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eBay selling tool Wonder Lister has added a new option in response to eBay making Good 'Til Cancelled the only option for fixed-price listings.

eBay recently made Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC) the only option for fixed price listings, removing durations of 3, 7, 10 and 30 days.

GTC listings last 30 days and are automatically renewed after that time, meaning sellers cannot edit their listings before relisting and can be charged fees every 30 days.

Wonder Lister now provides the option to automatically end fixed-price listings just before the auto-renewal. The option can be set when creating a new listing, or through bulk editing. The feature ends listings 10 minutes before auto renewal is due to take place, but only if no sales have been made.

The new feature is available to Wonder Lister users at all plan levels.

Source: Wonder Lister

Multichannel management tool Sellbrite has a redesigned listing tool which helps sellers list quickly and easily to multiple sales channels.

Sellbrite now automatically builds Default Templates with recommended "Best Practice" settings to be used for listing.

Sellers only need to:

  1. Categorize new products added to Sellbrite - products already listed to marketplaces or stores do not need this
  2. Select which items to list, and which channels to list them to, using a tagging system
  3. Map any new product categories to the marketplaces' categories
  4. Publish listings to the channels

The new listing process is available now for Amazon and eBay marketplaces. The process will be rolled out to Etsy, Walmart and Jet in the near future.

Source: Sellbrite

eBay selling software Wonder Lister is the focus of a new article on the Web Retailer Blog.

The article looks at the history of Wonder Lister, and features including bulk editing, the listing editor, consignment selling and data export. Finally, it covers the benefits of desktop apps, Wonder Lister as a Turbo Lister replacement, and the company's future plans.

Source: Web Retailer In Depth

Multichannel management solution Brightpearl has a new add-on from listing tool Ad-Lister.

The integration allows users to:

  • Export products to Ad-Lister, which can then post listings to sales channels like eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify.
  • Import products from Ad-Lister then manage inventory and prices for those products from Brightpearl's interface.
  • Update product information for existing items, such as titles, descriptions, prices and inventory.

"Merchants can use Ad-Lister to make their listing management workflows more efficient, whilst Brightpearl retains control of all inventory and order management," explains Brightpearl's VP of Product, Scott Hill. "We wanted to leverage their profile management technology, and they had support for the major channels we care for."

Ad-Lister is a listing tool that can be used to create mobile responsive listings for multiple marketplaces and webstores. Other benefits include the ability to view a competitor's sales history.

Ad-Lister's founder, Sean Sale, said: "Ad-Lister's in its thirteenth year now. And the reason why it was built is because listing onto platforms is difficult. We've now got integrations to all the leading platforms like Amazon, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce, alongside eBay. So we're a one-stop shop for listing onto multiple platforms."

Source: Brightpearl

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive can now list products with variations to Amazon, Walmart and WooCommerce.

When SellerActive users update or add variations for product listings (such as size or color) the changes are immediately reflected across all integrated marketplace listings.

The update also includes validation of product variations, checking that new product listings are correctly formatted before being pushed to marketplaces. This helps avoid errors at the marketplace level, making listing faster and more efficient.

Finally, SellerActive can now view Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders separately with a new filter on the order manager. Sellers can then go directly to Amazon to fulfill their SFP orders.

Source: SellerActive

eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has been updated to support eBay's new secure link policy.

The new policy prohibits clickable image links, and embedded images that aren't loaded via the secure HTTPS protocol.

The latest GarageSale makes sure that images in eBay listing description are no longer clickable links, and are also loaded via HTTPS - for sellers using GarageSale's free image server.

Active listings that don't meet eBay's new requirements will need to be revised to meet the new rules.

Non-compliant active listings that weren't created with GarageSale, can be imported into GarageSale then updated using a new "Repair Image Links" which will strip links and switch images to HTTPS, if the images are available securely.

Source: GarageSale

Order management solution Ordoro has released a new Amazon listing creator to beta testing.

The feature can create new listings to be added to the Amazon catalog, in addition to existing support to sell products under listings already in the catalog. Previously, Ordoro users had to create listings for new products directly within Amazon then connect to them from the software.

The feature is limited to 20 users while in beta testing then will be released to all Ordoro customers.

