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The Vendio Platform auction management tool now supports bulk update of inventory items using a plain-text CSV file.

The bulk update supports changes to images, descriptions, custom fields and more. CSV files can be created in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications as well as databases and custom-developed tools.

e-commerce solutions company Infopia, has launched the Spring 2007 edition of its Marketplace Manager platform. The changes fall into three key areas: time-saving features, enhanced marketplace functionality, and website optimization.

Time-saving features include new context-sensitive help throughout the application; a redesigned user interface; and increased automation for managing inventory, listings, and orders. The integration with has also been enhanced.

Expanded online marketplace functionality is provided through integration with the eBay Giving Works Program, and enhanced capabilities for eBay and Amazon Seller Central. Merchants can now optimize automated pricing and inventory features on those sites. There are also newly designed marketplace templates with options to customize content and color settings with a single click.

Website optimization capabilities, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as built-in site maps and features that control page titles, meta tags, and image alt tags. Storefront templates can be changed instantly.

Bjorn Espenes, CEO of Infopia, explained "With Infopia’s Marketplace Manager Spring ’07 release, [sellers] have the tools at their fingertips necessary to put new programs in place to reach niche customers, deliver dynamic offerings, develop targeted promotions, and create a unique brand and exceptional customer experience.”

Customer service automation tool ezSupport for eBay has a number of new features, including faster response times, alerting buyers when you are available on Skype, and sharing of knowledgebases across accounts.

ChannelAdvisor has a similar tool in beta testing, the Customer Communication Center.

ChannelAdvisor has implemented a feature that allows sellers to automatically accept buyer "Best Offers" that exceed a preset threshhold, such as 90% of the Buy-It-Now price. Best Offer is a recently introduced eBay feature that allows buyers to make an offer for Buy-It-Now auctions and, if accepted, complete the purchase through eBay.

eBay are making changes to their web-based management tool Selling Manager. These include HTML-formatted emails, multiple email templates, and stored email preferences. Selling Manager Pro will also have automated listing rules (for example, item relisting or moving unsold items to an eBay Store), and automated Second Chance Offers.

Vendio can now submit customer feedback automatically, either when positive feedback is received (reciprocation), when the item has been paid for, or when the item has been shipped. Also, UPS calculated shipping options are now available in Sales Manager online, in addition to the existing USPS options.

Vendio will soon introduce Sales Manager Inventory Edition, an inventory-based service optimized for merchants who sell large quantities of the same or similar items. As well as standard Sales Manager features, the new service will include powerful bulk editing capabilities, fully automated listing and re-listing, sophisticated scheduling, and hierarchical organization of inventory items.

eBay's Selling Manager Pro has added a number of new features:

  • Auto List. Items can be automatically listed based on rules that let you choose when, how often, and which days of the week to list. Listings can be ended by a certain date or when inventory falls below a certain level. A 10 cent fee applies to these scheduled listings.
  • Auto Relist. ­Preferences can be set to automatically relist items if they don’t sell ­ either immediately or up to 21 days after the listing ends. There is no additional charge for relisting immediately, but a 10 cent listing fee applies for delayed relisting.
  • Automated Positive Feedback. Automatically leave positive feedback after a certain event, such as after the buyer has paid.
  • Automated Emails. Automatically send Winning Buyer Notifications, Payment Reminders, Payment Received, Item Shipped and Feedback Reminders.

Andale has launched a new site called Business@Andale that targets high-volume eBay sellers. The new site focuses on Information/Analytics, Automation and Support for Powersellers, and Scalability, Control and Integration for small and medium-size businesses.

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