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Multichannel ecommerce customer service solution eDesk by xSellco has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

One of the most time-consuming aspects to running an online business is customer support. It's a buyers' market, and consumers are more savvy than ever. They expect businesses to respond to their messages almost instantly and, if they don't, they will shop elsewhere.

But, if handled properly, customer service can be a business opportunity. Pre-sales contact can provide sellers with an opportunity to connect with potential customers and generate more sales.

xSellco has been developing software for multichannel sellers for eight years, and eDesk was created specifically to tackle the issues around customer service. Using artificial intelligence to generate automatic responses, eDesk can dramatically reduce response times, improving customer satisfaction and lowering the cost of support.

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Ecommerce customer support system Subivi has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Customer support forms such a huge part of the online shopping experience. Sellers that are nailing it with great customer service are reaping the rewards in the form of loyal fans and buyers that keep coming back for more.

Subivi is tapping into this important part of the ecommerce industry with a product that offers customer service automation features, so you can deal with customer questions as quickly as possible while still providing excellent support.

Co-Founder Michael Epstein-Lapid has also unveiled a new initiative called The Subivi Times. This is a knowledge hub with articles that inform and inspire ecommerce sellers looking to grow their business and increase profitability.

Here's where Subivi came from, what it does, and what makes it different to the other ecommerce customer service tools out there. We also find out what makes The Subivi Times unique.

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Marketplace management tool Veeqo has released a new module for handling customer returns.

Veeqo Returns connects customer service, warehouse and finance teams to a single portal that everyone can use.

Users can create returns, record the reason, easily update stock and issue refunds all from one platform. When a new support ticket comes in, the customer service team can quickly find the order and create a new return request.

Returns are flexible so if a customer only wants to return part of the order, they don't need to send all the items back. When goods arrive at the warehouse, the item can be received against the relevant return request, and notes added about the item's condition.

Products can be quickly added back into sellable stock if the condition is good enough, or written off and discarded. As soon as this happens, the order automatically updates ready for either a refund or replacement.

Finance users can then filter returns to show those ‘Ready for Refund' and the relevant sales channel gets automatically updated with the refund details.

Veeqo Returns is available starting from the High Growth pricing plan.

Source: Veeqo

All-in-one eBay solution 3Dsellers has announced a new tool to help online sellers manage messages from buyers on eBay and Amazon.

CRM Helpdesk organizes all support tickets in one place with a comprehensive overview of each customer and support for multiple users, saving time while improving customer care and increasing revenue potential.

"We know online sellers face heightened numbers of customer tickets, increased service expectations and rapidly-changing market conditions," says Alex Flom, CEO and co-founder of 3Dsellers. "3Dsellers removes the need to manage an eBay business through different apps, providing an all-inclusive software and the CRM Helpdesk is the newest addition of an easy-to-implement solution to customer support. This release delivers eBay and Amazon sellers a solution to improve customer experience and maximize their business potential."

The highlights of the 3Dsellers CRM Helpdesk include:

  • Inbox overview with advanced filtering capabilities
  • eBay and Amazon integration
  • Full customer overview, including past conversations, items purchased and general buyer info
  • Message templates for quick responses, easily filtered by categories
  • Team collaboration without the need to share account access
  • Auto reply as well as vacation reply options

New features including Gmail and social network integration are scheduled to be added to CRM Helpdesk during 2018.

CRM Helpdesk is included in the price of the 3Dsellers all-in-one solution.

Source: 3Dsellers

Ecommerce customer support tool xSellco Helpdesk has integrated with multichannel management system Veeqo.

xSellco customers who also use Veeqo can now open any Veeqo support ticket in their xSellco dashboard. Users can also view order details from Veeqo, and add internal notes which can then be viewed in both xSellco and Veeqo.

Source: xSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool xSellco Helpdesk has added direct support for Gmail.

Sellers currently using Gmail for customer support can connect xSellco to Gmail in just a few clicks.

Any customer queries sent to that email address will then be automatically forwarded to the xSellco Helpdesk account, where they can quickly and easily be handled by support staff along with support requests from any other sources.

Source: xSellco

Multichannel management solution Jazva has launched "Conversations", a CRM and messaging tool built into the platform.

