion in online advertising spend for its clients and features a PPC optimisation tool which automates bidding based on the predicted performance of campaigns.

Source: Lengow

Bannerplay have updated their advertising app for eBay sellers, with new banner sizes and real-time bidding.

The new banner sizes and templates allow advertising to be created to fit more sites and mobile devices. App traffic now uses real-time bidding on Bannerplay's supported ad exchanges.

Bannerplay's Director of Business Development Doron Gez said, "Coupling these two new feature with the already existing strong toolset Bannerplay offers, provides advertisers with best and most accurate and cost-efficient way to manage their campaigns effectively and maintain constant brand awareness as well as highest volume of quality traffic to your online shop."

Source: BannerPlay

Analytics tool SumAll has added support for Facebook's advertising platform.

Facebooks Ads for SumAll allows users to see how their campaigns are performing including conversion into product sales. Users can select specific ad campaigns to see data for, but only campaigns that have been active within the last 30 days can be viewed.

SumAll's AlwaysAware add-on monitors Facebook Ad campaigns and gives automated tips on how to improve, for $19 per month.

Source: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Facebook Ads Has Arrived to SumAll

ChannelAdvisor's pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising solution has been redesigned and relaunched in its latest release.

The new Paid Search solution offers a redesigned Keyword Generator, Negative Keyword Suggestions and a Seasonal Bid Adjuster, which help retailers make cost-effective advertising decisions. The update also adds support for Google Enhanced Campaigns, and reporting enhancements give visibility into performance on mobile devices.

Ecommerce software company Mercent have announced support for Google Shopping's new "Retail Promotions" feature.

Google's Retail Promotions feature adds discount and other offers to listings on Google Shopping, Google Maps and other websites and mobile apps.

"We're pleased to deliver another way for retailers to reach consumers at the moment of interest, with the offers most relevant to their searches, as the holiday shopping season begins," said Nitin Mangtani, Group Product Manager, Google Offers. "Our new retail promotions offering should help retailers differentiate themselves from the competition, attract shoppers near their store who are searching for relevant information on Google Maps for Android and provide more shopping flexibility for consumers."

Product feed service SingleFeed is now compatible with CoffeeTable, ShopSavvy and Rocket Fuel.

CoffeeTable is an iPad shopping App, while ShopSavvy is a barcode-scanning mobile comparison shopping app, and Rocket Fuel is a service that helps advertisers target buyers accurately.

Google are to replace their free Google Product Search system with a paid version, first in the US then globally.

The change was announced on the Google Commerce blog today and has been analysed in-depth on the ChannelAdvisor blog.

Software compatible with Google Product Search will require significant changes to work with the new Product Listing Ads (PLA), but Mercent Retail has announced that it has support in place already - claiming to be the first retail technology provider to support the new ads.

Mercent CEO Eric Best said "Through Mercent Retail for Google Shopping, online retailers will now have superior tools to successfully reach and sell to more online shoppers. Our expanded support for Google demonstrates Mercent's ongoing commitment to our Tier 1 retail client base and their profitable growth online. Mercent leads the industry in market-leading technologies and services."

UPDATE 24 June: ChannelAdvisor's original blog post on this news has been removed, so the link above has been changed to a similar post on the same blog.

eCommerce software company Mercent has added a new solution called Mercent Retail Paid Search.

"Mercent Retail Paid Search is a natural addition to Mercent’s portfolio of performance marketing solutions and our retailer client base has embraced the platform," commented Eric Best, CEO of Mercent. "Mercent Retail Paid Search simplifies the complexities of paid search for retail marketers, enabling them to efficiently execute campaigns that deliver true financial lift, increased time savings and deeper performance insights."

Collectibles community WorthPoint has launched a new advertising system for dealers and others in the industry.

The new "Do It Yourself" (DIY) tool allows advertisers to promote specific sales events, auctions or inventory items to a targeted audience.

"The DIY system is the perfect fit for advertisers with limited budgets," said Michael Sapienza, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at WorthPoint. "Dealers and auction houses have ongoing needs to promote featured inventory items and/or events. This system allows them to reach their most likely buyers at the most opportune times within a budget they can afford."

  • Magniphy is an eCommerce solution including storefront builder, merchant account, domain name, eBay listing tool, eBay research tool, dedicated support, and education program.
  • Sellit creates a "mini-shop" from products listed on supported marketplaces (including Yahoo! and Etsy), which can then be posted to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

eBay have introduced a new pay-per-click advertising program for sellers, two years after scrapping eBay Keywords - a virtually identical system.

eBay AdCommerce allows sellers to place text ads advertise on eBay search result pages, targeted by category or keyword. Currently the US, German, UK, Australian, Canadian, French and Italian sites are participating in the program.

eBay Keywords was shut down in September 2006, and was used by "a very small percentage of sellers" according to eBay.

eCommerce solution provider ChannelAdvisor has launched a new feature called Multi-Channel Assist for their SearchAdvisor PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising management solution.

