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Amazon selling software ManageByStats has released a new app for Android phones and tablets.

The new app gives users a way to manage their Amazon business while on the go. The app connects directly to the user's ManageByStats account, and provides dashboard functions from the MBS suite of tools, such as KPIs (key performance indicators), graphs, sales stats, payouts, restock alerts, email metrics and more.

"Mobile in this arena is huge," said ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen. "It hasn't been done in a big way, and in most cases if users want to get information on the go they have to view mobile-optimized browser windows - which really isn't the best way to work on a small device. Now, with MBS Mobile, users can work in a true app designed for the mobile environment."

An iOS version of the app will be released in the coming weeks.

Source: Digital Journal

eBay listing design tool CrazyLister has a new "mobile view" for previewing the appearance of listings on mobile devices.

The new feature, which CrazyLister says is the world's first mobile view editor for eBay, provides full control over what listings will look like on both desktop and mobile devices.

A new setting to "Make listings mobile friendly" creates a mobile-optimized description, image galleries, videos and more.

The HTML that CrazyLister generates then contains both desktop and mobile descriptions and code. The code recognizes if the listing is being viewed from a desktop or a mobile device, then shows the correct tailored design.

Source: CrazyLister

Inventory and channel management software company Veeqo has purchased London-based shipping startup ParcelBright.

ParcelBright CTO Carlos Vilhena and CEO Daniel Lipinski, with Veeqo CEO Matt Warren

ParcelBright have proprietary technology to manage the API's of multiple shipping companies in one app, meaning quicker and cheaper shipping for Veeqo's ecommerce customers. ParcelBright's software will be merged into Veeqo.

Veeqo CEO Matt Warren said, "I am really excited that we have been able to complete this deal, Daniel and Carlos have built a fantastic company with ParcelBright. When merged with Veeqo this will enable our customers to not only save time, but also save money when shipping their orders. Together it will be the largest parcel delivery platform in the UK based on its user base and service offering".

ParcelBright co-founders Daniel Lipinski and Carlos Vilhena will act as commercial and technical advisors for Veeqo.

Veeqo have also updated their iOS app, so users can see orders from all their channels, and pick orders using the phone camera as a barcode scanner.

Source: Veeqo for ParcelBright and iOS App

Inventory management solution TradeGecko has released a new iOS app to help users take sales on the move.



The new app provides a mobile product catalog and accurate inventory levels, and order synchronization back to the live system.

Sales can be made anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. Sales orders are created easily, and an instant order confirmation is sent to the customer.

Product photos can also be updated using the app, items can be added to orders by scanning barcodes with the device camera or an external scanner, and a customer database is available to look up existing contacts and add new ones.

The app works on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Source: TradeGecko

Inventory and marketplace management tool Veeqo has a new iPhone app for retailers using its system.

Veeqo sellers can now track their inventory and change stock levels using their phone. The iPhone camera can be used as a barcode scanner, and users can change quantities and allocate inventory to channels using the app.

This allows retailers to update stock from the warehouse floor, events and trade shows. Veeqo says they are the first to create an iPhone app for inventory management which is also connected to their website and marketplaces.

Source: Veeqo

Shipping management tool ShipStation has added End of Day (EOD) shipment summaries and barcodes to their mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The End of Day barcodes can be scanned by carriers straight from the mobile app, removing the need to physically print them just for scanning.

Source: ShipStation

eBay selling management tool Auctiva has created a new mobile-compatible scrolling gallery for eBay listings.

Other improvements include a new SKU field in active and saved listings, and new listing templates.

Auctiva is now part of online marketplace OpenSky, having been acquired by Alibaba in 2010 then sold to OpenSky along with marketplace 11 Main earlier this year.

Source: Auctiva

UK cloud ecommerce platform ekmPowershop has released a new mobile-friendly design theme.

The new interface has a flat, customizable colour and the option to include a logo. Navigation features include product filters and an expandable menu, while product pages have a scrollable image gallery and expanding sections for product information and customer reviews.

Merchants can customize their mobile store and check design changes in a preview mode before changes are seen by customers.

Source: ekmPowershop

Customer support management tool XSellco Fusion has a new companion app for iOS and Android devices.

XSellco Fusion users have access to the full desktop functionality from within the app, such as browsing a prioritised inbox, viewing order details and replying using templates and smart tags.

The new app also includes free sales reports for all Amazon and eBay sellers, without an XSellco account. This provides a snapshot of sales, best performing channels and products, and sales trends over time.

