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eBay store and listing designers Frooition are now creating designs without "Active Content", as required by eBay from Spring 2017.

Frooition designs will continue to offer the following features, without the use of Active Content:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Zooming image gallery
  • Product information tabs
  • Dynamic store categories that update across all listings
  • Dynamic cross promotion of related items

Frooition are also developing a service for new customers to strip Active Content from existing listings and apply a new eBay-compliant design.

Existing Frooition customers will be contacted to convert their designs and existing listings well ahead of the eBay deadline.

eBay announced in the Spring 2016 Seller Release that Active Content – including JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins – will no longer be allowed in eBay listings. Its use will be limited from Spring 2017 and completely blocked by Fall 2017.

Source: Frooition

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has released 67 new mobile-responsive store themes created in collaboration with ecommerce design agency Pixel Union.

Merchants that purchase the new themes from the Bigcommerce Marketplace will benefit from updates, enhanced functionality and support provided by Pixel Union.

"The key to success in today's hyper-competitive retail market is to sell not only a product, but an entire experience to the shopper," said Tim Schulz, chief product officer at Bigcommerce. "With our new themes, and the new development framework that powers them, our merchants will make an incredible first impression on today's sophisticated online shoppers and ultimately sell more than they would on any other ecommerce platform in the world."

The new themes are optimized for a variety of product catalog sizes, industries and promotions. Features include:

  • Optimized designs for mobile shoppers.
  • Simple customization including font and color palettes, branding, featured and top-selling collections, social media icons and more.
  • Faceted search functionality, allowing customers to filter, discover and purchase products easily, boosting conversion by up to 10%.
  • Optimized one-page checkout, featuring all fields on a single, responsive web page.

The new themes will be available to all Bigcommerce customers later this month, with prices ranging from $145 to $235. Seven styles of free themes are also available.

Source: Bigcommerce

Ecommerce management tool Ecomdash has released a new UI with a number of design and workflow improvements.

The new UI has a cleaner and more intuitive design designed for better efficiency, and improved workflow.

It also includes better reporting for accurate data on the health of the customer's business and new listing management screens for easier product listing task management.

"We're excited to provide customers with an improved experience and a tool that's even easier to use," said Kevin Loomis, co-founder and vice president of product development at ecomdash. "Managing inventory processes is a complicated, arduous task. Ecomdash has simplified that process, and this new User Interface will make it even easier for customers to work efficiently and save time."

Ecomdash plans to add further enhancements and more integrations within its shipping application this year as well.

Source: Ecomdash and PRLog

Marketplace and inventory management tool plentymarkets Cloud has added "multi-line code blocks" to their CMS (content management system) syntax.

The new code syntax affects the definition of comments, variables, and "if" and "for" constructions in plentymarkets design templates.

Multi-line code blocks allow a clearer arrangement of template source code. CMS syntax will also be available for other areas of plentymarkets, such as order process validators which can automatically check order data.

Source: plentymarkets

Ecommerce design company Frooition now offers a Shopify store design service.

The service includes a branding consultation, responsive store design, custom branding, custom promotion box, product attribute search and more.

Source: Frooition

Ecommerce website designers Frooition are offering 15% off their design services until 31 December 2014.

The discount applies to their main design services for eBay, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Rakuten and Amazon Webstore, and can be claimed here.

Source: Frooition

German marketplace management software provider plentymarkets is hosting an ecommerce event called the Online Sellers Congress on 28 February 2015.

The conference is to be held in Kassel, Germany, and is the 8th annual event of its type. Up to 1,500 online sellers are expected to attend. The conference program features 40 presentations and 60 exhibitors.

Speakers will include executives from eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Hitmeister and Shopware as well as independent ecommerce experts.

* * * * *

plentymarkets has also announced a partnership with design company evectio. The tie-up will will save plentymarkets customers EUR 99 on evectio's "evoStore" eBay store designs. evoStore features a responsive design compatible with mobile devices. The offer is valid until 30 November 2014.

Source: plentymarkets for Online Sellers Congress and evoStore

Abbas Tharkar of eBay and Magento designers has been interviewed for Web Retailer's first "Top Rated Suppliers" article.

