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Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released four new and improved features.

The new features include:

  1. Setting products to their maximum price when they run out of stock, to protect profits when they come back into stock.
  2. Improved setting for when the Buy Box winner increases their price, so you can incrementally increase your own price over time.
  3. eBay bulk import improvements to include min and max prices, current price, the repricing rule to use, and whether automatic repricing should be on or off.
  4. New eBay repricing setting for when competitors are below your minimum price.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has released new and improved repricing rules.

Repricing Central users now have more choices in setting up the "No competition between Min and Max prices" rule when they compete for the lowest price or the Buy Box.

Sellers can set BQool to take the following actions, depending on where competitor's prices lie in comparison to the seller's min and max prices:

  • Stop repricing
  • Adjust the price based on the min price + a number ($) or percent (%) value
  • Adjust the price based on the max price - a number ($) or percent (%) value
  • Set a fixed price

BQool also has a new table of saved pricing rules for listings that are no longer being repriced. Uses can update the rules for inactive listings then reactivate repricing for those listings.

Finally, all SKUs in Repricing Central can now be filtered by the date created, to help users identify obsolete inventory and avoid FBA Long Term Storage fees.

Source: BQool

Pricing platform Competera has released two updates to their system in the last month.

Users can now benefit from higher quality product matches, by blacklisting incorrectly matched URLs so they are not matched again in the future.

Prepaid users can also control and plan their Competera budget in real time, through a new billing page showing their current balance, a graph of monthly spending and the expected date of the next payment.

Finally, Competera's users can obtain competitive data from price comparison websites and synchronize data via API up to five times faster than before.

Source: Competera

Pricing platform Competera has a number of new features in its latest release.

Competera has enhanced the stability of the platform, and introduced a new automated product search service, as well as automated product rematches and its own Google Chrome extension.

Competera's new search matches service uses unique product identifiers (UPC, EAN, MPN, ASIN, ISBN, among others) to search for products. All the product matches are verified, and a match/mismatch decision provided. Only exact matches are included in the final list delivered to the user.

Automated rematches uses automatic algorithms, significantly accelerating product matching. Competera users can fine-tune the frequency of rematches: once per 21 days (free of charge), daily or weekly (at an extra cost, but cheaper than manual matching).

Competera's new Google Chrome Extension allows users to analyze data outside Competera's dashboard. It analyzes prices, product matches and the freshness of collected data while combing through product pages on the website of the retailer or competitors. The extension shows product data including:

  • Current price at your own and your competitors' store;
  • Price percentage ratio;
  • Time of data updates;
  • Price dynamics for the past month.

Source: Competera

Marketplace repricing tool now includes Amazon referral fee discounts in calculations for profit and min and max prices.

Amazon has given access to incorporate referral fee discounts into their reporting. The update allows them to fully support referral fee promotions for eligible items (e.g. grocery items $15 or less, specific ASINs sent by Amazon, etc.).

Fee discounts are when Amazon offers to provide a discount on certain fees if you price your listing to a certain price point. These fee promotions are provided solely by Amazon and are only for eligible listings for a limited period of time.

For example, Amazon may offer a 9.2% referral fee discount for an item as long it has a sale price of $77.99 or less. The fee discount will also have an expiration date that is provided by Amazon for when the fee promotion will no longer be valid.


Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress has added support for three further international Amazon marketplaces.

RepricerExpress now works with:

  • (US)
  • (UK)
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Germany
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon Italy
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon Mexico
  • Amazon Spain

Existing RepricerExpress users can add the new marketplaces within their account now.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon repricing tool Sellery now offers the option to choose automatic repricing, without the need to setup customized rules.

Sellery's automatic repricing rules offer sellers an "out of the box" solution that they can just turn on and immediately see working.

With automatic pricing rules, sellers don't have to worry about filtering competitors or planning their repricing strategy bit by bit. Instead, all they need to do is set upper and lower price limits.

Sellers can schedule repricing rules and select which products to apply automatic or customized rules to.

Source: SellerEngine

Marketplace repricing tool has a new integration with Amazon inventory management tool InventoryLab.

The integration allows to automatically import product costs from InventoryLab, so they do not have to be inputted manually. Product costs are used to calculate the minimum selling price on Amazon, so are a crucial data point for a repricing tool.

Costs automatically sync from InventoryLab to once per day. Costs already set in will be overridden by values set in InventoryLab unless the InventoryLab cost is zero.


