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An AuctionBytes blog post talks about the sometimes strained relationship between third-party eBay software developers and eBay.

Can a partnership with a company that acts as "supplier, marketing channel, and competitor" all at once run smoothly?

It would be great to hear developers' views on Ina Steiners blog or in the forum.

DataUnison has announced the winners of their eBay Research API Developer's Contest. Deal of the Moment, which helps buyers set proxy bids without the need to guess and without overbidding, won the Innovative Application award. Second place went to eSeller Street. Baywotch, a research tool for German eBay sellers won the Research Tool award, with Mr. Research as runner up in the category.

Data Unison is a division of AERS Inc., the developer of the Terapeak eBay marketplace research tool.

Data Unison, the official data reseller and service provider for eBay's Market Data Program, has announced an eBay Research API Developer’s Contest. Contest categories include Innovative Application, Research Tool, and Smart Listing Application. Contestant registration starts June 10th and ends July 10th, 2006 and finalized projects must be submitted by July 25th, 2006. More info. Data Unison is a division of AERS Inc., the developer of Terapeak eBay marketplace research tool.

eBay's ProStores has launched their own developer's program, called the ProStores Developer Network. More info.

eBay is hosting a special Developer Day on Friday, May 26th, during the eBay Live! event in Düsseldorf, Germany on May 26-27, 2006. More information (in German).

Registration is now open for the 2006 eBay Developers Conference in Las Vegas on June 10 - 12. Attendees can save $150 off the on-site registration fee by reserving a space early. Featured speakers include: Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay), Scott Cook (founder of Intuit) and Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief for Wired Magazine.

eBay has announced the results of the eBay Developer Challenge, a competition launched for eBay developers to show off their skills and create innovative applications. The Grand Prize Winner is cell phone bidding application UnWired Buyer, and the First Place Winner is ctxbay which displays contextual eBay ads on websites.

Honorable mentions went to searcher Gumshoo, and monitors AuctionWatch GD and

The dates for the eBay Developers Conference 2006 have been announced. The conference is being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas on June 10 - 12, before eBay Live at the same venue on June 13 - 15. Registration begins 24th February and includes free eBay Live attendance. More info

Marketplace analysis service Terapeak has launched their own API, which allows third-party developers to integrate eBay marketplace statistics into their own applications without requiring access to the raw eBay data. More information.

"PlaceOffer" is a new API call within the eBay API which enables bidding. Developers have to apply and be approved to use PlaceOffer, and scheduled bidding (sniping) is not allowed.

eBay today announced that all Developers Program members will now be able to access eBay Web Services for free. Membership will include free use of the eBay API, free certification, and the availability of paid technical support for all members. The former membership tiers have been scrapped and there are now only Developer and Affiliate levels. Free API calls are available to members using the unified schema, which was announced in February 2005. API calls made using the legacy schema will only be supported until June 2006, and will continue to be charged at the previous call rates.

The eBay Developer Challenge 2006 has been launched for eBay developers to show off their skills and create innovative applications. There are individual and team categories with top prizes of $5,000 and Xbox 360™ game consoles. eBay are particularly interested in searching tools, ideas that combine eBay features with other web services, and multi-platform applications (such as Skype integration). The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2006 and winners will be announced at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, California, March 6-9, 2006. More info.

An eBay Developer Day will be held on December 2 in Frankfurt, Germany. More information.

Many users of third-party eBay tools will be required to go through the authorization process again. Tokens issued under the "Auth & Auth" security system when it was introduced in April 2004 are due to expire from October 2005, as the maximum token life is 18 months. eBay have reminded developers to check their applications handle expired tokens correctly.

eBay has released PDF versions of the presentations given at the recent Developers Conference. "Tracks" include Accelerating your Business with eBay, eBay Web Services: What's New?, Advanced eBay Application Development, Programming with eBay Web Services, and PayPal eCommerce Development and Integration.

  • Infopia won a Star Developer Award from eBay for the second consecutive year, winning the Early Adopter accolade this year after winning for the Most Innovative Application last year.
  • Marketworks won a Star Developer special achievement award for facilitating more eBay listings than any other provider. This follows an announcement on 16 June that the company has secured an additional $7 million of equity financing.
  • Vendio Services won the Innovative Application award.
  • Andale won the Top Producer of GMV on eBay Using Third-Party Tools award.
  • Kuntay Taner of FoundValue won the Service to the Community award.
  • Earthlink won the Affiliate Technical Leadership award.
  • PayPal awards went to Mal (Early Adopter), Scorpion Systems (Service to the Community), and Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting (PayPal Innovative Application).

