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Order management solution Stone Edge has two new add-ons featuring integrated CRM and Reporting systems.

Communiqué is a reporting tool with over 200 printable reports and graphical displays, and a dashboard for monitoring live business data.

Touché is a fully integrated CRM package from Altaireon. It aims to improve customer service and profitability using personalized customer communications, and tracks marketing through the use of discount codes and metrics.

UK order management solution Linnworks is now compatible with couriers DHL and Parcelforce, and the Pixmania marketplace.

DHL support is provided via intermediary DespatchBay. The integration with Pixmania's marketplace PixPlace includes order download, marking orders as dispatched and updating stock levels. Parcelforce Worldwide shipping labels and manifests can now be printed directly from Linnworks.

Order management software ShipWorks now supports the 3DCart shopping cart system.

ShipWorks now supports 30 shopping carts and marketplaces including the following eBay/Amazon management solutions: AuctionSound, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, and ProStores.

Order management solution OrderMotion has added support for popular open source shopping cart Magento.

"We're excited to have OrderMotion as a part of our industry partner network," said Roy Rubin, Magento's CEO. "With seamless integration between our two solutions it enables merchants a complete end-to-end solution which only strengthens Magento Enterprise and will continue to ensure the explosive growth we have achieved since our launch."

Order management solution Stone Edge Order Manager is now integrated with popular web-based eCommerce solution BigCommerce.

The new integration allows Stone Edge users to import and manage orders from the BigCommerce platform. Merchants can manage web, mail, phone, and in-store orders in one system where they share the same customer, product and order information.

"The integration with BigCommerce gives Order Manager users an attractive alternative for their Web stores," said Barney Stone, President of Stone Edge Technologies. "The power and flexibility of BigCommerce should be a good complement to the power and flexibility of the Order Manager."

Order management system IntelliShip is now available as an "SMApp" embedded within eBay's Selling Manager.

The Selling Manager version, called Teapplix TShip, works with USPS and UPS, can bulk print up to 2000 labels, and offers one-click returns.

Stone Edge Technologies is offering a 10% discount on all orders until the end of February to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Order Manager software.

"Most of our users are still small companies that ship 10 to 500 orders per day," said Barney Stone, founder and president of Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. "But as we have grown over the years, so have many of our clients, and in 2009 we had eleven users in the Internet Retailer Top 500, with some of them shipping four to five thousand orders per day."

Only one order management systems is used by more of the top 500 merchants, and that system is priced in the $250,000 to $500,000 range, compared to $6,000 for the most expensive version of Stone Edge Order Manager.

* * * * *

The 2010 Stone Edge User Conference will take place on April 23-25 in Philadelphia. Register here.

Order management solution Linnworks has added support for UK marketplace PlayTrade.

The new module can download orders, mark orders as despatched, update inventory, and list directly on the site. PlayTrade also has a special introductory rate for Linnworks users - contact Linnworks for details.

Order management application Stone Edge Order Manager is now integrated with the Bronto email marketing system.

Bronto is an email marketing tool that enables sophisticated email marketing campaigns, encouraging repeat purchases.

eCommerce management solution Infopia is now integrated with order management application IntelliShip.

Infopia is also running a free webinar on Thursday, Sept 17 to help internet retailers kick start the 2009 holiday season with merchandising and strategic email campaigns. Register here.

The latest version of Stone Edge Order Manager has added a number of new features and supported shopping carts.

The new features include a new dashboard-style main menu, more sophisticated approval rules, and "order states".

The new supported shopping carts are Network Solutions, Magento, Infopia, StoreHost and eBay Blackthorne (SQL Server version).

Two new eBay Selling Manager applications have been added to the directory:

  • 123Show enhances images with zooming, color swatching, alternate views, and 360-degree spin
  • OrderCup is an order management application integrated with USPS, UPS, and FedEx

Order management solution Papilion can now announce eBay listings on Twitter.

Papilion will send up to one Twitter update per day for users who link their eBay account.

The new version of Linnworks Order Management includes new reporting, automation and integration features, including:

  • Stock consumption report
  • Composite stock items
  • Generic shopping cart integration via XML (works with Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart etc)
  • Data import/export over FTP or HTTP for integration with other carts and bespoke websites

Linnworks Order Management has been added to the product directory.

