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Multichannel ecommerce management tool plentymarkets has launched three free plugins for eBay sellers using its platform.

The plugins cover:

  1. Marketing, helping increase sales by setting up attractive sales promotions and discounts.
  2. Analytics, helping sellers analyze their listings to measure the effectiveness of new marketing strategies.
  3. Optimization, helping boost search ranking by checking listings for SEO best practices.

The new eBay plugins are all free and have been developed in-house by plentymarkets.

Source: plentymarkets

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has released a new feature which reports on the quality of competitor data collected.

Competera users can track competitor data health, current scanning status, and see when and why data anomalies occurred.

A new dashboard shows:

  • The general state of the collected data.
  • Current scanning status of data delivery.
  • Which competitors' stores caused problems.
  • Number of product matches with a high price divergence.
  • History of scanning to see when the problem with the data collection occurred.

Source: Competera

Order management solution Ordoro has added CSV data export options to the Financial, Shipping, and Inventory Stat sections of its Analytics module.

CSV files can be downloaded and analyzed in Excel to provide advanced data insights.

Ordoro has also added new statistics:

  • Shipped Orders and Average Shipping Cost, to the Shipping Stats section
  • Total Units of Top Sellers Sold, to the Top Sellers section
  • Total On Hand Value, to the Inventory Stats section

Source: Ordoro

A new analytics and marketing tool for Amazon sellers, amz4seller, has been launched.

amz4seller includes sales reporting, PPC advertising analytics, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and more.

The analytics features include product traffic trends and sales profit analysis. Traffic trends can show product view data that Amazon Seller Central does not provide, and generate trend charts to make easy comparisons. Sellers can add memos to key points, such as ads being run, sales promotions, out of stock events etc. By analyzing the effects of these events, the tool helps sellers to make decisions that boost sales.

The PPC advertising analysis in amz4seller takes ad data from Amazon, analyzes performance, and intelligently generates keywords lists and optimization suggestions. The development team have worked with experienced Amazon sellers to create this tool and its optimization engine.

amz4seller's future plans include using data mining and AI techniques to not only show historical data, but also to provide future forecasts and optimization suggestions, to aid decision making and help sellers become more efficient.

Source: amz4seller

eBay UK optimization tool ListSmart has been updated with a free pricing tier, enhanced algorithms and new pricing data.

The free plan now includes optimization recommendations for five listings of the seller's choice. For £10+VAT per month recommendations will be provided on up to 150 listings. An Enterprise plan caters for larger volumes.

Recommendations are now being provided more quickly in ListSmart. Initial recommendations could previously take up to 5 days, but should now be available within minutes of a seller's registration. The ListSmart algorithm has also been improved to result in better recommendations and improved performance.

Brand new features in ListSmart include:

  • Pricing insights, providing data on the pricing of top sellers so merchants can amend their prices to be more competitive.
  • Monitoring a seller's live listings for changes and estimating the impact of those as sales volume changes.

Existing ListSmart features include:

  • Monitoring live eBay listings
  • Generating actionable recommendations on title, item specific and pricing changes
  • Identifying which listings to focus on
  • One-click publishing of changes back to eBay

Source: ListSmart

A free new sales reporting and analytics tool Zenstores Insights has been released today.

Zenstores Insights is designed to give online sellers a consolidated, up-to-date view of their sales performance, and the power to identify the channels, products and customers that are driving their business' growth.

Product heatmaps highlight a seller's best and worst-selling products and enable them to optimise their product-mix. Customer leaderboards provide the intelligence needed to engage a business' most valuable buyers, while day-by-day sales trends by channel and account keep sellers on the pulse of their business and enable them to react quickly to sudden spikes or drops in sales.

Charlie Cawood of online microretailer Rahsia SG, commented: "Zenstores Insights is incredibly valuable. It provides us with straightforward daily sales metrics and allows us to assess our real-time performance and growth."

