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eBay selling tool Wonder Lister is now integrated with cloud-based picture hosting service Cloudinary.

Cloudinary has generous storage limits, even with a free account. Uploading of pictures is extremely fast, and Cloudinary generates readable URLs. The generated URLs also preserve the folder structure of the picture being uploaded.

The uploaded pictures are available in the Cloudinary web account where users can also perform basic editing such as rotation. Once the images have been uploaded they are available for use immediately on all channels including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

Source: Wonder Lister

Ecommerce photo editor PhotoPrep is now at version 1.0 and out of beta testing.

PhotoPrep is a specialized ecommerce photo editing tool. Features include auto enhance, auto contrast, sharpen, clarity and more. Images can be transformed with crop, resize, rotate, straighten, and you can add text and watermarks. It has a 30 day trial and costs $29.95 to buy.

Source: Web Retailer Forum

Image hosting service has increased its free trial from 10 to 30 days.

The trial length has been extended based on customer feedback. No credit card is required to take out a trial, only an email address.

Source: MyEasyPics

3D-photo creation tool 3DBin is now available on iOS devices include the Apple iPhone and iPad.

3DBin creates 3D photos of any object by rotating (or walking around) the object. The resulting images can be embedded on websites or exported as videos for use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The app will be a free download for the first few days of its release, then cost 99 cents. Read more on iTunes.

Source: 3DBin

Image clean-up service Remove the Background has a new integration with eBay.

The new eBay connector allows sellers to find images in live eBay listings and submit them directly to Remove the Background for processing. Compliance with eBay and/or Amazon photo requirements can be requested, or a custom image specification set.

Via Tamebay.

eBay has released new versions of its Turbo Lister and File Exchange tools with changes to help sellers comply with the new eBay photo requirements.

A new version of Turbo Lister detects if photos comply with the eBay photo quality requirements when listings are submitted. In File Exchange, a new report called Recommendations shows any pictures that are not compliant with the new rules.

The eBay Picture Quality Requirements apply to all new or relisted listings from 1 July 2013.

Marketplace and order management system Linnworks is now integrated with image editing service Remove the Background.

The integration allows sellers to send product images to Remove The Background for editing without needing to leave Linnworks.

Via Tamebay.

Five new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • The Wholesale Forums features several discussion forums and a marketplace for buyers and suppliers to search for and advertise goods and services.
  • The Genie & The Geek is an outsourcer who can fully manage their clients' businesses.
  • Auctonic allows users to create attractive multiple listings quickly, including picture hosting and free templates.
  • SumAll is a data analysis tool that allows users to compare data across different platforms, view sales, site visits and charges.
  • Remove the Background is an image editing service for online retailers which removes the background from product photographs.

An update to low-cost management tool for eBay sellers Auctiva brings support for larger images, seller notes, and eBay's managed returns center.

Supersized images up to 1,440 pixels by 1,920 pixels are now supported, up from a maximum of 1,024 pixels by 1,280 pixels. The new seller note field allows sellers to make notes about their saved listings which are not visible to buyers. When listings are launched directly from the one-page lister an eBay item number is now automatically provided. eBay's new Managed Returns Center for Top-Rated Sellers is now supported with the option to specify a restocking fee.

Low-cost eBay auction management tool Auctiva is to release a new version of their "supersized images" tool.

Auctiva's current supersized images tool was not well received on its release two years ago. The new version will add thumbnails while updating the navigation and reducing the amount of advertising.

  • FotoFuze is a free image processing tool that creates professional product images from ordinary photographs.
  • Share Your Items adds "Share" buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Delicious to eBay listings.
  • PhiConnect Return Service provides an online form for buyers to request product returns, and a four-step returns management process for sellers.
  • Price Spectre monitors competitors' listings to provide automatic repricing for eBay sellers .

JPEGbay offers free unlimited image hosting for eBay

Free eBay listing tool AuctionSplash now allows up to 24 images in each listing without charge.

The new version of the software also includes ten new listing templates.

Auction management solution Auctiva has added over 30 new templates and now supports the display of Supersize images over 1 megapixel in resolution.

The new templates are category and theme neutral, providing designs for many different products.

Auctiva Supersize image users can now show photographs up to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels in size, an increase of two-thirds on the previous maximum of 1,024 x 768 pixels.

3DBin, a service which aids the creation of 360 degree product images, is giving away high-quality rotating images for a dozen different Apple products.

