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Multichannel management system StoreAutomator has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

Ecommerce businesses that sell many products across different channels often hit a stage in their growth where their systems start to hold them back. Having multiple suppliers and orders going out through Amazon, eBay and other channels can be a nightmare to track and control without a multichannel management solution.

This is where a tool like StoreAutomator can make all the difference. StoreAutomator helps ecommerce businesses to automatically list products, run advertising campaigns and fulfill orders across multiple marketplaces, shopping carts, and advertising channels. There is no need for spreadsheets, and repetition is completely eliminated.

StoreAutomator is used by ecommerce businesses of all kinds, including retailers, brands, manufacturers, and agencies, particularly those with numerous product lines and high order volumes.

Here's where StoreAutomator came from, what it does, and what makes it different to the other multichannel solutions out there.

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Web hosting provider GoDaddy has acquired multichannel ecommerce software provider Sellbrite.

GoDaddy has acquired Sellbrite, and is using their technology to power a new Marketplaces feature on GoDaddy's ecommerce platform, which is known as GoCentral Online Store. The new feature allows US-based customers to list and sell their online store inventory through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jet, and, all from a single location.

GoCentral Online Store now provides powerful tools and automation to simplify listing, keep inventory in sync, avoid overselling, and centralize order fulfillment across sales channels. Users can also connect existing marketplace listings to their GoCentral Online Store.

"Beyond their own website, entrepreneurs are looking to sell on places like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy to be successful," says Greg Goldfarb, VP of Products, eCommerce and Customer Engagement. "Each marketplace works differently for sellers and it can be a daunting task to get up and running and a huge pain to stay on top of orders and inventory once sales start flowing."

"Helping small brands and retailers succeed on online marketplaces has been our focus from day one," said Sellbrite Co-founder and CEO Brian Nolan. "Like us, GoDaddy puts customers at the center of everything they do and takes great pride in helping them succeed. Working closely with GoDaddy has reinforced that we share a common vision and worldview. We're incredibly excited about the potential this unlocks in the years to come, and we can't wait to get started on the next chapter."

The acquisition supports GoDaddy's overall ecommerce strategy by helping customers sell everywhere and sell anything - physical products, digital goods and services. As part of GoDaddy, Sellbrite will continue to support small business customers on e-commerce other platforms - not just those using GoCentral Online Store. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Marketplaces is included in the GoCentral Online Store at no additional charge, allowing sellers to connect up to three marketplaces and process up to 50 orders a month. Upgrade plans are available for additional marketplace connections, higher order volumes, and to sync orders and inventory more frequently.

Source: Sellbrite

Marketplace management tool Veeqo can now update pricing on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

The new "master of price" feature means all price updates can be done directly in Veeqo. Sellers can choose which specific channels Veeqo should control pricing for.

Source: Veeqo

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has a new integration with WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce, following requests from users.

Othe new features in StoreFeeder include:

  • Full logging of all inventory changes for products including orders, cancellations, goods-in activity and returns.
  • The ability to remove an order from a pick wave.

StoreFeeder is now inviting users to vote on a range of new system improvements including an option to duplicate orders and the ability to save draft listings.

Source: StoreFeeder

The latest release for ecommerce management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes the ability to specify different prices for Amazon Webstore and Amazon Marketplace.

ChannelAdvisor's January release includes four new fields for Amazon Webstore US and UK sellers, allowing them to specify a standard price as well as a sale price, with its own sale start and end dates.

The release also includes vehicle parts fitment support for the Sears marketplace, enabling sellers to provide compatibility information to help buyers find products with the Sears Parts Finder tool.

Finally, ChannelAdvisor has also announced general availability (the successful end of beta testing) for integrations with German marketplaces MeinPaket and

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Marketplace management tool Teapplix has enhanced its support for sellers shipping products from multiple warehouses.

Teapplix's InventoryAdvisor module supports tracking quantities across multiple warehouses. Marketplace listings can also be tied to a specific warehouse, and synchronize stock levels just to that warehouse, making it easier to manage inventory held by dropship vendors, FBA, or in a specific country.

Source: Teapplix

Order and marketplace management tool Mailware has changed its name to Channergy.

As well as the new name, the interface is being updated with a "modern web page feel", according to suppliers Mailware customers can upgrade to Channergy in the same way as they would for a new Mailware version.

Mailware began its life 19 years ago as a tool for mail order businesses. It has developed into an ecommerce system for managing orders, channels, inventory and more.

Source: Channergy

An update to Amazon marketplace management tool SellerEngine Plus includes updates to its shipping and repricing modules.