Conversations help retailers efficiently manage all communications related to orders, vendors and leads by grouping emails, notes and comments around a specific order, account or opportunity. Conversations can be used instead of email for internal and external communications.

This feature adds convenience, saves time and minimizes errors. Once a message is posted, it will appear in the Conversations Inbox. Users can then respond to emails, set up notifications, and follow conversation threads - without having to leave the platform.

Source: Jazva

Ecommerce helpdesk system XSellco Fusion is now integrated with inventory management tool Skubana.

Users of both systems can now save time finding orders, and see all of their Skubana order details within the XSellco Fusion dashboard.

Skubana CEO Chad Rubin said, "Ecommerce operations and customer success management are the most time-consuming and labor-intensive parts of any eCommerce business. Through our partnership with XSellco Fusion, online sellers can now deliver a truly unbeatable customer support experience across every sales channel."

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Efficiency is a crucial factor in the success of any online business. By choosing the right tools to manage inventory and customer support, sellers will have all the information they need in one place . They'll spend less time seeking answers and more time on ensuring an excellent customer experience."

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now works with French marketplaces Cdiscount and Fnac, and Polish marketplace Allegro.

"These new integrations provide a massive opportunity for online sellers to continue to grow their online business, improve operational efficiencies and offer exceptional support, no matter where their customers are coming from", said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. "In an increasingly competitive eCommerce industry, it's imperative that online sellers have the ability to expand their reach and have access to exciting new channels and marketplaces. With Fusion, our customers can achieve this."

Cdiscount and Fnac are the second-largest and third-largest ecommerce websites in France, respectively. Allegro is the fifth-largest online marketplace in Europe.

XSellco Fusion provides integrations with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. An auto-translation feature automatically translates every incoming message into the agent's own language, and translates replies back into the customer's language.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion has released a new feature to improve customer support efficiency.

"Folders & Rules" provides the ability to filter tickets and assign team members directly to them.

Folders and Labels can be used to group messages in different ways. For example, a group called "Issue Types" could have Labels like ‘Refund', Damaged Products', ‘No Delivery', ‘Late Shipment', etc.

Dynamic Rules can then route support tickets into specific Folders and Labels, and assign team members to them. Labels can also notify agents of the ticket urgency.

Fusion also has a newly designed user interface, designed to bring the most frequently used features to the fore.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has released a number of new features.

Folders, Labels and Rules streamline operations by automatically filtering, sorting and organizing incoming messages according to preset conditions.

Templates make responses more efficient by pre-populating information for common replies. Templates can be customized by sales channel and edited manually, or set to auto-respond using conditions.

SmartTags automatically input data from the customer query, such as name and order ID, to create a personalized response at a faster rate.

A new Reports Dashboard tracks activity across multiple marketplaces, and generates graphs to help identify areas of success and areas for improvement, and measure compliance with marketplace performance requirements.

ReplyManager's Message Dashboard is fully integrated with Amazon and eBay, providing direct access to customer and order details from within a single interface.

Source: ReplyManager

Open source shopping cart X-Cart has two major new features in its latest release.

X-Cart 5.2.14 includes:

  • Order messages, which adds the ability for customers and vendors to communicate on their orders and open disputes within X-Cart.
  • Vendor rating for X-Cart Multivendor edition. This adds to the Vendor page an aggregated vendor rating based on Product Reviews data.

Also, the mall admin for X-Cart Multivendor edition may now change the vendor of a product.

Source: X-Cart

Ecommerce customer support system XSellco Fusion is now integrated with multichannel management tool Linnworks.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Linnworks integration has been a much requested feature from many of our customers. Our developers have worked closely with Linnworks to make this a reality and it's exciting to build partnerships and integrations with key players in the ecommerce space".

XSellco Fusion customers who use Linnworks will be able to access Linnworks order details within XSellco. The integration provides access to Linnworks order IDs, invoices, product notes, product images and shipments.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion has released a new "Sales" tab, allowing users to contact customers proactively.

The new tab provides a way for users to search and view sales orders, and initiate communication with customers. Previously, Fusion users had to receive a message from the customer before they could send them a message.