Marketplace repricing tool has launched a new feature to help Amazon sellers boost profits on out of stock items.

The new setting gives sellers the option to have listings go to their max price when they run out of stock. If the seller updates the max price while out of stock by raising or lowering it, the listing will go to the new max price.

Once back in stock, the listing will revert to the seller's usual pricing strategy.


Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is now available in the new Seller Central Appstore.

Brendan Doherty, CEO of RepricerExpress said, "At RepricerExpress, we're excited to be featured in the Automated Pricing category. We hope the new platform will help sellers quickly identify the integrated tools they need to support their selling needs on Amazon."

RepricerExpress offers Amazon FBA and Featured Sellers the flexibility to compete for spots in the Buy Box and More Buying Choices Box. The fast repricing allows all sellers to aim for higher positions in the Offer Listings pages, ensuring more buyers see their products. eBay repricing can either be based on competitors' listings (with various filtering options) or formula-based using Amazon prices.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central can now automatically take the cost of goods being sold from inventory system InventoryLab.

The cost prices in InventoryLab are automatically imported into BQool, and can be used to set minimum and maximum prices.

The integration is designed to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data entry, or manual upload of inventory data files.

Source: BQool

Marketplace repricing tool has a new feature to help Amazon private label sellers reprice their products automatically.

The new sales velocity algorithm makes private label repricing and white label repricing possible for online sellers, and can help any sellers with no competition on their listings, such as those who create their own product bundles.

Private label products can't be repriced in the usual way, taking competing sellers' prices and other Amazon seller metrics into account, so invented this new method.

With the new algorithm, users can see their sales velocity per ASIN over the past 30 days and can set the repricer to target a higher, lower, or the same velocity moving forward.

Depending on the gap between the current velocity and the target velocity, the system will adjust the price as needed to hit that goal, subject to the min and max prices set. will use all the information available to find the ideal starting price point for driving enough sales to hit the target sales velocity, including historic order volumes and selling prices.

Sales velocity repricing will update prices once per day, then the algorithm will gauge the effect it has on sales. Once the target velocity is acheived, the algorithm will attempt to increase profits by testing higher price points while maintaining the same target velocity. was formerly known as Appeagle.


Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has changed the way information is displayed in its Product Report.

Product data is now grouped by topic, and more details about the data quality are available. Retailers can now see the date of the last comparison, the number of checks, etc. and make changes directly on the card.

The graph of product price changes was also altered to make it easier to check competitors' price changes. A thick gray line shows the changes in the retailer's prices, and a gray area shows the entire market from the minimum to the maximum price. On the same graph, a retailer can display competitors to see how their prices have changed.

Source: Competera

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder can now automatically control a seller's marketplace pricing.

The new feature gives shop owners peace of mind that profits will be maintained despite fluctuations in the marketplace that are beyond their control.

Pricing profiles allows shop owners to create a formula using a set of predefined tokens. Pricing profiles can then be linked to listings and a dynamic price will be calculated in accordance with your margin expectation. Anytime that a token changes the price will be recalculated. For example; this will help merchants when a supplier feed updates the cost price of a product. As supplier costs can be one of the tokens assigned to pricing profiles, the listing price will be automatically updated.

Merchants who use the StoreFeeder platform will have the ability to set their tokens, they can range from currency exchange rates, to cost price, shipping costs, discounts, channel charges and VAT or tax setting. As with all StoreFeeder features this one has been designed with the shop owner in mind. No two business are the same and StoreFeeder have taken this into account in the development of this power pricing tool.

StoreFeeder enterprise accounts will get access to the new feature automatically, and other accounts can have this feature added to their plan.

Source: StoreFeeder

Amazon repricing tool Sellery now offers the ability to set repricing rules and strategies based on date and time.

The new Scheduled Repricing feature allows strategies to be created that price less aggressively during low sales hours, or automatically activate the best Buy Box strategies at peak times, for example.

In Sellery, each pricing rule mapping now has the option to apply that strategy all the time, or only at certain days and times. For example, sellers could automatically price their products with a 10% higher minimum profit margin at the weekends.

Source: SellerEngine

Multichannel ecommerce solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces now supports rule-based automatic repricing for eBay sellers.

The eBay repricing feature is similar to that offered by ChannelAdvisor for Amazon. Sellers also can specify one or more listings IDs to reprice against to stay competitively priced against similar products.

