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Amazon feedback tool FeedbackExpress has added a new feature to monitor Amazon product reviews.

FeedbackExpress users can now track how well their products are doing on Amazon and get notifications when customers leave negative product reviews.

All users will be able to track three ASINs free of charge with tiered plans available for those wishing to track more.

With the added functionality, sellers can:

  • Quickly filter product reviews according to rating.
  • Get alerts to your phone or inbox when a negative review is posted.
  • Quickly spot negative feedback that customers are posting about your products and reach out to them to resolve issues.
  • Translate reviews to your own language.

FeedbackExpress also has another new feature: automatically inserting product images and titles into the Amazon customer emails it sends.

Source: FeedbackExpress

All-in-one tool for Amazon sellers Efficient Era has updated their dashboard providing information on product reviews received.

The Review Dashboard shows a summary of review ratings over 7, 14 and 30-day periods.

A new feature added to the dashboard allows sellers to instantly respond to any recent negative reviews.

Source: Efficient Era

Amazon seller software suite ManageByStats has added new features to its SellerMail system for sending follow-up emails to Amazon customers.

The new features in SellerMail are a preview option, and a new variable which auto-adds a Review Box.

Sellers using ManageByStats can now preview their email rules without having to do a test send.

The optional Review Box is automatically created by adding a placeholder, and includes the product image and title, and stars to help prompt the customer to leave a review.

Source: ManageByStats

Amazon feedback tool FeedbackExpress has added support for three further international Amazon marketplaces.

FeedbackExpress now works with:

  • (US)
  • (UK)
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon Spain

Existing FeedbackExpress users can add the new marketplaces within their account now.

FeedbackExpress helps Amazon sellers manage their feedback communication with buyers, remove neutral and negative feedback, protect their seller rating, and increase their Buy Box percentage.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Amazon feedback tool FeedbackExpress is now available in the new Seller Central Appstore.

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore is a one-stop-shop where the small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon can more easily discover quality applications to help them automate, manage and grow their business. Accessible from Seller Central, the Marketplace Appstore features applications created by Amazon and external developers and covers a range of functionalities across the selling lifecycle.

Brendan Doherty, CEO of FeedbackExpress said, "At FeedbackExpress, we're excited to be featured in the Feedback and Reviews category. We hope the new platform will help businesses that sell on Amazon quickly identify the integrated tools they need to support their selling needs on Amazon."

Source: FeedbackExpress

All-in-one eBay solution 3DSellers has an enhanced feedback reminder tool with a new dashboard, options and alerts.

The new features are:

  • A performance analytics dashboard to show the effectiveness of reminders
  • An option to send a feedback reminder upon the item's arrival, at a specific time of day
  • Automated feedback to buyers with a choice of triggers
  • Feedback alerts via email
  • Automatic blacklisting of buyers who canceled or returned orders

3DSellers' tools include a powerful Listing Designer, smart Feedback Reminder, Professional Cross-Sell Emails (sent via the eBay messaging system), Video Maker, Store Designer, Facebook Store and a PDF Catalog creator.

Source: 3DSellers

Amazon feedback tool Feedback Genius has a new dashboard, showing the total number of messages sent, and reviews and feedback ratings received.

The dashboard includes a graph showing the volume of orders and sent messages, along with the open rate and unsubscribe rate, to help sellers determine how effective their messages are.

It also includes important notifications such as recent negative feedback or reviews, and Feedback Genius has improved buyer blacklist management and filtering functions.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon feedback tool Feedback Express is now compatible with the Amazon marketplaces in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Canada – in addition to existing support for the UK and USA.

Feedback Express has also added new message templates, professionally translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish, so sellers can request seller feedback and product reviews on Amazon's European marketplaces just like a native speaker would.

Source: FeedbackExpress

The Northern Irish company behind RepricerExpress and SellerExpress has launched a new Amazon feedback solicitation tool called FeedbackExpress.

FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software is proven to help sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as removing negative and neutral feedback quickly and effectively.

When sellers receive negative feedback on their Amazon account, FeedbackExpress alerts them by SMS and email. Professionally-written feedback and product review requests are provided to help increase feedback quantity and quality. Currently Amazon UK and US marketplaces are supported with plans to add further marketplaces in the near future.

FeedbackExpress has a free 30-day trial (no credit card required), then costs from £14.95 or $20.00 per month.

