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Version 10.3 of eBay-owned web store ProStores has added features that help merchants launch their store, connect with customers, and ship products. The enhancements include:

  • A Facebook "Like" widget
  • Twitter and Facebook "Share" and "Follow Us" widgets
  • New guided setup wizard
  • Wish list enhancements
  • UPS Enhancements
  • ShipRush Integration
  • AntListing is an eBay management tool with features including order management, image hosting, and inventory management.
  • eFluent is a comprehensive management solution with modules for marketplace management, logistics, reporting and CRM.
  • M2E Pro integrates the Magento shopping cart with the eBay marketplace.

Multichannel ecommerce solution Zoovy has received a number of updates over the past month.

A new version of the Zoovy Integrated Desktop features a built-in business intelligence application, enabling merchants to analyze their data to find overall trends such as purchasing habits, returns by category, marketplace performance and more.

The KPI dashboard has new metrics including sales by affiliates, and Zoovy have launched an Amazon repricing engine which dynamically adjusts prices depending on competitors' prices. The repricing tool is free for existing customers during a pilot phase.

eCommerce solutions company eSellerPro have redesigned their website for the first time since the company was founded.

The new website, sporting a contemporary look and covering the company's full range of services, follows a significant investment in the company last year and appointment of a new CEO in January.

Provider of run-your-own-auction software RainWorx has released a brand new application called AuctionWorx Enterprise.

AuctionWorx Enterprise, built on Microsoft's .NET technology, allows companies to develop and deploy successful online auction websites.

"We have found that our customers' wide range of verticals and unique business models required a more streamlined method for them to go from idea to implementation," said Steve Gorman, RainWorx Software co-founder and president. "Giving developers the tools they need is essential in addition to providing ready solutions for key markets. AuctionWorx Enterprise enables our customers to implement their unique business models, online auctions, and multi-vendor websites, faster and easier."

The latest version of eBay's ecommerce service ProStores features an integrated wishlist and electronic gift vouchers.

The Wish List feature allows customers to create a list of items and share it with their friends and family. The e-Gift Cards feature allows merchants to sell electronic gift vouchers.

"Both features are designed to help merchants close sales and acquire new customers during the holiday shopping season," says Lin Shearer, head of marketing and revenue for ProStores.

The latest release also includes a free trial from search marketing campaign manager Clickable, eBay integration enhancements and support for UPS account discounts.

Auction management and ecommerce company Auctiva has unveiled a new designer for its Auctiva Commerce stores.

Store owners can now use a drag-and-drop interface to design categories and layouts, and place widgets. Advanced customization options such as custom CSS have also been added.

Up to three different storefront designs can be created and previewed before publishing, allowing a managed transition to a new design or special themes for promotions or holidays.

Multichannel ecommerce technology company Mercent has released new features supporting eBay Checkout and Large Merchant Services APIs, and PayPal payment processing.

Mercent is now the first and only eBay Certified Provider to leverage eBay's Large Merchant Services API,  which integrates large eBay sellers with eBay Checkout.

"It is clear online retailers recognize the need for sophisticated business tools that can help them more successfully reach and sell to online shoppers," said Eric Best, Mercent CEO. " Our expanded support for eBay demonstrates Mercent's ongoing commitment to provide retailers with the industry's most innovative and market-leading tools and technology, and we look forward to further expanding the capabilities of Mercent Retail."

The latest version of eBay-owned webstore solution ProStores includes a new page designer, improved order and catalog management, and promotions automation.

The new Page Builder enables drag-and-drop page layout design, graphical banner creation, and a new store theme with horizontal category navigation.

Store management enhancements allow merchants to adjust invoices for discounts, shipping or additional items more efficiently. Searching, sorting and viewing orders and categories are much faster than before.

  • Magniphy is an eCommerce solution including storefront builder, merchant account, domain name, eBay listing tool, eBay research tool, dedicated support, and education program.
  • Sellit creates a "mini-shop" from products listed on supported marketplaces (including Yahoo! and Etsy), which can then be posted to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

ChannelAdvisor's May update will include a new comparison shopping performance report, support for Amazon FBA in the UK, marketplace updates and inventory handling improvements.