Linnworks is a system for UK eBay and Amazon sellers, for fulfilling online orders and controlling stock. It handles order processing, postage management, stock control, reorders, customer returns/refunds, stock scrapping, stock purchases, and purchase life cycle.

Order management software provider Stone Edge Technologies has a special offer for users of OrderMotion, a competing product that is being phased out in favor of a higher-priced solution.

OrderMotion recently introduced a new product called “OMX by OrderMotion,” and users have to upgrade to OMX in the near future. Pricing for OMX is based on a percentage of revenues, instead of the per-transaction fees charged for the original OrderMotion product. That will substantially increase the costs for many users, say StoneEdge.

Stone Edge Order Manager is traditional “buy it once” software, with no per-transaction or revenue sharing fees. Stone Edge is offering a 20% discount to OrderMotion users who switch to the Stone Edge Order Manager by December 31, 2008. Interested OrderMotion users should use coupon code OMX20 to get the discount.

Stone Edge Order Manager provides customer, inventory, order management and shipping tools for Web, point-of-sale and traditional mail order businesses. It is compatible with more than 40 shopping carts, including those from Yahoo, Miva, Shopsite, osCommerce, Network Solutions and Volusion, plus sales channels including Amazon, eBay and

Stone Edge Technologies is offering a 20% discount to first-time buyers of the its Order Manager Standard, Plus POS, and Enterprise versions, and to existing users who want to upgrade their software.

Stone Edge Order Manager promises to "greatly enhance the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your e-commerce business". Use coupon code "BAILOUT" to receive the discount.

  • BidNinja is a free sniper with SMS and email alerts, and bid groups
  • Bling! It allows users to remove photo backgrounds without altering the product
  • One Stop Order Processing is a UK order management application supporting eBay, Amazon, and PlayTrade

Upgrades to the OrderMotion order management application include fulfillment enhancements and better eBay integration.

  • Smart Fulfillment provides the means for merchants to apply fulfillment best practices such as automatic switching between a drop-shipper and a merchant’s own warehouse, based on availability.
  • The new release streamlines maintenance and setup of eBay auctions. For example, users can perform bulk upload and downloads; copy and correct auction details; post pending auctions; and upload images from OrderMotion directly into eBay.

The new features were prompted by the OrderMotion IdeaExchange, a forum for the OrderMotion merchant community to suggest and debate future product features.

* * * * *

New customers who sign up with OrderMotion by 15 December 2007 and go live with the system by 31 March 2008 will receive $1000 cash back. More information.

Order management solution provider OrderMotion has partnered with Channel Intelligence to offer merchants new sales channels.

The partnership enables merchants to advertise on comparison shopping engines such as and Shopzilla, and sell at online marketplaces such as and eBay.

"The partnership with Channel Intelligence strengthens our commitment to offer our merchant community easy access to best-in-class tools and services that will help them grow their business and compete on the same level as larger retailers," said Donny Askin, CEO, OrderMotion, Inc. "This integration enables merchants the ability to reach a much larger audience through improved data quality and product placement and creates more opportunities to increase online sales."

eCommerce solution Marketworks now supports’s Merchants program, giving its customers access to the largest online retail market.

"Marketworks makes it easier to manage Amazon orders, along with other marketplace and web store sales, all from a single solution thereby making sellers more efficient and potentially more profitable," said Paul Lundy, Chief Marketing Officer at Marketworks. "Our customers depend on us to help manage and ultimately increase sales from their online ecommerce business. We are confident our relationship with Amazon, on top of everything else we offer, will do just that." Lundy concluded.

Marketworks has also partnered with Atandra, to offer QuickBooks integration to its customers. Marketworks customers can now transfer order sales and inventory data to QuickBooks using Atandra's T-HUB Order Manager solution.

Version 5 of order management application Stone Edge Order Manager has been released.

The new version includes major upgrades to the application’s shipping functionality, including a "Quick Ship" system for rapidly printing UPS, Fedex and USPS shipping labels, It also offers additional support for electronic shipping scales and other enhancements to the "Pack and Ship" system, which uses a barcode scanner to confirm each item as it is packed. The upgrade also includes a new POS system that acts as a virtual cash register for merchants who sell to walk-in customers

Other new features include support for more shopping cart systems, including 3DCart, Modular Merchant, eBay ProStores and PDG Cart, and additional credit card gateways. An enhanced RMA system manages returns and exchanges. Stone Edge Order Manager can now import orders from about 30 shopping cart systems including MonsterCommerce, Cart32 and osCommerce, as well as other sales channels including Amazon, eBay and

There are lots of exciting additions to the directory this month, including four free tools and new Order Management applications Just Ship IT and IntelliShip. Order Management is a growing area - whilst the management of auctions up to the point of sale is well catered for, there are relatively few applications that manage the post-sales and shipping process specifically for eBay sellers.