Other improvements in the latest update include:

  • A new widget showing active product returns by current status
  • Support for Amazon Sponsored Products for sellers on Amazon Canada, India, and Mexico
  • Enhanced inline and bulk editing using business rules

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Amazon dynamic pricing tool Sellery has added a new feature that allows repricing across different ASINs.

Sellery users can select any item from their inventory then view similar listings from the Competition tab. After choosing items that match the listing, Sellery will reference them as competitors when repricing that inventory item based on the configured pricing strategies.

Sellery offers a two week free trial including support and implementation assistance.

Source: SellerEngine

Game theory repricer SELLER SNAP has been profiled on the Web Retailer blog.

The article explains what game theory repricing is, and how Seller Snap applies it to the problem of Amazon marketplace repricing.

By figuring out your competitor's strategy, and repricing your products with that in mind, Seller Snap makes repricing a strategic game with the goal of finding an equilibrium, and not a race to the bottom.

Read Avoid Amazon Price Wars with the Game Theory Repricer: Seller Snap

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle can now estimate Amazon and eBay selling fees to provide accurate profit calculation.

The integration of marketplace fees has made it possible for Appeagle users to set profit-based min and max prices for Amazon and eBay listings.

Previously, Appeagle users had to manually input their min and max prices or use a formula builder to calculate them approximately.

Appeagle's profit column now shows estimated profit by including the cost of goods, marketplace fees, shipping fees and FBA fees.

Amazon fees are calculated using Amazon's GetMyFeesEstimate API call, while eBay fees are calculated at 10% of the final sale price.

Shipping costs are tied to SKU-level information pulled from Amazon and eBay. Users also have the ability to manually input costs or upload costs in bulk using templates and hosted file uploads.

Appeagle users can also take advantage of integrations with Skubana, SellerCloud and E-Com Solutions to import product costs.

Source: Appeagle

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now provides a detailed price history, has enhanced repricing rules, and includes new automations to automatically change strategy.

RepricerExpress provides detailed history for products' prices, showing when prices changed, why, position, competitor's prices, Buy Box information and sales. This is in addition to information on competing sellers, Buy Box history, sales performance and other specifics about repricing rules and frequency.

Repricing rule enhancements help sellers be more competitive, allowing prices to be set above MFN competitors but lower than FBA, or choosing to price only against sellers who hold the Buy Box, competiting against New price if lower than Used and much more.

Automations include:

  • Auto-detecting long-term storage fees due and moving to be more aggressive repricing rule to sell stock before Amazon charges its fees.
  • Auto-detecting low stock on Buy Box winners and moving to a very high-profit strategy until more stock is available.
  • Auto-detecting Price Wars and moving to a near Max repricing strategy to avoid throwing away all your profits.
  • Auto-moving products to a more aggressive repricing strategy if there have been no sales for six months.
  • Auto-detecting if products have moved from MFN to FBA and switching to a different pricing strategy.

Source: RepricerExpress

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle can now automatically reprice products for sale on

Walmart's online sales grew by 29% last holiday season, yet the number of marketplace sellers is much lower than on Amazon.

Appeagle is one of only a few repricers currently available for the Walmart Marketplace, and has been chosen by Walmart as a Preferred Partner.

To celebrate the new integration, Appeagle are offering new customers who sign up before the end of June 20% off their first 3 months. More information.

Source: Appeagle

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has been relaunched with a new pricing platform consisting of three major modules.

Competitive Data helps sellers obtain up-to-date information about their competitors. Users can see complete and timely information about the market and competitors, with a guaranteed 95% data accuracy.

Price Management helps integrate prices, stock availability, and promo activity of competitors, by monitoring price decisions and prices. It helps retailers take a proactive approach to pricing.

Price Optimization helps predict profit, demand, and buyers' behavior resulting from a particular change. The foundation of this product is qualitative data, flexible and customizable processes, as well as machine learning technologies, statistics and big data operations.

Source: Competera

Ecommerce management software Jazva now offers a built-in eBay repricer.

Jazva's eBay repricer enables sellers to automatically adjust the price of their products based on competitor pricing for the same product.

Users can take a query-based approach to repricing, which uses keywords to find the top 100 listings that best match the product, based on pricing and shipping charges. Alternatively, users can apply a listings-based strategy, which reprices only against specific listings. Jazva's repricer will analyze the selected listings, checking prices, availability and shipping charges, and reprice the seller's products accordingly.

