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Amazon seller analytics system ManageByStats now works with Amazon's new marketplace in Australia.

"We now support ten markets," says CEO of ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen. "Sellers in any of these Amazon marketplaces can use ManageByStats to manage their Amazon sales. Australia has now been added to the list, and we're open for business."

ManageByStats has multiple features for managing customers, inventory and sales for those who sell on Amazon, as well as an automated email tool, tools for reviews, feedback, keywords, an email campaign and real email collection service, as well as tools for the management of Amazon Sponsored Ads.

"As we've been building our suite of software we've also been expanding the markets where we can offer it," says Mr. Jepsen. "It's important for us the ManageByStats be available to all Amazon sellers. Australia is a new market for Amazon, and we've moved quickly to support it."

ManageByStats began with support for the US market, and to date has added support for the European markets (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), Canada, Mexico, India and now Australia.

Source: myMotherLode

Multichannel management solution Jazva has announced a number of enhancements to their sales channel support.

Jazva has been updated to the latest version of Walmart's Full Item Spec API, and now imports orders with the Walmart customer order number and purchase order number. This allows users to search for orders by Walmart's customer order number.

Jazva can now publish listings using eBay's business policies for shipping, refunds, and payments. The eBay business policies can be applied when creating or editing shipping and listing profiles in Jazva.

WooCommerce enhancements include importing and publishing bullet points as visible attributes on WooCommerce listings.

Finally, Jazva can now import channel-specific prices during product import.

Source: Jazva

Order management solution Ordoro now supports selling on the Walmart online marketplace.

The Walmart marketplace is well established, well funded, and a big opportunity for online sellers in the U.S. Ordoro can now download orders, synchronize stock levels, and ship orders from Walmart along with all other supported channels.

Source: Ordoro

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has expanded the marketplaces supported by their listing builder tool.

The SellerActive listing builder tool can now create listings on Amazon, Walmart, and WooCommerce stores.

Other updates include improved inventory location tracking from warehouse and inventory management systems, such as SkuVault, and enhanced order management.

Source: SellerActive

Inventory and marketplace management tool Ecomdash has added support for listing to the Walmart marketplace.

Ecomdash users can now edit, create, and submit listings to Walmart within the platform. Users can also download and manage Walmart variation listings and their child items within Ecomdash.

Ecomdash has also added support for variation listings in Shopify. Sellers can manage variant products on Shopify, and download, edit, and create Shopify products with multiple variations such as size, color, and dimensions.

Source: Ecomdash

US sales tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar can now import orders from the Walmart marketplace.

Marketplace sellers on Walmart can import new orders, and up to 90 days of past orders, into TaxJar. Older orders can be imported using a CSV file. TaxJar then calculates the sales tax due to each US state where the seller is liable.

TaxJar has also improved its AutoFile functionality, which automatically submits state sales tax returns. TaxJar users can now easily see the status of state filings from the dashboard to determine if a filing is scheduled, processing, or filed. The dashboard also shows the exact date when a filing will be processed and filed by TaxJar, rather than the state's filing deadline.

TaxJar's sales tax calculator, SmartCalcs, now provides faster rate lookups by using address autocompletion technology from Addressy. The calculator automatically fills in city, zip code, and country when the user starts typing an address.

Source: TaxJar

Multichannel ecommerce solution SellerCloud has added support for new marketplaces Tophatter and MassGenie.

Tophatter is a fast and fun auction-based flash sales site, where shoppers compete in fleeting, 90-second auctions to win deals of up to 80% off jewelry, electronics, beauty and fashion.

MassGenie is a crowdsourced marketplace, specifically designed and curated to provide a fun, memorable shopping experience. It brings people together to discover products, explore online communities, and share stories about common interests.

Source: SellerCloud

Multichannel ecommerce system Solid Commerce has added support for the marketplace.

Solid Commerce's integration with Jet allows online retailers to reach Jet's growing base of younger, affluent shoppers drawn by Jet's innovative "Prices Drop as You Shop" feature and Jet's large variety of products ranging from fashion, electronics to home goods and other categories.

