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Classified ad creator vFlyer has a new service called "Watermark Plus" - a web-based image editor that can add graphics, watermarks or text to product pictures. Transparent watermarks help protect copyrighted photographs, by permanently marking the image with the vendor's name.

The new service is free and finished images can be downloaded for use on any website, but come with vFlyer branding. vFlyer Premium account holders can use the service without the vFlyer mark. vFlyer Watermark Plus.

There are lots of exciting additions to the directory this month, including four free tools and new Order Management applications Just Ship IT and IntelliShip. Order Management is a growing area - whilst the management of auctions up to the point of sale is well catered for, there are relatively few applications that manage the post-sales and shipping process specifically for eBay sellers.

  • AuctionSplash is a new free program for eBay buyers and sellers worldwide, developed by a UK company. Free picture hosting is included.
  • is a free auction monitoring service, with a countdown timer for the last two minutes of each auction.
  • Ebaypix is a flat-rate image hosting service at £3.99 per month
  • Get4It provides free analysis of eBay auctions that ended in the last 30 days
  • Just Ship IT is a order management application for sellers
  • EZ Auction Ad is a new auction ad designer and lister
  • Supreme Auction is a free auction ad designer and lister from a German company. New features and improved support for the English-language version are coming in the summer.
  • IntelliShip is an order management application with monthly and licensed pricing options

Free bulk listing tool The Poster Toaster now has a batch scheduler which allows auctions to be automatically listed at a specified time. eBay charges a fee for scheduled listings but using a third-party listing service avoids this.

The feature was originally being held for a forthcoming Deluxe version of The Poster Toaster (TPT) but the developers decided to release it with the free version instead. Another new free feature is the ability to use pre-filled item specifics.

Free web-based bidding tool Gixen has launched a new "mirror" server located in a different part of the country. The mirror service reduces the chance of snipes being late or not submitted due to network delays, hosting facility problems, or outages on the main server.

The Gixen main service is remaining free, but there is charge of $5.00 per year for the Mirror service which the developer has introduced reluctantly, but says was necessary to make the operation sustainable.

Free eBay searching tool AuctionSieve now supports eBay Stores searching.

Free listing tool The Poster Toaster is finally out of beta testing. This means that the program is now stable and suitable for use by regular users, rather than just those who want to help test the product.

New features in eBay searcher Nabit include translation into Portugese, start on Windows start-up, minimise to the status bar, and display of the buySAFE logo if a seller is a buySAFE Bonded Merchant.

Free auction management solution Auctiva has new templates, blogging functionality, and domain name choices for their free off-eBay storefronts.

A new version of eBay's free listing software Turbo Lister is now available. The new program features an easier listing process; enhanced editing capabilities, and faster performance. More information.

Mpire Corporation's Researcher product is now completely free. Previously, only the first 100 searches were free. Mpire also plans a mobile version of the Researcher.

Auctiva Corporation, currently enjoying renewed popularity following the launch of their free listing service, are working on expanding their existing site with a complete post-auction management solution. They plan to include a combined checkout, relisting, feedback services, customized email templates, and storefronts.

A new version of eBay's Turbo Lister is now available. It includes a new single-page listing process, editing directly from the main inventory list, and faster performance.

Free auction lister Auctiva now supports, and now features live online classes and integrated shipping insurance.

Auction management company Mpire has created a new free listing tool called Mpire Launcher. The tool includes 10MB of image hosting, auction scheduling, and design templates - all for free.

Auctiva has added a number of features to their free auction listing site. A new Category Search helps identify the most appropriate category for an item, custom templates allow easy auction branding, Best Offer is now supported, and counter statistics can be viewed directly on the site.

Auctiva has also been working on international support and are close to releasing support for eBay UK.

Version 2.0 of popular searching tool Prospector for eBay is out now. There is a free Lite version that doesn't expire, and a programmable platform for third-party add-ons, through which Ace Sniper has provided a server-based sniping tool.

Web-based auction management service Auctiva has relaunched as a free site, with a one-page listing tool, unlimited image hosting, sales reports, and auction gallery Auctiva Showcase.

Auctiva's desktop tools (includes eBud, Mister Poster, and Auctiva Poster) and auction management services are available through

The 0.9.7 version of free sniping tool JBidWatcher has been released. New features include customizable columns, support for Buy It Now, complete revamp of searching, and RSS feeds of JBidWatcher data.

eBay Sellers with a Basic Store subscription now receive Selling Manager for free. Selling Manager is normally $4.99 per month and is eBay's online sales management tool.

Turbo Lister Version is now available for all Turbo Lister users. This version includes support for the new sales tax table, ability to opt-out of Listing Designer downloads, support for the full 24 pictures on eBay Motors, and listing on the eBay India site.