The improvements include:

  • Five new tabs in the "FBA Shipments Manager" to provide more visibility of FBA shipments.
  • The ability to add case packs to FBA shipments without having to open and split cases.
  • A new "Price Changed By" column to show the price difference resulting from the last repricing run.
  • The ability to filter out Amazon and other "megasellers" in the repricing rules wizard.

Source: SellerEngine

Ecommerce management system Ecomdash has released updates which include lister enhancements, the ability to create kits in bulk, FBA support, and new point of sale functionality.

The new features implemented in August include:

  • Lister improvements including bulk upload of images and enhanced item specifics and attributes.
  • Bulk creation of kits using a new file format.
  • FBA support at the product level to improve stock level synchronization.
  • Purchase order updates to help streamline the process from creation to receiving.
  • Faster synchronization across all sales channels.

Ecomdash Chief Technology Engineer Darrin Kidd said, "We're excited about the launch of ecomlister as an included application within the ecomdash suite of software tools. We know how valuable this tool will be for sellers who need to quickly respond to the needs of the marketplace and list products as soon as they are available."

Ecomdash also has new support for physical points of sale. The new functionality means sellers can consolidate physical and ecommerce sales and inventory, and view them together. This reduces the risk of overselling, and allows reporting across the whole business.

Source: Ecomdash for August updates and POS functionality.

Multichannel management system Brightpearl has launched a new app store for third-party add-ons to their platform.

The new Brightpearl App Store includes apps for barcode reading, shopping cart connectors and an Android app, alongside marketplace integrations and other tools built by Brightpearl in-house.

Henry Morland, head of product at Brightpearl said, "We're delighted to introduce the Brightpearl App Store today. Our job is to give retailers the tools they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses. The introduction of the App Store allows developers to create apps which extend Brightpearl's core capabilities and to promote them to the entire Brightpearl community. The range of apps on offer is growing fast. As a retailer that means you can pick and choose the apps you need to make Brightpearl map perfectly onto the way you want to do business."

Brightpearl says a further 21 apps are currently in development.

Source: Brightpearl

Management tool for eBay sellers SixBit has added a feature to quickly add items by their product code, and the ability to control listing and email content using conditional logic such as "if" statements.

The new "Multiple Item Add" feature enables sellers of catalog items (such as books, DVDs or video games) to quickly add items by providing a list of UPC, ISBN or EAN product codes. The codes can be pasted into SixBit, or uploaded from a file. SixBit looks up the items in the eBay Catalog to find product information, and enters them into the selected item template to create new eBay items. Barcode readers are also supported.

The release also includes conditional logic for HTML templates, product descriptions and emails. This means that text (or images) can be shown or hidden depending on each product's data.

SixBit have enabled some analysis tools in the Small Business Edition of their product, including reports on items, suppliers and buyers.

Finally, users of SixBit's Consignment Module now have access to a new Consignors Analysis Tool to see lists of consignors and information including commissions and number of items sold.

Source: SixBit

eBay management software SixBit has enhanced its options for setting the eBay Shipped From location.

Previously a single location would be set as the origin for all items, and would be used by eBay to calculate shipping rates. Now sellers who ship from more than one warehouse or use drop shipping, can set the Shipped From location independently for each item and for each drop shipper.

SixBit has also added a number of features requested by users of eBay's discontinued software Blackthorne, including the ability to submit best offer values as percentages and print Listing Labels like Blackthorne.

Source: SixBit

Marketplace management tool Stitch now supports point-of-sale payment app Square.

Stock quantities and sales are automatically synchronized between Stitch and Square, helping sellers to track inventory from multiple channels in one place.

Square provides a magnetic stripe card reader and app for the iPhone, Android and iPad so physical retailers can take card payments without a traditional credit card terminal. Square does not support Chip and PIN so is limited to sellers in the US.

Source: Stitch Labs

French marketplace management service Neteven has added support for human-powered translation services from Gengo.

Sellers on the Neteven platform can install the Gengo plugin, then select items to translate, target languages and a quality level. A price will be calculated automatically, and translation can be ordered online.

Gengo supports 34 languages, using a network of over 9,000 translators around the world.

Via Tamebay.

A new version of desktop eBay management software SixBit has added a number of new features for users of eBay Blackthorne - which is soon to be retired by eBay.

Changes include:

  • The ability to import compatibility sets from CSV, and batch change compatibility sets.
  • An option to force a submission as a new listing instead of using relist credits.
  • The ability to search Orders based on item specifics.
  • A new "Internal Packing List" that is a hybrid of a packing list and a pick list.
  • The ability for Canadian users to change the measurement system and currency globally on the database.

eBay selling management tool SixBit eCommerce Solution has enhanced their HTML editor, and expanded support for UK carriers.