Abbas talks about what's changed in eBay design over the years, getting eBay designs to work on mobile phones, and the challenge of extracting product data from eBay listings.

Read the article here.

Source: Web Retailer

eBay design tool Store Designer has been updated with new templates and customizable sidebar widgets.

The new templates include a full width header which can show a featured item. The update also includes six new header designs, and a dynamic sidebar which can have hold social sharing widgets or be used to promote offers.

Source: 3DSellers

Design company Frooition has created designs for eBay's new Designer Collective stores.

Frooition created the listing templates for the new stores, which include big fashion labels such as Calvin Klein and Nicole Miller offering full price, current season clothing and accessories on eBay.

Source: Frooition

A number of eBay store designers have been featured in our article How to Choose an eBay Store and Listing Designer.

How to Choose an eBay Store and Listing Designer

The featured companies are As Was,, eSeller Solutions, Frooition, KD Web Design, uBer and Widshop.

eBay design company Frooition have announced a 15% discount for ChannelAdvisor customers who buy a comprehensive design bundle.

The bundle includes:

  • eBay Store Design
  • eBay Listing Design
  • eBay Mobile Template
  • Frooition eBay Design Management software
  • eBay Design Hosting & Delivery
  • Matching Bigcommerce store
  • Rakuten ( or store

ChannelAdvisor recently announced support for Bigcommerce via its "Webstores Amplifier".

UK multichannel software provider StoreFeeder has partned with design company Frooition to offer a combined branding and software package.

The "Design and Automation" bundles include a one-off fee for eBay and Bigcommerce designs, and optional assisted setup of StoreFeeder. Prices range from £2,000 to £6,000 + VAT for setup plus monthly subscription fees for Frooition, StoreFeeder and Bigcommerce.

Frooition is the world's largest eBay Design company and the only eBay Certified Provider specialising in design. StoreFeeder provides integrations with channels including eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten A full support team, and dedicated account manager and designer are provided throughout the initial project.

Go to StoreFeeder for more information on their Design & Automation offer.

eBay design service Frooition has released a new tool which enables sellers to transfer their product inventory from eBay to BigCommerce and vice versa.

To export from eBay to BigCommerce, sellers select either active, sold or unsold products then map them to a BigCommerce category.

eBay listing design tool Tempino Templates will close down on 1 Jan 2013.

A message on the Tempino website reads "...we believe this is our time to start a new venture together. We will be shutting down on Jan 1, 2013. All hosting and services will no longer be accessible on and after this date. If you wish to keep your photos, it is important that you download them before Jan 1st. All template html included in eBay listings will become broken and should be updated as well."

Custom eBay designer Frooition have launched a new solution called Signature.

Features of the new design service include:

  • Drag-and-drop layout designer
  • Display eBay-generated content such as store categories
  • Automatically updated galleries and product boxes
  • Promotion boxes
  • Free additional services for 12 months including image hosting and the Froo! Bulk Revision tool

More information at

eBay listing design service Widshop has partnered with ecommerce software ChannelGrabber and order management solution Linnworks.

Widshop recently added support for

eBay design company Widshop is offering visitors to their stand at next week's ChannelAdvisor Catalyst conference in London the chance to win a shop design.

The conference will take place on 28-29 May 2012. Speakers, including eBay, Google, Amazon and PwC, were announced recently.

eBay listing design service Widshop is now compatible with eCommerce management solution SellerExpress.

SellerExpress joins Turbo Lister, ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro and Selling Manager on Widshop's list of supported software.

A new directory category is dedicated to custom design services for eBay and other marketplaces.

Previously, custom design services and off-the-shelf template suppliers were listed in the same category. The separation will help guide sellers who want customised branding, and those who want the cheaper (but more generic) design option of pre-built templates.

New additions to the category include uBer eBay Shop Design, Visualsoft eBay Store Design and Widshop.

eCommerce design company Frooition has a new service creating designs for Magento Go, a hosted version of the popular eBay-owned shopping cart.