"Being able to initiate contact with customers based on orders will empower Fusion users to anticipate problems and keep customers in the loop from moment of purchase to delivery", said XSellco's Head of Development Niall Dawson.

One example of where the new feature can be useful is informing the customer of an unexpected shipping delay.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support system XSellco Fusion has a new integration with the popular WordPress ecommerce plug-in WooCommerce.

The new integration allows XSellco Fusion users to connect to a WooCommerce-powered web store and automatically pull in customer queries, orders and delivery details.

XSellco Fusion streamlines customer support, automatically translates foreign language queries and responses, and allows queries to be answered anywhere via a mobile app.

Fusion organizes and prioritizes customer queries based on marketplace response times. Other integrations include Amazon, eBay, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Rakuten and Etsy.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion is now integrated with the PrestaShop ecommerce platform.

Fusion streamlines customer support, enchancing a business's reputation and reducing support costs. Customer messages are prioritized and negative feedback highlighted immediately.

PrestaShop is a sophisticated ecommerce platform with a range of shopping cart, payments, mobile commerce and SEO options.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support management tool ReplyManager has added a new feature which finds eBay orders from within the ReplyManager system.

The new eBay Order Search allows ReplyManager customers to search for orders by Buyer ID or email address without having to leave ReplyManager, saving time when answering eBay customer support queries.

Order data can be viewed including name, address, payment, shipping and tracking information, and the search can run across multiple eBay accounts.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "eBay Order Search offers ReplyManager customers a simple, but powerful integration that will increase response times when buyers ask order specific questions, like whether a package was shipped, the tracking number and much more. It is our goal to build scalable, powerful customer support tools for online sellers. Giving ReplyManager users instant access to essential customer data through eBay Order Search is another step towards that goal".

The new feature is only available to ReplyManager customers on an upgraded plan.

Source: ReplyManager

Ecommerce customer support system XSellco Fusion has added a new widget so customers can submit questions through any website, including webstores.

The new Customer Contact widget allows Fusion users to create a customizable contact form that can be added to a website as a floating element.

Submitted messages are sent directly to Fusion for processing. There is no limit on the number of forms that can be created and the widget is free to Fusion customers.

"This widget opens the door to supporting customers in a whole new way and is a big step in the the journey to make XSellco Fusion the world's best customer support helpdesk tool for online sellers," said Niall Dawson, our Head of Development. "You can expect our website widgets to grow over the coming year as we continue to build more great features for our customers."

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now supports eBay's process for returns, resolution cases and cancellations.

Fusion now receives buyer requests from eBay, enabling them to be handled alongside other messages in the system. Custom labels can be used to help prioritize replies, and reply templates and smart tags save time by providing pre-written responses and automatically inserting order information.

eBay returns and resolution cases directly impact seller reputation if not resolved, and can even lead to payments being limited or frozen.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now supports messaging external contacts from within support tickets.

The new feature makes it easier to resolve customer queries when you need to contact an external partner, like a manufacturer, drop shipper or courier. Rather than sending messages from outside the system, users can now compose external messages inside Fusion.

External contacts are saved by the system and suggested in future messages from a drop-down menu. External messages aren't seen by customers, and can use smart tags to quickly add information like order number, SKU and customer details.

XSellco Fusion also now automatically saves draft messages. As soon as the user stops typing, an alert confirms that changes have been saved.

Source: XSellco

Third-party logistics company James and James Fulfilment has added a new feature which allows end customers to request a return of orders which the company has previously fulfilled.

Retailers are automatically notified of the return request through James and James' ViewPort fulfilment system.

As a cloud-based system, it allows customers to simply visit the ViewPort page and raise a returns request. Postage options are offered including pre-paid label printing complete with RMA number, labels only, or the customer can purchase postage credits from James and James.

At the same time the retailer is alerted and the request appears in the fulfilment system as a real time notification. The seller can authorise the return, and will know what goods are returning, the reason, and what action the customer has requested – all without system delay.

 "Our clients find this a very welcome development, reducing the impact of one of the biggest issues with e-retail, and allowing them to provide a slick service, as good as the best in the sector", said James Hyde, Operations Director of James and James.