Source: Ordoro

A new in-depth post looks at five of the best replacements for eBay's obsolete Turbo Lister. They are SixBit, Xpress Lister, Wonder Lister, Ad-Lister and CrazyLister.

This month marks the end of an era, as eBay retires its listing tool, Turbo Lister, after almost two decades of service.

This is driving many sellers to third-party listing tools. But, with several tools claiming to be the premier Turbo Lister replacement, it can be hard to decipher which is right for you. Maybe you've tried several already, but haven't found one you like, or are yet to find one with all the features you need.

To help, we've taken five listing tools that sellers could use to replace Turbo Lister. We've reviewed their key features, and identified which type of sellers they are most suited to.

Read eBay Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has released a tool to create new product listings on Amazon.

The tool helps sellers create new products faster and easier, and allows for fast ASIN approval from Amazon.

Using the tool, SellerActive users can search Amazon's catalog by product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or ASIN. If they have a product that is not already listed on Amazon, they just need to fill out the required fields such as description, keywords and photos to create a new listing.

SellerActive hosts images, and auto-saves listings as drafts until they are finished. The ASIN tool shows any errors made during listing so they can be corrected before going live.

SellerActive plan to expand the tool to other marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, and

Source: SellerActive

Multichannel management software Kyozou is now integrated with eBay listing design tool CrazyLister.

CrazyLister provides a drag-and-drop editor to create a customized eBay listing template with no coding experience required.

CrazyLister templates are mobile responsive and compatible with eBay's upcoming ban on active content scheduled to come into effect on June 1st. Kyozou provides the ability to bulk revise listings, to replace any pre-existing active content with a compliant design created in CrazyLister.

CrazyLister's templates are also designed to increase sales, and their research has shown that their designs have a 10.5% higher conversion rate.

Kyozou users can get a lifetime 20% discount off CrazyLister.

Source: Kyozou

Multichannel management software Linnworks is now integrated with eBay design tool CrazyLister.

CrazyLister creates HTML listing templates which can be pasted directly into Linnworks to be used in eBay listings.

CrazyLister templates are mobile-optimized and compliant with eBay's new "active content" policy for listings.

CrazyLister are currently offering Linnworks users a free template designed by a professional designer. More information.

Source: Linnworks

Excel-to-eBay listing tool Xpress Lister has added support for Amazon product data files.

The new feature allows users to upload Amazon product files in Xpress Lister and automatically create eBay listings.

"There's never been an easier way to take what merchants are already selling on Amazon and sell it on eBay," said Codisto CEO Jonathan Pollard. "By providing a free tool that allows users to easily take existing Amazon products and list them on eBay we hope all Amazon's merchants will take advantage of the millions of customers that eBay has and significantly grow their sales."

The news follows eBay's announcement that their own listing tool Turbo Lister will be retired in 2017.

"Xpress Lister isn't just a substitute for Turbo Lister, it's a major improvement in terms of user experience and functionality. Automatic product categorisation and inclusion of mobile responsive sales template saves users hours configuring eBay and making listings look professional. We're thrilled Xpress Lister is filling the void for sellers left by eBay due to not investing in Turbo Lister over the years and now finally retiring it. Software of this calibre been absent for eBay sellers until now." concluded Pollard.

Online tool Xpress Lister supports listing on any eBay marketplace worldwide.

Source: Codisto

A new major version of eBay selling tool for the Mac GarageSale has been released.

GarageSale 7 offers a modern user interface, with instant error feedback when composing listings. A new companion app for iOS lets users take photos without additional file transfer steps.

The new GarageSale uses a custom database layer built on Google's LevelDB engine, that scales better for sellers with a large number of listings and orders, and also allows faster updates to GarageSale.

The trial version can be used to create three eBay listings, and a full license costs $39.99.

GarageSale was first released over ten years ago, in November 2004.

Source: GarageSale

eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has a new major version in beta testing.

GarageSale 7, which has been under development for two years, is an entirely new version of GarageSale with features including:

  • Modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • Import listing drafts from the GarageSale Scout app on iPhone
  • New custom database engine, which deals better with large amounts of data and allows the developers to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • A new Orders sections showing information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • Automatic update of eBay category information
  • Mobile-optimized listing designs
  • Local live validation of most eBay errors in a new "Preflight" panel
  • Support for recent eBay features including product codes for variations, and out of stock control which prevents GTC listings ending when stock reaches zero

Source: iwascoding

Multichannel management tool Webgility Unify Enterprise can now publish new products onto the Amazon marketplace.