Customers who use the new service gain exclusive access to Frooition's Magento Go eBay export tool, which uploads Magento product listings to eBay.

eBay and eCommerce listing designer Frooition are now creating designs for the Big Commerce hosted storefront service.

Frooition are also offering an import service which loads Big Commerce product inventory into their eBay listing software, so website products can be listed on eBay quickly.

eBay listing and store designer Frooition have released a number of changes.


  • A new eBay Store management interface
  • Presets for listing to eBay
  • Add videos to eBay listings
  • UK Motors Parts Compatibility
  • Import BigCommerce and MagentoGo product inventory into Frooition
  • Bulk import unsold eBay items into Frooition

Template design service Just Template IT has begun working on designs for sellers using WebStore by Amazon.

Unlike the Amazon marketplace, WebStore is an independent platform offering sellers full control over site design.

eBay template designer and listing service Frooition has enhanced its service to support two major eBay features.

The eBay Product Catalog contains images and text descriptions that can be added automatically to items in several categories, including MP3 players, GPS systems, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Listings submitted to eBay from Frooition can now take advantage of this service.

Multi-variation listings enable sellers to offer a choice of product colours and sizes in a single listing, and are now also supported by Frooition.

eBay store and listing design company is offering 10% off its design services until the end of 2010 for Auction Software Review members.

Go to the special offers page for the coupon code.

eBay templates provider Tempino Templates has relaunched their website following an extensive redesign.

Changes include a streamlined image uploader, eBay fee estimation, and listing promotion on the Tempino Templates home page.

Tempino CEO Josh Schroedter said "Over the last three months our team of programmers have literally rewritten thousands of lines of code to utilize some of the latest technologies available to the web. Combine this with a whole new front end design, we were able to cut down almost 67% of clicks required to navigate our site. This dramatically minimizes the amount of time required to list items through our service."

The new version of eBay listing solution Supreme Auction includes a redesigned user interface and flat-rate pricing.

Premium features such as advanced templates and extra-large images are now available for a flat monthly fee of $6.20 as well as on a per-listing basis. The flat-rate tariff is only available for private sellers.

A new management suite called Supreme Manager offers listing and sales administration, while Supreme Widgets add functionality to listings including a cross-marketing gallery, feedback display, and product photo gallery.

eBay ad design and listing tool Page Mage is now free for up to 24 listings per month, including unlimited images and scheduling.

"There are two things we hear from sellers repeatedly. First, sellers want their listings to rise above the competition and stand out. And, second, they tell us that additional excessive fees cut into their profits." said Eric Scifres, founder and CEO of PageMage.

Page Mage also offers an unlimited listings plan for $9.95 per month.

  • FreeForm is an eBay HTML template generator
  • Sellernet is an eCommerce and marketplace management tool for UK sellers

Auction management solution Auctiva has added over 30 new templates and now supports the display of Supersize images over 1 megapixel in resolution.

The new templates are category and theme neutral, providing designs for many different products.

Auctiva Supersize image users can now show photographs up to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels in size, an increase of two-thirds on the previous maximum of 1,024 x 768 pixels.

eBay design company Frooition have announced a management buy-out funded by CEO Phillip Molloy and Director Grenville Whelan, following the company's liquidation.

Frooition Limited went into administration on 7 January 2010 according to Companies House, the UK government agency which maintains records of all British companies. The insolvency practitioners were Vantis plc in Birmingham.

Phillip Molloy said "We are tremendously excited by the buy-out and the opportunities it will present for the business, our current and potential new clients, both domestically and internationally."

The Frooition website is now operated by Limited, a previously dormant company.

Template and listing tool is releasing a new set of templates of eBay sellers.

The new designs include themes for Christmas, winter, toys and more.

Auction management and web store service Auctiva has added a number of new auction templates with Christmas and winter themes.

Auction management software provider Vendio has added 30 new templates, covering Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

  • Froo! Template Themes is a library of over one thousand listing design themes with zoomable images and a cross promotion feature, from design company Frooition
  • Quantity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity available on eBay when a fixed-price item is purchased, to maintain the appearance of scarcity.
  • UPS Worldship automatically exports eBay order data for shipment by UPS, and updates eBay sales with tracking numbers

Auction management solution Vendio Platform has supplemented their listing templates with new seasonal themes.

