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Ecommerce data feeds service Mercent Retail has announced a new partnership with price comparison site

"We are pleased to partner with SHOP.COM and look forward to accelerating the online success of Mercent retailers participating in this marketplace. SHOP.COM ranks #57 of the fastest growing e-retailers, #28 of retail sites with the highest growth and #14 in the Mass Merchandising category along with e-retailers that include Amazon, Sears and Target", said Mercent Chairman and CEO Eric Best.

Ecommerce store design specialist Visualsoft have launched a new website showcasing their online marketing services.

The new site, available at covers online marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Display Advertising, Account Management, and Analytics Consultancy.

Two new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • iwoca provides small business loans to online sellers with no hidden fees and full flexibility. By looking at sales history and feedback, iwoca can offer up to £20,000 for up to six months.
  • Tweet Eye for eBay Sellers allows eBay sellers to promote their products on Twitter. The software works with multiple Twitter accounts and can schedule regular tweets every half hour.

Additions to the directory today:

  • Seller Dynamics is marketplace management software which provides retailers with inventory management, listing, dynamic pricing, fulfilment, purchasing and more.
  • Supreme Gallery is an eBay cross-marketing gallery which allows sellers to promote themselves in their listings.
  • InterCultural Elements is a service that helps clients to manage international and cross-border sales.

Two new profiles have been added to the directory today.

  • Smart Gallery is a tool that features further items at the bottom of eBay listings to allow users the opportunity to cross sell their products.
  • Profit Bandit is a smartphone app that allows Amazon sellers to scan the barcodes of products and estimate profit based upon cost, shipping, Amazon fees and other factors.

Two new profiles have been added to the directory today.

  • Ordoro is an order management system that offers users inventory management, shipping and dropshipping features.
  • logicsale is a re-pricing tool which compares the prices of users' products with those of their competitors.

Two new profiles have been added to the directory today:

  • Scrolleo is a scrolling product gallery for eBay listings. It allows shoppers to see  the best selling items from a seller's other listings.
  • Channel Management with Chanalytics is a tool that enables ecommerce sellers to change their data into different formats to be used for channels including pay per click, pay per acquisition, marketplaces, flat fee, coupons, mcommerce, and affiliate partner sites.

Order management tool Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) can now syndicate data to multiple channels including Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay,, Nextag, Shopzilla and more using GoDataFeed's datafeed software.

"One way for SMBs to achieve rapid growth is to extend their presence into multiple channels," said Fred Lizza, Chief Executive Officer, Dydacomp. "Shopping channels deliver more qualified traffic than traditional search engine Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or organic methods. The GoDataFeed tool is versatile, sophisticated and cost effective, making it very easy for our clients to optimize their product data and reach countless consumers through the most popular and effective comparison shopping sites."

eBay listing tool developer Page Mage has launched a free gallery widget for eBay product listings.

The "Smart Gallery" application creates cross-selling galleries for eBay listings, and allows sellers to pick the specific items to promote. A premium version supports varying the gallery used in different listings, based on category or keyword.

More information.

Data feed company Lengow have won the "Global Feeds Management" award at the E-Commerce Paris 2012 show.

Lengow was created in France in 2009 by Jérémie Peiro and Mickael Froger, and optimizes visibility and profitability across price comparison sites, affiliate marketplaces, PPC advertising platforms and social networks.

Ecommerce data feed tool SingleFeed has created a new feature to help retailers intelligently filter the products they submit to advertising platforms.

The filters suppress specific products based on criteria such as conversion rate, product category and seasonality.

"SingleFeed merchants carry a diverse range of brands and products that perform very differently on the wide breadth of our supported online marketing channels." says Mike Effle, CEO of SingleFeed. "Our new functionality gives merchants greater control when optimizing their marketing for each channel—including the new paid advertising campaigns for Google Shopping."

Online marketplace software has been updated to the latest version of Amazon's product API.

Improved functionality from the update includes:

  • Faster price checking
  • The option to match the Amazon "Buy Box" price
  • Pricing against Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) prices only

Product feed service SingleFeed is now compatible with CoffeeTable, ShopSavvy and Rocket Fuel.

CoffeeTable is an iPad shopping App, while ShopSavvy is a barcode-scanning mobile comparison shopping app, and Rocket Fuel is a service that helps advertisers target buyers accurately.

Julia Wilkinson of EcommerceBytes (formerly AuctionBytes) wrote yesterday about the popular topic of Amazon repricing tools.

The article covers manual repricing, tools including RepriceIt, Monsoon and SellerEngine, and the pitfalls of repricing.

The ASR directory has a category dedicated to repricing software.

