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Marketplace management software AuctionSound has been rebranded as SellerVantage from February 1.

The new system supports eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and its own ecommerce storefronts. The SellerVantage launch also introduces the ability to accept PayPal payments on ecommerce storefronts (in addition to, a new QuickBooks file export, and import of eBay Store category structures into the ecommerce storefront.

AuctionSound was originally created when auction-style listings and eBay drop-off stores were very popular ways to sell online, and initially focused on eBay consignment selling (Trading Assistants).

eBay market analysis company Terapeak has launched a new developer program.

The program provides access for developers to build applications that use Terapeak’s eBay data. The API and developer resources are provided via Mashery, an API management service.

"We want to become the premier source for analyzing, understanding and predicting e-commerce consumer and product behavior," said Tyler Black, Developer Programs Director at Terapeak. "By launching a dedicated Developer Program, Terapeak can provide insights to a world of talent that is hungry for innovation."

The Terapeak Developer Program is available at

Web store-front provider BigCommerce has announced a new directory of compatible applications for retailers to enhance their stores.

BigCommerce have a $2 million "integration fund" to encourage developers to build apps for the platform - third party developers can receive up to $20,000 per project. Applications for funding should be made here.

eBay is closing the Selling Manager applications platform to new developers, reports Tamebay.

SMApps, eBay's platform for selling applications integrated into My eBay, underwent extensive beta testing as Project Echo but has been overtaken by the launch of X.commerce, eBay's new developer program for all of its services.

X.commerce, the new home for all of eBay's developer programs, announced a number of updates at this year's LeWeb technology conference in Paris.

Technical updates include an updated Developer Package - a download containing code, message contracts and samples to get started building and testing with the X.commerce Fabric, the world's first open commerce operating system. With the updated package, users can create the X.commerce environment on their local workstations without any external dependencies.

There is also a limited beta of the new Developer Sandbox. By joining the beta, developers, partners and systems integrators will get access to a cloud-hosted development environment that contains X.commerce components including the X.commerce Fabric, the eBay Marketplace Channel adapter and the X.commerce Catalog Taxonomy adapter. Using the Sandbox, beta users will be able to develop new components and validate them in a complete flow of the X.commerce ecosystem.

eBay announced that PayPal Access is now freely available to Magento Go merchants. PayPal Access, a trusted commerce identity system, makes it safer and easier for customers to shop across the Web without having to remember multiple passwords or fill out multi-page forms.

Finally, eBay has introduced the "X.commerce Pledge", a commitment made by over 500 companies and individuals to support the new ecosystem.

The eBay Developers Program website is to be closed and become part of the new combined developer web site for eBay, PayPal and Magento at, known as X.commerce.

The move is scheduled for September 29th, and the old site will become read-only a few days before that date. All of the information on the current eBay developer site including forums, product information, API downloads, etc. will be moved over to

The first developer conference combining all of eBay's platforms will be held on 12-13 October in San Francisco.

The Innovate Developer Conference 2011 will include sessions on PayPal, eBay, Magento and GSI under the new "X.commerce" brand that eBay is using as an umbrella for all their technology offerings.

Speakers featured in the two-day conference include:

  • John Donahoe — President and CEO, eBay, Inc.
  • Neal Sample — CTO of X.commerce
  • Naveed Anwar — Head of Community, X.commerce
  • Jack Abraham — Founder and CEO of Milo

For more information or to register visit There is a $200 discount for early bird registration, ending 31 August.

eBay's certification program for third-party solution providers has been updated, with significant changes to the criteria certified providers must meet - resulting in some providers leaving the program.

The current certified providers are:

The eBay Certified Provider Program was launched in 2004.

Following the revelation in February that eBay owned 49% of open-source ecommerce platform Magento, eBay has completed the acquisition by buying the remaining 51% of shares.

Magento, along with GSI Commerce which eBay acquired in March, will form part of eBay's new x.commerce platform based at the former home of the PayPal Developer's Program

In a YouTube message to eCommerce developers, eBay CEO John Donahoe said "Magento builds on our existing technology assets and is complementary to the platform capabilities of GSI Commerce...combined we believe that these acquisitions will position us to become the strategic commerce partner of choice for retailers of all sizes."

eBay has combined its developer programs for eBay and PayPal into one as yet unnamed scheme.

The combined developer program will be run by Matthew Mengerink, the current head of PayPal's Platform team.

