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Consignment selling software SellerVantage has added new shipping tables based on weight.

The new feature allows SellerVantage to calculate shipping for items listed to eBay. The weight-based shipping cost is calculated then submitted to eBay as a flat rate.

Source: SellerVantage

eBay management tool SixBit has made a beta release of their new consignment selling feature.

Features include profit-sharing consignment plans, bulk paying of consignors, automatic sale notifications and graduated commission plans.

The new Consignment Module is an optional addon to SixBit's Small Business and Enterprise editions. The module is free until April 30, and $29.99 per month from May 1. eBay Blackthorne users cannot import consignment information into SixBit from Blackthorne, as the consignment plans are structured differently.

eBay management tool SixBit has doubled their offer to former eBay Blackthorne users.

SixBit offered a 30% discount to the first 1,000 Blackthorne users to trial their software, following eBay's announcement that Blackthorne would be retired completely on 30 September 2014. The company is nearing the 1,000 user limit sooner than expected, so is doubling the offer to apply to the first 2,000 Blackthorne users.

SixBit has also announced that a module for consignment sellers will soon be released to beta testers.

Consignment selling specialist AuctionSound has release a number of product enhancements:

  • Auto-relisting for consignment items
  • Catalog specifics display on the Item Specifics page
  • Larger images uploaded to eBay
  • Set a consignor's default commission plan
  • The Sellery is a consignor management tool that works independantly of listing software.
  • BidMirror is a free sniping service that shows the eBay site in a frame on the BidMirror page.

Free eBay listing tool Auctiva has released a number of new features, including support for eBay Canada, consignment selling, CSV reports, relist scheduling, and online shipping insurance claims.

The consignment selling feature allows sellers to manage consignment accounts through Auctiva, keeping track of consignment accounts, items listed and payouts.

Relist scheduling allows sellers to schedule relists in bulk with staggered launch times, and editable start price and duration.


Auctiva have begun adding a "BattleBids" game to all auctions listed using the service. The game is played within the auction listing, and sellers have the option not to have it added.

Auction Camera is an innovative new way to list items on eBay, with a feature-rich digital camera at the core of the process.

The $999 bundle includes a Ricoh 500SE-Wireless camera, which has a built-in bar code reader and data capture capabilities. This allows you to describe the item for sale at the same time as taking photos, and send the description and photo wirelessly back to the Auction Camera system. Photos are automatically renamed to match the item number, rotated & resized, watermarked with your seller name, and hosted ready for listing online.

The Auction Camera web-based system has direct integration to eBay. A bar code system is used to generate, print, and track bar codes and bulk processing tools help get large batches done quickly. The system supports listing to Craigslist as well as and eBay Motors Parts and Accessories.

Consignment selling software provider AuctionSound has signed an agreement to integrate DHL's shipping solution with AuctionSound. has also signed with Add It, LLC ("Add It") to create a network of independently owned eBay Drop Off Stores inside self storage facilities across the United States. More than thirty facilities have already signed up.

"We feel that the self storage industry is a perfect fit for the eBay drop off business. There are over forty thousand self storage facilities in the U.S. and this industry is a great fit for this solution," Matthew Brown, President of AuctionSound commented.

AuctionSound, an auction management solution for Trading Assistants and drop-off stores, now supports eBay Canada, Ireland, and Australia. "We are pleased to bring Auction Sound to the emerging eBay Drop Off Stores in these markets", says AuctionSound President Matthew Brown.

AuctionSound is offering free signup to Trading Assistants in the newly launched markets until 30th August 2007. A signup fee normally applies to customers paying monthly.

AuctionSound is a certified eBay Compatible Application that supports various business models including home working, drop-off stores, kiosks, hub and spoke networks, and franchise companies.

Specialist in estate sales has announced a number of new features, including free image hosting, consignment management, eBay speedloader, and integrated USPS label generator. Listings are independently uploaded to Google Base.

Users of consignment management solution AuctionTeller have received an email saying that the service is closing down. The email states that AuctionTeller are refunding all pre-paid fees and current users can continue to use the service for one month, with a complete close down on July 5, 2007, when all data will be deleted. No reason was given for the business closing.

There is some confusion in the forums, but it appears that customer and auction data within the AuctionTeller system can be extracted directly from the site.

During March, the developers of consignment sales solution AuctionSound are waiving their setup fee for customers of competitor Liberty 4 Trading Assistants.

Former Mpire customers who sign up with AuctionSound during February can do so for a $99 setup fee and their first month will be free (normal cost up to $500).

Consignment selling solution AuctionSound has released a number of enhancements. A new shipping application for printing and tracking labels for FedEx, DHL and UPS has been launched; and image tools have also been enhanced to include a multiple image uploader and extended editing features.