The new beta version of eBay's Turbo Lister features additional listing durations, support for second store categories, Best Offer (subject to seller qualification and listing category), and the "Now and New" icon for eBay Australia, Belgium, China, France, Italy, Motors, Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan.

Free sniping service Esteal is being released as a full version after a year and a half as a beta product. inkFrog, the developer of Esteal, has not yet announced if the live service will be fee-based.

Free sniping program JBidWatcher and free service Esteal are reporting that they are functioning normally again after problems due to eBay site changes.

A new version of eBay's Turbo Lister includes several enhancements:

  • Relist Unsold Items: Items can be relisted directly from Turbo Lister (only available to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers).
  • Pre-Filled Item Information Enhancements: Pre-Filled Item Information is now part of the standard Create process for categories that use Item Specifics, and can also be added to items in bulk.
  • Spell Check: Spell checking is now built into Turbo Lister.
  • International Flat Rate Shipping:­ Turbo Lister now supports the new international flat rate shipping options. now offers a free basic service, where sellers receive SMS text messages when new bids are placed on their items.

eBay fee calculator FeeCALC is now free.

eBay's Selling Manager is now free for users. This follows the decision to make the program free for eBay UK users in February this year. The fee for Selling Manager Pro has also been reduced — from $19.95 per month to $9.95 per month.

Free listing tool The Poster Toaster now has an 80-page user manual, available from their downloads page.

Free listing tool The Poster Toaster now offers a picture hosting service with FTP access, which integrates easily into the software. More information.

eBay Featured and Anchor Store sellers can now receive Selling Manager Pro (normally $15.99 per month) free with their Store subscription, by signing up here.

Free auction management site Trak Auctions now supports eBay UK, Australia, and Canada, in addition to

The new version of eBay's Turbo Lister includes several enhancements:

  • Pre-Filled Item Information can now be added to existing items
  • Edit Individual item specifics in bulk
  • Custom description inserts are now available
To download Turbo Lister click here.

Listing tool The Poster Toaster has enhanced its image handling features, including improved integration with image hosting services via FTP upload, drag and drop picture inclusion, and better handling of gallery images.

A new version of eBay Turbo Lister includes several new features, including the ability to import existing items on eBay into Turbo Lister, the ability to edit or remove Listing Designer themes and layouts in bulk, and support for Pre-Filled Item Information in several Consumer Electronics categories. Several smaller enhancements are also included.

Free sniping tool JBidWatcher has an improved search mechanism, which puts results in named tabs. Management of auctions being watched and sniped has also been enhanced.

The new version of eBay's Turbo Lister bulk listing tool includes a new search feature for items within Turbo Lister, the ability to edit multiple items at the same time, expanded quick key support, and support for writing extended titles. Several bug fixes and other enhancements are included.

Also, a new fee is to be introduced in mid-April for Listing Designer items listed through Turbo Lister. To support this transition, Turbo Lister will be introducing a new feature that will allow users to edit or remove Listing Designer templates from multiple items in bulk.

eBay's auction management tool Selling Manager has been made a free tool on, however still lists a $4.99 monthly fee for the online service.

A new version of the eBay Turbo Lister bulk listing tool includes new backup, performance, and international features. More information is available on eBay's Turbo Lister page.

A new version of eBay Turbo Lister includes support for the expanded eBay Stores categories, the ability to upload Pre-Filled Item Information directly to Selling Manager Pro, German VAT improvements for businesses, more international support for Pre-Filled Item Information, and other small enhancements.

eBay have also recently launched an updated Seller Tools page that includes updated Turbo Lister FAQs, Tips, Troubleshooting, and CSV Import information.

Current users of Turbo Lister can upgrade their program by selecting, "Tools" > "Check for Program Updates" in the program.

A new version of The Poster Toaster, Beta 1.0.26, updates its Item Specifics support for the recent eBay changes.

A new version of eBay Turbo Lister includes support for the new Pre-Filled Item Information feature, One-day Listings and Item Subtitle. The release also includes international support for Enhanced Item Specifics and Combined Payments, as well as several bug fixes and other enhancements.

The new version of eBay Turbo Lister includes support for Enhanced Item Specifics and Combined Payments, and includes customizable columns, folder item counts, enhanced data compression, and other small enhancements.

Current users of Turbo Lister can upgrade the program by selecting, "Tools" > "Check for Program Updates" in the program.

BidSage is a new free searching and sniping tool from the maker of AuctionSage.

It has impressive searching features, good help, and an easy-to-use snipe scheduer. Best of all, it is FREE!

An open-source sniping tool, JBidWatcher, has been added to the site and granted verified status.

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