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Multichannel trading solution provider ChannelAdvisor has introduced a new checkout system. The new checkout has a streamlined interface with enhanced shipping, payment and promotion features.

"Above all else, we’re committed to helping our retailers have a great fourth quarter," said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. "Our dedicated team has created a checkout experience that is focused on usability and moving buyers through the checkout process efficiently—a benefit to both shoppers and retailers."

A common gripe with third-party checkouts has been high checkout abandonment levels, which ChannelAdvisor have addressed by more closely following the branding and style of eBay's own checkout.

eBay is due to remove support for third-party checkouts in June 2011.

eBay has finally announced the end of its much-maligned third-party checkout redirect, following rumours of its demise going back over two years.

As of 30th June 2011, eBay Checkout will be the only checkout process for buyers on eBay. Third-party software providers have been briefed and are working to move over to eBay Checkout before the deadline.

The removal of third-party checkout redirect is in line with planned new features for eBay's own checkout such as delivery rate tables and the new eBay shopping basket currently being tested on

eCommerce solutions company Infopia now supports PayPal Express in its third-party checkout for eBay sales.

PayPal Express is more like a true payment gateway than PayPal's standard service, meaning a simpler payment process and improved conversion rate.

Following news in April that eBay-owned webstore provider ProStores would end support for eBay Checkout Redirect, the company has now decided to continue support for the feature.

New rules introduced by eBay on 15 June imposed new requirements for companies offering their own checkout services. The rules removed much of the incentive for providing an alternative checkout, including the ability to upsell and cross-sell, and prompted a number of providers to discontinue the service.

eCommerce solution provider Infopia has enhanced their product with a new eBay certified checkout system and a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature.

The new third party checkout includes alternative credit card support, custom fields and international shipping options. Customers will have the choice to use Infopia’s checkout or eBay’s checkout.

Director of Product Development Anne Vincenti said, "eBay re-defined checkout requirements in order to improve a buyer’s experience, and we’re excited about the compelling and differentiating features we’re able to integrate into that checkout workflow through our own third party checkout."

Infopia storefronts now feature SEO-friendly URLs, showing the structure of clients' inventory database (categories, brands, products) rather than internal codes. The old URLs were sometimes interpreted as duplicate content and ignored by search engines.

eBay has rebuffed an AuctionByte's news story which claimed Third-Party Checkout Redirect will be removed as part of the major update due in mid-June.

eBay has stated that Checkout Redirect will not be eliminated but rather that new guidelines were being imposed. Some providers, including Infopia and eBay's own store provider ProStores have chosen to stop offering third-party checkout rather than make the required changes. This is apparently because the guidelines prohibit cross-selling and up-selling — the main reason for sellers to use a third-party checkout in the first place. ProStores have claimed that Checkout Redirect will be removed completely in 2010.

Rumours about the end of Checkout Redirect, which allows eBay sellers to direct buyers through a third-party checkout instead of eBay's own, surfaced at eBay Live in June last year.

  • BidBall is a web-based eBay auction sniping service
  • GaragePay is a tool for managing Paypal transactions on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Following news that Checkout Redirect is to be ended in mid-2009 eBay will soon support sellers' card processing merchant accounts directly within the eBay Checkout.

The support will be provided via PayPal's Payflow online payment gateway, currently available in the US. Online payment gateways normally charge a fee for processing transactions (which are in addition to merchant account fees), but eBay will be waiving their fee for this service.

Sign-up for the free service opens in January 2009 and must be completed by the end of March 2009. More information on the eBay Developers Program Blog.

News leaked at eBay Live that eBay are eliminating the Checkout Redirect feature, which allows third-party developers to substitute eBay's checkout with their own.

Little detail about the removal of Checkout Redirect has been released by eBay, but a representative of ProStores (eBay's own web store solution) has stated that the change will go into effect in mid-2009.

