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International ecommerce service provider We Are Pentagon are holding their flagship Retail Without Borders event in London next spring.

Retail Without Borders is Europe's largest online marketplace conference, bringing together established international retailers with world leading global marketplaces. Throughout the day you will learn how to accelerate your global online sales, boost international brand awareness, navigate local customs, international shipping and language barriers, as well as hear case studies from leaders in the field of international ecommerce.

Web Retailer readers can secure a free Retailer+ ticket with code RWBWebRetailer.

This provides access to a full agenda of high-quality speakers as well as a second stream of workshops and content, and a unique session where delegates will have the opportunity to network 1:1 with representatives from the world's leading marketplaces.

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Source: We Are Pentagon

Currency exchange service WorldFirst has launched a new offering called the World Account.

The World Account is an easy-to-use platform which enables online sellers to:

  • Open multiple local currency accounts in GBP, EUR and USD for free
  • Access great rates on currency transfers, with no hidden fees
  • Collect revenues and pay suppliers in any supported currency
  • Send, hold and receive funds in multiple currencies and reduce currency exchange costs
  • Control all international payments from one easy to use app

The World Account is currently available to online sellers in the UK and EEA.

Source: WorldFirst

Cross-border ecommerce specialist Pentagon has opened new offices in Japan and Thailand, and plans to open another in the Middle East, reports Tamebay.

Pentagon CEO Laurence Guy announced the company's international expansion at ecommerce conference Retail Without Borders on Thursday this week.

Pentagon can now act as the "merchant of record" for sellers who want to start selling in Japan, and their office in Thailand helps support retailers targeting South East Asia.

Pentagon also plans to to open an office in the Middle East towards the end of the first half of 2017.

Source: Tamebay

Sourcing marketplace Global Sources has partnered with Shenzhen Globex e-Services to develop a new cross-border trade system for China-based exporters.

The new service aims to include:

  • Electronic customs declaration and clearance.
  • Full integration of customs, banking and shipment information.
  • The completion of tax refund applications directly to the exporter's account.

Participating buyers and sellers would gain visibility over all stages of the trade process, including payment, product inspection and shipment status.

Expected to launch in early 2017, the service is to be made available through the Global Sources website. It is designed to support B2B buyers who require rapid delivery times for ready-to-order products.

Craig Pepples, Global Sources' CEO, said: "We are committed to supporting the increasingly rapid pace of global trade. Buyers can now use our website to distinguish between products available for OEM manufacture and those available for immediate resale in physical stores or through online sales channels. Our planned new service enables our buyers to take the next step and conclude a transaction for ready-to-order products, vastly shortening their time to market."

Oliver Wu, General Manager of Shenzhen Globex e-Services Inc., said: "We are excited to announce this planned partnership with Global Sources, a leading facilitator for global trade over the past 45 years. Our comprehensive e-commerce services, combined with Global Sources' integrated export marketing offering, aim to provide buyers and suppliers with a more effective and efficient process to conduct trade."

Source: Global Sources

Inventory and order management tool Linnworks now supports Amazon's new marketplace in Mexico.

The new integration was developed following requests by Linnworks users.

Ecommerce in Mexico is estimated to have grown by 30% in 2015, and is expected to continue growing at the same rate for the next 3 years.

Source: Linn Systems

International selling consultants InterCultural Elements have partnered with leading French marketplace Cdiscount.

The aim of the partnership is to better enable international sellers to trade on Cdiscount and expand their French sales.

InterCultural Elements Managing Director Scott Galvao said, "We are excited to establish a strong partnership with Cdiscount. InterCultural Elements has always focused on France due to its high potential for e-commerce expansion. Cdiscount's remarkable growth reveals it's not only an 'up-and-coming' website, but an established marketplace worth expanding onto today. This new cooperation partners that growth with InterCultural Elements' complete A-Z expansion services."

Cdiscount is a fast-growing French marketplace for discounted products.

Source: InterCultural Elements

Marketplace listing translation service WebInterpret has improved the quality of their translations, and also launched a new "Listing Optimizer" tool.

The new Listing Optimizer helps sellers set data fields for free shipping, item condition and country availability in bulk. Future updates will include VAT, shipping, whitelisting, risky keywords, conversion charts and more.

WebInterpret also have a new option to extend the translation validation period by 24 business hours, so sellers have more time to check translated listings. The validation period can be extended up to 5 times.

Source: WebInterpret

Translation and international listing service WebInterpret is beta testing a new version of their website.

New features include a powerful item filtering system, improved shipping options, advanced reports and a custom translation feature – all to give sellers more control over internationally listed items.

The improved Shipping Manager allows sellers to create multiple custom shipping options instead of a single International Rate Table per country. Shipping rates can then be associated with specific items.

A new Translation Manager lets sellers customize translations by telling WebInterpret which words should be left untranslated, such as brand names.

Additional features planned include custom translations per country, downloadable invoices and size conversion charts.

Source: WebInterpret

Multichannel management tool Linnworks has added a listing translation service to their solution.

The four-step process involves:

  1. Selecting SKUs, countries to list to, and the type of translation service.
  2. Specifying shipping costs for international orders.
  3. Translation taking a maximum of 4 working days.
  4. Review of translations and listing to the chosen sites.

The translation itself is a pay-for service, and options are provided of machine translation, human translation, or human translation of the title with machine translation of the description.

Source: Linnworks

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