The new feature is included from this month, and plans are in place to introduce a version that can be embedded into retailers' own web sites if preferred.

Source: James and James

International marketplace management solution WebInterpret is launching a new HelpDesk module for handling customer support messages coming through eBay and Amazon.

WebInterpret have also translated the user dashboard into Chinese, and have implemented some performance fixes to make the listing process faster.

WebInterpret are working on a new Buy Box repricing algorithm which lowers the price of items by a specific percentage until the minimum is reached or the Amazon Buy Box is won.

The company is also working on plugins for WooCommerce, xt:Commerce, Shopify and OpenCart.

Source: WebInterpret

Ecommerce customer support tool ReplyManager has added support for eBay returns and cancellations.

ReplyManager version 6.5 can now handle all eBay communications - for sellers in the US, UK and Germany.

ReplyManager CEO and co-founder Jodi Gaines Pereira said, "The ability to process returns from ReplyManager was one of our biggest feature requests and has been very well received by customers already involved in the testing process. We see some really positive changes coming out of the recent announcement. But it will be more important than ever before to handle Returns and Cancellations in a timely manner. That's why we've pushed so hard to make this available to sellers now."

Under new eBay Seller standards starting in February 2016, the maximum defect rate for Top Rated Sellers will drop to 0.5%. Although buyer feedback, DSR's, successful returns and other resolved issues will no longer impact the defect rate, Top Rated Sellers will be required to accept 30-day returns and process them quickly.

ReplyManager 6.5 also includes the ability to add notes to cases in the Resolution Center. The new version will be immediately available to new customers and rolled out to existing customers between September 16th and 23rd.

ReplyManager also has plans to enable Amazon and eBay order searches from within messages to make researching order status, shipping status and more easier than ever. The feature is scheduled for release in October 2015.

Source: ReplyManager

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion has added support for cloud-based shopping cart Shopify.

Fusion can now handle support messages from customers who have purchased through a Shopify store, and provide order details for the products they bought.

All the customer information, order information and delivery details are pulled into Fusion, as well as a link directly to the order in Shopify admin. Customer support reps can use all the usual template and SmartTag functionality available in Fusion for messages from other channels.

Source: XSellco

An interview has been published with XSellco's founder Ray Nolan and CEO Victor Corcoran.

Price and Reputation: An Interview with XSellco's Ray Nolan and Victor Corcoran

We talked about XSellco's history, their tools Fusion, Price Manager and High5, and their plans for the future.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Customer support system XSellco Fusion has added an integration with ecommerce management software Brightpearl.

The integration provides one-click access to Brightpearl order details from within Fusion.

XSellco are offering Brightpearl customers who are new to Fusion 15% off for the first 6 months.

Source: XSellco

Customer support management tool XSellco Fusion has a new companion app for iOS and Android devices.

XSellco Fusion users have access to the full desktop functionality from within the app, such as browsing a prioritised inbox, viewing order details and replying using templates and smart tags.

The new app also includes free sales reports for all Amazon and eBay sellers, without an XSellco account. This provides a snapshot of sales, best performing channels and products, and sales trends over time.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Assisting e-retailers to effectively manage their business is a big part of what we are about, so we're extremely excited to announce the launch of our mobile app for both iOS and Android, which means that any marketplace seller can get access to clear concise business information wherever they are."

Source: XSellco

Marketplace and webstore customer support solution XSellco Fusion has added an automatic translation feature.

Each new message includes a tag indicating the original language it was written in. Users can set their preferred language for messages to be translated into, and automatically filter and assign incoming messages based on language.

Translations had been one of the most common requests for XSellco Fusion and is now included at all price levels.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce inventory management tool TradeGecko has added a returns management feature, and enhanced its private business-to-business ecommerce hubs.

TradeGecko users can now create returns for sales orders, once they have been created and shipped.

TradeGecko's B2B ecommerce portals now support publishing products in bulk, and inviting customers to the portal in bulk. The invitation email has also been updated, along with the login page and the overall user interface.

Finally, TradeGecko now allows users to set up multiple instances of each sales channel, such as three Amazon accounts, for users on the Business or Business Premium plans.