The new Brand Performance Report for comparison shopping can be used to monitor performance for individual shopping sites or as a whole. Information in the report includes Clicks, Avg. CPC, Orders, Assists, Conversion rate, Revenue, Cost, ERS and Avg. Order Value.

eBay's own ecommerce solution ProStores has been updated, with new features and improvements in the areas of analytics, order management, discounting and checkout.

ProStores Analytics is a new traffic and sales analysis tool with a summary dashboard and drill-down into more detailed tables and charts.

Discounts can now be applied across whole categories, and a multi-step checkout is available as well as a one-page checkout.

  • FreeForm is an eBay HTML template generator
  • Sellernet is an eCommerce and marketplace management tool for UK sellers

Veteran e-Commerce software company Make-a-Store have launched a new product called Divinity E-commerce Suite.

The new software supports eBay Motors as well as the mainstream site, eBay UK and eBay Australia. Other supported marketplaces include Amazon, Yahoo, Overstock and uBid.

The shopping cart platform is priced at $99USD/month with an initial $499 license fee, and a free version limited to 100 inventory items is also available. Additional fees apply for marketplace add-ons - which are not available for the free version.

Make-a-Store CMO Derek Stringfellow said "Divinity has a number of unique features not offered by other shopping cart platforms at this price. Auditing, multiple storefront management, localization, an open API, and a bunch of Apps supporting things like drop shipping to affiliate programs are just a few things that makes Divinity E-commerce Suite interesting."

eBay-owned web store company ProStores has launched a new website called "Shop ProStores", which allows buyers to search for products from any of the tens of thousands of ProStores web stores.

A Shop tab has also been added to the ProStores homepage to increase visibility of the new site.

A new version of web store ProStores (owned by eBay) has been released, and offers new features including:

  • Better synchronization with eBay listings
  • Support for eBay multi-variation listings (MVLs)
  • Up to four images per product
  • New percentage and flat amount discount promotions
  • Editable page title and meta description (for SEO)
  • Checkout and order management improvements

RainWorx Software has released a new version of rwAuction Pro, its software for creating auction websites.

New features include:

  • Calculated shipping
  • Region-based sales tax
  • Bulk relisting
  • Improved SEO support

"The latest version of rwAuction Pro gives sellers the ability to manage the sales process from listing to order fulfillment," said Steve Gorman, company founder and president of RainWorx Software. "We're excited about enhancing our customers' websites to be able to utilize buyer's premium fees and to enable them to market their websites with built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)."

RainWorx rwAuction Pro enables businesses to create an independent auction website with Standard and Reverse Auctions, Classifieds, Request For Quote (RFQ) Listings, or Fixed Price Sales. More information and demo.

As their "Summer of Innovation" continues, ecommerce solution provider Infopia has introduced a range of new features:

  • New functionality for customer returns (Return Merchandise Authorizations or RMAs)
  • Export collected email addresses for integration with email campaign software
  • Create volume discounts for large orders and approved wholesalers customers

As part of their "Summer of Innovation", ecommerce solution provider Infopia has introduced three new features aimed at enhancing shopping cart conversion rates:

  • Perpetual shopping cart — an always-available shopping basket including product names and thumbnail pictures
  • People who bought this also bought — automatically searches the retailer's database to identify real-world cross-sales
  • Dynamic site navigation — automatically creates customized navigation pages based on sales data

eBay's ecommerce solution ProStores has revamped its pricing plans, replacing four plans priced from $10 to $250 per month with only two plans: a Basic plan priced at $30 per month and a Plus plan priced at $60 per month. There is a 0.5% fee for successful transactions, and payment processing fees.

Features available on the two new plans are similar, with the Plus plan offering higher limits for number of products, mailboxes, storage, and bandwidth. The Plus plan also adds multiple buyer groups, an affiliate program, sales team management, drop shipping and vendor management.