Using the Solid Commerce platform, online retailers can their expand product catalog from their web site onto Jet and synchronize their inventory and orders across multiple eCommerce channels such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay and 30+ others. With direct integrations into UPS, FedEx and US postal providers such as Shipping Easy, Solid Commerce's platform also provides Jet sellers with complete shipping management capabilities.

Eran Pick, CEO of Solid Commerce, said, "While a number of platforms can only perform certain functions of the sales process on Jet, Solid Commerce's unified platform offers the full range of listing, inventory & order management as well as full shipping functionality, creating a more streamlined eCommerce operation for online retailers. Our goal is to enable merchants to sell more and save time doing so."

Source: Solid Commerce

Ecommerce management software Jazva now has deeper integrations with Walmart, Jet and Volusion.

The full-service integration for the Walmart marketplace helps sellers setup items, manage inventory, fulfill orders and set pricing for Walmart all through Jazva.

Jazva has also released new price control options for, adding support for all of Jet's price settings: No Price Control, Minimum Advertised Price, and Minimum Selling Price. Another Jet enhancement released this month is support for merchant-initiated refunds.

Volusion support has also been enhanced with a new product category import, allowing Jazva to identify and match previously imported categories, and link products accordingly to the categories in Volusion.

Finally, Jazva now supports:

  • Customizing invoice emails, and adding or changing the email addresses.
  • Applying a default sales rep to new sales orders.
  • Scanning items using FNSKU and/or kit barcodes in addition to UPC, SKU and item barcodes.

Source: Jazva

The latest release for UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder adds support for French marketplace PriceMinister.

PriceMinister is the second most-visited ecommerce site in France, with 22 million members, and 9 million visitors per month.

StoreFeeder has also released:

  • New and improved reports including shipments by courier, picker productivity and refunds summary.
  • Shipment notification emails triggered when suppliers or Amazon has shipped orders on your behalf.
  • New filterable fields, including taxes and warehouse zone.
  • New features to help sellers generate proof of postage and delivery, when they are Royal Mail Online Business Account holders.

Source: StoreFeeder

Inventory management system SellerCloud now supports two marketplaces for handcrafted and personalized items: Etsy and Amazon Custom.

SellerCloud has integrated with Etsy, a unique marketplace for handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies. SellerCloud will sync inventory, post products, and manage processing of Etsy orders.

Amazon Custom enables sellers to offer personalized items on The integration pulls customization details into SellerCloud and adds them to order notes, allowing sellers to fulfill the order to the customer's specifications.

Source: SellerCloud

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has added the ability for sellers to drop ship orders from Amazon first-party sales.

ChannelAdvisor also now supports drop shipping for orders from and Overstock.

ChannelAdvisor announced support for Amazon Vendor Central purchase orders, and drop ship orders, at the Catalyst Americas conference in March this year.

The new support for Amazon Vendor Central orders is currently in limited availability.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has added new features including support for marketplaces running on Mirakl's technology platform.

The integration provides support for many Mirakl-hosted marketplaces including GAME and Halfords.

The latest release also includes visual improvements, changes making it easier to book in and write off deliveries, and enhanced layout and loading times for despatched order reports.

Finally, StoreFeeder now makes it easier to distinguish orders from Magento v2 versus orders from Magento v1.

Source: StoreFeeder

Multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces now supports international marketplace Fruugo.

When a retailer lists on Fruugo, their products can go live on up to 32 different country-specific versions of the Fruugo site, using 17 different languages and 21 different currencies. Each country site is fully localized to the customer in terms of language, currency, payment method, product availability, shipping and pricing. Shoppers have the ability to add multiple products into their Fruugo shopping cart from multiple retailers, even if the retailers are based in different countries.

"We're always looking for new ways to help retailers and branded manufacturers scale to new audiences and regions, so we're excited by the unique opportunity that Fruugo offers our customers," said Mike Shapaker, vice president and managing director, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor.

"Fruugo's platform empowers customers to have a truly global shopping experience by giving them access to products from a wide range of categories from retailers around the world. It's an interesting marketplace model and one we think ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to leverage to expand to new regions."