The eBay Developers Program has introduced a new environment for eBay Web Services developers to share development resources. The eBay Community Codebase aids collaboration on open source projects by providing a shared code repository with version controls, group mailing lists, issue tracker and shared documents and files.

No less than 27 new solutions have been added to the directory this week. They cover a wide range from Ethical's listing and marketing tools, through Mac tools Auction Monitor and eLister, to the Opinity reputation and identity system. View the full list.

The site has a new online system for members and developers to submit new solutions, and corrections to existing ones. To submit a new solution click here or follow the link at the bottom of your profile page. To submit corrections use the Submit changes link at the bottom of the solution's information page.

The eBay Developers Conference 2005 will be held June 21-22 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Register at

The "Bonus Package" includes a pre-conference "Introduction to eBay Application Development" workshop on June 20 for $425 if booked before May 1, $545 if booked later, and $645 on-site. The standard package costs $295 for booking before May 1, $395 if booked later, and $445 on-site.

Nominations can now be made for the Service to the Developer Community and Innovative Application awards, to be presented at the eBay Developers Conference in San Jose on June 21st.

The eBay Developers Conference 2005 will be held June 21-22 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Registration opens April 1st.

There will also be a pre-conference workshop for new eBay Developers on June 20th.

Look out for a new "eBay Compatible Application" logo which replaces the old "eBay Certified Developer" logo. The new logo means that an application has been tested by eBay and is deemed compatible for use with the eBay Platform.

eBay have created a new eBay Developers Program Marketing Handbook (PDF), including sections on the eBay Solutions Directory, creating success stories, writing press releases, eBay Groups, and more.

eBay also announced the merging of their legacy and web services API schemas, culminating in the deprecation of the legacy schema in June 2006. This will enable eBay to roll out API features more quickly, reducing the gap between eBay site features and third-party applications. The Developer Technical Support team will also be able to diagnose and respond to issues more quickly.

eBay have created a "Best Practices" whitepaper (PDF) and training video for affiliates who want to use the eBay API to increase their commission earnings.

  • The API Product Roadmap makes information about upcoming API and eBay feature changes available earlier.
  • In mid-January 2005 Customer Seller Invoicing will allow customization of text, logo, seller’s email and reply-to information within eBay's End of Auction emails.
  • Platform Notifications, the system which notifies third-party applications of eBay events, has been updated to include buyers responding to Unpaid Item disputes. Also, the system can now send notifications by SMTP (email) instead of HTTP (web services).
  • Searching via the API has been enhanced with pre-filled item support, searching across multiple sellers, and search by proximity for international sites.

The new QuickBooks SDK 4.0 samples released by Intuit includes two eBay applications - "UI-and-eBay" and "eBayQuickBooksLister".

The recent .NET SDK (Software Development Kit) release (eBaySDK_v2.5_1761.exe) has some critical bugs and should not be used. eBay are working quickly to release a fixed version. Also, SOAP and Java developers have been warned that the latest SOAP WSDL is not backward compatible.

  • The eBay Developers Program has created a Best Practices for Affiliates document (PDF)
  • The eBay API now gives access to the eBay China site, which was fully converted to eBay's platform in September. Full documentation and support will be available in mid 2005.
  • See a preview of "Lifecycle of an eBay Listing" course - a Flash-based API training course.
  • Several enhancements are due to the eBay search API in early 2005: return of Product Finder information; return of categories in search; product-based search via Pre-filled items; search across multiple sellers only; attribute searching; search by proximity for international sites in addition to the US.

WebAssist have developed an add-on for Macromedia's Contribute 3 content management software.

The extension can create custom eBay Store designs by choosing from over 800 layout combinations. Publishing to eBay is a one-click operation and the results can be viewed immediately. WA eBay StoreBuilder also includes an eBay Stores Page Manager to modify pages and arrange them in the navigation. Contribute 3 costs $149 and the WebAssist extension is a free download.

SDForum, a Silicon Valley not-for-profit organization providing technology information and insight, has invited eBay Developers registered at the Commercial level to submit business ideas for consideration by top-tier investors. More Information.

eBay recently announced its "Favorite Seller Digest", an option which sends regular emails to buyers about items for sale by sellers they have selected. This is similar to MyStoreCredit, a Certified Solutions Provider, whose service enables buyer discounts for repeat purchases, and emails buyers with details of items for sale.