ProStores has also introduced new promotional offers for eBay PowerSellers including a subscription fee waiver for eBay PowerSellers at the Gold, Platinum, and Titanium levels.

* * * * *

ProStores has released version 9.3 which features a theme builder, improved catalog creation and display, and conversion rate help center.

Version 9.2.1 of eBay-owned webstore solution ProStores adds new features including:

  • Customer rating and reviews from integration of PowerReviews Express
  • Improved product layouts and a new tabbed storefront design
  • Improved shopping cart and one-page checkout
  • Smoother import of eBay listings
  • Better “no search results” page

Auction management solutions company Vendio Services has launched a new free eCommerce store package to beta testing.

Vendio Stores, a part of the new Vendio Platform, allows sellers to create a branded web store that showcases their products and converts shoppers to buyers.

The new Vendio Platform manages selling on multiple venues including eBay, Amazon, and an independent eCommerce store. While the store element is free, sellers who wish to list on eBay or Amazon pay a $10 monthly subscription plus 1.95% on sales up to $1,000 and 1% on sales over $25,000.

The Vendio Stores beta is currently open to new Vendio sellers with a public release in a few weeks.

eBay has announced the latest release of ProStores, making it easier for eBay sellers to open their own web store.

New features include:

  • Smoother import of eBay listings into ProStores
  • Improved product detail and list layouts
  • Clearer shopping cart: design
  • Better "No Search Results" page

Multi-channel eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor became profitable in the fourth quarter of 2008, and has laid off 19% of its workforce, reports AuctionBytes.

ChannelAdvisor President Scot Wingo told AuctionBytes that the company would not be developing new products for eBay sellers, saying "I don't think it make sense for anyone to try and innovate on a platform that's decreasing the way eBay is. We are going to shift a lot of resources to Amazon and we are coming out with lots of innovative things there."

ChannelAdvisor laid off 70 employees in September 2008, in an effort to become profitable.


Auctiva's new eCommerce system will soon be out of beta testing and will be available free for sellers who sign up during January.

The new system, called Auctiva Commerce, is normally $14.95 per month but sellers signing up in January will only have to pay $9.95 per month as well as receiving January to March for free.

A percentage of sales fee also applies, ranging from 5% for sales of up to $500, to 0.5% for sales above $100,000 per month. There is no percentage fee for sales up to $200 per month.

Further information, ahead of the launch, is available on the Auctiva Commerce Discussion Board.

eCommerce solutions vendors ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, and Shopster have reported strong year-on-year sales growth for Cyber Monday,  the day which is typically the busiest of the year for online sales.

Compared to 2007:

  • Dropship aggregator Shopster reported a 20% increase in sales volume
  • Marketplace solution provider ChannelAdvisor reported a 22% increase in sales
  • eCommerce platform vendor Infopia reported a 101% increase in revenues for the new Infopia Storefronts

Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States, and follows "Black Friday" - which is historically the biggest day for high-street sales.

Sell Center LLC, the company behind auction management solution Laris, has acquired AE3Interactive LLC, a design and marketing consultancy, and renamed themselves as "RedStage Networks".

“The acquisition really brings us another step forward to our main mission: to be the leader in revolutionizing online business. This group has a lot of experience, a lot of talent, and a knack for identifying the next big thing,” says Adam Morris, CEO of the new RedStage Networks.

“The new name much better represents the portfolio of products and services we offer and will be developing over the coming months,” says Adam Morris. “We’re taking the next few weeks to integrate the brands together and build our new web presence and marketing strategies. It’s an exciting time at RedStage, and our team agrees that the new name is just a whole lot ‘cooler’.”

The company, specializing in online technology solutions and internet marketing, has launched a new website for information about its products and services at

Auctiva Corporation has launched a beta version of an e-commerce platform that will allow merchants to develop full-featured, independent Web stores.

Auctiva Commerce is in limited release as a test environment, allowing users to set up stores and conduct mock transactions to try out the extensive array of features—which, according to Auctiva Chief Executive Jeff Schlicht, "blow away the features offered through eBay Stores. It's like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari."

