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Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have added Amazon seller suspension insurance to their "Monitor & Protect" service.

The Monitor & Protect service alerts sellers about issues which would cause a suspension, and with the new insurance now covers expenses such as wages, rent and overheads incurred during a suspension.

To qualify, sellers will need to have general liability and product liability insurance in place (a requirement to sell on Amazon), an average store rating of 3.49 or higher, and be based in North America or Europe.

Businesses of all sizes can be insured with a maximum coverage of 60 days. If a seller needs to make a claim they will need to notify the insurance company within 5 days of receiving the suspension notification. The insurance covers losses of up to £50,000 and is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Stuart White, Director of Thompson & Holt said, "This additional insurance will give many Amazon Sellers additional peace of mind should the worst happen. Most sellers automatically assume that if an Amazon account is suspended that the seller has deliberately breached Amazons policies. We speak to at least a dozen sellers each week who have been targeted by well organised syndicates who deliberately try, and often succeed, in suspending competitors accounts. If this happens to an innocent seller the consequences can be devastating".

Thompson & Holt offer a free 30 day trial of the Monitor & Protect alerts service.

Some common questions about Amazon suspension insurance were answered in a Web Retailer article from May 2017.

Source: Thompson & Holt

Amazon back-end keyword extractor AmzDataStudio has added a number of new features for keyword research, PPC optimization, and SEO.

The new tools include:

  • Competitors' Keyword Finder which extracts organic keywords used in competitors' listings.
  • Keyword Generator which generates search terms with volume and PPC bids information.
  • Competitors' PPC Keywords Finder which extracts PPC ad keywords used by competitors.
  • PPC Competition Radar which finds products targeting the same keywords.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker which monitors the ranking of products for specific keywords.
  • Index Checker which tests if a keyword is indexed for a particular ASIN.
  • HTML Converter which converts an Amazon description from text to HTML.

Source: AmzDataStudio

Amazon seller suspension consultants Thompson & Holt have celebrated their 3,000th successful reinstatement.

Of the company's recent success, Stuart White, Thompson and Holt owner said, "Helping over 3,000 Amazon Sellers is a great achievement for all the team. We always go the extra mile for each customer and put in 100% to helping our customers. We are all really proud of this achievement."

Thompson and Holt's achievement has been achieved by employing Amazon sellers, solicitors and analytical researchers. This combination of knowledge and experience has resulted in a unique service which Amazon sellers across the globe have benefitted from.

By offering additional services such as "Monitor and Protect", a service which instantly notifies Amazon Sellers about any potential issues about their account and can prevent suspension, Thompson and Holt hopes to educate its customers so that they do not end up suspended on Amazon in the future.

Source: Thompson and Holt

Amazon alerts, analytics and automation tool Efficient Era has introduced historic matching of product reviews to specific orders.

Efficient Era's existing Buyer-Review Matching feature also matches reviews to buyers, so sellers can address negative reviews, but only works for new reviews posted since signing up for the service.

Historic Review Matching, for an additional fee, matches all past reviews to orders, all the way back to when the seller first signed up on Amazon. There are a few exceptions, including unverified reviews, purchases from other sellers, and very large quantities of past reviews.

Historic Review Matching is available as an additional in-app purchase on a per-ASIN basis, at a price of $1 per successfully matched review.

When reviews are matched, the seller can directly reach out to customers to address their specific problem and find a solution. However, sellers are prohibited by Amazon from asking buyers to modify or remove their reviews, and must not link to websites or use the message for marketing or promotion of any kind.

Source: Efficient Era

Amazon FBA reimbursements service Refunds Manager has been covered in a new feature article on Web Retailer.

The article covers the kind of mistakes Amazon makes, such as stock being damaged or lost in the warehouse and overcharged fees. It then explains how Refunds Manager helps sellers ensure they get all the reimbursements that are due to them.

Refunds Manager has over 3,000 users, ranging from small sellers who have got back thousands of dollars, to some of Amazon's largest sellers with total reimbursements amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Read Does Amazon Owe You Money? Here's How to Get Back Everything You're Due.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Marketplace management tool SellerActive can now convert prices into different currencies, and take Amazon fees into consideration for floor price calculations.

SellerActive's price mirroring strategy now includes the option to use currency conversion when mirroring prices between marketplaces. Currency rates are updated daily.

The dynamic minimum price feature now takes Amazon fees into consideration when calculating the floor price for automatic repricing purposes. The cost stored in SellerActive plus marketplace fees and an optional margin (absolute or percentage) will be used as the minimum price. Amazon fees included are commission fees, referral fees, and all FBA-related fees.

Source: SellerActive

  • Lengow is an eCommerce solution that specializes in feeding product data to a wide range of comparison shopping engines (CSEs), affiliate platforms, marketplaces and social networks.
  • SingleFeed is a product feed service from Vendio that is integrated with multiple comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and eCommerce platforms.
  • SellerEngine is a management tool for Amazon sellers that includes barcode product entry, listings management, automatic re-pricing, inventory dashboard, email marketing, pick list and mailing label printing, and community support.
  • Easy Auctions Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet which automatically downloads transaction information from eBay, including buyer information, shipping data and fees.
  • Amazon Bulk Lister is a tool for adding inventory to Amazon using CSV files and EAN/UPC lookups.
  • MarkSight is an eBay research tool with statistics including sell-through rate, average price, title keywords, and a breakdown by day of the week.
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