Webgility founder and CEO Parag Mamnani said, "Multi-channel selling is the most effective strategy for businesses today. Indeed, recent research from our thousands of online retailers shows that the majority of our customers are simultaneously selling products on as many as five marketplaces or shopping carts. Since Amazon and eBay are consistently in the top five marketplaces used by our growing customer base, we knew it was critical to address these connections first as we work to solve the industry-wide problem of effective multi-channel selling."

An eBay listing feature is also under development.

Source: Webgility

Excel-driven eBay lister Xpress Lister has a new feature which creates eBay listings from just two pieces of data.

For any items in the eBay catalogue, Xpress Lister can create a full eBay listing from just an EAN/UPC and a price. A simple two-column spreadsheet can be used to create hundreds or thousands of eBay listings in a single upload.

Codisto CEO Jonathan Pollard said, "With our recent release, it is now possible to create listings from only a UPC/EAN code and a price - just two pieces of data! If the products exist in the eBay catalog, Xpress Lister will complete the eBay title, find images and complete relevant item specifics. That is an incredible time saver for anyone selling on eBay. Simply upload a spreadsheet of two columns, UPC/EAN code and price and Xpress Lister can create thousands of eBay listings in literally seconds."

Xpress Lister was designed to create a new standard in speed and usability for eBay listing tools. It auto-categorizes products, prevents image errors, and applies a mobile responsive eBay template automatically.


Bulk listing program for Amazon sellers ScanLister is now integrated with a tracking spreadsheet built by Amazon used book seller Caleb Roth.

While ScanLister is a speed lister for book and other media sellers on Amazon, Caleb Roth's spreadsheet tracks data and can create various analytical reports.

Features of the Tracking Spreadsheet include:

  • Sales Rank and ROI Analysis
  • Track Profits by Source.
  • Units Listed and Percent Sold.
  • Analyze Inventory Turn Rates.
  • Create Income Statements for any date range.
  • Track Consignment Sales.

Source: Book to the Future

eBay listing tool Ad-Lister is the first lister to support eBay's new View Item description summaries, reports Tamebay.

Less than a week after the announcement of the new View Item description summaries for mobile devices, Ad-Lister have updated their software so sellers can add a custom summary before the launch in July. At launch, a simple bulk update can be used to make the new summaries live on eBay.

The new View Item description summaries are limited to 800 characters and are automatically derived from the standard listing description, unless the seller specifies their own custom summary using special HTML tags yet to be announced by eBay.

Ad-Lister also has a new design, with a refreshed dashboard showing listing status and sales data. Changes to descriptions, postage, prices and other attributes can be made in bulk, and the new Ad-Lister is fully mobile responsive.

Source: Tamebay

Ecommerce software company Brightpearl has a new integration with Magento add-on M2E Pro which adds marketplace listing capabilities to the Brightpearl system.

Brightpearl's SVP Global Partnerships Adam Smith, added, "We are excited to make M2E's industry leading publishing technology available to the growing Brightpearl community of retailers. Magento, M2E, and Brightpearl together provide a powerful solution for independent merchants, and this partnership will dramatically change the way in which retailers manage their multichannel operations to drive greater revenue potential."

"Brightpearl is resilient at scale, because our platform is benchmarked at more than one million orders a day per store. So your Magento store will maintain high performance even when you are taking large numbers of orders across multiple channels."

The integration with M2E lets retailers publish products directly from Magento to marketplaces while maintaining real-time order and inventory management across all channels.

All product data is stored in Magento and users can decide which products to list on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten using a simple set of pages. The selected products will automatically connect to Brightpearl's inventory management system, which synchronizes stock levels across all channels, online and offline.

Multi-channel merchants using Brightpearl's software can manage their entire business operations – orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting – from one platform.

Source: Brightpearl

eBay and Amazon selling manager AuctionSage has improved its feature for mass editing of eBay item specifics.

The function, which has been completely redesigned, allows custom item specifics to be added or removed in bulk for any number of inventory items.