Multichannel retail solution eSellerPro has created two new widgets to enhance searching within eBay stores.

The widgets provide an item specifics faceted search and motor parts compatibility search, and the former can be seen in fashion retailer My1stWish's shop.

"Over the past few years we've seen higher conversion rates due to eBay navigation and search improvements using item specifics. Our new widgets expand on the standard eBay shop search facilities, making it easier for users to find products using item specific and compatibility data", said Mark Withers, Head of Creative Services, eSellerPro. "We are constantly striving to help our customers increase sales and improve the customer experience. We believe these new widgets will provide them, and their customers, with real benefits."

Product feed specialist solution SingleFeed has added support for nine new affiliate networks and comparison shopping engines.

The new feeds cover Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkConnector, StreetPrices, Catalog Spree, Cognitive Match, Catalog on Demand, Buysight, and Go Shopping.

Amazon and eBay repricing service Appeagle has simplified their pricing so all repricing "filters" are available on all price plans.

Appeagle's price plans now differentiate only on number of listings and repricing interval.

The April update to ChannelAdvisor Premium Marketplaces includes a "Facebook Campaigns" feature which helps retailers advertise their products to Facebook fans.

Other features of the spring release include:

  • A new "Flex Feeds" solution that allows retailers to create custom feeds
  • Support for Newegg and Sears
  • Re-introduction of a Rich Media solution that offers simpler image creation and management capabilities
  • A feature that helps sellers match their products to existing Amazon listings and avoid errors
  • Lengow is an eCommerce solution that specializes in feeding product data to a wide range of comparison shopping engines (CSEs), affiliate platforms, marketplaces and social networks.
  • SingleFeed is a product feed service from Vendio that is integrated with multiple comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and eCommerce platforms.
  • SellerEngine is a management tool for Amazon sellers that includes barcode product entry, listings management, automatic re-pricing, inventory dashboard, email marketing, pick list and mailing label printing, and community support.
  • Easy Auctions Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet which automatically downloads transaction information from eBay, including buyer information, shipping data and fees.

Amazon repricing solution Feedvisor has launched a new "algorithmic" approach to repricing products for sale on Amazon.

The approach removes the need for complex configuration options to determine pricing, and instead leaves the calculation of an optimal price to intelligent rules created by the FeedVisor developers. Sellers only need define the price range for each product.

"FeedVisor's algorithmic repricing platform is fully automated and is designed to maximize e-Commerce marketplaces effectiveness and in turn, improve profitability," says Rosenman. "Other companies offer repricing tools that are needlessly overcomplicated. They are packed with features and have an extensive learning curve. FeedVisor, on the other hand, offers ease of use as its primary feature. The algorithms do all the work automatically, which frees up the client to focus on making money."

Amazon repricing service Teikametrics is offering sellers a free consulting session with an e-commerce expert over the phone.

The session evaluates the performance of a sample of the seller's Amazon listings, and then provides an action plan. Sellers will learn what percentage of their listings win the Buy Box, how competitive their listings are, which products would be profitable at the Buy Box price, and more.

"We launched Teikametrics to help Amazon sellers become more competitive, increase profits, and save time," said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics. "The service that our Boston-based software team has developed gives Amazon sellers using our tools a clear advantage over other repricing methods. With the promotional offer, we are offering a risk-free opportunity to any Amazon Pro seller to see the possible performance improvements that can be achieved through effective repricing."

The free consulting offer is available for Pro Merchant Amazon Sellers at

  • Feedvisor Amazon Repricer analyzes the competition and identifies a repricing strategy to win the Buy Box.
  • PhiConnect Order & Inventory Management is an order processing and inventory management solution for eBay, Amazon, Volusion, Magento, PayPal, Yahoo Store and storefronts.
  • is a free web-based eBay and Amazon management solution - the first since Auctiva began charging.
  • ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution for eBay, Amazon,, Etsy and PayPal.
  • Teikametrics Amazon Repricer has features including repricing inclusive of shipping costs, customizable rules and pricing strategy, exclusion lists and FBA repricing.

Amazon repricing solution Appeagle now works for Amazon UK.

Appeagle say additional sites will be added in the coming months.

  • Appeagle manages inventory across eBay, Amazon and and regularly analyzes the competition to reprice listings (shipping included).
  • Auction Auto Bidder Online is a web based version of the Auction Auto Bidder PC software.

Frooition's eBay widgets and applications can now be accessed by sellers outside the US.