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel ecommerce management tool plentymarkets Cloud has integrated with parcel carrier UKMail and crafts marketplace Etsy.

UKMail support is being provided through shipping platform NetDespatch, which also provides access to Royal Mail services from within plentymarkets.

plentymarkets has also added support for handmade and vintage marketplace Etsy. As part of plentymarkets' new plugin platform, the company's staff developed add-ons for each area of the system. Etsy is the first marketplace to be connected to the software via plugin technology.

The plugin can be downloaded from the plentyMarketplace and installed to enable listing and order management for Etsy.

Source: plentymarkets for NetDespatch/UKMail and Etsy

The latest release for multichannel management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces includes support for three German marketplaces within the Otto Group of companies.

The three new marketplaces are Otto, Schwab and Baur, spanning fashion, household, toys, sports and multimedia. Otto Group is the largest German online retailer in the fashion and lifestyle sector, with 2.2 million SKUs and 6,000 different brands available.

"We proactively seek ways to help connect our customers to more sources of demand. By adding support for three widely recognised German marketplaces, we're providing our customers product exposure among a new set of shoppers," said Felix Kuehl, head of sales, DACH for ChannelAdvisor. "German online sales are currently estimated to be £49.09 billion and predicted to rise by a further £17 billion by 2020. This means there is a great opportunity for retailers in Germany and retailers should consider scaling now."

"The Otto Group focuses on offering great product selection and we aim to help deliver a great customer experience," said Robert Schlichter, Divisional Manager Marketplace "We are excited to offer ChannelAdvisor merchants the opportunity to sell across Otto, Baur and Schwab. Through a single inventory feed to ChannelAdvisor, retailers can list their products across, and"

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Marketplace management tool Selro Multi Channel has integrated with European marketplace Fruugo.

Selro users can now connect their Fruugo seller account and start listing items from eBay and Amazon into Fruugo.

Stock levels will be automatically synchronized between all channels including Fruugo.

Source: Selro

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with crafts marketplace Etsy, and has also launched a new initiative to help merchants grow their eBay sales.

The Etsy integration will enable Linnworks users to manage Etsy inventory, and process orders for shipping and dispatch.

The integration initially can only be setup in cloud-based, but can then be used on a day-to-day basis in Linnworks Desktop as well as

* * * * *

A new partnership between Linnworks and eBay aims to grow the businesses of Linnworks sellers on the eBay marketplace, by providing them with access to tools and valuable information.

Linnworks Implementation Manager and eBay Growth Project Lead Mark Aldous commented, "We are delighted to be working with eBay in order to help our sellers. The Trending Emails and Stats Application are just two examples of some of the great tools and information we have available to our sellers, helping them to grow their eBay business."

The new Trending Emails helping sellers understand what is expected to start selling in the next month or so, using market data compiled by eBay over the last 4-5 years. Heat maps show which categories will peak in popularity and which will decline in the coming months. The data is particularly important in the lead-up to Christmas, when sales are expected to be at an all-time high.

To help sellers optimize their eBay listings, Linnworks has partnered with Two Legs Bad, the developer of the eBay Stats Application, and will be funding additional examinations at no extra cost for a limited time; initially up until the end of 2016. The application analyses listings and provides actionable tips to increase sales.

Source: Linnworks for Etsy Integration and eBay Growth Programme

Multichannel management tool Seller Dynamics has added support for multiple marketplaces via Flubit's new SKU Cloud technology.

UK-based retailers using Seller Dynamics can now make their entire catalogue available through SKU Cloud's sales channel partners, including The Mirror, Mighty Deals and

Alex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics commented; "SKU Cloud is changing the way that over 1,500 businesses are thinking about marketplaces, offering retailers the chance to win more sales for free. The way SKU Cloud works is extremely easy, simply upload your products onto the site to give Destination Partners access to your stock. This allows these companies to access a variety of products, at competitive prices - before pushing them out to their own existing audiences."