"We know that lots of small online sellers desperately want to take a more analytical approach to their sales strategy, but lack the time required to consolidate and interrogate reports from multiple channels," says Tom Palmer, Zenstores CEO. "Zenstores Insights is our answer to this problem, giving sellers a simple route to the answers they most want to ask about their sales performance across all their stores."

Zenstores Insights is completely free to use and is compatible with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Source: Zenstores

Terapeak have launched a new "Pro" version of their sales reporting and analytics tool MySales.

MySales Pro will allow users to:

  • Link more than one seller account to MySales.
  • Link accounts across eBay and Amazon marketplaces.
  • Quickly and reliably export sales data for use in other programs.
  • Access up to two years of sales data.

MySales Pro comes in eBay and Amazon editions, and each costs $24.95 per month.

The free version of MySales will continue to be available, supporting one selling account and 90 days of sales data.

Source: Terapeak

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats now supports all Amazon Europe websites as well as Amazon India.

Amazon France, Italy, Spain and India are now available in ManageByStats, so users can report on customers, inventory and sales in any of them. ManageByStats's SellerMail feature also works for all of the new markets, allowing automatic messages to be sent and monitored for each individual marketplace.

Source: ManageByStats

Inventory management solution Skubana has released a new Amazon FBA inventory breakdown, and a report that helps sellers decide when to order new stock.

For every Amazon listing Skubana now identifies the corresponding ASIN, total FBA stock, stock in transit to FBA warehouses, the Amazon channel the SKU belongs to and more.

A new inventory replenishment report works by monitoring the sales velocity of each warehouse, and providing the amount of inventory that needs to be sent to each Amazon Distribution Center or merchant-fulfilled warehouse.

Finally, Skubana can now print pick lists and packing slips of queued orders before printing shipping labels.

Source: Skubana

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has added new product data fields, and improved access to customer notes.

ManageByStats now includes Ad Costs and Sales Tax collected by Amazon on the Stats page.

  • Ad Costs help sellers see how ads factor into sales and profit. The data includes a series of graphs related to Ads under the Marketing Performance section.
  • Sales Tax breaks out the tax collected by Amazon, down to the specific product if needed.

ManageByStats has also added the ability to sort and tag customer notes, and view them at a glance on the Customer List page.

Source: ManageByStats for Ad Costs and Sales Tax and Customer Notes

Inventory management solution Skubana has added an export feature to its analytics reports, and also the ability to convert "virtual" SKUs to core products that can be used in kits and bundles.

Skubana's detailed analytics, broken down by channel, SKU, listings and more, are now fully exportable. Users can export reports to Microsoft Excel for further processing or upload into other systems.

Virtual SKUs used in variation products can now easily be converted into core SKUs and then used in kits or bundles to create new marketplace listings.

Source: Skubana

Amazon selling reports tool Teikametrics Insite for FBA now includes its premium "Amaze Analytics" as standard.

The Amaze Analytics reports are now included for free in all Teikametrics "Insite for FBA" packages. The reports include:

  • Inventory portfolio analysis
  • Historical performance analysis
  • Storage cost analysis

Source: Teikametrics

Amazon analytics tool ManageByStats has added a new range of marketing performance reports.

The new graphs include ad costs, impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate), CPC and quantity ordered. Users can now graphically see marketing performance for any of their products, brands and product lines, for any date range.

"We're excited to be rolling out these new graphs," says ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "Our customers have been requesting Ad Costs, which we've just added, and now we've got the graphs to go along with those figures."

"Ad Costs are the average costs per click (CPC) multiplied by the number of clicks, which gives you the cost of your ads for each product," says Mr. Jepsen. "Those are sorted by the same parameters as the other data on the stats page and show the marketing costs for each product, giving an even more precise final figure for profit. This in itself is huge. And now, with the Marketing Performance graphs, you have a way to see all this information visually."

Source: ManageByStats

Inventory optimization tool Lokad has released its own scheduling tool so users can create sophisticated analysis sequences.

With the new automation feature, users can define a specific order for running projects. Updated data from previous runs can be applied to other projects.