For Web Retailer members, the free trial is extended to 45 days. Visit the Special Offers page for more details and the offer code.

Lucid Interactive has been providing ecommerce solutions to Amazon sellers for over 13 years.

Source: FeedbackExpress

Amazon feedback management tool FeedbackFive has added support for the Amazon Mexico marketplace.

Online merchants who are selling products on Amazon Mexico can now use FeedbackFive to request feedback from buyers.

Sellers who already use FeedbackFive for feedback solicitation can easily switch between accounts used to sell on different Amazon marketplaces, using a single FeedbackFive login.

FeedbackFive currently Amazon marketplaces in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France and Mexico.

Source: FeedbackFive

Amazon feedback management tool FeedbackFive has released a new feature which links Amazon buyers with product reviews that they have submitted.

Product reviewers may opt to use a different name in their reviews, making it difficult to associate reviewers with buyers.

FeedbackFive now has an algorithm that matches product reviewers to the buyers on a seller's account. It looks at items purchased, the reviewer's name, and other information to match buyers to reviews, and shows the results in a new Buyer Match column.

By clicking on the column, users can see the matched order number, buyer name, order date, the date a review request was sent and more. Sellers can then send an email to the buyer, for example to acknowledge a negative review and offer assistance.

The new feature is available to all FeedbackFive customers.

Source: eComEngine

Marketplace feedback aggregation tool eRated has raised $1.7 million of new funding.

eRated co-founder and CEO Boaz Cohen told Techcrunch, "eRated's solution enables marketplaces to leverage existing web profiles, building their online businesses faster and more profitably. By evaluating web-wide parameters like their sales performance, customer satisfaction (reviews and ratings) and their social graph, the solution cuts out inefficiencies onboarding and verifying new sellers".

eRated allows online marketplaces sellers to create a single profile that consolidates feedback from all the marketplaces they use. The company says that 90 per cent of sellers are active on more than one marketplace, but cannot share their feedback between them.

"eRated's customers are online marketplaces," said Cohen. "eRated helps these platforms smarter on-board and verify new users and better capitalize their existing ones to maximise profits. Up until now, these platforms treated all new users the same, even though many are already performing extremely well on other platforms."

Source: Techcrunch

Amazon feedback solicitation tool FeedbackFive has an enhanced capability to manage product reviews, with a new feature called "My Product Reviews".

The new feature allows sellers to monitor and track the reviews of specific product ASINs, even if thousands of items are carried.

"My Product Reviews" also sends an alert (or daily digest) when a user leaves a negative review, so the seller can respond. Negative reviews help sellers understand the issues buyers face regarding specific products.

Non-users of FeedbackFive can sign up for free to track product reviews on two ASINs.

FeedbackFive's new Email Campaigns feature launched in September provided an email template specifically geared to getting more Amazon reviews.

Source: eComEngine

Amazon feedback solicitation tool FeedbackFive has introduced a new feature to provide more sophisticated control of messages sent to Amazon buyers.

The new Campaigns feature allows sellers to target orders with specific email content, giving the ability to:

  • Send up to 5 emails to each order.
  • Send requests focused on product reviews as well as seller feedback.
  • Request product reviews only from buyers who leave positive seller feedback.
  • Time emails to be sent based on order dates, delivery dates, feedback dates and specific times of the day.
  • Create product-specific emails and customize existing templates.

The default campaigns provide two seller feedback requests and one product review request per order. Campaigns can be activated, customized and reprioritised as the seller wishes.

Source: eComEngine

Amazon feedback solicitation tool Feedback Genius is now available for sellers using Amazon UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain - in addition to, Mexico and Canada.

Seller Labs co-founder Paul Johnson was interviewed in June 2015 about Feedback Genius and the company's other tools.

Source: Seller Labs

Feedback plugin tool eRated is now available for sellers with stores running on Shopify or WooCommerce.

"We know that every new shop owner struggles to build a reputation for trustworthy product delivery.  Using eRated's plugin, WordPress and Woocommerce merchants can now import their feedback and reviews from other platforms to their own shop – cutting to a fraction the amount of time it takes for buyers to trust shop owners," said eRated CEO Boaz Cohen.

eRated imports feedback from multiple marketplaces, then provides a plugin which shows a consolidated view of a seller's feedback. The plugin can be customized by the seller.