Andy Stephen, Head of Partnerships at SKU Cloud said, "We're very excited to be partnering with Seller Dynamics and welcoming more merchants into our marketplace ecosystem. Our approach to the marketplace has been designed to work for everyone, giving us a completely revolutionary approach to ecommerce. Instead of charging Seller Partners a fixed percentage fee per sale, SKU Cloud dynamically controls the price at which products are sold. Using 3 proprietary AI algorithms, they establish a competitive price for each product, keeping Seller Partners ahead of their competitors, without sacrificing any margin."

Source: Seller Dynamics

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive now supports the Walmart marketplace.

The new integration works for sellers who are approved to sell on Walmart. One the integration is activated, SellerActive can list products, process orders and update quantities and prices on Walmart.

SellerActive is currently working on support for returns, refunds, cancellations and variations. Sellers must go through the Walmart onboarding process before integrating their Walmart account with SellerActive.

Source: SellerActive

Multichannel management solution Jazva is now integrated with the Walmart Marketplace.

With the new integration, sellers can manage their listings, orders, fulfillment and inventory across the Walmart Marketplace. Product categories can be mapped accurately to Walmart's categories, and products can be created, updated or delisted from Jazva. The feature is currently in beta.

"Jazva is the ultimate multi-channel solution for high volume e-tailers," said Levon Shabagyan, the CEO of Jazva. "Jazva simplifies multi-channel ecommerce by streamlining processes and centralizing data. By having everything in one place, sellers can focus on expanding and growing their business." is the second most-visited ecommerce site in the US, with more than 88 million unique visitors every month. Thousands of merchants have already been added to the marketplace, and third-party sellers can request an invitation online.

Source: Jazva

Marketplace management tool SellerActive now supports variation listings for the Jet marketplace.

The SellerActive file upload page includes a new template for variation listings, and examples to help list different variations.

Source: SellerActive

Ecommerce app connector ChannelApe is now integrated with the online marketplace.

ChannelApe's platform helps online sellers grow their businesses through inventory automation and multichannel sales. The platform allows clients to upload several types of data feeds, including XML and CSV, expand inventory through drop shippers/suppliers and open up new sales channels like Walmart and Amazon.

"[Walmart] is a great opportunity," says CSO Jason Depietropaolo, "Can you imagine if you were one of the first sellers on Amazon? It would have a dramatic effect on your sales. We've got a brilliant platform, real customer support and we don't gouge the people who sign on with us."

To see on Walmart, merchants must be integrated through a third-party platform, such as ChannelApe. The platform merges retailer inventory streams and then syncs this consolidated feed to

ChannelApe also aids sellers with the Walmart application process by collecting merchant information, overseeing the application and ensuring that it gets priority treatment once it's been submitted.

Source: PRLog

Marketplace management tool SellerActive has extended its feature set for the marketplace.

SellerActive customers can now manage refunds and returns through the SellerActive platform, as well as cancel orders.

Source: SellerActive

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has new integrations with three marketplaces from around the world.

They are:

  • Flubit, a UK marketplace profiled on the Web Retailer blog in 2014. Flubit provides a private marketplace driven by buyer requests, and aims to provide a better price on almost any product.
  • ManoMano, a European marketplace offering DIY and Home & Garden products. ManoMano operates in the UK, France, Italy and Spain, with Germany coming soon.
  • Tanga, a US marketplace focused on daily deals. Tanga uses targeted email campaigns and promotional events to give products maximum exposure.

The new marketplaces are available now to all ChannelAdvisor customers.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix is now integrated with the Walmart Marketplace.

"Walmart is one of the most important marketplaces to accept third-party sellers in the past few years. Nobody can ignore Walmart in their strategy. Our initial sellers on have received tremendous success with the Marketplace that reaches about 80 million unique visitors a month," noted Xudong Yan, the CEO of Teapplix, Inc.

Teapplix's software downloads orders and acknowledges them automatically to meet Walmart's guidelines. Users can then print shipping labels in bulk using Teapplix's integration with all major US parcel carriers.

Teapplix also synchronizes quantities remaining in stock back to the Walmart Marketplace, and exports orders into Quickbooks.

Teapplix can refer customers to obtain an invitation to sell on the Walmart Marketplace, providing Walmart's requirements are met.