Jazva will also gather the price history, sales history and marketplace analysis. The feature is currently in beta.

Source: Jazva

Amazon and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress has released new features including enhanced Buy Box information, customization of "Price War" detection, more detailed product information and advanced filters.

Amazon sellers using RepricerExpress can now see detailed information about Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including which products are Buy Box winners, which are Buy Box eligible, and which recently lost the Buy Box. 30-day Buy Box percentages are also shown.

A new feature called "Product Status Preferences" allows sellers to define the parameters for flagging Price Wars, best sellers and low stock. Different parameters can be set for different marketplaces.

RepricerExpress also now shows much more detailed product information including pricing history, Buy Box performance, competing sellers and sales performance.

Finally, products can now be filtered according to sales, sales rank, category, Buy Box performance and more.

The company has new pricing strategy automations planned for release in the next few weeks, such as automatically moving to a more agressive repricing rule if long-term storage fees are due to take effect, or changing to higher pricing for products which are winning the Buy Box but have low stock.

Chris Dunne from RepricerExpress said, "We're constantly listening to our customers' feedback and the overriding request is for better data that can be automatically actioned to help sell more without constant checking of sales info etc. For example, by auto-detecting price wars, sellers will be able stop repricing down and avoid selling needlessly at low prices. Another common scenario will allow us to auto-detect stock that's due FBA long term storage fees and push to more aggressive rules, so that stock can be sold off before further fees are incurred."

Source: RepricerExpress

The latest update for multi-channel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes algorithmic eBay repricing, new competition monitoring reports for Amazon, and the inclusion of Walmart and sales data in benchmarking reports.

eBay algorithmic repricing is currently in limited release for selected sellers. It follows the release of algorithmic repricing for Walmart in January and for Amazon in September 2016.

The new "Competitive Environment Dashboard" shows Amazon sellers who their competitors and where they could be losing market share, to help them make informed decisions about their Amazon business. The new dashboard is available for all Amazon marketplaces except China.

Walmart and data has been added to ChannelAdvisor's Benchmarking Platform. ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking is an industry-first suite of customizable dashboards that provide insight into how a seller's performance compares to other retailers and brands, using data from transactions processed through ChannelAdvisor's platform.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces now offers automatic algorithmic repricing for the Walmart marketplace.

The new repricer joins ChannelAdvisor's algorithmic repricing tools for Amazon and

Sellers who are currently using ChannelAdvisor to sell on Walmart will now see fields to map on the Walmart Marketplace template to enable repricing.

Source: ChannelAdvisor Blog and Release Notes

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle has integrated with ecommerce ERP Skubana.

Sellers who use both applications can easily link them, then Appeagle will automatically pull cost prices from Skubana and use them to calculate minimum and maximum prices for every listing.

Fees are taken into account, and the min and max price calculations can be further customized on a per-SKU basis.

Once linked, Skubana will continuously update cost prices so Appeagle can recalculate min and max prices.

Source: Appeagle

Amazon feedback management tool BQool Feedback Central has extended its VAT invoicing feature to generate invoices in French, German, Italian, and Spanish in addition to English.

Buyers on Amazon FR, DE, IT, and ES will now receive VAT invoices in their native languages.

Sellers can also insert a company logo and details, as well as a customized message to buyers. Invoices can be issued automatically for every sale, or manually when requested.

Source: BQool

Ecommerce management software Neteven has released a new repricing tool covering international Amazon sites, as well as La Redoute, Fnac and PriceMinister.

Other new features in Neteven's latest release include:

  • A new look and user experience in the marketplace engine.
  • A mapping console for merchants to adapt their product data to the fields and values required by each marketplace.
  • Multi-warehouse management, compatible with FBA, Rakuten Super Logistics and any warehouse facility.

Neteven co-founder and CEO Greg Zemor said, "2016 has been an amazing year for Neteven. The team has done a great job to consolidate Neteven's position in our ecosystem. Our strategy to focus only on marketplace channels has paid off as global brands are launching their international Direct to Consumer ecommerce strategy in which marketplaces have a central position. Our positive financial outlook allows us to accelerate the international deployment to match market demands for cross-border trading.".