The "Froo! Apps" include:

  • Froo! Cross Sell, a free in-listing item gallery - currently the most popular free Selling Manager app on eBay
  • Froo! Smart Social, a free tool which promotes listings on Facebook and Twitter
  • Froo! Template Themes, a listing template app with 5000 designs, at £3 per month with a 30-day trial
  • Froo! Facebook Shop, a storefront within Facebook, at £6 per month with a 30-day trial
  • Froo! Bulk Revision Lite, a bulk editor for live listings, at £4.80 per month with a 30-day trial

More information on Froo! Apps.

The latest version of eBay-owned web store solution ProStores allows sellers to add a "Shop" tab to their Facebook fan page.

The feature requires membership of third-party site ShopTab. For ProStores merchants, ShopTab is extending their 7 day free trial to 30 days who use promo code "prostores30".

Amazon have created their own repricing tool which enables merchants to automatically match the lowest price for items they sell.

Most third-party software tools that support Amazon offer a repricing feature, as price is a key component of "winning the Buy Box" - a prominent position on the product page. Amazon's feature does not currently support specifying the minimum price a merchant is willing to sell at, so risks sales being made at below cost or unfairly price-matched to incorrectly listed items.

Auction management and eCommerce company Vendio has acquired SingleFeed, a comparison shopping engine (CSE) feed management and analytics company.

SingleFeed enables online merchants to submit, manage, and optimize product listings on more than 18 CSEs from a single set of product details.

Vendio will integrate SingleFeed services into its ecommerce platform and will offer discounted pricing. Auctiva, acquired by Vendio parent company in 2010, will also offer the same custom integration to its hosted storefront users.

Version 10.3 of eBay-owned web store ProStores has added features that help merchants launch their store, connect with customers, and ship products. The enhancements include:

  • A Facebook "Like" widget
  • Twitter and Facebook "Share" and "Follow Us" widgets
  • New guided setup wizard
  • Wish list enhancements
  • UPS Enhancements
  • ShipRush Integration

ecommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor has announced a new marketing feature called Inventory Driven Search.

Inventory Driven Search uses ChannelAdvisor's inventory management system to create unique ads, keywords and ad groups for each product while ensuring that only in-stock products are being advertised. Keywords are created automatically and sellers can monitor keyword performance using interactive dashboards.

"This offering solves a tremendous challenge for both retailers and consumers alike," said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. "Consumers today are not just searching for broad topics or categories like 'cameras' or 'smartphones' – they’re searching for specific item numbers, SKUs and sizes. If a retailer wants to be 'found' with such a specific search, they have to keep up with thousands of different products and an inventory base that changes in real time. This feature enables retailers with deep inventory to dramatically improve their paid search strategy with product ads that update in tandem with inventory updates, whether it is price changes, promotions or items in or out of stock. The result is higher conversions for the retailer and a more efficient search for the end user."

eBay design and listing software provider Page Mage has launched a free guide to marketing for eBay sellers.

The 25-page guide can be downloaded here: Stand Out on eBay (PDF).

  • FotoFuze is a free image processing tool that creates professional product images from ordinary photographs.
  • Share Your Items adds "Share" buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Delicious to eBay listings.
  • PhiConnect Return Service provides an online form for buyers to request product returns, and a four-step returns management process for sellers.
  • Price Spectre monitors competitors' listings to provide automatic repricing for eBay sellers .

ChannelAdvisor has announced a partnership with shopping comparison engine TheFind, enabling ChannelAdvisor sellers to advertise on TheFind and only be charged when traffic converts into a purchase.

"We signed on with TheFind Direct and within months TheFind became one of our top-converting shopping engines," said Brian Schwank, director of marketing for Rock Bottom Golf. "With the CPA business model and our seller fees waived, joining TheFind Direct was a great way for us to expand our comparison shopping program without any risk."

eCommerce solutions provider ChannelAdvisor has announced the release of the ChannelAdvisor CRM Connector on's AppExchange 2.

The new application enables online retailers to integrate customer transaction data with Salesforce's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

"The CRM Connector opens up a new world of possibilities for ChannelAdvisor customers," said Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor CEO.  "Retailers will now have the ability to manage full customer communications as well as connect nearly any application in's AppExchange 2 with ChannelAdvisor's platform, enabling an unprecedented level of control and visibility into their e-commerce performance." BlogFronts is a free tool for Sellebrity Analytics customers.

It can be used to publish eBay listing content to a blog, and drive visitors back to a seller's eBay auctions and fixed-price merchandise.

Order management application Stone Edge Order Manager is now integrated with the Bronto email marketing system.

Bronto is an email marketing tool that enables sophisticated email marketing campaigns, encouraging repeat purchases.

  • Mercent Retail feeds product data from an existing e-commerce system to online marketplaces, shopping comparison engines, and search engines.
  • WordPress Plugin displays eBay items in real-time on WordPress blogs. Options include showing items from a specific seller or by keyword.