The new feature should also be a big time saver to help populate the brand and MPN fields now required by eBay for many categories.

Source: AuctionSage

Mobile listing app Nembol has new features for listing products to social networking site Pinterest.

Pins now always include price, even the seller has no connected website. A customizable "courtesy page" will be linked instead so visitors can find more information about the seller and their products.

If the seller has one or more page where the product can be bought, Nembol will link the pin to the product listing.

Source: Nembol

Inventory and channel management software Veeqo has added a new eBay listing feature.

The tool will give the the ability to create eBay listings directly from Veeqo, making use of existing inventory already in the Veeqo system and saving time in the listing process.

Founder Matt Warren says: "The easiest way for a retailer to increase sales, is to sell their goods on multiple sales channels. Our eBay lister means we can automatically create their website or Amazon products on eBay with just a few clicks."

Source: Veeqo

Marketplace management solution Stitch has added a new feature for listing products directly to eBay.

Stitch users can now automatically create eBay listings using product information already stored in the Stitch database. The publishing tool  auto-populates product descriptions and photos, including variants, then guides the seller through any global settings and missing data needed.

Source: Stitch Labs

Inventory and marketplace management software Ecomdash has added more sales channels to its Ecomlister listing tool.

The updated tool can now manage listings on marketplaces and ecommerce platforms Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Etsy, Rakuten, Magento and Vend, in addition to Amazon, eBay, Shopify and

With the new functionality, sellers can easily edit, manage and list products for sale on any of the compatible sales channels. Whether a seller lists one or hundreds of thousands of products, they can quickly set up inventory, list products for sale in bulk, control quantities, and restock and re-list items as needed.

Ecomlister simplifies catalog management with multiple suppliers and auto-checks supplier catalogs for available product quantities. It can also auto-populate images, prices and product attributes from the manufacturer catalog. Once products are listed, ecomdash tracks all moving inventory and sales orders, manages seller-supplier relationships, creates pick lists, packing slips and labels for shipping and automates back-end operational processes throughout the supply chain.

"We're excited about the additional product listing options and functionality now available within ecomlister," said Kevin Loomis, vice president of product operations at ecomdash. "The ability to quickly manage, edit and communicate product details to these integrated sales channels will save customers significant time and enable them to easily manipulate their product listings."

Ecomlister will be available for Sears, and Zencart soon, said the company.

Source: Marketwired

Inventory and marketplace management tool Veeqo has released a new feature for listing inventory to the Amazon marketplace.

The new feature, which will go live in September, allows users to create offers on Amazon straight from Veeqo. Those who already sell on other channels will be able to quickly replicate their store on Amazon.

Veeqo supports an unlimited number of product images now, and allows images to be assigned to product variations. Products can also have an unlimited number of custom properties, for creating detailed product specifications.

Veeqo is working on listing tools for eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Source: Veeqo

Ecommerce management tool Ecomdash has added the ability to list inventory directly to Shopify.

The new feature enables sellers to quickly create listings on Shopify from existing inventory listed on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, or from supplier catalogs or other sources of product data.

"We're excited about the additional product listing options and functionality available within ecomlister," said Kevin Loomis, vice president of product development at ecomdash. "The ability to quickly manage, edit and communicate product details to Shopify saves customers significant time and enables them to easily manipulate their product listings."

Shopify users sometimes experience difficulties managing their inventory because Shopify allows multiple SKUs per product. Ecomdash has also created a unique ID system which helps handle this complexity.

Source: Marketwired

Multi-channel ecommerce solution SellerActive has added a new bulk listing tool for the eBay marketplace.

The tool can be used to easily copy listings from another marketplace such as Amazon, removing the need to use eBay's own File Exchange utility.

The Bulk Listing Tool is a foundation for additional listing services SellerActive plans to offer soon.

Source: SellerActive

Etsy bulk editor BETSI has introduced a system for mapping products between Etsy's old and new category structures.

The new features simplify the transition from old to new categories, as well as making it easier to find new categories for any existing listing.

The new search finds categories in real time using partial or full text matching, replacing Etsy's own laborious category search page.

Etsy sellers who are not ready to move to the new categories, can still use BETSI's previous category tools.

Source: Blugrin

Multichannel ecommerce management software Stitch has launched a new feature called "Publish Listings".

