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eBay monitoring service has launched two new widgets for eBay affiliates which display eBay auctions on any website.

The SnapShot widget displays a gallery image montage, and the SlideShow widget displays a moving graphic of auction images. Auctions shown match a selected eBay seller ID or a keyword search.

The widgets include the user's own Commission Junction tracking code so they can benefit from any commissions generated. The tools are available to premium members, at a cost of $50 per year.

The eBay affiliate program rules are to be changed from 8 March 2007 to allow the use of affiliate links to promote the affiliate's own eBay listings or eBay store. This was formerly prohibited. It is still not allowed to include affiliate links on any eBay page (such as About Me or listings).

This means that eBay sellers can promote their eBay auctions on their own website, and earn commissions when those links lead to bids, Buy-It-Nows or new member registrations. Sign up to the eBay affiliate program.

eBay have created a "Best Practices" whitepaper (PDF) and training video for affiliates who want to use the eBay API to increase their commission earnings.

eBay affiliates can now use the eBay API to retrieve real-time price and product information, and create custom applications. It costs $250 to join the Affiliate Tier, subject to eBay approval. More information.

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