Source: Teapplix

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive has added support for growing marketplace and price comparison tool Google Shopping.

SellerActive can now list products and manage orders for Jet launched in July 2015 and already has 3.6 million customers.

Once approved to sell on, sellers must complete the Runway, which involves setting up the API, running a test order and running a return.

SellerActive has also added support for Google Shopping, enabling sellers to sync their Google account with their preferred shopping cart. This ensures inventory matches between the shopping cart and Google.

Source: SellerActive for and Google Shopping

Shipping software ShipRush now supports printing labels for orders from the Walmart marketplace.

Both the desktop and web-based versions of ShipRush support Walmart.

ShipRush has also added support for HikaShop, an ecommerce module for the Joomla content management system (CMS).

Source: ShipRush for Walmart and HikaShop

Marketplace management tool SellerActive now supports Amazon Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

The new marketplaces complete SellerActive's support for Amazon websites in Europe, alongside existing support for

SellerActive customers can manage inventory, orders and pricing for Amazon's European marketplaces in the same way as and other integrations.

Source: SellerActive

Ecommerce customer support tool XSellco Fusion now works with French marketplaces Cdiscount and Fnac, and Polish marketplace Allegro.

"These new integrations provide a massive opportunity for online sellers to continue to grow their online business, improve operational efficiencies and offer exceptional support, no matter where their customers are coming from", said Victor Corcoran, CEO of XSellco. "In an increasingly competitive eCommerce industry, it's imperative that online sellers have the ability to expand their reach and have access to exciting new channels and marketplaces. With Fusion, our customers can achieve this."

Cdiscount and Fnac are the second-largest and third-largest ecommerce websites in France, respectively. Allegro is the fifth-largest online marketplace in Europe.

XSellco Fusion provides integrations with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. An auto-translation feature automatically translates every incoming message into the agent's own language, and translates replies back into the customer's language.

Source: XSellco

Marketplace management tool Selro Multi Channel has integrated with US marketplace and carrier management system Shippo.

Selro has added to its list of registered channels, in addition to existing support for eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Etsy, Flubit, Sears, Bonanza, CDiscount, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, and Blue Park. was launched in 2015 and predicted it would reach $1 billion in sales in May this year.

* * * * *

Selro's new Shippo integration provides access to carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and ParcelForce. Selro customers can print Shippo shipping labels directly from their Selro account to fulfill orders from all their sales channels.

There are no monthly charge for Shippo, only the cost of postage plus 5 cents per label.

Source: Selro for and Shippo integrations

Ecommerce management platform Etail Solutions is now integrated with Walmart's online marketplace.

"Our integration with Walmart's global marketplace provides online retailers with a unique opportunity to tap into Walmart's substantial customer base," said Etail Solutions CEO Michael Anderson. "We're looking forward to helping Walmart provide their customers with the widest selection of products possible, and helping our customers expand their reach on one of the top three ecommerce sites in the U.S."

Etail Solutions provides a multi-channel platform for mid-to-high volume online retailers.

The Walmart Marketplace has been open to select online retailers since 2009, with seller recruitment ramping up significantly in recent months.

Source: Etail Solutions

Multichannel ecommerce solution SellerCloud has added integrations with Walmart Marketplace, music marketplace and fulfillment company Shipwire.

Reverb provides free listings for used or new music gear, with a small 3.5% transaction fee per sale. Price Benchmarks help sellers price competitively, and social media tools are included.

Shipwire is a leading global logistics and fulfillment company. It provides access to more than 150 warehouses operated by parent company Ingram Micro, and its technology can even manage shipments at other 3PL warehouses.

SellerCloud can also now generate return shipping labels for any Amazon-integrated shipping service.

Source: SellerCloud

Ecommerce management tool SixBit, best known as software for eBay sellers, now supports Amazon marketplaces in the US, UK and Canada.