Publish Listings enables Stitch users to create inventory in Stitch then bulk list to Shopify or Square with a single click. Additional channels will be added over the coming months.

Source: Stitch Labs

Just Application's eBay listing tool Ad-Lister has added new features in its latest release, including built-in keyword research.

Ad-Lister's new "eBay popular searches" widget allows users to find the most common keywords in each category, helping them understand which products sell well and how competitors are marketing their listings.

The product recommendations feature uses eBay's knowledgebase to show a list of recommendations that help improve listing quality and comply with eBay policies. The recommendations cover miscategorized items and missing item specifics, Top Rated Seller and picture requirements, competitive pricing, and title optimization. Pricing and title recommendations are only available for eBay US, UK and Germany.

The release also includes a new template builder, which is free for new Ad-Lister subscribers to create one template. Existing customers can add the template builder for an additional fee.

Source: Just Template IT

eBay lister AuctionLinc has added support for listing variations and data import from Microsoft Excel.

There is also improved listing scheduling and new tutorials for the variations and Excel import features.

Source: AuctionLinc

eBay listing tool Segemai-Retail has added an innovative feature which automatically creates eBay listings from products listed on Amazon.

Given an Amazon product code (ASIN) the Amazon-to-eBay Auto-Lister extracts the title, images, price and description from, and creates a new item on eBay. Templates can be used to populate other required eBay fields and configure pricing. Multiple ASINs can be providing for bulk eBay listing creation.

The feature is designed for eBay sellers who use Amazon as a dropshipper, buying items from Amazon when they sell on eBay and shipping direct to the buyer.

Source: Segemai Technologies

uBer eBay Shop Design have added support to their listing tool for eBay's "Out of Stock" feature.

The new feature allows a listing's stock level to reach zero, but remain active on eBay. Buyers can see the item but are not able to buy, and an "out of stock" message is shown. When stock is replenished, the item becomes available to buy and the sales history and search ranking are retained. But if an item stays out of stock for 90 days eBay will cancel the listing.

Only third-party listing tools can use eBay's out of stock feature, and it's only available for "good till cancelled" items.

Source: uBer eBay Shop Design

eBay listing software AuctionLinc has added an automatic feedback feature.

Users can now set up automatic replies to buyer feedback. The latest update to AuctionLinc also includes the ability to customize fields used in the bulk editor.

Source: AuctionLinc

eBay listing tool AuctionLinc has improved its image watermarking support, added new tutorial content, and now supports bulk editing of listings.

AuctionLinc's watermark settings now include control of the font type, size, color and location. Multiple listings can now be edited in bulk, and listings scheduled on a recurring basis.

Source: AuctionLinc

International eBay listing service WebInterpret now supports twelve images per listing, and size conversion charts for any product category.

Up to twelve photos can now be uploaded to translated listings for eBay in Australia, US, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland and Germany.

Size conversion charts were previously limited to fashion and sporting goods categories, but can now be used for any category.

Source: WebInterpret

An eBay listing add-on previously announced for order management tool M.O.M. has now been released to all users.

"M.O.M. Auction Lister offers M.O.M. customers selling products over eBay a robust, new connectivity solution," said Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp.

"Early customers report that order processing and publishing tasks to and from eBay are simplified now that M.O.M. Auction Lister has direct access to the information in M.O.M. Dydacomp has delivered the ability for M.O.M. customers to sell products over eBay using the Blackthorne integration software for several years. eBay recently announced that solution will no longer be supported, requiring hundreds of M.O.M. customers to seek an alternative solution. M.O.M. Auction Lister is that solution."

Source: Dydacomp

eBay design company Frooition have added support for eBay's "Out of Stock Control" system.

eBay's Out of Stock Control is a feature which allows sellers to keep Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings active even when the quantity available reaches zero. Although GTC listings with zero stock are removed from eBay search results, the listing page remains live and becomes visible in search again when the stock is replenished.

This means the quantity sold count is maintained, the listing remains in watch lists, and sales history is not lost.

Out Of Stock Control is only available through third parties who have implemented it, which includes ChannelAdvisor and now Frooition, through their lister and also the Froo! Bulk Revision tool.

Source: eBay Out of Stock Control for Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings

Version 2.0 of eBay management tool comosale features support for multiple accounts, and the eBay messaging system.