The first impact of the merger is the cancellation of the eBay Developer Conference that was scheduled for June, and its integration into the PayPal developer's event - called Innovate 2011 - taking place this October in San Francisco.

eBay is sponsoring an award for the best new application using the eBay Developer APIs, to be announced at the PayPal X Innovate 2010 conference in San Francisco this October.

The eBay X Award will be judged in accordance with the guidelines for the overall PayPal Developer Challenge, plus the application's ability to improve satisfaction within the eBay buyer and seller communities.

Crafts marketplace Etsy has announced a contest for developers with three top prizes of $5,000 each.

Etsy are looking for buyer tools, seller tools and mobile applications, and will assess submissions on innovation, ease of use, usefulness, applicability to the category and handmade ethos.

The competition is open until 15 October 2010 and prizes will be announced two weeks after the deadline. More information is available here.

The winners of the 2010 eBay star developer awards have been announced at the eBay Developers Conference:

  • DSR Rockstar: eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
  • Early Adopter: Quantity Manager and Price Spectre by NullApps (runner up for DSR report last year)
  • Most Innovative: Outright by Outright
  • Rapid Evolution: Vendio Reviser by Vendio (runner up in the Most Innovative category for Vendio Research last year)
  • Service to the Developer Community: David Kronenwetter of Experimenter's Discount Warehouse (runner up last year)


Previous winners: 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

Speakers at the eBay Developers Conference to be held this June in California will include experts from Intel, Microsoft and RIM.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Renee J. James, Senior VP of the Software and Services Group at Intel
  • Amitabh Srivastava, Senior VP of the Server and Cloud Division at Microsoft
  • Martyn Mallick, Senior Director of the Strategic Alliance group at Research in Motion
  • Gene Alvarez, Research VP at Gartner

Registration for the conference is $149 per attendee until 21 May via

eBay's system for hosting applications within Selling Manager, SMApps, is now open to all registered sellers, not just those with Selling Manager subscriptions.

The eBay Apps Center includes nearly 40 applications from sourcing products to accounting tools. Compatible tools in the directory can be viewed here.

Registration is now open for the eBay Developers Conference, to be held 8-10 June 2010 in San Jose, California. The price is $99 per attendee until April 23rd, or $49 for students.

For more information on registration, schedule, and events go to

Auction management solution provider Auctiva has launched a new initiative called the Auctiva Marketplace Platform (AMP) - a way for developers to create their own websites and applications that draw on Auctiva's technology and database of sellers and products.

As an example of what can be developed using AMP, Auctiva has released a site for searching all the products for sale by Auctiva Commerce customers, called Elefy.

Developers interested in working with AMP should visit poweredbyamp.

PayPal is running a competition for developers to encourage use of the company's new Adaptive APIs.

The challenge is to use the PayPal X APIs to create an innovative payment application for businesses. The first prize is $50,000 in cash plus up to $50,000 in waived transaction fees. The second prize is $25,000 in cash plus up to $25,000 in waived transaction fees.

Competition judges include eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, as well as a venture capitalist and the PayPal company president. More information and registration.

* * * * *

Pierre Omidyar's charity foundation GlobalGiving is also running a competition for developers, called "Innovate for Good", in conjunction with eBay. Entrants should create applications with a high profile and big social impact using GlobalGiving and/or eBay APIs.

The prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to visit a GlobalGiving charity project anywhere in the world. Enter here.

eBay is running a special offer for developers who launch Selling Manager Applications in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Developers who submit their initial forms by October 9th, then complete their Application Review by November 15th will receive four hours of free support and special marketing placement, and eBay will waive their 20% revenue share through March 31, 2010.

Email eBay via developer-relations AT for more information.

eBay has released presentation slides and keynote speech videos from the eBay Developers Conference held in San Jose in June.

The slides can be downloaded here:

The videos can be viewed here:

The winners of the 2009 eBay star developer awards have been announced at the eBay Developers Conference:

  • DSR Rockstar: Seller Machine CRM by BengalOne
  • Most Innovative: Dynamic pricing feature by Monsoon
  • Early Adopter: Mercent Retail for eBay by Mercent
  • Service to the Developer Community: Jake Becker of
  • Rapid Evolution: Sales Manager by inkFrog


  • DSR Rockstar: Instant mobile alerts for sellers by ahTXT (runner-up in the Most Innovative category last year)
  • Most Innovative: Vendio Research by Vendio
  • Early Adopter: DSR Report by NullApps
  • Service to the Developer Community: David Kronenwetter of Experimenter’s Discount Warehouse
  • Rapid Evolution: ShipRush by Z-Firm (DSR Rockstar winner last year)