Consignment management tool AuctionTeller has introduced an inventory module, commission and eBay fees calculator, and auction hit counter.

Mpire has added consignment selling features to its Mpire Builder auction management tool. The new features include setting a standard consignment plan, quick item entry, and consignor receipt and statement generation.

Consignment management specialist AuctionTeller now supports listing auctions on (Belgium: Dutch and French), and (Canada) in USD. AuctionTeller has also introduced multi-lingual reports in English and French.

Consignment selling specialist tool AuctionTeller has introduced a new auction gallery, which sellers can use to display all their items for sale within each eBay listing.

Consignment selling specialist AuctionTeller has a number of new features, including listing to eBay Stores; importing ongoing or closed auctions from eBay; and support for eBay Border and Best Offer features.

Customisable consignment manager Your Store! now features item and listing templates, and auction revising, relisting and ending via eBay's File Exchange. A source code protected version is available for $125, and an open source version for $675.

Consignment selling solution Meridian has introduced a new pricing plan called "Base" which costs $9.95 per month for up to 25 successful eBay auctions.

Auction Advantage's consignor invoice generator Consignment Plus has been replaced with a product called Consignment Companion. The Excel-based tool calculates eBay and PayPal fees and prints client invoices for eBay consignment businesses. Existing Consignment Plus users can currently upgrade at a 50% discount.

Consignment selling specialist Meridian has announced price increases effective 1 March 2006. All membership levels, and the consignment add-on, have increased by $10 per month. Phone support is now $10 per half hour after the first 30 minutes, or $30 a month for unlimited phone support. Email support is free of charge. have revised their pricing, with a basic listing service for free, entry-level consignment management for $24.95 per month, and a business plan at $49.95 per month. All plans include Froogle uploads, direct launching to eBay, sales reporting, and automatic generation of USPS shipping labels.

Consignment selling software developer AuctionWagon Inc. has been acquired by Net2Auction, Inc., a chain of auction drop-off stores. AuctionWagon management will remain in place and continue providing its services and software solutions.

Consignment selling solution AuctionTeller can now automatically email consignors when their auction is listed, including a link to the listing on eBay.

Consignment sales manager AuctionWagon has added an integrated spell check, ability to create orders without an eBay listing (for direct retail sale), HTML editing for listing templates, and beta support for

Planned features include better support of USPS rates and Endicia integration, inventory-based listings, item research, more support for alternative sales channels (such as the recently added Craigslist ), better integration with eBay checkout, and improved help documents and demos.

Consignment selling software AuctionWagon has been officially launched at eBay Live. The Store Manager Pro G2 product provides eBay consignment stores with an all-in-one management solution. AuctionWagon has also announced that it will soon become the first developer to offer listing on classfied ads site Craigslist.

Consignment sales management specialist AuctionTeller now support eBay Canada, Germany, UK and US, with France and Australia being added later this week.

Web-based auction manager Meridian has introduced a number of bulk features including listing, relisting, and cloning auctions.

Liberty 4 Trading Assistants, the consignment selling and auction management solution from the consignment store industry, now supports posting to all English-language eBay sites.

Hosted auction management service Meridian is launching full services for auctions, with an introductory 60 day free listing period for its clients.

Hosted auction management solution Meridian has enhanced its consignment selling support with consignor payout tracking. Consignment module subscribers can select multiple items to payout to a consignor, save the payout information, and print out a report to give to the consignor. All associated fees are calculated automatically.

Hosted auction management service Marketplace Manager has a new version for consignment sellers. Marketplace Manager Consignment Edition includes support for multiple drop-off locations; tracking for both consigner and consignee; automated consignee communication; and consignee payment reporting. More information.

Our own Andy Geldman has written a new article for AuctionBytes: Consignment Selling Software for Online-Auction Sellers

Auction Management service Meridian is launching extensive new consignment selling features at eBay Live on 24 - 26 June. The new functionality includes:

  • Multiple commission fee plans
  • Multiple custom-branded commercial accounts
  • Consignor item tracking portal
  • Reporting on consigned items and consignor payments

Hosted auction management tool Meridian has added new consignment reporting features.

Auction management website Meridian has added features which import your current eBay listings, automatically respond to positive feedback, and create CSV files for importing into UPS Worldship.

Online auction management tool Meridian has announced lower prices. A flat fee is charged, based on the number of listings per month. Crest membership costs $19.95 per month for up to 1,000 listings; Apex is $29.95 for up to 2,000; Summit is $39.95 for up to 3,000; and Zenith is $59.95 for up to 4,000. Pricing was previously based on number of images.

Meridian, the hosted auction management service, has added a number of new features, including:

  • Consignment Contacts to help track and manage consigned auctions
  • Quick Pay Link, which automatically fills payment information for unpaid auctions
  • Support for eBay Stores

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