Auctiva Commerce includes an online "wizard" tool that sellers can use to design their sites with features that include:

  • Customizable merchant dashboard
  • Unlimited categories, subcategories, products, pages and links
  • Inventory controls
  • Daily and monthly sales reports
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping calculator
  • Customizable tax codes
  • Email marketing tools
  • Support for a wide variety of electronic and paper payment methods

Auctiva is inviting a select group of users to participate in the beta. These users are being contacted by e-mail.

The platform is expected to be widely available and able to conduct live transactions in January 2009.

Pricing has not been announced; however, it will likely include a monthly storefront fee. Auctiva may also collect a small sales fee for those transactions that were referred by Auctiva's marketing efforts.

In their November release, eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has added eBay’s community-driven product tags (Custom Item Specifics) to its MarketplaceAdvisor Premium product, and sales statistics are now updated constantly rather than every 24 hours.

Support for Custom Item Specifics have been added across all product categories and eBay countries so sellers can specify these community values and improve their Best Match ranking.

Historical reports are critical to analyzing and understanding performance. The new Intraday Performance Dashboard offers these reports in near-real time.

eCommerce platform provider Infopia has enhanced their order entry system to streamline phone-based customer orders and inquiries.

The extensions allow merchants to accommodate phone orders, and handle warranties and other non-inventory items. The solution allows retailers to track and analyze phone transactions alongside web-based orders.

"Enhancements to the Infopia order management functionality have let us deliver improved service to both our retail and wholesale clients," said Steve Douge Director of eCommerce, Hardware Sales Inc. "We can quickly view customer order histories, replicate or adjust orders, offer special terms, and handle any non-inventory items, such as warranties, during an actual client service call. Finally, we can tie all of this back to our storefront, driving repeat business and brand recognition."

Our sister-site for UK online sellers, Web Retailer, met eSellerPro at their office in Earl's Croome, Worcestershire, and spoke with Matthew Dean and Chris Farrelly about the company's past, present, and future.

Read the eSellerPro Supplier Spotlight for insights into eSellerPro, marketplace trading, the impact of the financial crisis, and online retail trends.

Our sister-site for UK online sellers, Web Retailer, caught up with James Scott, Managing Director of ChannelAdvisor UK, at the company’s Insite conference in Birmingham.

Read the ChannelAdvisor Supplier Spotlight for insights into ChannelAdvisor's solutions, alternative marketplaces, selling through your own web store, the credit crisis, and trends in online retail.

UK eCommerce solution developer for 247 Top Seller has been added to the site.

247 Top Seller creates bespoke solutions for selling on UK marketplaces and store fronts. Features include Amazon re-pricing, price comparison feeds, and eBay selling tools.

* * * * *

247 Top Seller are currently offering a free 14 day trial of their Amazon solution. The offer is open for new sign-ups until 30th September 2008.

The 247 Top Seller Amazon solution automatically scans competitors’ inventory and re-prices items accordingly, as frequently as once an hour. Post-trial fees are 1% of gross sales (£30 monthly minimum).

Register for the trial here.

eCommerce platform provider Infopia has released enhanced eCommerce websites for Infopia merchants, called Infopia Storefronts.

Infopia Storefronts are part of the new Infopia Transact platform. New features include customized product comparisons and multiple product views. In addition, calls to action and critical product information — such as features, accessories, and reviews — are placed above the fold to entice customers. Reporting includes performance analytics and merchandising reporting.

Infopia Storefronts are managed centrally with other marketplaces within the Infopia Transact platform. Merchants can handle their inventory and orders consistently across channels.

We have added WebStore by Amazon to the eCommerce Solutions category.

WebStore provides an independent store front while also benefiting from Amazon features: customers can login using their Amazon registered email address and password, payments are taken through the familiar Amazon Payments system, and familiar features such as best sellers and customer reviews are all available.