Previous winners: 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004

eBay has announced the keynote speakers for this year's Developer Conference, and the focus is on helping developers grow their business. The keynote topics are:

  • The Disruptive Power of Open Platforms, a talk on the topic of product strategy delivered by John Hagel III, Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge
  • Venture Capital Keynote Panel, a discussion featuring Rob Hayes (Partner, First Round Capital), Sergio Monsalve (Principal, Norwest Venture Partners), and Ravi Mohan (Managing Director, Shasta Ventures)

The eBay and PayPal Developer Conference will be held on 16-18 June 2009 at the eBay campus in San Jose, California. For more information go to

Nominations are now open for the annual eBay Star Developer Awards to be announced at the eBay Developers Conference this June. All developers who build applications using the eBay API are eligible.

Categories include:

  • DSR Rockstar (improving customer service & buyer experience)
  • Most Innovative
  • Early Adopter
  • Service to the Developer Community
  • Rapid Evolution (a new award for boosting seller efficiency in a dynamic marketplace)

Nominations should be emailed to developer-relations AT, including your name and contact information, the nominee's name and contact information, the award category, and an explanation of why the nominee is worthy of consideration. The subject line should “eBay DevCon Star Developer Award” plus the category name. The closing date is 15 May 2009.

eBay's Project Echo is out of beta testing and has been renamed "eBay Selling Manager Applications" (SM Apps).

SM Apps allows third-party developers to embed their applications directly into eBay's web-based auction management tool Selling Manager.

The launch to sellers is scheduled for the week beginning June 15, as part of a major raft of changes. Initial third-party applications will include Terapeak's research tool, Hosted Support's customer support solution, shipping solutions, and more. Some applications will have one-off or recurring fees, while others will be free.

Subscriptions and billing for SM Apps will be handled by eBay, who are waiving a revenue share component until 2010 for developers whose applications are ready for the initial launch to sellers. Further information for developers.

Registration is now open for the eBay and PayPal Developer Conference, to be held 16-18 June 2009 at the eBay campus in San Jose, California. The price is $99 per attendee until April 30th.

For more information on registration, schedule, and events go to

eBay have released a new API which will enable developers to create Detailed Selling Rating (DSR) based reports.

New solutions built on the Feedback API could provide insights into how specific business practices contribute to a seller’s DSR scores. For example, a particular shipping service may consistently deliver high DSRs, while items listed in a particular category contribute to most of the lower ratings.

The eBay and PayPal Developers Conference 2009 is being held June 16-18 on the eBay campus in San Jose.

A call for papers is open until February 27. Selected speakers will get complimentary access to the conference, plus a complimentary one night hotel stay.

eBay has pulled plans to prohibit unapproved HTML in item descriptions.

As the first phase of the Active Content policy, eBay has begun hosting item descriptions on a separate domain, to prevent malicious or poorly implemented HTML interfering with the rest of the page. The second phase of the plan was to ban listing code other than pre-approved enhancements.

While the domain split will be retained, the code ban and pre-approval process have been put on hold indefinitely.

A new eBay API feature which enables bulk listing and item management is now in beta testing.

Large Merchant Services (LMS) saves developers processing power and bandwidth, and allows sellers to react quickly to marketplace dynamics.

LMS works by consolidating thousands of calls into a single file, so developers can integrate by simply sending a file back and forth to eBay.

Seller benefits include managing items by SKU, bulk revising active listings, bulk downloading orders, bulk uploading order tracking information, and getting eBay's list of active items for reconciliation.

eBay are marking the eighth anniversary of their Developers Program at Adobe MAX 2008 on November 16-19 in San Francisco, giving developers a preview of technologies such as VUVOX Collage and eBay Desktop 2.0.

Some eBay Developers Program statistics:

  • It has over 70,000 registered members
  • Over 26% of listings on come from third party eBay developers
  • eBay serves over 6 billion API calls every month

eBay's plan to open Selling Manager up to third-party developers, called Project Echo, is to begin testing in mid-November 2008 ahead of a beta release in early 2009.

The program guiding principles have been fleshed out to include Trust, Reliability, and Great Customer Experience. Developer participation components include user interface guidelines, best practices for security and privacy, terms and conditions, review of security and operations, and application review.

eBay has released details of how item description HTML will be segregated from the rest of the site, a change announced at the eBay Developer Conference in June this year.