Source: TradeGecko

Open source shopping cart PrestaShop has integrated live chat technology from Olark into its platform.

Visitors can use the Olark chat box, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, to reach the merchant within seconds by clicking a "Chat Now" button. For hands-on help, Olark provides a co-browsing feature that lets merchants view the webpage a customer is viewing.

Christopher Machin, Partner Manager at PrestaShop, said, "We're always looking for the latest technology that can help our merchants sell more. Once a customer lands on a product page, it's an online merchant's opportunity to convert that visit into a sale. With a tool like Olark's live chat, merchants can decrease churn by addressing any questions potential customers may have. Beyond that, Olark makes learning about a merchant's customer extremely simple with their intuitive dashboard."

Olark offers a "Free Forever Plan" with limited features as well as a free trial with access to all features.

Source: PrestaShop

eBay and Amazon customer support tool ReplyManager has released a direct integration with channel management software Linnworks.

Users of both systems can now search Linnworks order data without leaving ReplyManager, finding orders using the buyer's eBay ID or email address (including anonymous addresses from Amazon).

The last 60 days of orders are searched, and users can view order notes, shipping details, customer data and products ordered.

Source: ReplyManager

Ecommerce connector Wombat has upgraded its integration with customer helpdesk system Zendesk.

Sellers who use Wombat to connect to Zendesk will be able to:

  • Send support data to Zendesk in real time.
  • Assign Zendesk tickets to customer service reps.
  • Send order data to Zendesk so the support team can monitor order status.

"Efficient customer service is critical to the success of any ecommerce brand," said Spree Commerce CEO and co-founder Sean Schofield. "The quicker you can handle any issues that come up, the happier your customers will be. With these upgrades, we've made connecting with Zendesk and automating your customer service issues as easy as possible; no custom code necessary."

Wombat is designed to connect a wide range of storefronts to other online services.

Source: Wombat

Inventory and order management solution TradeGecko is now providing its customers with around-the-clock support.

With the customer support team available 24/7, TradeGecko will be able to provide faster responses at all times despite time zone and geographic differences.

Community (forum) support is available to customers on the Hobbyist plan, while customers on the Small Business and Business plans receive email support, and Business Premium subscribers qualify for phone support.

Source: TradeGecko

Marketplace customer support tool XSellco Fusion has added support for Magento, Etsy, Rakuten and generic emails.

Xsellco has also launched Fusion Mobile, which provides mobile-friendly access to the system. They have also added a new integration with ChannelAdvisor.

Another new feature is called "Smart Tags", which allows users to add dynamic text snippets to their email replies, that pull in specific customer information. Several Smart Tags are predefined and users can also create their own.

Source: XSellco

XSellco have renamed their customer support tool XSellco Unity to XSellco Fusion.

Fusion supports eBay Dispute Resolution Cases, Magento stores, and multiple users. It has a 14-day free trial. Prices start at $109 or £69 per month for 1 user.

Source: XSellco

ReplyManager CEO and Co-founder Jodi Gaines Pereira has been interviewed by Griff and Lee of eBay Radio.

Jodi talked about the importance of customer support, the ReplyManager application, and how the company got started.

The interview segment is embedded above and a full transcript is available on the ReplyManager blog.

Source: ReplyManager

A new tool called FuseSMS enables sellers to easily provide customer support by SMS text messages.

Using FuseSMS customers can send questions by text message, and the seller can respond using a web-based control panel.

The company is currently running a special promotion for online sellers of a free month's trial worth $45, which includes:

  • $30 for a month of FuseSMS service
  • $5 for a text enabled phone number
  • $10 for 500 text messages (normally 2¢ per message)

Pricing may vary outside the US.

Source: Fusemachines

Version 6 of ecommerce customer support solution ReplyManager is integrated with eBay's resolution center, and also marketplace management tool ChannelAdvisor.

The new eBay Resolution Center integration allows users to view and respond to eBay cases directly from ReplyManager. Users are also able to organize cases using tags and respond with standard replies.

The ChannelAdvisor integration allows users of both systems to access ChannelAdvisor order data from within ReplyManager. The customer's eBay ID or email address (including Amazon's anonymized addresses) is used to find orders in ChannelAdvisor and show the results in ReplyManager.