Vintage clothing shop owner Rebecca Gabriel said, "I noticed a difference in sales immediately after I was able to import my Amazon reviews to my shop via eRated. People know the eRated certification and now first-time buyers know they can trust me instantly."

Source: eRated

Feedback consolidation service eRated has partnered with ride-sharing community Tripda.

The partnership lets TripDa drivers from 13 countries import their feedback from 30 other platforms including eBay, Amazon and AirBNB.

eRated said that Tripda drivers using its service have seen a 150% increase in rides.

Source: eRated

Amazon feedback management tool BQool Feedback Central can now detect when a buyer has left positive feedback.

Due to Amazon API limitations, BQool was previously not able to detect when buyers had left positive feedback, meaning some buyers were sent an email asking them to leave feedback when they had already done so.

Now BQool can download positive feedback and allow sellers to manage it in the same way as neutral and negative feedback. "Thank You" messages can be sent to thank buyers for leaving positive feedback. There is also a new Positive Feedback Conversion Rate report, showing the percentage of buyers emailed who went on to leave positive feedback.

"Feedback Central has always helped sellers in increasing their feedback count and in managing their neutral and negative feedback," says Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool. "However, there were some aspects of Feedback Central that we were unable to overcome due to the limitations of Amazon's API. With Positive Feedback Integration, a lot of features that we felt were essential to Feedback Central that could not be achieved with Amazon API are now made possible."

The new features are available starting from the $50 per month subscription plan.

Source: BQool

Feedback management tool FeedbackFive can now host PDF documents, and include links to them in emails to Amazon buyers.

Linking to documents from the body of an email, rather than including them as attachments, should result in buyers having easier access to product instructions and other documentation.

Documents are stored in the FeedbackFive Amazon S3 account. The new feature is available to FeedbackFive Pro account subscribers, and the documents must be PDFs of less than 25MB in size. Documents can be updated after uploading via the FeedbackFive administration area.

Source: eComEngine

Amazon feedback solicitation tool FeedbackFive is testing a new user interface.

The company says the new UI is slick and modern, incorporating the latest thinking in design and usability, and a number of new features requested by users.

The design includes a new dashboard, order filters and sorting, enhanced search, and simplified email templates.

Source: eComEngine

Amazon feedback solicitation tool FeedbackFive has added the ability to customize emails depending on the product that was bought.

The new "SKU Tags" feature allows users to create product-specific snippets of text, which can then be used in email templates. SKU Tags are available to FeedbackFive subscribers on the Pro plan and above.

Source: eComEngine

Amazon feedback manager BQool Feedback Central is now compatible with Amazon Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

"With an increased need of our services across additional platforms, we felt it was important to satisfy the demands of our bourgeoning clientele, and to make our services more accessible," said Jonathan Low, CEO of BQool. "Feedback Central has been popular due to its ability to manage customer feedback and request both positive feedback and product reviews. Higher feedback and review ratings, as well as higher seller counts, tend to lead to increased sales."

BQool is also now offering a 10% discount off annual subscriptions.

Source: Tamebay

eBay search tools developer has announced a new tool designed to replace the "Advanced Search by Bidder" feature recently retired by eBay.

The free Buyer/Bidder History Search Tool displays all items purchased or won by a user within the last few weeks. The tool is designed with small eBay sellers in mind, and several uses have been suggested by WatchCount:

  • Identifying suspicious buyer behavior.
  • Finding items frequently bought together.
  • Bidder vetting on high value auctions.

The new tool is tagged as experimental by WatchCount as it is dependant on an eBay API function that could also be retired in the future.


Amazon feedback tool Feedback Genius has made a number of improvements including a repeat buyer filter.

The full list of enhancements is:

  • Improved descriptions to explain message filters.
  • A repeat buyer filter which sends different messages when the same customer buys again.
  • New variables to auto insert text into messages including Condition Note and an alternative Amazon store link.
  • An order date filter so old orders can be excluded when starting with Feedback Genius.

Source: Seller Labs

Feedback tool for Amazon sellers FeedbackFive has created new options to control when feedback requests are sent.

Sellers with FeedbackFive Pro and higher plans can now send feedback requests based on estimated delivery date for FBA orders, or based on the merchant's own promised delivery date for non-FBA orders.

Supplier eComEngine has found Amazon's estimated delivery date for FBA orders to be "highly reliable" so third-party sellers can solicit feedback on or just after the day of delivery with over 95 percent accuracy. Requesting feedback based on order date remains an option, and is one which has "generated millions of positive feedbacks for Amazon sellers using FeedbackFive" according to eComEngine.