"eBay Sales Reports" are a new subscription-based product that will provide sellers with key sales information for their eBay businesses. The basic Sales Reports are free and Sales Reports Plus are $4.99 per month (free for Store holders). This service shows sales by category, listing format, timing, and duration, as well as average sale price and eBay fees. This begins to encroach on the territory of auction management and counter services such as Andale.

  • The new Certified Provider Program has two branches: Certified Service Providers are non-technical providers who offer services such as auction strategy, and Certified Solution Providers are technical providers who offer services that integrate with the eBay platform. An archived workshop has tips on how to become a Certified Provider.
  • Free online training on platform notifications — the technology which sends alerts to your application when events occur on eBay
  • The Advanced Solutions Program outlines the process for developers to offer "product configurators" as part of their service. Product configurators are auctions which enable the creation of customised BIN listings on the fly.

A number of eBay API and Developers Program announcements have been made:

eBay's successor to the Non-Paying Bidder (NPB) process, the Unpaid Item process, will be made available to third-party developers via the eBay API - unlike the old Final Value Fee refund system. More information about Unpaid Items.

eBay Star Developer Awards were bestowed by a panel of judges at the Developers Conference on June 23rd to Zoovy for Early Adoption, ChannelAdvisor and Dynetech for Service to the Community, Bonfire Media and Infopia for Innovative Application.

eBay affiliates can now use the eBay API to retrieve real-time price and product information, and create custom applications. It costs $250 to join the Affiliate Tier, subject to eBay approval. More information.

Developers using Borland® Delphi™ will be able to create Web services applications using eBay and PayPal Software Development Kits (SDKs), following a joint distribution agreement announced at Microsoft TechEd 2004.

eBay announced details of the 2004 eBay Developers Conference, the annual gathering of eBay and PayPal developers that will be held June 23-24 in New Orleans. The eBay Developers Conference will feature keynotes by Internet Pioneer and publisher Tim O'Reilly, eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar, and eBay COO Maynard Webb.

Attendees will see eBay and PayPal's new Web services, and the latest development tools and resources for creating software that interacts with eBay. The event also provides an opportunity for the developer community to share ideas and gain insights, and talk with the eBay developer team. More information can be found here.

The new eBay login system, previously reported on 13 February is to become obligatory for eBay certified developers from 1 May 2004. Users of software which interacts with eBay through its API should expect an update this month.

eBay Solutions Meeting Announcement

Many would be attendees could not make the eBay Solutions Meeting on January 21, so the meeting is being held again as a webcast on Wednesday, March 10, 2004. This meeting will be hosted by the Manchester Java Users' Group and will be given online in webinar format by Gary Downing from eBay. Click here to pre-register for this event; or go to the Manchester JAVA Users' Group for more information.

Who should attend:
Business Owners, Managers, IT Managers, Software Integrators, Developers, Programmers, Consultants, Web Engineers and Designers.

eBay and Microsoft have worked together to provide a sample application that shows the integration possibilities between the eBay Platform and Microsoft Office System. Members of the eBay Developers Program can download the sample here.

eBay is rolling out a new login system so third-party developers do not have to collect and store eBay passwords. The new "Authentication and Authorization" system will mean that eBay members using third-party software or services will sign in at eBay to generate a "token" which the developer will then use to confirm the user's identity with eBay, without requiring their password directly.

eBay will extend the reach of its Web services by adding SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and Java support to the eBay platform SDK (software development kit). The new SDK will be available in the second quarter of 2004, broadening existing XML and .NET integration capabilities, and giving developers more options ways to integreate the eBay platform into their applications.

The first half of this free discussion will cover the business needs and advantages of accessing the eBay marketplace platform.

The second half of the presentation will be directed toward custom software development using the eBay API. eBay's Developers Program allows application programmers API access to our web-service platform. This talk will focus on the technical implementation details pertaining to integration with the eBay API.

Pre-registration required. More info is available at Manchester JAVA Users' Group

The new Pre-filled Item Information feature was introduced on the Sell Your Item form this week. Turbo Lister will add this feature within the next week, and it will be available through Seller's Assistant Pro in early November.

Third-party Ad Listers will also be able to support this feature - update schedules will vary.

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