Following its 3.6 million euros investment in 2013, Neteven has accelerated its international strategy. Merchants outside France now account for more than 40% of the company's customers portfolio. Neteven users trade on more than 50 marketplaces in EU, US and China. Neteven has a partnership with Alibaba and has successfully launched several flagship stores on Tmall Global.

In 2017, additional regions will be covered by the Neteven solution in South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

Source: Neteven

Amazon, Rakuten and eBay repricing tool RepricerExpress is running a competition throughout October to win six months of free service.

To enter sellers just need to sign-up for a free 15-day trial using code 6MONTHSFREE, then will automatically be entered into the competition.

Existing customers can also enter by emailing RepricerExpress, and extra entries can be earned by sharing the competition on social media.

The competition closes at 14:00 UK time on Monday 31 October 2016, and the winner will be announced the next day.

The prize is worth up to £540 (based on 25,000 SKUs).

Source: RepricerExpress

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive has updated the user interface for its repricing module.

Users can now view their pricing strategies in a more organized fashion, with each strategy reporting how well it is performing including Buy Box ownership percentage.

Setting up a new pricing strategy has been made easier with embedded tips and tricks for each step of the process, and a review of the full strategy as the last step.

Source: SellerActive

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has released a new algorithmic Amazon repricing option.

ChannelAdvisor's algorithmic repricing model is designed to win the Buy Box at the highest possible price, by monitoring the Buy Box status and evaluating the competition to arrive at an optimal price. As the competitive landscape changes, your price will be raised and lowered to maximize revenue and profitability.

Other ChannelAdvisor updates include:

  • Multi-ASIN Repricing so a product can be repriced against multiple ASINs beyond its own.
  • Sponsored Products Automation for Amazon US and EU marketplaces, allowing ChannelAdvisor to automatically pause poor performing keywords in Sponsored Products Campaigns or Ad Groups.
  • Support for listing on Amazon India.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Amazon repricing tool BQool Repricing Central has been updated with a new user interface and several new features.

The user interface has a new contemporary look, and several additional columns including a repricing rule power button, inventory quantity, estimated fees, estimated profits, and estimated profit %.

To ease the process of searching through inventory, BQool has added a number of new filters as well as new Favorite Filter settings. With a new Group function, users can now group or categorize listings to meet their specific needs.

Repricing Central now supports uploads of InventoryLab's Closed Batch Report file, to automatically populate inventory costs to individual listings.

The popular profit calculator has been enhanced to allow estimations by either profit percentage or amount, cost, or applicable fees. The calculator includes various FBA fees to help estimate the price for FBA items. For European marketplaces, the calculator can take VAT rates into account if needed.

Finally, Repricing Central now shows the repricing history for the past 24 hours, allowing users to get a clear picture of where they stand against their competition and adjust pricing strategies or rules accordingly.

Source: BQool

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle now works with the Amazon marketplace in Mexico.

The new feature is open to all Appeagle users without an additional fee.

Amazon Mexico was launched in June 2015, and is easily accessible to sellers on Amazon USA and Canada using a unified North America selling account. Amazon's FBA fulfillment service delivers to 99% of Mexico's zip codes.

Mexican online buyers are predicted to grow from 8.4 million in 2013 to 18 million in 2018, an increase of 114%.

Source: Appeagle

Competitor price monitoring tool Competera has a new repricing feature allowing users to change prices from within the system.

The "Repricing Platform" can change prices according to business rules, market data and competitor analysis. Competera can transfer updated prices via API directly into supported storefronts.

Pricing rules can, for example, always keep prices lower than a specific competitor. After analyzing the market, Competera will recommend price changes or provide comments such as "Competitor's product not available. Raise the price." Competera's recommendations can be approved or declined by the user then sent to the storefront.

Source: Competera

Marketplace repricing tool RepricerExpress now supports repricing on eBay marketplaces in the US and the UK.

Brendan Doherty, RepricerExpress CEO said, "We've listened to our customers and developed a state of the art eBay repricing solution that will work alongside their existing Amazon repricing, all within one RepricerExpress account. eBay repricing was the number one feature request for 2016 and we have developed a solution which we are confident will make repricing on eBay as efficient and hassle free as possible."

Current and new RepricerExpress customers will be able to add eBay repricing for free, as long as they stay under the maximum numbers of SKUs allowed on their pricing plan.

Unlike most repricing solutions, RepricerExpress allows eBay sellers to reprice both catalog and non-catalog products using sophisticated pricing rules, including the option to sync Amazon prices to eBay (plus or minus values and percentages if required).