Scheduling operations allows users to have reports ready when their company needs them - whether it is on a daily or weekly basis. Some operations require a large amount of data and execution can take a while, so Lokad also allows users to set a specific time to start running the operation - such as during the night so the results are ready in the morning.

Source: Lokad

Ecommerce management system Volo has improved its built-in reporting and analytics module.

The module, called Volo Vision, now includes full cost calculations for profit and loss analysis. The upgrade will help improve profitability and decision-making by providing accurate profit margin reporting and eliminating manual data entry.

The module enables granular recording and accounting, down to the individual SKU level. Sellers can set the degree of detail required and enter any costs incurred outside of the Volo platform to calculate accurate profit or loss figures.

Out of the box reports include a Margin Breakdown report, SKU Margin report, Order Margin report and Margin Performance report - showing margin changes and trends over time.

Paul Watson, CEO of Volo Commerce, said, "We know from our experience that many merchants and retailers either spend a lot of time and effort analysing their profit and loss, or don't do enough of it. It also happens after the sale, and feels more like an audit than a way of actively doing business. We've brought the intelligence into our solution so that you can capture costs during the general course of your business and have the answers at your fingertips. In so doing, we want to free sellers, from having to extract data, import data into spreadsheets, build their own formulas – and do this repeatedly."

Source: Volo

Order management solution Ordoro has a new integration with inventory analysis tool Inventory Planner.

Inventory Planner connects to sales data sources to provide automated inventory replenishment guidance based on product demand. The app suggests the number of units to replenish for each product SKU, identifies slow-selling products, and reports on KPIs like profit, turnover, and gross margin.

Source: Ordoro

Amazon selling tools provider Teikametrics has a new pricing structure for smaller Amazon sellers.

The Jumpstart program gives access to Teikametrics' suite of tools which provide data to help sellers grow their business. Merchants also receive a custom plan drawn up by a customer success manager, and support from a dedicated account manager and customer service team.

The cost is a $1200 setup fee (56% off), and 1.5% of monthly FBA revenue (up to 60% off) with a minimum cost of $990 per month.

The Teikametrics Jumpstart program was launched as a limited offer in July, but has now been extended indefinitely. 

Source: Teikametrics

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has extended its enterprise analytics to all users, and launched a new social media product ads feature.

The analytics tools, created by third-party developer Jirafe, was previously only available to merchants on the Enterprise plan. It is now available to all Bigcommerce stores at no extra cost. Bigcommerce is creating instructional demos, webinars, in-product tips and blog posts on the new feature.

Reports include a real-time dashboard, overview dashboard, merchandising report, marketing report, orders report, customer report, purchase funnel, and abandoned cart report.

"My advice to other merchants is that you will use Jirafe more than other analytics solutions and it is more accessible," said Justin Winter, co-founder of Diamond Candles. "It also has better UI/ UX design, and you get more immediate insights to surface to the top without a degree in web analytics."

Bigcommerce previously released a set of Insights ecommerce reports for an additional fee.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce has announced a new advertising platform designed to help retailers increase sales, awareness and brand loyalty through major social networks. Built to support the needs of both high-volume retailers as well as new online businesses, the Bigcommerce advertising platform enables brands to easily create, launch and optimize product ads on Facebook and Twitter.

"The global reach of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter present a massive opportunity for our merchants to promote their products and attract new customers," said Tim Schulz, chief product officer for Bigcommerce. "This unique, integrated advertising solution is an example of how we continue to invest in building the industry's best platform for merchant success with a comprehensive set of tools designed to help our clients grow and scale their business."

The platform is available to U.S.-based merchants through the Bigcommerce Marketplace. Advertising purchased through the platform is subject to a 20 percent service fee.

Source: Bigcommerce for Enterprise Analytics and Automated Product Ads

Order management tool Ordoro has launched a new analytics feature.