The rotating product galleries cover the latest iPhone as well as serveral iPod models, MacBooks, and more. Demo images and HTML to copy-and-paste are available at the 3DBin blog.

  • Tradebox Cash Manager downloads PayPal transactions for eBay UK sellers and enters them into Sage accountancy solutions.
  • Magnify It creates magnifiable images HTML for pasting into eBay auctions.

Two new eBay Selling Manager applications have been added to the directory:

  • 123Show enhances images with zooming, color swatching, alternate views, and 360-degree spin
  • OrderCup is an order management application integrated with USPS, UPS, and FedEx is running a special offer on their Picture Pack image hosting options.

From 18 August to 18 September, sellers can add up to 12 supersized photos to listings for only 25 cents. All listing formats are eligible.

Image hosting company has made a number of improvements to its service.

Bandwidth allowances have been increased on all plans, by up to 50%. There is also a new helpdesk and FAQ, and a 1-minute video tutorial that demonstrates using MyEasyPics to create a real eBay listing with the MEP Auction Gallery feature.

  • 3DBin converts standard digital images into interactive 360 degree product shots, without any specialist equipment.
  • AuctionLinc is a low-cost listing management solution for eBay sellers.

eBay has changed its plans to terminate their Picture Manager image hosting service in August 2009.

Picture Manager will now be available to existing users until January 2010, to give them more time to find an alternative image hosting service or move to the standard eBay Picture Services.

eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has acquired struggling "rich media" company RichFX for $3.1 million.

ChannelAdvisor will use RichFX's technology to offer three new products for Internet retailers:

  • RichImage – Image zoom and pan functionality and merchandising solutions such as product configurators.
  • RichCatalog – Brings printed catalogs online.
  • RichCircular – Brings regional circulars online.

RichFX customers report a 10%+ increase in online conversion when their online merchandising is enhanced via one of the RichFX offerings.

RichFX has over 200 retailers as customers, including Wal-Mart, Disney, and Saks.

eBay are to change the way auction descriptions are served to browsers — by segregating them from the rest of the site — in a new Active Content Policy.

The change, currently being testing on eBay Motors, seeks to protect users from malicious Flash and JavaScript content that could be embedded in eBay listing descriptions. An early sufferer from the change is Sellathon ViewTracker, which is incompatible with the change.

The proposed Active Content Policy goes further, prohibiting all listing code that is not pre-approved and loaded onto the page using custom tags. Such a policy would require all developers of in-listing enhancements to gain approval and make adjustments to their products. Listing enhancements include video, listing galleries, and zoomable images.

eBay are requesting feedback from developers on these plans.

Photo editor Bling! It is running a competition through to 26 March to win a free copy of the software.

The competition is a contest to produce the best Bling! It generated image, by replacing the background in a product photograph. More information.

Photo preparation tool Bling! It is now available for the Apple Mac.

“Bling! It enables anyone to create high quality product shots capable of competing with studio-shot professional product images. We’ve received numerous comments from customers that have “Blinged” their product shots, that they have realized as much as a 20% increase in their achieved product price,” said James Carr-Jones, president and CEO of Vertus.

  • BidNinja is a free sniper with SMS and email alerts, and bid groups
  • Bling! It allows users to remove photo backgrounds without altering the product
  • One Stop Order Processing is a UK order management application supporting eBay, Amazon, and PlayTrade

Classified ad creator vFlyer has a new service called "Watermark Plus" - a web-based image editor that can add graphics, watermarks or text to product pictures. Transparent watermarks help protect copyrighted photographs, by permanently marking the image with the vendor's name.

The new service is free and finished images can be downloaded for use on any website, but come with vFlyer branding. vFlyer Premium account holders can use the service without the vFlyer mark. vFlyer Watermark Plus.

My Auction Gallery has launched a new image hosting service called MAGPics in addition to its auction gallery tool. The new service promises quick and easy bulk image without using FTP, and built-in image editing such as resize, crop, and watermarks.

The MAG Mini-Gallery feature has been redesigned and can now display all auction items in a single mini-gallery, include personal logos, and displays real-time pricing, bid, payment and shipping info.

Mac listing tool GarageSale now includes free image hosting, allowing users to add up to 5 images per auction free of charge.

Software developer Aucmento has made its auction gallery Annuncio and image zooming tool Amplio both free.