The new templates cover back to school, Halloween, and fall themes. A number of general templates have also been added.

  • PicClick is an eBay search tool that displays results as thumbnail pictures on one page
  • Tempino Templates is an eBay template and image hosting service
  • Bid Burglar is a web-based sniper

Listing and templates service The Seller Sourcebook is offering a 10% discount to Auction Software Review members.

Use coupon code 678FB to claim the discount.

Debbie Levitt, CEO of eBay Stores design company As Was, has come out in support of eBay's new "eBay Stores Experience" and against competitor Frooition's approach to eBay Store design.

The new eBay Stores Experience promises a number of improvements, but also restricts the coding that may be used in Store designs. Some Javascript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding will be stripped out by the new Stores Experience, and sellers may check the look of their stores after the change using a special preview tool.

Levitt said "We're compliant, and have always been compliant with the rule eBay will now enforce way more strictly in terms of Store design. Thousands of Stores designed by people or companies calling themselves 'eBay experts' will break. This means these companies either didn't know the eBay rules or knew them and broke them anyway. I hate that this is going to cause stress and expense for people, especially at this time."

Frooition have reacted to the change by offering customers a paid upgrade. In her blog and elsewhere, Levitt has attacked Frooition's strategy, saying that "These Store designs break an eBay rule that's been around since 2004. There is no good excuse they could use that would explain why they sold you a Store they would have known was non-compliant."

Tamebay asked Frooition to comment on Levitt's claims, but were declined with the response "We don’t comment on competitors but what we can say is that we’re extremely excited about the new store experience and are concentrating our efforts on helping our customers understand the changes and help them through the process.”

eBay template and Store designer As Was has announced new payment options to help sellers suffering from the financial crisis.

The options include:

  • Full payment up front, with a 5% discount
  • Two payments, one on signing and one when the contract is finished (or six weeks into the work).
  • Three monthly payments with a finance charge of roughly 5%.

As Was is a full service consulting firm specializing in eBay and online sales, business creation and operations management, marketing, and custom website development.

Auction template and photo hosting service The Seller Sourcebook has released a  "Listing Launcher" for sellers.

The new feature, previously only available to sellers, offers a one-page listing tool and free scheduling up to 90 days in advance.

“We're excited to be able to provide launching capability to our valued UK subscribers. We are working to support additional eBay sites in the future,” said Kristen Rice, Founder of Seller Sourcebook.

The Seller Sourcebook is priced at $8 per month, and offers over 2,000 auction templates.

Free auction management service Auctiva has announced a new service providing custom template and logo designs.

Auctiva's Custom Design Services features template and logo designs by the same expert design team that created Auctiva's free listing templates.

  • Despatch Manager exports sales data from eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade, ChannelAdvisor and osCommerce for bulk invoice and label printing. Integrated with UK Royal Mail PPI.
  • eBay Template & Store Design is a service from Sell Center offering branded listing template design, and integration into auction management programs.

eBay Design consultancy Frooition is using eBay Live to launch its US eBay Design Service. Founder & CEO, David Sullivan, said “we’ve always known that our eBay Design was the best in Europe, but recent research has shown that we can now give the stateside designers a serious run for their money!”

Frooition's Design division was previously known as CreativeBay and provides store design and branding for eBay Store holders. Other Frooition services include fully outsourced auction management, and the "Frooition Website" which provides an off-eBay presence for eBay businesses.

Marketworks, the e-commerce solutions company, has worked with Google to create a variety of new storefront templates for customers with Google Checkout-enabled storefronts. Marketworks customers can select from 12 new professionally-designed storefront templates.

Listing tool List'd Express has 14 new premium template designs, as well as 3 new free templates. Using one premium template costs 50 cents, or users can pay $5.00 for 30-day unlimited use of any of the premium templates.

List'd also has a new profile section which allows users to set default boilerplate text, shipping options, and a default template.

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