Other features of the new version include simplified creation of filtering rules and auto-responders, and a report on the average amount of time spent handling customer emails.

Source: ReplyManager

XSellco's marketplace customer support tool has been rebranded to XSellco Unity.

After a number of recent updates the tool was no longer just a CRM (customer relationship management) platform and the company decided to reflect that in the new name. XSellco Unity is described as a "reputation management platform for eBay and Amazon sellers".

The tool imports customer contact records, orders and payment information into a single dashboard.

Source: XSellco

Marketplace email management tool XSellco Marketplace CRM has released a number of new features.

The "smart replies" feature automatically matches every customer message received with a suggested response. The message subject and order status and used along with other data to find the most appropriate response. Replies are not sent automatically, but a customer service rep can quickly send the suggested response.

Analystics have been added to the CRM dashboard, showing the average time it takes to reply to a customer, and to resolve an issue.

Finally, a new "remind me later" feature provides a notification at a later date for when a customer has been promised a follow-up email:

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce email management system ReplyManager has been updated to version 5.6, with new features including eBay image upload and improved auto-responders.

The features include:

  • eBay photo sharing — eBay buyers and sellers can now exchange photographs
  • Simplified auto-responders — users have more options and improved functionality to create more precise conditions
  • Login using a Google account; mouse-over email preview; and a new HTML Editor

ReplyManager has also announced plans to work more closely with multichannel management tool Linnworks, and expects to launch a new integration in the first quarter of 2014.

"We've been working toward an integration with Linnworks for quite a while and are very excited about this happening in the very near future. Linnworks provides a very useful tool that helps online sellers manage and grow their business. Plus, the UK has been our fastest growing market. Integrating ReplyManager and Linnworks seems like the logical next step," said ReplyManager co-founder, Jodi Gaines Pereira.

Ecommerce management system Linnworks now provides users with 24-hour support from Monday to Friday.

Supplier Linn Systems has grown to 50 employees to provide round-the-clock support via a helpdesk system, live online chat or telephone.

ReplyManager, a tool which streamlines customer support for marketplace sellers, has begun publishing a new series of training videos.

The first video is a step-by-step guide to configuring an Amazon account in the system, to allow sellers to handle customer enquiries sent via Amazon Messaging.

Videos, PDF guides and other resources can be found in ReplyManager's support portal.

Marketplace customer support solution ReplyManager has a new online demo video to help new and prospective users understand their service.

The video can be viewed here or on ReplyManager's YouTube channel.

Hosted webstore provider BigCommerce has a new integration with customer support tool Zendesk, and a new partnership with order management company Ordoro.

Zendesk is web-based customer helpdesk software. The integration provides Bigcommerce customer and order information on Zendesk service tickets, and easy navigation between the two systems.

Bigcommerce have also partnered with order management software provider Ordoro to create a new informational site about dropshipping - Bigcommerce clients can try Ordoro's dropshipping management tool for $9 per month for up to 25 orders.

Customer support solution for eBay sellers ReplyManager is sponsoring the Internet Commerce Entrepreneurs (I.C.E.) group's first conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 5-6.

"This year’s conference is particularly important," said conference co-organizer and CEO of ColderICE, John Lawson. "As advances in eCommerce and online marketplaces rocket forward, online retailers are on the threshold of phenomenal growth and even traditional retail businesses are seeking ways to expand and increase their bottom line via the internet."

More information and registration.

  • comomail is an Android messaging application for eBay users
  • Marketplace Repricing is a pricing intelligence and repricing solution that also offers Amazon consulting.

Customer support solution ReplyManager now integrates directly with eBay's "Ask the Seller a Question" messaging system.

The new feature interfaces with eBay to allow sellers to respond directly to buyers, including buyers that choose to remain anonymous. Sellers receive messages about active listings within ReplyManager, and respond into the eBay message center without using the eBay site.

  • ReplyManager aids efficient handling of eBay customer inquiries
  • is an unusual concept - it adds to eBay listings a professionally produced "sales associate" video, who encourages the visitor to Buy It Now or Make An Offer
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