  • AuctionSplash is a new free program for eBay buyers and sellers worldwide, developed by a UK company. Free picture hosting is included.
  • is a free auction monitoring service, with a countdown timer for the last two minutes of each auction.
  • Ebaypix is a flat-rate image hosting service at £3.99 per month
  • Get4It provides free analysis of eBay auctions that ended in the last 30 days
  • Just Ship IT is a order management application for sellers
  • EZ Auction Ad is a new auction ad designer and lister
  • Supreme Auction is a free auction ad designer and lister from a German company. New features and improved support for the English-language version are coming in the summer.
  • IntelliShip is an order management application with monthly and licensed pricing options

ChannelAdvisor has partnered with Interapptive, integrating their ShipWorks shipping automation software into ChannelAdvisor Merchant. ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to download orders into ShipWorks, print shipping labels, provide tracking numbers to buyers, and update the status of orders within ChannelAdvisor. In addition, ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to manage and ship their orders by using ShipWorks built-in support for FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

A 30-day free trial of ShipWorks is offered to all ChannelAdvisor Merchant customers. After the trial period, customers pay a monthly fee that automatically adjusts based on shipment volume.

Interapptive announced similar partnerships with Marketworks in July, and Prostores in June.

Shipping software ShipWorks now works with ProStores. ProStores order data is automatically sent to ShipWorks to process shipment, and use Endicia and for postage services.

Auction manager Zoovy has launched Order Manager 6.0, which automates the order process for eBay sellers and other merchants. Order Manager 6.0 allows users to print postage, and sends out tracking information to the buyer. Integration with QuickBooks allows users to synchronize customer and order data.

The new software also provides reporting and customer relations management features to track customer and product information. A variety of payment options such as PayPal or automatic credit card processing are supported.

Auction management solution provider Marketworks has announced a new Order Management System that enables online merchants to customize and automate their order process to manage large order volumes with minimal staff.

The new System includes an easy-to-use interface; automatic emails to buyers on payment, order and shipping status changes; custom flags and statuses; and data export features. Managing and shipping large order volumes is further simplified by partner ShipWorks, which passes data to shipping solutions from Endicia, and UPS WorldShip.

ChannelAdvisor will host the first annual ChannelAdvisor Marathon UK Conference on September 14th in London. The invitation-only event will bring together leading eBay UK sellers, and representatives from eBay, PayPal and Overture to discuss best practices during a full day of discussions and “case study” presentations.

The ChannelAdvisor Merchant auction management solution has a new "Operations Center" to automate backend processes, such as shipping, logistics, invoicing, and barcode printing. Features include full Endicia automation, international shipment handling, barcode printing, and more.

ChannelAdvisor has partnered with NetSuite, a provider of online business applications. The new NetSuite Connector for ChannelAdvisor Merchant allows customers to define a personalized integration between ChannelAdvisor and NetSuite. NetSuite Connector enables customers to consolidate Merchant orders into NetSuite; provides a single shared view within NetSuite for customer contacts from Merchant orders; allows inventory visibility from NetSuite to Merchant; and synchronizes NetSuite item master data.

Leading auction management company Marketworks has partnered with Interapptive, to offer a solution that integrates Marketworks' Order Management System with Interapptive's ShipWorks shipping automation software.

Marketworks sellers will be able to download orders ready for shipment, print shipping labels and packing slips, create professional invoices, provide direct tracking links to buyers, and update the status of orders within Marketworks. ShipWorks instantly passes data to Endicia,, UPS WorldShip, and includes built-in UPS Online® Tools. Integrations with other carriers are underway.

Marketworks sellers will be offered a 30-day introductory free trial with ShipWorks.

eBay Selling Manager has been enhanced with bulk email and bulk printing of labels and invoices. These features were previously available only in Selling Manager Pro. Existing bulk features include bulk relisting and bulk feedback posting.

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