As part of the new View Item page release, eBay will host the user-generated description on a different domain and load it into an IFrame for display on the page. Scripts will only be allowed to modify and control the item description and the area it occupies.

The change may affect listing enhancements that are not tested and modified as necessary before the change, and could cause enhancements to fail if they try to access the area outside the item description .

eBay have released detailed requirements to make sure content appears as expected inside the IFrame.

eBay is building the infrastructure and working on guidelines for the Project Echo Beta Release, due in late September or early October.

Feedback is being sought on Project Echo participation criteria, which will be based on principles of trust, reliability, and great customer experience. Developers can post their feedback in a Project Echo forum thread.

Project Echo is an initiative to open up eBay to applications created by third-party developers, starting with the Selling Manager section of My eBay. It was announced at the eBay Developer's Conference in June this year.

eBay announced today that Interapptive, provider of shipping solution ShipWorks, has become the newest member of the eBay Certified Provider Program.

ShipWorks is a desktop application that bridges the gap between receiving an order and getting it out the door. The product is integrated with all major carriers to provide bulk and automated shipping labels, invoice printing and email notifications.

The Certified Provider Program is an eBay scheme that approves companies providing software and services to eBay sellers. There are two types of Certified Providers: Certified Solution Providers, who offer software that connects directly with eBay; and Certified Service Providers, who provide services for eBay sellers.

To become certified, businesses must enter employees for eBay exams, provide customer references, and provide company information to prove their track record.'s Tool Development Radar has failed to get any ideas off the starting blocks, despite receiving ten "demands" in the past ten months.

The Radar's blurb reads "If you have a great idea for a new tool but aren't a developer yourself, or just don't have the time, then create some demand for it. If enough demand is generated then someone might just develop it." Or not, because the "Level of completion" scale shows that every idea is zero percent complete.

Ideas on the Radar include a Feedback Sorter, Wordpress Widget, Keyword Selector, and — bizarrely — an "Allegro" watcher for eBay Poland competitor

News leaked at eBay Live that eBay are eliminating the Checkout Redirect feature, which allows third-party developers to substitute eBay's checkout with their own.

Little detail about the removal of Checkout Redirect has been released by eBay, but a representative of ProStores (eBay's own web store solution) has stated that the change will go into effect in mid-2009.

Checkout Redirect is used to encourage up-selling (adding accessories to a purchase) and could also allow the use of unapproved payment methods, such as Google checkout. Due to extensive developer requirements, it is only usually employed by the larger solution providers such as ChannelAdvisor and Infopia.

System problems at Andale, including poor Checkout Redirect availability, lead to its downfall in 2006.

eBay are to change the way auction descriptions are served to browsers — by segregating them from the rest of the site — in a new Active Content Policy.

The change, currently being testing on eBay Motors, seeks to protect users from malicious Flash and JavaScript content that could be embedded in eBay listing descriptions. An early sufferer from the change is Sellathon ViewTracker, which is incompatible with the change.

The proposed Active Content Policy goes further, prohibiting all listing code that is not pre-approved and loaded onto the page using custom tags. Such a policy would require all developers of in-listing enhancements to gain approval and make adjustments to their products. Listing enhancements include video, listing galleries, and zoomable images.

eBay are requesting feedback from developers on these plans.

eBay has awarded ten developers for achievements in improving user experience and customer service, increasing platform engagement and extending eBay:

eBay Star Developer Award winners:


  • DSR Rockstar: ezSupport for eBay by HostedSupport
  • Most Innovative Application: Mobile Alerts for Sellers by ahTXT
  • Early Adopter: GarageBuy by iwascoding
  • Service to the Developer Community: Anthony Sukow of Terapeak
  • Best Design: Video advertisements for eBay listings by vzaar

Congratulations to you all!

An initiative to open up eBay to applications created by outside developers, called Project Echo, was announced at the eBay Developer's Conference.

The first area of the eBay site to support embedded applications will be Selling Manager, the auction management tool within My eBay used by 700,000 eBay sellers.

Opening up Selling Manager to third-party applications offers developers much tighter integration with eBay than is currently possible: although eBay has a mature developers' program they are currently restricted to creating solutions that run on their own web sites or as desktop software.

eBay also hopes to help developers promote their Project Echo applications with a built-in applications directory and personalized advertisements for relevant tools.

Project Echo will launch in limited beta form by the end of the year.

Registration for the eBay Developers Conference is $475 until 31 May, and $595 thereafter.