SixBit 3.0 can now be used to manage and submit items to Amazon as well as track and process Amazon orders. Features include:

  • Import existing Amazon listings into SixBit and match with existing items
  • Store Amazon-specific information with an item
  • Create inventory items from the Amazon catalog
  • List to Amazon (only items with an ASIN)
  • Allocate stock between channels automatically when sales occur
  • Revise listings individually or in bulk

SixBit 3.0 also includes a new customizable item entry form. The window has movable, sizeable and customizable panes and tabs to provide complete control over the fields shown, and the order they are shown in.

SixBit also has a new look-and-feel based on Windows 10 and other current Microsoft products. The previous style, based on Microsoft Office 2007, will remain available and can be chosen instead of the new theme.

Finally, the latest SixBit has numerous speed improvements, batch image editing, and direct download of payment fees from PayPal.

Source: SixBit

Inventory and marketplace management tool Ecomdash now supports US marketplace

The integration will allow ecommerce businesses to manage their inventory, sales orders, listings, and a host of other functions directly from Ecomdash.

"We're always looking to grow our list of integrations to further equip our users with flexible, effective solutions to help scale their ecommerce businesses," said Kevin Loomis, CIO and co-founder of ecomdash. "With this partnership, ecomdash can now help our customers reach a whole new audience on a marketplace that has quickly surpassed 1,000,000 customers since their launch last year."

Ecomdash saw a great deal of demand for the integration from its current customers who are looking sell on does not offer an admin area for sellers to manage their Jet store, so they must use a third-party solution.

"If you want to be a competitive online seller, you have to go where the customers are, and the number of people shopping on Jet is only going up from here," Loomis said. "We are the most affordable listing manager for They're going to be a contender in the ecommerce sphere, and ecomdash is excited to offer the Jet integration for our customers well ahead of the holiday season."

Source: Ecomdash

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with four new third-party services.

Linnworks now supports the UK's GAME Marketplace, which specializes in video games and gaming accessories such as clothing, consoles, novelties and add-ons. GAME is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK.

Linnworks also has three new apps in the Application Store, developed by partner eBusiness Guru. The apps provide integrations with online deals site Groupon, Polish ecommerce platform IDoSell and social media marketing solution Mento.

Groupon work with a wide range of businesses to provide new deals and opportunities to their 48.1 million registered customers. With the new app, can automate Groupon selling processes, manage orders and shipping.

IdoSell is a Polish ecommerce platform with multi-currency and brick-and-mortar retail support. With the integration, Linnworks can connect to IdoSell and be used to ship orders alongside those from other channels.

Mento is a social media marketing tool designed for online sellers, and connects directly to sales channels sites including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Etsy. Mento uses product images and descriptions to create social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.

With the Linnworks integration, Mento can be used from within, accessing product information and photos stored in Linnworks.

Source: Linnworks for GAME, Groupon, IDoSell and Mento

Inventory management system SellerCloud now supports selling through Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW).

Sellers of brand-name footwear can use the integration to increase their products' exposure through DSW's heavily-trafficked website.

DSW is a national footwear retailer selling discounted brand-name footwear. DSW operates more than 430 brick-and-mortar stores, as well as its website.

DSW offers a dropship vendor program, where vendors supply inventory to listings on DSW's website, and customer purchases are forwarded to the vendor for fulfillment.

SellerCloud uses VendorNet from Radial (formerly eBay Enterprise) to manage dropshipping through DSW.

Source: SellerCloud

Order and marketplace management tool Channergy has added support for US marketplace Newegg.

The new integration supports downloading of orders, listing of existing products directly, and new products via an export file, uploading price and quantity changes for products, and uploading of shipping confirmations.

Uploads and downloads occur automatically at the timed interval set in the preferences, and Channergy communicates with Newegg through its FTP interface.

Channergy say that Walmart and Jet integrations are under development.

Source: Channergy

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces will be the first software provider to help retailers and brands sell on Walmart's third-party marketplace

"Our integration with Walmart's global marketplace provides retailers and brands with a great opportunity to get in front of Walmart's massive audience," said ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz. "We're excited to help Walmart increase its product selection by onboarding more third-party sellers, and to help our customers build their brand recognition on the website of the top retailer in the US."

