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Pixby Software, LLC. officially launched its flagship product Fast Photos today, saying "auction sellers can now browse, edit, upload and preview photos with one simple tool. Fast Photos provides one-click editing tools that include Create eBay Gallery Thumbnail, Watermark Text, Auto Enhance, Drop Shadows, Resize, JPEG compress with live preview and more....". Fast Photos costs $24.95.

Freeware image editing tool IrfanView has been enhanced with many new features.

A new category has been added for dedicated image hosting websites. While many auction management tools offer image hosting as a part of their wider offering, these sites specialise in web space for hosting online auction pictures.

Hosted auction management service aiSeller has added 50 megabytes of free image hosting storage for customers (as long as their monthly fee exceeds $4.95 for those on the Hobbyist plan). Each additional megabyte of storage space costs $1.00.

Online Auction Management service Sales Manager Pro has created a new image upload tool for their customers using Windows XP, called XPress Image Publisher.

Vendio, publisher of Sales Manager Pro announced several enhancements to its image hosting service today.

An image-watermarking feature protects images by automatically adding text or a graphic. It costs $2.95 per month for watermarking on an unlimited number of images.

"ZoomStream" allows buyers to zoom in on details in a photo. A demonstration of ZoomStream is available.

The first ZoomStream image is free, then $1 per image for an initial 2 weeks of use, followed by $0.50 for each additional 2-week period.

A news version of Dimin Image Viewer has been released today.

Since its first release in 2001 Dimin Image Viewer have been downloaded 100,000 times from CNET! Web sites worldwide offer it as a quality alternative to commercial software. Several printed magazines, like: c't magazin (Germany), Future France, Institut of Digital Photography (Czech Republic), published materials about it.

The developer, Dmitry Fedorov, aims to keep developing Dimin Image Viewer as a small, fast, useful and free tool, as it always has been.

The popular image editor and viewing tool, IrfanView, has been updated today.

Support has been added for new file formats, batch options have been added, and there are improvements to GIF and ICO transparencies.

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