The new eBay repricing rules can filter out competitors using inventory quantity, feedback rating, country, Top Rated Seller status and more.

Source: RepricerExpress

Amazon and eBay repricer Appeagle can now adjust repricing rules based on competitors' handling days and product availability.

Handling days, which is expressed as a range, is the number of days it takes for a seller to ship an item after an order is placed on Amazon.

Appeagle's new handling days feature enables sellers to exclude competitors based on the number of handling days it takes them to ship an item. It is possible for sellers to win the Buy Box at a higher price than competitors who take longer to ship orders.

Appeagle can also now exclude competitors with backordered Items, which avoids repricing against sellers who are out of inventory but still listing an offer.

Source: Appeagle

Amazon repricing tool XSellco Price Manager has a new feature which identifies a seller's top ten rivals for the Buy Box in each marketplace.

The new "Competitor Insights" feature also allows users to create repricing rules for competing against their top rivals.

"The new Competitor Insights feature is a real game changer for our customers," said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. "Having the ability to spy on your strongest competitors and see which of your SKUs are losing the Buy Box is momentous. Now you can focus your strategy, create specific rules and compete more aggressively. It takes away the guesswork and genuinely gives you a competitive edge."

Users can see which of their SKUs are losing the Buy Box to competitors, and quickly access the "Make Rule" feature to create rules specifically targeted against the competition.

Competitor Insights also shows which products are sharing the Buy Box and winning at the lowest price, as well as products that are being beaten to the lowest price by the competition

Competitor Insights is available to all XSellco Price Manager customers.

Source: XSellco

Amazon repricing tool XSellco Price Manager now includes a mobile product scanning app for iOS and Android.

The new app can be used to scan a product barcode, then view the Amazon Buy Box price and quickly work out the cost price needed to make a specific profit margin.

The app also shows the product's sales rank, and a slider to set the desired profit margin and calculate the cost price required to achieve that margin. An advanced menu enables Amazon fees, shipping costs and more to be added.

The scanner can quickly switch between multiple international Amazon marketplaces, and show the winning Buy Box on each channel.

Product Scanner is free for all Price Manager customers.

Source: XSellco

The latest release of multichannel management software ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes eBay and Amazon enhancements.

ChannelAdvisor's Amazon repricer has been updated to allow repricing strategies to be created and managed more easily, by selecting from commonly-used pricing strategies as templates for creating custom rules.

eBay processing time has been reduced by an average of 30%, meaning listings on the marketplace can be deactivated more quickly to help prevent overselling.


Marketplace management tool SellerActive has added new features to its Pricing Manager.

The Pricing Manager can now optionally show product images and Amazon Sales Rank.

Source: SellerActive

Amazon repricing company Feedvisor has released the latest version of their popular Buy Box Bible eBook.

The 2016 Buy Box Bible includes all the content of previous versions, including how the Buy Box works, every variable that determines Buy Box winners, how to work with the Buy Box to maximize sales and profits, and crucial differences between the regular Buy Box and the Mobile Buy Box.

It also adds the latest information on the Buy Box impact of Seller-Fulfilled Prime, pro hacks to win the Buy Box and new metrics introduced by Amazon. It can be downloaded here.

The Buy Box Bible is based on Feedvisor's extensive research into the Amazon marketplace, including hundreds of millions of price changes and sales, Buy Box wins and losses, and the performance and behavior of Amazon sellers of all sizes.

Source: Feedvisor

Amazon repricing software company Feedvisor has released a new solution for private label sellers.

The new repricing tool is the first of its kind for private label sellers, says Feedvisor. The solution uses machine-learning algorithms to model the demand for private label items based on hundreds of data-points, in order to identify the right price for the item according to the retailer's business goals.

Feedvisor CEO Victor Rosenman said, "We've witnessed an upward trend in private label selling in today's market, but most repricing solutions cannot address the unique challenges private label selling presents. With no competition for these items, many retailers struggle with pricing decisions, and guesswork is often their default baseline."

Private label sellers create unique products by adding their own branding to generic items. This means that there are normally no competing sellers offering exactly the same product on Amazon, but often many similar products with differing branding and sometimes minor design differences.