ChannelAdvisor's integration with Walmart's global marketplace was announced at the Catalyst Americas 2016 conference. Using the integration, ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to list their products on, gaining access to the customers of one of the largest online retailers in the US.

Walmart Marketplace was launched in 2009 and is open to select retailers. Products from third-party retailers are displayed alongside Walmart's own inventory and are labelled as Walmart Marketplace items. The seller name is displayed on third-party items, and sellers gain access to special promotion opportunities like "Value of the Day" offers.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has added support for international eBay sites including eBay UK and Canada.

Managing operations for eBay international sites works the same as other ecomdash marketplace integrations: sellers can auto-sync product quantities, receive order information, and create shipping labels, packing slips and pick lists. Ecomdash offers eBay international sellers the ability to consolidate sales, streamline operations and gain visibility into the health of their business.

"We're thrilled to offer eBay international support to customers and trial-users," said Kevin Loomis, CIO of ecomdash. "As ecommerce gains speed, having a global presence is becoming less of an option, and more of a necessity. Growing their audience to international markets will help our customers increase sales and stay competitive"

Ecomdash also recently added integrations with Amazon UK, Germany, Spain, France, India, Canada and Italy.

Source: Ecomdash

Multichannel management solution Jazva has released beta support for the marketplace.

With Jazva's integration, sellers can:

  • Manage listings, including multiple listing profiles, custom templates, and multi-variation products.
  • Sync inventory between and other marketplace accounts based on rules, to prevent underselling and overselling.
  • Centralize orders for faster fulfillment. Cancellation and refunds can also be done within Jazva.

Jazva's supports other marketplaces and sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Source: Jazva

eBay-to-Magento connector Codisto Marketplace Connect now supports WordPress ecommerce plugin WooCommerce.

Codisto MarketPlace Connect now gives WooCommerce users the ability to quickly and easily integrate their store with eBay. WooCommerce product catalog changes are reflected on eBay automatically, and inventory is kept in sync on both channels. Orders are automatically sent to WooCommerce for processing, and shipment tracking numbers are automatically submitted to eBay.

"Releasing a WooCommerce version of MarketPlace Connect was an obvious choice for Codisto on the back of our hugely successful Magento release last year," said Jonathan Pollard, CEO Codisto. "Our extensions offer merchants a quantum leap reduction in the time, cost and effort to sell and manage eBay. We expect to meet some very excited WooCommerce developers and merchants at WooConf."

MarketPlace Connect provides product auto-categorization, image re-sizing and a fully responsive eBay sales template. Advanced features include multi-account support, calculated shipping and custom attribute mapping.

Source: PRWeb

Multi-channel ecommerce tool SellerActive has released a number of new features including the ability to manage sales prices on Amazon.

The other new features are:

  • The ability to update prices and quantities separately for Shopify.
  • Bulk uploads of vendor details, e.g. for dropshipping sellers with many vendors.
  • FBA pick and pack, storage, referral and delivery fees are now listed in the sales report.

Source: SellerActive

Ecommerce platform Shopify is expanding its channel management abilities, by inviting developers to build new integrations for the system.

Sales channels now have their own dedicated menu in the Shopify control panel, providing direct access to the channel management features of Shopify.

The first new developer-created integrations will include cashback site Ebates, interior design marketplace Houzz, and social shopping app Wanelo.

Source: Shopify

Multichannel management tool Stitch has added new features including barcoding; support for five new international Amazon sites; and an integration with fulfillment company Shipwire.

Barcoding in Stitch, previously in beta, has now been officially launched. Barcode scanners can be used for processing incoming stock, in the pick and pack fulfillment process, and for stocktakes.

Stitch is now integrated with Amazon Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Mexico, in addition to Amazon US, Canada and UK. Stitch's reports make it easy to see sales, profit margins and FBA fees for each Amazon marketplace.

Stitch is now integrated with international third party logistics (3PL) company, Shipwire. Stitch can automatically send offline, wholesale, and online orders to Shipwire for fulfillment from warehouses around the world.