XSellco CEO Victor Corcoran said, "Assisting e-retailers to effectively manage their business is a big part of what we are about, so we're extremely excited to announce the launch of our mobile app for both iOS and Android, which means that any marketplace seller can get access to clear concise business information wherever they are."

Source: XSellco

German marketplace management solution plentymarkets has a new "responsive" mobile-friendly design template for online stores.

The new design, called Callisto Light, was released in May. New plentymarkets stores automatically use the new design by default.

The design can easily be adjusted for various devices including desktops, phones and tablets. The focus is on providing a user-friendly design with a simple navigation.

Source: plentymarkets

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Shopify has launched a new SDK to help developers build mobile apps which can make purchases from Shopify stores.

The new Shopify Mobile Buy SDK makes it possible to sell physical products through mobile apps. Buy buttons or full responsive stores can be embedded, with secure checkout using Apple Pay or a credit card.

An iOS version of the SDK is available today, with an Android version coming in summer 2015.

* * * * *

Shopify has also announced the share price for their Initial Public Offering on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. The 7,700,000 shares will be offered to the public at US $17 per share. The IPO is expected to close around May 27, 2015.

Source: Shopify for Mobile SDK and IPO Pricing

Order management tool ShipStation can now print shipping labels from its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The mobile app, called ShipStation Companion, prints labels via a connected computer. The app can also be used for a range of shipping management tasks such as putting orders on hold, cancelling orders, viewing and printing packing slips, and more.

The ShipStation Companion apps were launched in April.

Source: ShipStation

Cloud-based web store provider Volusion has released a selling app that runs on Android smart watches.

Volusion for Wear allows merchants to review store activities including new, processing and shipped orders, and see a stores' total sales for the last 24 hours, seven days, and ninety days. The app also provides push notifications to alert merchants of new orders in real-time, and inventory alerts when the stock status of a product is running low. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

"As mobile devices become more deeply integrated with our everyday lives, so grows the need for our merchants to better manage their stores on-the-go," said Clay Olivier, Volusion CEO. "This is why we've invested heavily in increasing our mobile management capabilities, and are excited to have this best-in-class smartwatch app now available to the public."

Volusion also released the third version of their app for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The new apps include the ability to add and edit products, provide secure login using iPhone's Touch ID technology, and include enhanced shipping tools.

Source: PRWeb

Cloud-based webstore provider Bigcommerce has acquired mobile POS app company Zing.

"Since the company's inception, our mission at Zing has been to help business owners sell more effectively through products that simplify and streamline how they manage their retail operations, both online and in store," said Nate Stewart, Zing co-founder and CEO. "There is no better embodiment of that mission than Bigcommerce, and we're thrilled to bring our expertise to a company that has proven itself to be the most flexible and scalable platform for emerging brands to grow their business."

More than 30 percent of Bigcommerce's 85,000 online retail clients also operate brick-and-mortar stores.

"The industry has reached an inflection point where retailers of all sizes want and expect to deliver next-gen experiences, such as in-store pickup and ship-from-store, without the complexity of switching between multiple back office tools," said Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and CEO of Bigcommerce. "Nate and the Zing team have done a remarkable job extending the Bigcommerce platform in a way that enables our merchants to do this and more, and I have full confidence their expertise and IP will further advance and expand our omnichannel strategy."

Source: Bigcommerce

A new tool called FuseSMS enables sellers to easily provide customer support by SMS text messages.

Using FuseSMS customers can send questions by text message, and the seller can respond using a web-based control panel.

The company is currently running a special promotion for online sellers of a free month's trial worth $45, which includes:

  • $30 for a month of FuseSMS service
  • $5 for a text enabled phone number
  • $10 for 500 text messages (normally 2¢ per message)

Pricing may vary outside the US.

Source: Fusemachines

Marketplace management system Linnworks has released an Android app for its sellers.

The app, available on Google Play, can generate sales reports, view and update inventory data, generate packing slips, display order notifications and more.

A £3.99 subscription is required to access most features of the app. A seven-day trial is available.

Source: Linnworks.

Webstore solution Bigcommerce has created an app for Android phones and tablets.

The new app allows Bigcommerce sellers to:

  • Get new order notifications, view order details, and process orders.
  • Update products, including title, price and images.
  • View store analytics on visitors, orders and revenue.
  • View customer data and call or email customers.

The Bigcommerce Android app is available from the Google Play Store.

eBay sniping tool Myibidder has a new app for Windows Phone 8.

