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Price monitoring software company Competera has released a new Brand Intelligence product for product manufacturers.

Competera Brand Intelligence provides features including:

  • MAP monitoring with flexible filtration
  • First MAP violation detection with automatic offender notification
  • Price violation dynamic analysis by product or retailer
  • Product benchmarking

With this tool, brand managers can quickly identify MAP violators, and see the percentage of assortment with violations by any retailer.

The "first violator" feature helps brands identify the first retailer to lower their price below MAP, causing other retailers to lower their price in response.

The tool also gives brands the ability to research marketplaces, resellers and price comparison sites to track the price positioning of authorized resellers as well as unauthorized ones.

Source: Competera

  • Lot Vantage is a management tool for eBay Motors auctions
  • GavelThief is a web-based sniper with live customer support, email and SMS alerts, and RSS auction status feeds
  • bidCal allows eBay buyers to monitor upcoming auctions from their electronic calendars

We have a new special offer — 20% off the Professional and Business versions of Munnin, the fast eBay seaching and monitoring tool. Visit the Special Offers page for more information and other member discounts.

Auction monitoring tool eBay Item Watcher now supports eBay Germany and eBay Australia.

Telephone-bidding service UnWired Buyer allows users to monitor and bid on eBay auctions in the final minutes. New features include pre-close notifications, countdown clock, real-time updates, and web-based bidding. UnWired Buyer is free.

Version 2 of Munnin, a tool which accelerates and enhances eBay searching and browsing, has been released. The new version supports searching by seller, background search updating, automatic auction archiving (which helps monitor specific sellers), a proximity search and more.

Existing versions of free auction monitoring tool Auction Magic are no longer working due to changes to the eBay Authentication process.

Free monitoring tool Auction List is working again, after being broken by changes in version 2.0 of My eBay.

Free auction monitoring tool Auction List has been broken by the launch of My eBay 2.0. The developer, Keith Harrison, is working on a fix.

Free auction monitoring tool Auction List has added support for non-English eBay sites, and baconbuttie's auction counters. A major new version of the program is currently in development.

Auction Magic, the free searching and monitoring tool, has been updated with a number of new features, such as:

  • "Excluded Sellers", which filters out specified sellers.
  • "Watching By Magic", which tracks individual auctions (similar to eBay's Watch List, but not limited to 30 items)
  • “Quick Search”, which immediately executes a search, instead of requiring you to set up a search in a folder.

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