Source: Stitch Labs for Barcoding, Shipwire and International Amazon Support

Multichannel management tool Sellbrite has added integrations with three additional marketplaces:, Sears and Newegg

With each integration, Sellbrite users can import existing listings then automatically sync inventory to prevent overselling. They can also apply inventory rules, automatically pull orders into Sellbrite, and fulfill orders through Amazon FBA or ShipStation. Sales reports show how well each item is selling on each channel. (formerly is one of the top ecommerce marketplaces in the world and home to over 17 million products. Rakuten supports more than 5,500 shop owners and they currently have 24 product categories, offering everything from wine to pet supplies, and health and beauty products to electronics.

Sears is a leading global retailer of home and garden goods, apparel, and automotive products. With one of the fastest growing marketplaces online, Sears provides sellers with a reliable, secure and cost effective way to grow their business quickly. Customers can buy items on, Sears mobile and Sears Kiosks located in Sears stores.

Newegg is one of the most trusted shopping destinations in the world, particularly among tech-minded online shoppers, and is an ideal marketplace for professional sellers interested in reaching a broad and motivated customer base. Sellers can reach over 25 million customers by selling on

Source: Sellbrite

Multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash has integrated with six further international Amazon marketplaces.

The new Amazon marketplace integrations are Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy and Japan.

The new Amazon integrations operate like all other ecomdash marketplace connections. Users can auto-sync product quantities across channels, receive order information as a sale is made, and track products throughout the supply chain. Sellers can create and manage Amazon listings, and report on which products are live, queued or sold. Sellers can also create pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels within ecomdash, and ship products via UPS, FedEx and DHL Express integrations.

"These new integrations will enable sellers to get in front of a global audience," said Kevin Loomis, CIO of ecomdash. "Better sales usually follow better market visibility. We're thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the opportunity to grow their profits."

Ecomdash also has integrations with, Canada and UK, as well as a FBA order routing system.

Source: Ecomdash

eBay selling management tool SixBit has released a new integration with the Amazon marketplace to beta testing with all existing users.

Amazon features in the beta release include importing and matching existing Amazon items, storing of Amazon-specific information, creating items from the Amazon catalog, listing items with an ASIN on Amazon, variation items support, FBA inventory tracking, and automatic inventory level adjustments.

Existing SixBit features also work with Amazon including printing postage, packing lists, pick lists, inventory labels, bulk data editing, import and export via CSV, XML or API and more.

A new Enterprise Duo price plan has all of the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition but supports two sites, for a price of $99.99 per month. But before July 1st, 2016, the Enterprise Duo Edition will have the same price as the Enterprise Edition ($69.99 per month).

Source: SixBit

Marketplace management tool Seller Dynamics has extended its support for Rakuten marketplaces, including Rakuten's home country marketplace in Japan.

Seller Dynamics now supports eight Rakuten sites: UK, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

"We've added in the eight Rakutens for a couple of reasons," said Alex Ogilvie MD at Seller Dynamics, "obviously for folks selling in Europe adding in another couple of markets is a no brainer. But it's the marketplaces that are further afield that we are most interested in seeing how they perform. Good quality, high value UK and European brands are likely to do well. With little or no financial risk in trying Singapore or Japan out, it's a good way for retailers to test the market."

The additions complement existing support for Amazon, eBay and Fnac marketplaces. Rakuten's strength in the Far East offers a new opportunity to many European marketplace sellers.

Seller Dynamics is a fully-featured marketplace management system providing repricing, order management, stock control, despatch and goods-in management facilities.

Source: Seller Dynamics

Open source ecommerce platform X-Cart has new features including a built-in Amazon product feed.

The new Amazon Feeds module uploads products from X-Cart stores to Amazon, including product details, inventory levels, pricing and images.

X-Cart's pricing functionality has also been expanded with new features. Store administrators can now specify cost pricing for each product, so X-Cart can report the gross profit made on each order. Another new pricing-related feature allows product variants, not just main products, to have their own list price.

X-Cart's quick search feature can now search by SKU, and new search presets are available to filter items added within the 3 days, 5 days, 7 days etc. A new categories filter helps sellers quickly find a category by name when their store has a large number of categories.

Source: X-Cart

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