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eBay Buy It Now search tool Buy Now Search has released a new app for Android devices.

Buy Now Search Free for eBay is available on the Google Play store.

A new version of eBay buying tool for the Mac GarageBuy lets users set up sophisticated searches and remembers which items they have already seen, so they only see newly listed matches.

GarageBuy 3 also synchronizes saved searches and viewed items through iCloud, so activity is seamless between different Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Mac.

GarageBuy supports "Buy It Now" purchases, multiple eBay accounts, and most international eBay sites. Finally, Mac OS X 10.8 users now receive push notifications when favorite listings are about to end, or the user has been outbid.

A version of Mac eBay buying tool GarageBuy has been released for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) devices.

The GarageBuy app is a free download and requires iOS 5 or later.

  • comobuy is a free Windows desktop tool for buying on eBay.
  • ExportYourStore is an integration service which exports and synchronizes inventory between eBay, Amazon and online stores.
  • Neteven is an eCommerce solution focused on European sellers.

iwascoding, a developer of eBay software for the Mac, has released version 2 of GarageBuy, a free searching and bidding tool.

GarageBuy 2 allows filtering by category and product specifics, and uses the "Finding API" - eBay's dedicated searching interface for developers. Bidding and watch list features remain unchanged.

"iwascoding has taken buying on eBay to a new level again." said Ilja Iwas, iwascoding's co-founder. "Speed and ease of use is appreciated by everybody and this is where GarageBuy 2 excels."

  • PicClick is an eBay search tool that displays results as thumbnail pictures on one page
  • Tempino Templates is an eBay template and image hosting service
  • Bid Burglar is a web-based sniper

eBay buyer tool for the Mac, GarageBuy, has been updated to version 1.6.

The new release has stronger integration with iCal, automatically adding an iCal event for watched auctions, with an optional reminder.

Watched auctions are also enhanced with a configurable price threshold. lister Ztail has reinvented itself with an innovative service which guarantees the resale price of items bought from its online retail partners.

To obtain the guarantee buy an item from a participating retailer and resell the item on eBay (via Ztail) within a year and, if you get less than the guaranteed minimum value, Ztail will pay you the difference. Current participating retailers are J&R, Cambridge SoundWorks,, 3balls Golf, Giggle, CompUSA, and Mister Watch Online.

Ztail initially launched as a tool to advertise eBay auctions on social networking sites, then closed down and re-emerged as a market price research tool, before relaunching again with the current service.

Free search and bidding application for the Apple Mac GarageBuy has been updated with support for eBay's item specifics, a new "image scrubbing" feature, and synchronization with iPhone application GarageBuy Touch.

iRibbit Plus, an eBay buyer application for the iPhone, is now available for download from iTunes.

The new application includes countdown bidding (to bid in the last seconds), alerts, and saved searches.

iRibbit Plus follows the success of iRibbit, a website that provides access to eBay in an iPhone-friendly format, and winner of an eBay Star Developer Award in June this year.

* * * * *

See a video interview with Chuck Hudson of iRibbit developer Aduci on the eBay Developer Program blog.

  • Jaast is a simplified eBay interface for the Nintendo Wii web browser.
  • ListEasy is a specialized lister for ticket sellers, enabling bulk listing to eBay by file upload.
  • Monsoon is a listing and management solution for sellers of books, CDs, DVDs, video games, auto parts, and consumer goods.
  • ReliaBid places a seal on auction listings to deter non-payment and passes details of non-paying bidders to a collection agency.
  • ShipRush automates FedEx shipping by retrieving orders directly from eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and PayPal.

eBay and Adobe are seeking users of eBay Desktop in the San Francisco Bay Area area for a research study in the next few weeks.

Those interested in participating should reply to a post on the eBay Desktop Blog.

eBay announced today that their eBay Desktop software stopped working due to an incompatibility following changes to their own API.

The problem caused all searches run using eBay Desktop to return no results. The solution was to rollback the change to the eBay API, which is used by thousands of developers to access the eBay platform.

eBay Desktop, a free alternative to the eBay website, is now available for download.

eBay Desktop can be used to search, browse, bid, and keep track of auctions.

The 1.0 release contains bug fixes, performance enhancements, and small changes to features in response to user suggestions.

A new beta of buying tool eBay Desktop adds support for eBay UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, and many more.

eBay Desktop, formerly known as Project San Dimas, is a tool for searching, browsing, buying and leaving feedback without visiting eBay directly.

We have another new article by Sam Carson, covering free tools for eBay buyers.

Harry Potter and the eBay Bargain Hunt covers typo searching tool, searching service, and snipers JBidWatcher, Bid-O-Matic and Gixen.

Sam uses these tools to buy bargain Harry Potter toys for his niece and nephew.

eBay have released a new beta version of their desktop buying tool Project San Dimas.

Improvements include improved speed, revamped My eBay information, new alerts and notes sections, and a My Messages prototype.

eBay for Windows Media Center solution mceAuction is now compatible with Windows Vista (beta), and has new and improved skins.

Telephone-bidding service UnWired Buyer allows users to monitor and bid on eBay auctions in the final minutes. New features include pre-close notifications, countdown clock, real-time updates, and web-based bidding. UnWired Buyer is free.

Version 3 of popular searching tool Prospector for eBay is now available. The update includes searching for media by ISBN, UPC, or EAN; statistics on completed items; comparison shopping links; and searching with distance restrictions. has supplemented its Negative/Neutral Feedback tool with utilities that find mutual feedback, and display feedback along with the relevant listing titles.

eBay is launching a 90-day pilot of a feature that gives members the ability to view only positive or negative feedback comments. The pilot will run on the eBay sites for China, France, Italy, Taiwan, and the UK. Depending on the results of the pilot, the feature could be released globally later in 2005.

Feedback filtering is a feature currently available only through third-party software and sites, such as Negative/Neutral Feedback.

TeamRedline Software has released new versions of FREE feedback utilities GiveSomeBack and GutCheck. Also updated is RGP Feedback Manager from RGP Media.

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