The new app is available for free from the Windows Phone App Store.

eBay Buy It Now search tool Buy Now Search has released a new app for Android devices.

Buy Now Search Free for eBay is available on the Google Play store.

An iPhone and iPad app for popular eBay auction sniping tool Gixen has been created by an independant developer.

The app uses the Gixen API, which is only available to Gixen mirror service subscribers. Information for those interested in beta testing is in the Gixen forum.

Following the recent release of an Android phone app, sniping tool Myibidder is now available for the iPhone and other iOS devices.

The app is available on iTunes here.

eCommerce software provider eSellerPro have launched a new mobile website service called mShop.

mShop can be delivered as a stand-alone solution or it can be integrated with the retailer’s main website. The service is flexible in terms of design and retailers can include their own customised branding to ensure consistency. An mShop site can be designed, created and operational in under two weeks.

"With consumers increasingly looking to shop on the move via mobile enabled devices, retailers are now more aware of the benefits mCommerce can bring. We are excited to have our new mShop solution in place as it is a great way for retailers to capitalise on this growing market," says Keith Bird, CEO, eSellerPro. "Mobile shopping is only going to continue to increase in popularity and our mShop solution is just the first step in supporting retailers in this journey."

Simon Doidge, Director of PassionAuto a provider of aftermarket car parts currently has a fully operational mShop site commented: "We continued to get an increasing number of requests from our customers regarding a mobile enabled sites, so we saw the creation of a PassionAuto mobile site as the next logical step. Setting up our mShop using eSellerPro was a simple and quick process and we have already begun to notice the benefits."

eBay auction management service Auctiva are developing the next version of their iPhone app internally.

On the company blog Auctiva said "[the] first version of the app suffers from a few design flaws and a look that's not entirely clean. We worked with third parties to develop the app, but that taught us a valuable lesson: If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself!"

Auctiva says the new app will have a new look and support full-size image uploads.

Sniping tool Myibidder is now available as an app for Android phones and tablets.

Myibidder is available on several platforms including extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers, a Windows application, and web-based. A Mac OS X version is in development.

eBay has acquired Critical Path Software, a mobile application developer that worked on eBay for iPhone, and iPhone applications for eBay web sites StubHub, eBay Classifieds and

"We're very serious about innovating in mobile commerce, and this acquisition underscores our commitment to bringing the very best and brightest in the field to eBay," said Mark Carges, chief technology officer and senior vice president, global products, eBay Marketplaces. "Integrating the Critical Path Software team into eBay will be a big win for mobile shoppers around the world; combined with the talent on our team today, we can make shopping and selling anywhere, anytime, for almost anything, even better."

The new version of eBay's iPhone app features selling tools including barcode scanning and the "Sell One Like This" feature available on the main web site.

The Amazon iPhone app includes a new price comparison tool that works by scanning barcodes or taking a photo using the phone's camera.

The eBay app is available here and the Amazon app here.

ChannelAdvisor has announced a new mobile version of its online store for Premium Webstore subscribers.

The Mobile Webstore requires no additional setup or design work, automatically detects mobile browsers and presents all store pages in a mobile-optimized view.

More information is at

eBay has enhanced its mobile credentials with a raft of new applications available internationally as well as within the US.

All of eBay's mobile applications are free.

Version 1.1 of iPhone eBay selling application GarageSale touch adds support for eBay's auction scheduler and displays the number of watchers and page views for tracked auctions.

GarageSale touch enables iPhone users to create complete eBay auctions without needing their desktop computer. Sixteen different eBay sites are supported and the application synchronizes with the GarageSale software on the Mac.

The developers of Mac listing tool GarageSale have released a new version for the Apple iPhone, called GarageSale touch.

GarageSale touch can be used to create complete eBay listings with up to 10 free images. Sixteen different eBay sites are supported and prepared auctions can be shared with GarageSale on the Mac.

GarageSale touch costs $4.99 or €3.99 from the iTunes App Store.

Online sniping service Bidnapper has added new features this week offering cash back on purchases, and integration with UnWired Buyer.

The cash back feature, called "Buyer's Club", helps users to participate in cash back programs to receive credit for purchases.

The UnWiredBuyer function allows users to monitor the final minutes of an auction when they are away from their computer. The system calls them by phone in the last 3 minutes and announces the auction status including the current bid amount. The user may also place a bid on eBay over the phone, by following voice prompts, if bidding has gone above the snipe value they have set.

  • eBay on iPhone is an eBay application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • is a web store solution for vehicle sellers, with eBay Motors integration.