Ordoro's Advanced Analytics compiles sales, shipping, and inventory data across all sales and supplier channels, to provide reports on quantity sold, shipping costs, and more. Users can segment data by supplier and sales channel.

Advanced Analytics also allows reporting on the top customers and products by sales and supply channels, and revenue by geographic region.

Source: Ordoro

Ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has launched a reporting feature in partnership with analytics software company minubo.

The new Brightpearl Insights feature generates instant results, using pre-prepared metrics, reports and dashboards designed by retail experts.

"It's about insight," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "The reports and dashboards within Brightpearl Insights encapsulate many years of merchandising, marketing and general trading expertise across a range of sectors, captured by both Brightpearl and minubo. These tools are designed to inform good decision making in order to increase the advantage that Brightpearl's community of independent merchants already enjoy over their competition."

Key features include:

  • Self-service dashboards reporting across customers, vendors, products and sales.
  • Pre-defined reports aggregating sales and products.
  • Pre-built analytic reports, giving insights into customer acquisition, customer life-cycle and marketing spend.

Brightpearl Insights are available in three tiers and available immediately in the UK, and from July 6 in the US.

Source: Brightpearl

Terapeak's marketplace analytics tool MySales has added new click-through and sell-through metrics for eBay listings, and also new sales trend charts.

In the MySales dashboard, "Impressions to Clicks" is the the number of times a seller's listings are viewed, as a percentage of the number of times their listings appear in search results. "Clicks to Sales" is the number of times a seller's listings are purchased, as a percentage of the number of times their listings are viewed.

The "Click to Sales" or sell-through rate is known to be a factor in eBay's Best Match search ranking algorithm.

MySales also has an enhanced chart showing sales trends over time. The chart can be filtered by seller account, marketplace, category and date range. Periods can be compared in one chart, and charts zoomed in to show more detail.

Terapeak's marketplace research tools have also been updated with a new mobile responsive interface that works on laptops and desktops, tablets and smart phones. Terapeak offers access to 365 days of eBay sales and Amazon offer data, eBay category trends, competitor research and more.

Source: Terapeak

Ecommerce analytics tool Lokad has integrated with Competera to provide competitor pricing data.

The integration enables Lokad users to access their competitor's prices within Lokad. That enables automatic price comparisons, reporting on sales against competitors' prices, and creating pricing strategies taking both both in-house data and competitors' data into account.

Competera is a competitive price monitoring app which extracts prices from websites and generates a matrix of matched products and prices.

Lokad has also added a native integration with warehouse management software SkuVault. Lokad can import data from SkuVault in a single click or automatically on a schedule.

Finally, Lokad has a new function for using historical currency exchange rates. The forex() function enables retailers buying and selling internationally to use exchange rates in their Lokad dashboards and reports.

Source: Lokad for Competera integration, SkuVault integration and exchange rates

Price and reordering optimization tool Lokad has upgraded its sales forecasting technology to use a methodology called "quantile grids".

Quantile grids provide higher performance by calculating the probability of almost all future levels of demand, rather than just one forecast per product. The technique is made possible by combining machine learning, big data, and the computational power made available by cloud computing.

Quantile Grid is a now available as an option for any inventory forecasting project in Lokad. It follows a first iteration of forecasting technology called "classic forecasts" and a second iteration which used "quantile forecasts". Lokad says most of its competitors have not progressed beyond methodologies equivalent to its own classic forecasts.

Instead of trying to provide an exact forecast, quantile grids calculate the probability of every outcome: selling zero units, one unit, two units, and so on.

Source: Lokad

Lokad's inventory optimization app Salescast, and price forecasting tool Priceforge, have been merged into one solution simply called Lokad.

The two tools have been converging over recent months, and have now been unified into a single Projects view.

This new design reflects that Salescast and Priceforge are intended to be used together, both for inventory forecasting and for pricing optimization. In practice many Lokad users were already using both apps together, says the company.

Source: Lokad

Inventory and reordering optimization tool Lokad Salescast has a new scheduling feature.