Auction management and enhancement service Benda AE Auction Plan has a number of new features. The Auction Creator (WISE) auction listing service has been overhauled with free scheduled auctions, support for eBay Stores, automatic image uploading and resizing and more. There is also improved inventory management, and all English-language eBay sites are now supported.

Acclivity LLC, the new owner of desktop auction management tool MarketBlast, has released a new version with an improved Picture Center, making it easier to set up and host pictures on Flickr or an FTP site

Vendio has launched a new service called Inventory Publisher, which is free with Vendio Stores, and helps sellers send data feeds of their Store items to shopping sites like Shopzilla and Froogle.

Vendio is also running a promotion on its ZoomStream service. Subscribers to Vendio Sales Manager or Vendio Image Hosting have free unlimited ZoomStream Image uploads through the rest of May, 2006. ZoomStream enables fast loading zoomable images in eBay listings.

Benda AE has had a major makeover for its listing module. Auction Creator, previously known as WISE, now lists directly to eBay rather than working through Turbo Lister. Other features include automatic image optimization, easier template creation, and support for eBay UK and Australia.

eBay has reduced the prices and increased the storage quotas for its Picture Manager image hosting service. The 50MB plan is unchanged at $9.99 per month, the middle tier is up to 250MB from 125MB and reduced by $5.00 to $14.99 per month, and the top level now offers 1GB instead of 300MB at $24.99 per month - a $15.00 reduction. Featured Store holders receive a $5.00 discount and Anchor Store holders receive the top level for free.

Version 1.1 of auction image editor Fast Photos has sortable thumbnails, and improved features for overlaying text on photos.

eBay are offering a two-week trial of their image hosting tool Picture Manager, for first-time users who sign up for the service on or between October 25 and October 27.

eBay are offering a two-week trial of their image hosting tool Picture Manager, for first-time users who sign up for the service on or between September 27 and 29.

Image host has more than doubled the bandwidth limits for all their price plans.

Developer 4D has has integrated the Flickr photo sharing service as an auction image host in their MarketBlast auction management tool. Flickr has generous allowances, including 20 megabytes (about 400 images) per month for free, and 2 gigabytes of images (about 40,000 images), for $24.95 per year.

eBay are holding a two-week free trial for their image hosting solution Picture Manager for first-time subscribers who sign up between June 28 and June 30, 2005 on or eBay Motors.

There have been a number of improvements to eBay's image hosting solution, Picture Manager. The enhancements include one-step upload from within the Sell Your Item form, the ability to track pictures in active listings, faster display of thumbnail pictures, support for new web browsers ­ including Firefox, and a more user-friendly design.

Ad Design tool eBaitor has been updated to version 1.1. A number of usability improvements have been made, along with a new photo editor which features cropping, resizing, image transparency, adding text and more. The web site has also been enhanced with flash-animated tutorials. eBaitor is now priced at £14.95 (or $27.95 or €21.95), and still includes free image hosting.

Text messaging service now offers free image hosting. The basic text messaging service for sellers is also free.

Vendio, developer of Sales Manager have changed their image hosting fees from usage-based to storage-based pricing. Vendio states that only users with a substantially higher number of images stored than normally required for their sales are likely to see a fee increase, and sellers spending $49.95 or more each month will see no change. Vendio hopes that the new pricing will encourage users to delete images that are no longer needed, and help maintain reliability and speed standards. View the full fee policy.

Version 3.92 of freeware image editing tool IrfanView has been released, with new support for DigiCam, Dicom and other image formats.

eBay has launched an integrated image hosting service called Picture Manager. Monthly fees are based on storage size with no extra per-listing charges. Pricing ranges from $9.99 per month for 50 MB of storage to $39.99 per month for 300 MB of storage. Picture Manager is currently not compatible with the new Windows XP Service Pack 2. More information.

Free listing tool The Poster Toaster now offers a picture hosting service with FTP access, which integrates easily into the software. More information.

Pixby Software has announced a 20% price reduction on its Fast Photos image editor for auction sellers. Until July 6, 2004 the price of Fast Photos is only $19.95. The price reduction has been announced to make the already affordable software even easier to purchase during the eBay Live conference.

Listing tool The Poster Toaster has enhanced its image handling features, including improved integration with image hosting services via FTP upload, drag and drop picture inclusion, and better handling of gallery images.

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