Sales and listing on WebStore and on Amazon itself can be managed from a single interface, as can products that are dispatched using the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

WebStore by Amazon is priced at $59.99 per month with a 7% flat commission on sales. There is no additional fee for taking payments through Amazon Payments.

eCommerce solutions provider ChannelAdvisor has received an additional $20 million in venture capital funding, and will restructure its business, in an effort to become profitable.

“ChannelAdvisor has grown rapidly over the last two years, both organically and via two material acquisitions, and has strengthened its leadership position in the e-commerce channel management space,” says Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “With the additional financing and restructuring of the company, we are excited about accelerating our path to profitability. We have reached not only a revenue scale that very few Software-as-a-Service companies have achieved, but also outstanding growth and profitability metrics.”

Since it was founded in 1999, ChannelAdvisor has expanded to 350 employees, including employees gained through acquisitions. After the restructuring it will have about 280 workers, a reduction of 20%.

Tamebay has reported that international offices, which have been run as separate entities, will now be integrated into the main corporate structure. Wingo told Tamebay “the UK is one of fastest growing markets and we will continue to invest there.”

eCommerce software company CORESense has announced three new partnerships in the COREPartner Ecosystem, a program announced in March of this year.

The COREPartner Ecosystem integrates third-party point-solutions with the CORESense application, enabling merchants to benefit from a range of eCommerce tools without losing time on complicated configuration and integration work.

"Partnerships with leading e-commerce software providers gives our customers, SMRs [small and medium-sized retailers], the same reach as the large chain stores and allows them to compete more effectively," said Jason Jacobs, CEO of CORESense. "Because we pre-integrate solutions with our retail management software, our customers have cost-effective access to tools that help them grow their business."

The new partnerships are with:

  • Power Reviews, a company that provides customer reviews and social merchandising solutions.
  • SLI Systems, whose Site Search with Merchandising provides a customized site search service.
  • LivePerson, a provider of online chat solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice.

* * * * *

CORESense has launched a Retail Competitiveness Index Survey, designed to help SMRs get a clearer picture of how effectively they are competing in five different areas of retail management. Participants need to provide contact details to view the survey results.

Multi-channel selling solutions provider ChannelAdvisor today announced StoreAdvisor Premium, a new e-commerce storefront that allows online retailers to design customizable, search-friendly sites that enhance the shopping experience and lift conversions.

StoreAdvisor Premium is integrated with MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, in a consolidated interface to help sellers manage their businesses across all e-commerce channels.

“Multi-channel retailers want to focus on growing their businesses instead of keeping up with website technology,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “With StoreAdvisor Premium, they can rely on our expertise to build the shopping experience their customers want and integrate it with MarketplaceAdvisor Premium’s unified inventory system to get the same ease of use, scalability and reliability they’ve come to expect from us.”

More about StoreAdvisor Premium for retailers in the USA and retailers in the UK.

Tradebox Finance Manager, a tool which imports orders from and into the Sage accounting system, can now import data from a seller's own web store.

The new web store import routine, enables users to map required fields of information from a CSV file into Tradebox, then synchronize and import orders into Sage 50 Accounts, automatically creating Customers Records, Invoices/Orders, Sales Receipts and depleting stock.

eCommerce platform provider Infopia have announced an expansion of Web Services available for their new Infopia Transact solution.

The expansion allows Infopia customers to customize and streamline their business processes, while leveraging the new platform. Examples of use include handling phone orders through Transact, and providing faster search capabilities when accessing inventory, order and customer data.

Web Services are an industry standard way of connecting different computer systems. They use web protocols for communication, XML to exchange data, and SOAP to package requests in a standard format. The standard is used by Internet heavyweights such as eBay, Amazon, and Google to provide access to their systems through a documented interface (API).

eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has acquired struggling "rich media" company RichFX for $3.1 million.

ChannelAdvisor will use RichFX's technology to offer three new products for Internet retailers:

  • RichImage – Image zoom and pan functionality and merchandising solutions such as product configurators.
  • RichCatalog – Brings printed catalogs online.
  • RichCircular – Brings regional circulars online.