Feedvisor's new solution enables private label sellers to price their items without inputting any rules or identifying similar products. Instead, Feedvisor's algorithms calculate demand for the product based on historical sales and current market data, enabling accurate pricing that eliminates human bias. This enables private label retailers to increase profit margins, maintain a steady pace of sales, and make accurate purchasing and replenishment decisions.

Rosenman continued, "The private label repricing solution has been developed closely with Feedvisor's customers, and in its beta form has already produced incredible results. In the last two months, some customers have seen their private label sales jump by as high as 58 percent and their profit grow by 65 percent."

A recent Feedvisor and Web Retailer survey found that 17% of Amazon sellers only sell private label products.

Source: PRWeb

The CEO of repricing software company Feedvisor has been interviewed for an in-depth article on the Web Retailer blog.

In The Science of Pricing Feedvisor CEO Victor Rosenman talks about:

  • Has background as an ecommerce consultant.
  • Why algorithmic repricing is preferable to rules-based repricing.
  • How Feedvisor calculates the best price to maximize profit.
  • What's next for the company.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Marketplace repricing tool Appeagle has added a new feature which can selectively ignore competitors on Amazon listings.

The new Ignore Competition setting allows sellers to more accurately define the type of sellers they'd like to compete against, remaining competitive while keeping prices above a minimum threshold.

Instead of staying at their minimum price when there are cheaper competitors, the Ignore Competition feature can be used to beat the next-cheapest competitor above the seller's minimum price - ignoring competitors who are cheaper.

The Ignore Competition feature is available on all three of Appeagle's pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Source: Appeagle

Amazon and eBay repricer Appeagle has adjusted their entry-level price plan to allow repricing on multiple marketplaces.

Appeagle's Basic Plan now allows price management on one selling account for each marketplace, at no additional charge. Prior to this enhancement, the Basic Plan allowed for repricing on a single marketplace among those supported by Appeagle.

Users can now can manage pricing on one marketplace per country on any of the Amazon international, eBay international, and marketplaces. This change ties into Appeagle's globalization initiative to help sellers expand their businesses across borders and sell globally.

Sellers can assign all listings across marketplaces to pre-existing pricing strategies, and manage inventory across marketplaces using Appeagle's Quantity Sync feature.

Source: Appeagle

Cross-border ecommerce management tool WebInterpret has launched a new Amazon repricing feature.

WebInterpret's new Amazon repricer helps sellers gain a competitive edge in Amazon's Buy Box. First the tool selects items which it calculates have the most potential to win the Buy Box, then it sends a file with a price recommendations list for confirmation. In around two weeks sellers will be able to confirm the repricing list through the WebInterpret Seller Interface.

WebInterpret has also improved its translation software to better recognize brand names, and is working on automating conversion of sizes with both numbers and letters. Color mapping has been improved, and the company will soon release a new educational portal called WebInterpret Academy.

Source: WebInterpret

Marketplace repricing tool XSellco Price Manager has developed a new feature that replicates Amazon pricing to eBay and other marketplaces.

The tool is the first of its kind, says XSellco. Up until now, sellers have had to spend valuable time and resources manually replicating their prices or setting different price rules for every channel.

XSellco's CTO Niall Dawson said, "Clients have been asking us to do an eBay repricer.  We figured – if we're going to do eBay, let's include Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce as well. Sellers can make their existing Amazon channel the source channel. They can then set up a destination channel. There's a default destination price variation so you can match all your prices from Amazon – you can add as many channels as you have."

"A seller might have eight Amazon channels and six eBay channels. They could reprice their UK Amazon channel against their UK eBay channel and their Japanese Amazon channel against their Japanese eBay channel, for example", concluded Dawson.

Source: XSellco

Inventory and marketplace management solution Ecomdash is integrating with repricing tool Appeagle to provide an automatic feed of pricing information.

The integration will work as follows:

  • Pricing strategies will be definied as normal in Appeagle.
  • Ecomdash and Appeagle will communicate pricing rules.
  • Then minimum and maximum prices can be set in ecomdash, and automatically communicated to Appeagle.

A free webinar on Tuesday, October 27th at 2 PM EST will introduce Appeagle to ecomdash customers.

Source: Ecomdash

An interview has been published with XSellco's founder Ray Nolan and CEO Victor Corcoran.

Price and Reputation: An Interview with XSellco's Ray Nolan and Victor Corcoran

We talked about XSellco's history, their tools Fusion, Price Manager and High5, and their plans for the future.

Source: Web Retailer Blog

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