The new version also allows sellers to manage listings, templates and sales in bulk. It provides more than 100 template themes, and supports up to 24 images per listing without any size limitation.

Other features in the new version include multi-variation support, a scrolling gallery, and options to automatically relist and automatically leave feedback.

eBay lister for the Mac GarageSale has been updated with a number of new features and options.

GarageSale 6.7 includes support for eBay Poland, calculated shipping, return restocking fees, cash-on-delivery costs for eBay Italy, and images from FileMaker Pro.

Order management software provider Dydacomp have announced a new eBay listing tool called M.O.M. Auction Lister.

"With this new solution Dydacomp will be providing a complete connectivity solution for M.O.M. customers selling products over eBay," said Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp. "There will be no need for customers to license or subscribe to additional software or services from a 3rd party."

Dydacomp is currently beta testing the tool and plans to release it as a paid add-on to customers in April. The company will continue to offer Multichannel Merchant Interface (MMI) for eBay to its UK customers.

Mobile eBay lister WorldLister has released a number of new features, some only to "alpha" testers.

Sellers using the app can now re-list in bulk, and keep track of listings by entering their own SKU codes (Stock Keeping Units).

Users opted into alpha testing can use "pending listings" to hold items in reserve if eBay limits prevent listing. They can also access mobile analytics (including sales and profits reports), access a seller dashboard, import existing eBay listings, get their photos into eBay's image gallery, and send automatic responses to buyers.

eBay listing tool Auctiva has released new versions of its listing pages.

The newer versions introduce a sleek aesthetic, more features and an easy-to-use layout. Auctiva Product Manager Rebecca Miller said, "The new features on the pages have been requested for ages, and we hope they’ll help our users manage their listings more efficiently."

With the new pages sellers can also add notes, end active listings early and restore deleted listings.

Desktop and mobile eBay lister WorldLister has introduced draft listings.

Users can now save an unlimited number of unfinished listings, and resume editing later. They can also use the feature to start listing on one device, and complete listing on another. Drafts are automatically saved, so data is not lost if the internet connection goes down.

eBay lister WorldLister has announced a new category search, improved Item Specifics support, and the ability to edit live listings.

The mobile-friendly application's non-category specific lister now has a search box for eBay’s categories, and suggests Item Specifics rather than relying on free-text entry. WorldLister also now offers the ability to edit active eBay listings, providing options to change the price, update photos, and edit the listing title and description.

Finally, the company is running a selling contest where 100 eBay sellers have 100 days to generate as much profit as possible from $100 - provided by WorldLister. Rules and entry information.

eBay management software SixBit eCommerce Solution has been enhanced to print custom labels, and automatically generate SKUs for new inventory.

SixBit can now generate customized mailing labels, inventory labels and pick lists in addition to packing lists. Also SKUs can be automatically generated based on a template when new items are added to inventory.

eBay bulk lister Inventory to eBay is now offering a "Test Drive" product trial.

The Test Drive system is available for the Turbo Lister and Multi Variations product options, and does not require a software download to work - instead files are sent and received by email. The trial automatically processes files sent by email, and sends back files ready for import into File Exchange or Turbo Lister.

Contact Transforming Data to get started with the Test Drive.

Five new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • The Wholesale Forums features several discussion forums and a marketplace for buyers and suppliers to search for and advertise goods and services.
  • The Genie & The Geek is an outsourcer who can fully manage their clients' businesses.
  • Auctonic allows users to create attractive multiple listings quickly, including picture hosting and free templates.
  • SumAll is a data analysis tool that allows users to compare data across different platforms, view sales, site visits and charges.
  • Remove the Background is an image editing service for online retailers which removes the background from product photographs.

Bulk listing tool Inventory to eBay has a new version which creates data files compatible with eBay's Turbo Lister.

Inventory to eBay’s Turbo Lister Edition automates the process of turning data from spread sheets, database exports, product feeds or catalogs directly into the Turbo Lister format ready for bulk product listings.

Transforming Data, suppliers of bulk listing tool Inventory to eBay give their top tips on eBay bulk listing tools.

The article covers the importance of file formats, tool stability, a WYSIWYG interface, workflow and usability.

Bulk Product Listing on eBay.

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