RichFX customers report a 10%+ increase in online conversion when their online merchandising is enhanced via one of the RichFX offerings.

RichFX has over 200 retailers as customers, including Wal-Mart, Disney, and Saks.

Web store plug-in AuctionBlox now supports Zen Cart in addition to osCommerce.

Both Zen Cart and osCommerce are free, open-source, shopping carts for running your own eCommerce site.

eBay have released a new version of their web store solution ProStores, with new features to help eBay sellers setup and maintain stores.

ProStores 9.0 features automatic import of eBay listings, categories, shipping, and other settings. After setup, ProStores can mirror eBay listings and synchronize inventory with the ProStores Web store. This makes it possible to make items available for sale from both the eBay marketplace and ProStores without the risk of double-selling low-stock items.

eBay Stores sellers can take advantage of a special offer to try the new ProStores Starter store and pay no monthly fee through September 2008.

ChannelAdvisor announced today the relaunch of its e-commerce management solutions, following its acquisition of rival Marketworks.

MarketplaceAdvisor replaces Marketworks’ primary solution and MarketplaceAdvisor Premium replaces ChannelAdvisor’s Merchant solution.

MarketplaceAdvisor is designed for online sellers focused solely on eBay and allows them to automate many of the processes vital to growth and success. In addition, sellers can leverage time-saving efficiencies including tracking and shipping of orders all from a consolidated interface.

MarketplaceAdvisor Premium is designed for multi-channel sellers, offers the same eBay features, and gives retailers access to full integrations with Amazon and Overstock Shopping as well as enhanced functionality that improves the quality of product feeds sent to comparison shopping engines including Shopzilla,, and Google Product Search.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of technology in the online retail marketplace,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “We see the MarketplaceAdvisor and MarketplaceAdvisor Premium products filling a much needed space in the online retail marketplace by bridging the gap between single channel and multi-channel sellers.”

Auction Lister Pro, an eCommerce solution which creates auction listings on eBay from osCommerce shopping cart inventory, has announced a new 100% free hosting solution for all users.

A typical account includes a free sub domain, 300MB of disk space and 6 Gigabytes of throughput put per month. Other free software such as Zen Cart, osCommerce, Word Press, and phpBB is also included. The hosting is provided by partner company Byet Internet Group.

Auction Lister Pro is a free, open source, application.

Sell Center, the company behind auction management tool Laris, are giving away an eBook called Multi-Venue Management & e-Commerce Strategies.

The eBook includes information on conversion rates, product sourcing, multi-venue selling, analysis software, online marketing, and more. Get it here.

The offer also includes the eBooks SEO Made Easy and Adwords Made Easy by Brad Callen.

Auction and e-commerce solutions company Infopia has partnered with e-commerce company Channel Intelligence.

Through the alliance, CI customers will be able to expand sales to marketplaces such as eBay, while Infopia customers will gain access to additional comparison shopping engines. The offering combines CI’s data feed optimization and Infopia’s marketplace connectivity.

CI customers will have access to Infopia’s eCommerce platform to help them sell on eBay, and Infopia customers will have access to CI’s platform for optimized comparison shopping engine data feeds.

E-commerce solution eSellerPro now supports PlayTrade, making it possible for users to expand into this new marketplace for UK sellers.

PlayTrade is a new sales venue from UK-based retailer Similar in functionality to Amazon Marketplace, PlayTrade allows retailers to list their products on the site, and offers free delivery on all products.

Chris Farrelly, CTO and Chief architect of eSellerPro said: "This is an exciting incremental sales channel for a number of our customers and so the addition of PlayTrade to the range of marketplaces supported by eSellerPro was a high priority to us. We recognise the importance of responding to market developments such as this and making it as simple as possible for our customers to participate in them."

eCommerce system provider Infopia has launched a new eCommerce Success Center powered by

Infopia's eCommerce Success Center, built upon's customer relationship management solution, provides increased support quality and efficiency through streamlined communication for merchants and a comprehensive 360-degree view of support issues for Infopia account managers.

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