Most Watched on eBay, a service which lists the most popular eBay auctions, has created a WordPress plugin which shows the most watched eBay items on any compatible blog.

The plugin is free and displays items in a WordPress blog's sidebar or directly within posts. Keywords relevant to the blog can be specified during configuration, or automatically picked up from topic tags. eBay affiliate program members can also generate their own affiliate commissions using the new plugin.

eBay listing tool Page Mage now allows sellers to add their listings to social networks such as Facebook and Myspace.

Page Mage's social network listings retain the full functionality of eBay listings.

  • Froo! Template Themes is a library of over one thousand listing design themes with zoomable images and a cross promotion feature, from design company Frooition
  • Quantity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity available on eBay when a fixed-price item is purchased, to maintain the appearance of scarcity.
  • UPS Worldship automatically exports eBay order data for shipment by UPS, and updates eBay sales with tracking numbers

Two new Selling Manager Applications have been added to the directory:

  • Review Gadget automatically asks buyers to leave product reviews which are then displayed on listing pages.
  • eZ labelZ for eBay is a label-printing solution including inventory labels, address labels, barcoding and eBay data import.

Selling Manger Applications (or SMApps), launched this August, allows third-party developers to embed their own tools into Selling Manager - eBay's auction management tool within My eBay.

Google's shopping search engine Google Product Search (Google Base) will no longer be accepting product feeds from individual sellers on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Instead, from December 1st, aggregators and marketplaces must use new "multi-client" accounts to submit feeds for multiple sellers. The accounts of existing marketplace sellers feeding Google will be "retired". More information.

The change should spell the end for the Google Base Store Connector, a tool for feeding marketplace listings to Google Base which, according to sellers, has not been working properly for several months.

As their "Summer of Innovation" continues, ecommerce solution provider Infopia has introduced a range of new features:

  • New functionality for customer returns (Return Merchandise Authorizations or RMAs)
  • Export collected email addresses for integration with email campaign software
  • Create volume discounts for large orders and approved wholesalers customers

We have just added a new article by Trevor Ginn about his business Hello Baby. In a little over a year of trading, Hello Baby is successfully selling on eBay, Amazon, and its own independent web store.

Trevor talks about software, credit card fraud, marketing, and his future plans for the business in Beyond eBay: The Hello Baby Story.

Order management solution Papilion can now announce eBay listings on Twitter.

Papilion will send up to one Twitter update per day for users who link their eBay account.

Sellers using Zoovy's system now have built-in support for Wishpot lists and Facebook fan pages.

Wishpot provides a social wishlist that is compatible with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and several other social sites, and also provides an easy way for customers to share products. Zoovy clients pay a 3% fee for successful referred sales.

Zoovy sellers can now easily link to their Facebook fan page from their store's sidebar and checkout.

Sales in a Click is a email marketing service that increases web store traffic and sales through professional-looking email communications to customers.

Designed for busy store owners, Sales in a Click completely automates the process of publishing, sending, and tracking monthly e-mail newsletters.

AuctionSound has produced a new Cross Promotion Gallery to enhance its sellers' eBay listings.

The new feature provides a scrolling auction gallery to drive buyers to similar items for sale, resulting in more visits and bids. The gallery can be embedded at the end of an eBay listing and shows the twenty soonest-ending inventory items with the current price and ending time.

This new feature is available to AuctionSound customers at no extra charge.

The Spring 2008 release of multi-channel selling solution Infopia has been announced, and includes new web services, advanced Amazon integration, and performance reporting.

The web services functionality opens up the Infopia eCommerce platform to customers and partners that want to integrate back-office solutions, while the Amazon integration enables inventory to be launched to Amazon Seller Central with advanced attribute data. The new performance reporting gives online merchants access to business information for optimizing their eCommerce operations.

* * * * *

Infopia has also launched a new Search Marketing service for small- and mid-sized merchants that sell online. The service provides pay-per-click (PPC) management that enhances website traffic and grows online sales. It includes professional management, campaign optimization, and exposure on all major search engines.

"Search marketing can be a serious challenge for online merchants who have limited time and resources," said Bjorn Espenes, CEO of Infopia. "Infopia Search Marketing helps merchants be very competitive with how they market themselves and drive the traffic to their site that's needed for success."

  • Auction Search Kit is an eBay / Google Maps mashup allowing eBay search results to be displayed on a map
  • ahTXT sends sale events, best offers, questions from buyers, and feedback notifications as SMS text messages to your cell phone
  • Supreme Auction is a free cross-marketing auction gallery
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