Checkout Redirect is used to encourage up-selling (adding accessories to a purchase) and could also allow the use of unapproved payment methods, such as Google checkout. Due to extensive developer requirements, it is only usually employed by the larger solution providers such as ChannelAdvisor and Infopia.

System problems at Andale, including poor Checkout Redirect availability, lead to its downfall in 2006.

Zoovy has partnered with Google Checkout to provide an easy and secure alternative checkout process.

"Google Checkout is an incredibly powerful service." Says Jordan Kohler, from the Business Development team at Zoovy, Inc. "And our new partnership with Google enables us to provide a seamless back-end integration of their services with our e-commerce software. This is another tool to help our merchants succeed in the extremely competitive industry of selling online."

Google Checkout identifies participating retailers beneath their pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google.

Checkout Alipay is being promoted as a checkout option for US retailers, to help Chinese buyers purchase from US companies.

Alipay, a service from product sourcing company, is China’s largest independent third-party payment platform, providing customers an online payment and settlement service. Alipay has more than 56 million users in China, handling over 1 million transactions each day.

Mr. Jonathan Lu, President of Alipay, said, "Our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. Now that Alipay is China's most popular online payment system, it's a natural step for us to expand the service in North America."

Infopia is holding a webinar about email marketing on October 3 and OrderMotion is holding a webinar about credit card processing on October 4.

Infopia's online seminar looks at the challenges and opportunities email marketing presents to web retailers this holiday season. More information and registration.

OrderMotion's webinar deals with credit card processing and choosing a merchant account provider with good service and costs. More information and registration.

Auction management solution Kyozou has been integrated with Google Checkout, so sellers using Kyozou can now offer Google Checkout as a payment option.

Kyozou announced support for PayPal Express Checkout in April this year.

Auction management solution Kyozou has announced the integration of PayPal's Express Checkout and Website Payments Pro. Merchants who use Kyozou can now offer PayPal Express Checkout as a payment option to their customers.

PayPal Express Checkout allows customers to complete transactions in few steps. It lets them use shipping and billing information stored at PayPal to check out, so they don’t have to re-enter it on the merchant's site.

Google Checkout and PayPal are similar services, but Google Checkout is free for merchants for the whole of 2007. Google Checkout launched in June 2006 and has been hyped by PayPal critics as the service to bring PayPal's domination on eBay to an end, but eBay fought back agressively by banning Google Checkout.

Marketworks, the e-commerce solutions company, has worked with Google to create a variety of new storefront templates for customers with Google Checkout-enabled storefronts. Marketworks customers can select from 12 new professionally-designed storefront templates.

New price plans have been introduced for osCommerce storefront extension Auction For Store. The Standard Edition offers eBay listing and order download for a $300 one-time fee or $29.99 per month; the Professional Edition adds conversion of eBay sales to osCommerce orders for a $500 one-time fee or $49.99 per month; and the Corporate Edition adds an eBay-integrated Checkout for a $300 one-time fee plus $49.99 per month.

eCommerce solution Infopia has released a new version of its Marketplace Manager, with extended selling channels, more checkout options, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Supported selling channels now include uBid, Bid4Assets, and comparison shopping sites; checkout options include PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Google Checkout; analytics are available through integration of Google Analytics and Hammertap Research; and CRM is provided by Integration.

A new version of eBay's off-site storefront ProStores has been released. ProStores 7.1 features one-click integration with PayPal Website Payments Pro, streamlined checkout integration with eBay, and at-a-glance store stats. PayPal Website Payments Pro allows merchants to add credit card payment processing to their ProStores web store.

Free auction management service Auctiva now has a combined checkout, which allows sellers to combine invoices, shipping, and discounts for buyers who purchase more than one item.

Storefront provider Make-a-Store (MAS) has announced full integration of Google Checkout into their MAS Heavy Metal E-Commerce Platform. Coupons and gift certificates created in Make-a-Store can be accepted by Google Checkout, and order status is synchronized, so changes made in Google Checkout are reflected in MAS, and vice versa.