The conference, to be held June 16 - 18 in Chicago, is for developers and companies who develop solutions using the APIs for eBay, PayPal, Skype,, and ProStores.

Educational sessions are organized into four tracks:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship: How to monetize your solutions and grow your business.
  • Affiliate and Buyer Tools: How developers are making money as affiliates.
  • Seller, Merchant, and Payment Tools: Information on checkout, payment, shipping, fraud prevention, and more.
  • Web 2.0 and Web Development: What Web 2.0 elements are most important to buyers and sellers.

Registration and more information.

eBay have opened the nominations for Star Developer Awards, to be announced at the eBay Developers Conference on June 16-18 in Chicago.

There are five categories across eBay, PayPal,, ProStores and Skype: Most Innovative Application, Early Adopter, Service to the Community, Best Design, and DSR Rockstar (improving customer service).

Nominations should be sent to developer-relations AT, no later than Friday, April 11th. Include

  • Your name and contact info
  • The nominee’s name and contact info
  • The award category, and a brief explanation as to why you think the application is worthy of consideration

Put “DevCon Star Developer Award” and the category name in the subject line of the email.

eBay are to terminate their seven-year relationship with Commission Junction, and run their affiliate program in-house.

The new global program will be called the eBay Partner Network, and will launch on April 1st with registration available from that day. Commission Junction links will cease to work on 1 May.

Web-based sniping tool Gixen has launched the world's first eBay sniping API.

The API can be used to create custom applications that communicate with Gixen to add, delete, and list scheduled snipes.

eBay does not allow bids to be placed through its official API.

eBay have opened a Call for Papers for the 2008 eBay Developers Conference.

The eBay Developers Conference is being held June 16-18 in Chicago, and eBay have invited developers to submit session ideas no later than February 29. Topics should address applications and business models that support faster and more profitable online transactions for both buyers and sellers.

eBay is running a Developers Program competition to see who can build the best widget, with five prizes of $10,000 each.

The widgets must be built using Adobe Flash or Flex, be embeddable on a web page, and must use the eBay Shopping API only.

The contest is open from 15 January to 22 February 2008 with winners announced on March 7. It is open to developers from the US, UK and Canada. More information.

DataUnison has a new free version of their eBay Research API, for non-commercial use.

"At its core, eBay has created an open marketplace for goods and services," says DataUnison CEO Fred Speckeen. "But it also enables market competition - an important capability. With these new and updated tools, DataUnison taps into eBay data to provide sellers and now developers with the most comprehensive information for their online businesses to compete effectively. Developers are critical to harnessing this information to enhance online buying and selling through eBay."

DataUnison is a licensed eBay Market Data reseller owned by AERS, the company behind research tool Terapeak. They also license an advanced set of APIs to get more comprehensive data. More information.

ProStores has made some changes to the ProStores Developer Network that make it easier for developers to start coding and gain exposure among ProStores merchants.

Developers can now:

  • Get immediate access to the Software Development Kit
  • Access the newly developed Developer Forum
  • Get more visibility through the ProStores Solutions Directory

eBay has been improving the way it communicates changes to the site and new tools.

The eBay playground is a separate eBay site that lets you experiment with new features before eBay introduces them on the regular site.

eBay Innovation showcases new tools and projects that eBay is working on such as Project San Dimas and eBay To Go.

Interestingly (and confusingly) has a sub-site called eBay Innovate which is a showcase of third-party "gadgets" that have been developed for eBay users. A "Tool Development Radar" shows tools that have been requested by users. Current ideas on the Radar are eBay Translation, a Book Price Upate Tool, and an Event Ticket Price Optimiser.

  • Most Innovative Application — Buyer: AuctionAds
  • Most Innovative Application — Seller or Merchant: SageFire's YES!
  • Service to the Community: Michael Berger of MyProSeller
  • Best User Experience Design: Mpire's Shopwave

The eBay Developers Conference 2007 is being held in Boston on June 11 - 13, before eBay Live. The event is for eCommerce developers, entrepreneurs, and affiliates who want to take advantage of the eBay, PayPal,, ProStores, and Skype eCommerce platforms.

Sessions include the A to Z's of optimization, from online storefronts to affiliate search engines, and basic to advanced eBay and PayPal Web Services classes. There are also one-on-one technical support sessions, and a PayPal Bootcamp to help train for the PayPal certification exam, both included in the registration price.

eBay Developers Conference registration includes eBay Live! admission at no additional charge, and there is a 40% discount for registrations up to Friday, April 6th. More info and registration.

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