Multi-Channel Assist evaluates the impact of paid search keywords and comparison shopping ads that contribute to online purchasing decisions. Retailers can incorporate these metrics into automatic bidding rules for increased profitability across multiple e-commerce channels.

To join an interactive webinar on July 16th visit

ChannelAdvisor UK has a downloadable white paper on Multi-Channel Assist.

Pay-per-click advertising network is offering advertisers $25 worth of free advertising when they next deposit $25 or more of ad funds.

The promo code for the $25 offer is ampholiday. The offer is limited to the first 100,000 advertisers. Additional bonus dollars are also available when depositing $30 or more.

eBay monitoring service has launched two new widgets for eBay affiliates which display eBay auctions on any website.

The SnapShot widget displays a gallery image montage, and the SlideShow widget displays a moving graphic of auction images. Auctions shown match a selected eBay seller ID or a keyword search.

The widgets include the user's own Commission Junction tracking code so they can benefit from any commissions generated. The tools are available to premium members, at a cost of $50 per year.

eCommerce solutions company Infopia is running an online seminar on Search Marketing on 22 August 2007.

Pay-per-click and search advertising have been some of the biggest buzzwords in eCommerce over the past several years. The seminar covers what they can do for your business and how you can use them effectively with an eCommerce website. Register here for the seminar.

Pay-per-click advertising service recently released several new features that help manage campaigns and improve effectiveness.

The new features are: setting a daily budget, conversion optimization, and customizing the displayed URL. Conversion optimization uses sales data to improve advertising placements, by placing a conversion tracking code on post-sale pages to identify when an ad click results in a sale. currently has a offer running for Auction Software Review members, offering $50 of free clicks for new customers.

eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has announced the addition of 30 new retail customers who have chosen either ShoppingAdvisor or SearchAdvisor to manage their paid search or comparison shopping engine efforts.

ShoppingAdvisor creates comparison shopping programs with built-in profitability management by defining business rules to automatically adjust bid levels or remove products to improve results.

SearchAdvisor manages paid search efforts (pay-per-click) across top search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and, through a single interface. SearchAdvisor ensures retailers do not bid on keywords for out-of-stock products and automates bid management by taking into account individual product cost.

adMarketplace's has a special offer running. New users receive $25 in free clicks plus a $25 bonus, for a total of $50 of free advertising on their network of search engines and content sites. More information and sign up. is a cost-per-click advertising service for eBay sellers and other businesses. It is integrated with eBay so keywords can be automatically suggested from items for sale.

adMarketplace's pay-per-click ad management service,, is no longer exclusively for eBay sellers. The service now offers all online advertisers the opportunity to advertise on its network of web site publishers, as well as remaining integrated with eBay for the benefit of eBay sellers advertising with them. also announced a unique feature that helps protect against click fraud by using conversion data (the ratio of clicks to sales) to monitor the traffic sent through to advertisers. had a three year exclusive relationship with eBay which ended in October 2006. They provided a service called eBay Keywords which enabled eBay sellers to advertise on eBay itself using keyword-targeted cost-per-click advertisements. eBay no longer shows ads from eBay sellers.

A new module for eCommerce management solution ChannelAdvisor Merchant manages pay-per-click advertising on search engines. SearchAdvisor™ enables online businesses to manage, automate and optimize their search marketing efforts across engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Key features include integrated campaign management, search marketing analytics, bulk campaign upload, automated bid management, multi-channel reporting, and landing page optimization.

eBay is ending its eBay Keywords advertising program at the end of September. eBay Keywords allowed eBay sellers to bid on keywords for text ad placements. eBay said that the program had been used by a very small percentage of sellers.

eBay's pay-per-click advertising scheme, eBay Keywords, has a new look and improved login. Access is now from rather than a separate site, user profiles are linked, eBay Stores promotions can be redeemed immediately, and post click tracking reports have been beta launched to track sales from eBay Keyword advertising.

Auction management service provider ChannelAdvisor has acquired SearchMarketing for an undisclosed sum. SearchMarketing's products have been rebranded as ChannelAdvisor SearchSuite™ and include a range of pay-per-click and page optimization tools to increase web site traffic from search engines.

Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising solution eBay Keywords now offers bidding on categories as well as keywords,.

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