Auction management solution Marketworks has released enhancements to its platform, including a streamlined two-click checkout system and support for eBay Express and Google Checkout.

Auction management providers Infopia and Marketworks have both added support for Google Checkout, the new payment service from Google which has been controversially banned by eBay.

Auction management solution provider ChannelAdvisor has announced support for the new Google Checkout. ChannelAdvisor merchants only need to open a Google Checkout account, enter their Google Checkout information in ChannelAdvisor, and add Google Checkout as a option to begin using the integrated service. Google Checkout is currently available only in the U.S.

ChannelAdvisor has also launched a new "Lab" focused on developing new online sales tools. The first two beta tools are the Customer Communication Center which automates answers to "Ask Seller A Question", and Direct2Search which aggregates products for sale by merchants who want to use pay-per-click advertising.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor, has responded to a complaint filed against it by rival Marketworks over the hiring of a former Marketworks employee who was allegedly bound by a non-competition agreement forbidding employment with, an auction management company that was bought by Overture in 2000. Overture spun off ChannelAdvisor in 2001.

Auction management solution Kyozou is offering users a free one month trial to's Subscription pricing program. The offer is open up to April 30, 2006.

Kyozou has also added WorldPay to its list of supported payment gateways. WorldPay allows sellers to accept credit card payments over the internet, by phone, fax and mail.

Following Andale's week-long outage at the start of November, eBay has withdrawn the company's access to the Checkout Redirect feature, which allows Andale sellers to use their own checkout system instead of eBay's own. eBay said that Andale had failed to meet the requirements of their Service Level Agreement (SLA) with eBay, which requires 99.9 percent uptime and notification of technical problems within 30 minutes.

ChannelAdvisor Merchant has a number of enhancements for UK sellers, including integration with Sage Instant Accounts, integration with the Optimal Payments credit card processing system, and automatic Best Offer processing (also for France).

Vendio has released its enhanced eBay checkout integration. The Checkout Redirect option enables buyers to enter the Vendio Checkout directly from the eBay 'Pay Now' button that appears on successfully sold listings, and enables Vendio to gather buyer information such as mailing address directly from eBay.

ChannelAdvisor's Merchant management solution has several new features, including product submission to comparison shopping engines such as Froogle; a "Promotions Manager" tool which allows sellers to offer discounts for repeat purchases; and enhancements for non-US sellers such as VAT and GST sales tax support, metric weight measurements, and support of Switch/Maestro, Solo and Delta credit cards at checkout.

Auction management and storefront provider Make-a-Store have partnered with e-Online Data to offer low merchant account charges and access to the technology of e-Online Data and Free set up and free ($149 value) are available until February 28, 2005.

Make-A-Store also has a new partnership with, the creators of help sesk applications ezSupport and ezSupport Pro. Help desk, support request ticketing, and online chat features can now be added to the Heavy Metal storefront solution. The new system can be tried free for 30 days.

Auction Management solution developer ChannelAdvisor has announced enhanced eBay API support, allowing buyers to be directed to ChannelAdvisor's own checkout automatically after purchasing a Buy It Now, Fixed Price or Stores Item.

The new functionality eliminates the need to re-type email addresses and captures the shipping address passed directly from eBay. The checkout enhancements are supported in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Version 5 of hosted Auction Management solution Marketplace Manager adds a number of new features, including:

  • checkout integration with PayPal
  • shipping label integration with Endicia
  • sophisticated bidder blocking
  • improved inventory search
  • automated 2nd Chance Offers
  • greater international support
  • editing live eBay Listings
  • support for eBay Item Specifics

Auctionworks is participating in a pilot scheme run by eBay, which will allow third-party checkout providers to link their payment sites to the eBay "Pay Now" button. Currently, most check out providers include a link to their own payment system in the auction description, while the main "Pay Now" button takes buyers to eBay's own checkout.

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