Sellers opting to send feedback requests based on delivery date should be wary of Amazon policies, which prohibit emails whose main point is communicating that an order is shipping, has shipped or was delivered.

Source: FeedbackFive

Feedback management tool for Amazon sellers BQool Feedback Central now includes a feedback solicitation feature.

The new feature includes:

  • Automated emails to buyers requesting positive feedback for shipped orders.
  • Automated email notifications to buyers about late shipments to avoid complaints.
  • Email template editor to allow for quick and easy customization.

"Even experienced sellers fail to receive feedback from buyers with positive experiences because leaving feedback is not required," said Jesse Liang, Director of Operations, BQool Inc. "But a polite request can go a long way, especially for new sellers whose success largely depends on acquiring as much positive feedback as possible."

BQool Feedback Central also allows sellers to determine what kind of buyers and transactions will be assigned email requests, as shown here:

Sellers are able to schedule when feedback requests are sent based on shipment time.

Source: BQool

eBay feedback tools provided by are back online after a sudden shutdown last month.

After the shutdown due to lack of funding was publicized by EcommerceBytes more than fifty new donations were made, enabling the site to come back online.


eBay feedback tool Feedback Reminder has released a redesigned control panel.

The new dashboard adds new features including a log of reminders sent, and an enhanced buyer blacklist feature so sellers can specify buyers who should not get feedback emails.

Source: 3DSellers

eBay feedback service has suspended all its services, which included a popular tool for finding negative feedback.

The Toolhaus home page now reads "Sadly, Toolhaus is experiencing extreme difficulties. How extreme? Extreme enough that we may not be back. We're no happier about this than you are."

Toolhaus founder Win Bent explained to EcommerceBytes' Ina Steiner that the shutdown was due to a lack of funding, with only one donation made to the site's hosting in 2014.

Source: EcommerceBytes

eBay feedback tool Feedback Reminder has a new step-by-step tutorial video.

The 3-minute walk-through video shows how users can set up automated feedback reminders in a few steps..

eBay feedback tool Feedback Reminder now provides the choice of sending reminders a specific number of days after shipping.

Users of Feedback Reminder can set up emails to be sent based on shipping date, for example 14 days after the order shipped. Orders must be marked as shipped in eBay's Selling Manager for the reminders to be sent.

Feedback Reminder sends automated notifications to buyers through eBay's messaging system, and was featured in our recent blog post Feedback & Reputation: The Ultimate Guide.

Previously Feedback Reminder's notifications could only be based upon the item purchase date.

A new Web Retailer blog post covers a number of areas related to marketplace feedback, reputation and seller performance.

Related categories in the directory include:

Read Feedback & Reputation: The Ultimate Guide.

  • Selro is a multi-channel solution including marketplace listing, integrated eCommerce store (based on Magento), and inventory synchronization across all selling channels.
  • Feedback Pro reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. It can also send personalized follow-up messages afterwards, so more customers remember who you are.
  • monitors eBay feedback and sends an email when new feedback is left
  • Bidder Warning notifies sellers of bidders with low, negative, or neutral feedback
  • chartixx is a sales and payments analysis tool with versions for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Low-cost ecommerce software provider Auctiva has integrated into its eBay lister, so a feedback icon can easily be added to all of a seller's listings.

Visitors can say what they think of a listing by clicking on the icon, so sellers can improve their listings and increase sales. FeedbackForms offers both free and paid subscriptions. The free Basic Plan allows users to add a feedback form to an unlimited number of eBay listings and see their 10 most recent feedback responses. Paid plans start at at $9.95 per month.

Developer David Bierbaum, who created the feature, said "I think users of FeedbackForms will be surprised to learn what their visitors have to say. I know we were surprised when we added FeedbackForms to Auctiva's sites. Based on that feedback, we ended up making changes that we probably would never have thought of otherwise."

eBay seller tools provider have announced a new tool called Feedback Friend.

Feedback Friend monitors bidders on current auctions, and alerts the seller to any that leave a high proportion of negative feedback, so they can be blocked before the auction closes.

  • Sellerwise provides data on visitors to eBay listings including number of views and search terms used.
  • DSR Report, from eBay Star Developer runner-up NullApps, provides a report on a seller's Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) feedback.
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