Mac tool for eBay sellers iSale now supports the Apple iPhone.

This allows users to draft online auctions, take pictures, and choose templates with just an iPhone.

iRibbit Plus, an eBay buyer application for the iPhone, is now available for download from iTunes.

The new application includes countdown bidding (to bid in the last seconds), alerts, and saved searches.

iRibbit Plus follows the success of iRibbit, a website that provides access to eBay in an iPhone-friendly format, and winner of an eBay Star Developer Award in June this year.

* * * * *

See a video interview with Chuck Hudson of iRibbit developer Aduci on the eBay Developer Program blog.

AuctionSplash, the company behind the eBay software of the same name, have launched a new application for the 3G Apple iPhone called FreeBay.

Based on the popular AuctionSplash software, FreeBay allows users to search for items on eBay using their iPhone. The initial launch of FreeBay offers search and results functions. Later planned versions will offer Watch Lists, Bidding, End of Auction Alerts, Out Bid Alerts and Buying Summary - the same as the AuctionSplash buying functions.

FreeBay is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

  • Auction Search Kit is an eBay / Google Maps mashup allowing eBay search results to be displayed on a map
  • ahTXT sends sale events, best offers, questions from buyers, and feedback notifications as SMS text messages to your cell phone
  • Supreme Auction is a free cross-marketing auction gallery

Midprofile for eBay is a new solution that lets you list items on eBay direct from cell phones and PDAs.

Midprofile works with Java-enabled devices, and can capture up to six photos per listing (using the phone or PDA's built-in camera). Listing details and bidding status can be monitored once the listing is live. A generous 60 day trial is available. has launched a new service called WipBox Mobile, which provides eBay and Craigslist price information by SMS text message.

By texting "WipBox" and the item's name to 44636 (4INFO), you receive high and average prices on eBay and Craigslist. By registering with WipBox, Craiglist results will be returned for your local area. The service is only available in the US.

Classified ad creation tool vFlyer has launched new mobile services. vFlyer differs from most other Ad Listers by concentrating on high value items, such as property and vehicles, being listed on classified sites like craigslist and edgeio.

vFlyer Business account users with a Web-enabled mobile device can now distribute their flyers via SMS or email messages. Details about goods or services for sale can be sent to recipients to view on any Web-enabled mobile device. vFlyer users can track flyer page views, visits and prospective buyers on their mobile device.

Aaron Sperling, vFlyer's CEO commented, "A growing number of online sellers, such as realtors and other sales professionals, use mobile Internet-enabled devices, such as Blackberrys and Treos, to conduct their business. As mobile adoption continues to grow, vFlyer is committed to helping sellers connect with clients or prospective buyers - even when they are away from their offices or computers."

Vodafone is the latest mobile phone operator to offer eBay on mobile phones. A specially tailored eBay site will be offered to Italian customers at first before being rolled out to other European countries later in the year.

Telephone-bidding service UnWired Buyer allows users to monitor and bid on eBay auctions in the final minutes. New features include pre-close notifications, countdown clock, real-time updates, and web-based bidding. UnWired Buyer is free.

Volantis, the developer of SMS messaging service eBay Anywhere, have launched a second mobile service for eBay UK users. The eBay Mobile service is available via WAP and i-Mode at and allows users to search, bid, check the status of items, access their accounts, and watch items on the move.

Mpire Corporation has released Mpire Researcher Mobile, the first eBay market analysis tool specifically for cell phones.

gNumber, Inc. has announced a new feature for its mobile bidding service, UnWired Buyer. RightPrice allows users to establish limits for watch list items and UnWired Buyer does not call the user if if the item exceeds the target price.

Bonfire Media's Pocket Auctions for eBay is now known as eBay Wireless.

Mobile eBay tool Away Auction for eBay is now available again, following the acquisition of the program's former owner, Waymobile, by Vindigo in October 2004.

Abidia has announced version 3.0 of eBay solution Abidia Wireless for mobile devices running MS Smartphone, PocketPC, Palm OS, Java, BREW or Symbian OS. Users can:

  • Monitor the status of current and ended items
  • Bid on items
  • Check bids on items for sale, and see who the winning bidder is
  • Research items, compare prices, and view pictures
  • Synchronize with an Auctions account
  • Browse cached listings and images, choosing when to sync and update.

The new version is intially available to registered users only.

Text messaging service now offers free image hosting. The basic text messaging service for sellers is also free. now offers a free basic service, where sellers receive SMS text messages when new bids are placed on their items.

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