The feature is provided using an integration with third-party app, which provides extensive scheduling capabilities.

EasyCron is not provided with access to Lokad data, only the ability to run a new forecast. Schedules are restricted to one execution per day per project.

Source: Lokad

Sales forecasting tools Lokad, skuBrain and Teikametrics are mentioned in a new article about inventory optimization.

Inventory optimization is the science of when to buy stock, making sure you have enough to keep up with orders while minimizing the amount in the warehouse.

Source: Web Retailer

Lokad's ecommerce analytics and forecasting tools Priceforge and Salescast are now integrated with inventory management solution Unleashed.

Lokad's software can now import data from Unleashed in a single click. The connector is read-only so Lokad does not modify the data.

The news follows Lokad's recent integration of POS software Vend. Both Vend and Unleashed are based in New Zealand.

Source: Lokad

Lokad's inventory optimization tool Priceforge can now be run directly from their sales forecasting tool Salescast.

Once configured, in one click Lokad will refresh sales data from a third party inventory tool, and automatically update forecasts and dashboards.

The news following the recent addition of built-in dashboards to Salescast and is part of Lokad's goal to more tightly integrate their two apps.

Source: Lokad

Ecommerce analytics and forecasting company Lokad has added support for the Vend POS system to its Priceforge and Salescast tools.


Once connected, Lokad will automatically import order data from Vend and generate inventory forecasting and price optimization reports. Support for Vend is in beta and will remain free for Vend merchants for the duration of beta testing. The integration is strictly read-only, so Vend data is not modified.

* * * * *

Lokad has also introduced new flat monthly fees, based on business turnover. The Express Plan remains free for companies with up to $450,000 of annual turnover, while the Basic plan is $150 per month for up to $1.5M of turnover. All features are now available for all plans, including API access.

The level of turnover is self-declared by users, and a discount is available for paying annually in advance.

Source: Lokad for Vend integration and price changes

Inventory forecasting tool Lokad Salescast has added its own customizable reporting dashboards.

As well as data visualization, it's possible to use Lokad's Envision language to generate complex tables for importing into other apps. These could be used to implement a reordering strategy that takes into account suppliers' volume discounts, for example.

The dashboards are tailored to take advantage of additional data available from integrated third-party apps Brightpearl, Linnworks and TradeGecko.

Source: Lokad

Inventory management solution TradeGecko has added tracking of warehouse bin locations, and support for ecommerce analytics tool Lokad Salescast.

The new bin locations feature allows sellers to track the locations of products in different warehouses, and include those locations on pick lists.

The integration with Lokad Salescast means that order information from TradeGecko can be imported into Salescast automatically, and used to forecast demand and calculate re-ordering quantities and dates.

TradeGecko has also added the ability to break out orders by channel or product category when pushing data to accounting system Xero.

Source: TradeGecko

Sales forecasting tool skuBrain can now forecast sales for products with less than one month of sales history.

The new feature extrapolates sales data pro-rata for a whole month, so sales can be projected for future months. Forecasts can also be manually adjusted.

Source: skuBrain

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce is testing a new analytics tool with its customers.

Writing on the company's blog, Bigcommerce SVP for Product Tim Schulz said, "With the right analytics solution, merchants can automate and sell smarter. Instead of looking at sales history to forecast inventory, robust analytics allow you to see what's happening immediately so you can make stocking and pricing decisions, and improve your margins on the fly. Instead of waiting monthly or weekly to crunch numbers and make business decisions, now all merchants can optimize down to the minute, just like the big boys.".

Source: Bigcommerce

Five new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • The Wholesale Forums features several discussion forums and a marketplace for buyers and suppliers to search for and advertise goods and services.
  • The Genie & The Geek is an outsourcer who can fully manage their clients' businesses.
  • Auctonic allows users to create attractive multiple listings quickly, including picture hosting and free templates.
  • SumAll is a data analysis tool that allows users to compare data across different platforms, view sales, site visits and charges.
  • Remove the Background is an image editing service for online retailers which removes the background from product photographs.

eBay listing traffic tool Sellebrity Auction Analytics has been discontinued, reports EcommerceBytes.