Users can now choose from multiple options for HTML editing: either the built in WYSIWYG editor, a plain text editor, or an external HTML editor.

The new release also adds support for new UK parcel carriers.

eBay has announced the retirement of their listing management tool Blackthorne, with technical support ending in March 2014.

To help Blackthorne users find a replacement tool, eBay has provided a feature comparison chart between third-party tools Auctiva, inkFrog, SixBit and their own Selling Manager. After the end of technical support on 31 March, 2014, Blackthorne will cease to be available after 30 September, 2014.

John Slocum, President of SixBit Software and the original founder of Blackthorne, said "We have seen this coming for a long time, and probably would have never started SixBit if we didn’t expect Blackthorne to go away one day. Becoming the replacement for Blackthorne has been a driving force in our development plans and our business policies from the very start."

Slocum went on to ask existing SixBit sellers to help new users coming over from Blackthorne, and be patient with their customer support system: "I’m expecting that our support will become very busy [and] there are going to be a lot of questions on the forum. Our community has a reputation for being a friendly, helpful place and I ask that you continue your helpful ways and guide these users as they have questions."

SixBit has also released a new version of their software, concentrating on enhancements for Blackthorne users. New features include improved data grids with customizable columns, sorting and grouping; side-by-side editing of items; and an "Importing from Blackthorne" instructional video.

The latest version of SixBit eCommerce Solution has been released.

Changes include improved installation, an enhanced process for eBay feedback and buyer messages, and the ability to import variation items.

Low cost eBay management tool Auctiva has released a number of improvements:

  • A new page where sellers can restore recently deleted listings
  • The ability to end items early
  • Sellers can enter private listing notes visible only to them
  • Accept Best Offers from buyers
  • Add eBay store categories to fixed-price listings
  • Support for same-day handling
  • Bulk packing slip printing

Marketplace management solution Seller Dynamics has added support for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Users can now view and manage inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres and their own warehouse, using a single dashboard.

The latest release of marketplace management tool SixBit includes features to help identify and prevent duplicate eBay listings.

A new search filter helps find duplicates in listings already running, and a new option notifies users if they try to list an item that is already listed. eBay has a policy restricting duplicate listings and can automatically detect and cancel them.

Additions to the directory today:

  • Seller Dynamics is marketplace management software which provides retailers with inventory management, listing, dynamic pricing, fulfilment, purchasing and more.
  • Supreme Gallery is an eBay cross-marketing gallery which allows sellers to promote themselves in their listings.
  • InterCultural Elements is a service that helps clients to manage international and cross-border sales.

eBay is looking for sellers to test its Blackthorne sales management tool.

Sellers registered in eBay AU, UK or CA who are interested in joining Blackthorne's "Alpha testing" group should contact the support team.

Amazon management tool SellerEngine has a new feature which automatically generates custom data exports on a predefined schedule.

Reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly and include sales from the past days, weeks, months or years. Completed exports can be downloaded from the SellerEngine website into Excel.

Example uses include pick lists, sales snapshots, and stock level checklists.

Amazon marketplace management tool SellerEngine has introduced a new custom data export feature.

Example uses of the new feature include exports of listing and competition data for review in Excel, and exports used to update stock on other sales channels.

SellerEngine plan to follow up with a new report scheduling feature to generate automatic reports at regular intervals.

The latest version of ecommerce application Brightpearl includes improved pick/pack/ship features, including the ability to notify a customer by email and SMS when goods are dispatched.

The release also includes improvements to point-of-sale screens including a "create customer" routine to capture customer details for walk-in sales.

eBay UK has introduced a new policy, unannounced, that stops sellers registered for less than 90 days or with less than 10 feedback from using listing and management tools - reports EcommerceBytes.

EcommerceBytes were told by Patrick Munden, Head of Seller Communications for eBay Europe, that "New private sellers need to get to know the basics of eBay and the feedback system before embarking on adding a large amount of listings." He advised sellers listing in high volumes to register as business sellers, or wait until they have been selling for longer, to overcome the restriction.

All tools that access the eBay API are affected by the new policy.

Marketplace management solution has added new help articles and videos in response to user feedback, and plans to add support for the Magento storefront system and international eBay sites.

The new guides cover basic and advanced inventory import features, and tutorial videos - available on YouTube.

SellerExpress is currently beta testing Magento web store integration, and plans to begin testing of integrations with eBay US, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia in August.

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