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HammerTap, the company behind the eBay market analysis tool of the same name (formerly DeepAnalysis), have acquired Auction Trust Network - the developers of Reconnect, a browser plug-in for searching and comparing items from sellers on eBay, Yahoo, Overstock, and Amazon.

“This is a concept whose time has come,” says HammerTap spokesperson Jen Cano. “HammerTap has long provided eBay sellers with the power to make educated selling decisions. With Reconnect we will place the same power into the buyers’ hands, while simultaneously helping them connect with trusted eBay sellers.”

New features in eBay searcher Nabit include translation into Portugese, start on Windows start-up, minimise to the status bar, and display of the buySAFE logo if a seller is a buySAFE Bonded Merchant.

Zoovy now offers its website sellers the option of bonding transactions with buySAFE, an online trust and safety company. The bond offers financial protection up to $25,000, and allows sellers to display the buySAFE Seal, a graphical verification that the seller has passed the buySAFE Business Inspection.

buySAFE, the service that guarantees eBay sales with bonds from The Hartford, has announced a new partnership. Western Union Auction Payments will reimburse eBay sellers for their buySAFE fees when buyers use WU to pay for their eBay transaction. More about buySAFE.

Auction Management service ChannelAdvisor has announced an exclusive partnership with buySAFE. ChannelAdvisor will be able to post the buySAFE seal in auction listings, which protects buyers in the event that the seller does not meet the terms of sale.

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