Sellebrity, previously available for free through the eBay apps marketplace, has been replaced by owner inkFrog's "Traffic Pro" feature, available with an inkFrog monthly subscription.

InkFrog founder Greg Sisung told EcommerceBytes, "We put this application inside inkFrog directly...and it uses our own codebase which is much easier for us to support and much more reliable. We thought we could port it over to eBay app's without too much trouble, but I guess it's not that easy. So we made the decision to just shut it down and simplify it."

eBay visitor analytics tool Sellebrity Auction Analytics has been bought out by auction management software company inkFrog.

"With the purchase of Sellebrity, we are expanding our platform consisting of smart, analytical tools", states Greg Sisung, Founder of "The Sellebrity application is the most robust traffic program available, and now it’s part of the inkFrog family and will help sellers become more successful."

inkFrog plans on embedding Sellebrity directly into the inkFrog platform, but until then it remains available from its own website and the eBay Selling Manager apps directory.

Sellebrity Auction Analytics tracks all eBay listings, providing insights into visitors including their location and search terms used. A/B testing is possible comparing and optimizing various ad styles.

Sales analysis tool Auction X2 has a number of new features, including support for multiple eBay user accounts.

Other new features include automatic reduction of stock levels and highlighting stock items due for re-order.

  • Sellerwise provides data on visitors to eBay listings including number of views and search terms used.
  • DSR Report, from eBay Star Developer runner-up NullApps, provides a report on a seller's Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) feedback.

eBay analytics tool Sellebrity has launched a one-page listing manager for its analytics customers.

The Sellebrity Listing Manager offers 20 listings per month for free, with paid plans starting at $8.99 per month available from April 15. Both free and paid plans will include the Sellebrity Analytics service for no additional fee.

Visitor analysis service Sellathon ViewTracker has lost a number of features following recent eBay changes.

Features not working include the method of arrival and search keywords used by potential buyers to find items. Sellathon's engineers are working on the problem and hope to restore the service to its previous level of functionality.

Until recently Sellathon had no direct competitors, but similar services are now offered by Sellebrity and Sellerwise.

Auctiva are to release a new website for their auction counter Sellathon ViewTracker on Tuesday 16 September.

The updated ViewTracker site, and installation of new servers, will address outstanding issues and help resolve recent service outages.

Sellathon ViewTracker tracks visitors to your eBay auctions, and reports when and how they found your auction, where they are located geographically, and more.

Free listing service Auctiva will begin auto-appending a free Sellathon hit counter to all listings for their users. Although the auto-append will be turned on by default, it will be possible to turn it off from the account settings page.

Auctiva acquired Sellathon in January this year. Sellathon has an "intelligent" eBay and Overstock counter which tracks when and from where a listing was visited, as well as showing a simple visitor count.

Sellathon, developer of leading eBay visitor statistics tool ViewTracker, is now the default auction counter provider for Overstock. The new counter is called O-Tracker and is added to all auctions listed since 1 September for free. More info.

Sellathon has released a technology that allows third-party software to integrate its visitor statistics solution ViewTracker, so sellers can view traffic details without visiting the Sellathon web site. Auctiva is the first developer to license the technology.

Sellathon has also announced that its counter solution will be the default for Overstock Auctions listings.

Visitor analysis solution Sellathon ViewTracker now has a blog. Recent posts include a top ten of "Amazingly Bad eBay Feedback" and some basic fee strategy advice.

Sellathon has added an "NPB Alert" feature to its ViewTracker vistor statistics service. The new feature sends an email alert to the seller if a bidder has been reported as a non-payer by other Sellathon members, and can then decide whether to cancel the bid.

Sellathon ViewTracker, the online service that allows eBay sellers to see detailed statistics on their listings, has added a feature which alerts sellers when a snipe bid is planned on one of their auctions.

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