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Marketplace management solution AuctionSound has added support for eBay's Multiple Variation Listings (MVLs) - a feature which allows a single product listing to offer more than one option, such as size and color.

AuctionSound is also planning to add support for sellers' own ecommerce websites. Separate pricing will be possible for eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and website, and once an item sells on one channel the listing will automatically be removed from the others.

The latest version of marketplace management tool SixBit has been launched, and includes a new feature called "Allocation Plans" which helps manage inventory across different marketplaces.

Allocation Plans (available in the Enterprise Edition of SixBit) allows sellers to specify how they want inventory allocated across marketplaces. The feature supports automatic revision of the quantity available, automatic relisting, and automatically ending listings if inventory has sold out on another marketplace.

The new release also includes enhanced support for variation items (for example, clothing with different sizes and colors), and more flexibility for sellers importing data from eBay Blackthorne.

UK marketplace management software provider SellerExpress are hosting a free online seminar about managing eBay sales.

The webinar show how to:

  • List Amazon, PlayTrade or Magento inventory on eBay.
  • Achieve better results in eBay Best Match search results.
  • Manage orders from all marketplaces at once.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 11th July 2012 at 3pm UK time. Register here.

  • Froo! Bulk Revision is a tool for modifying live eBay listings, including title, description, returns policy, start price, BIN price, quantity, handling time etc.
  • Sellermania is an inventory and order management solution targeted to selling on Amazon.
  • Shipwire Anywhere is an order management solution integrated with a wide range of shopping carts and marketplaces.

Rebecca Miller, an eBay seller since 1999, has been appointed as the new product manager for eBay auction management service Auctiva.

Miller, a Top-rated seller with a feedback score of over 3,000 under ID bertthedog, has taken over from the recently retired Tony Maxey. Her role includes leading the development of new product features and creating a roadmap for future enhancements.

"I hope to be a voice for customers to help them accomplish their sales goals with Auctiva," said Miller. "I have been an eBay seller for more than 12 years. I know what customers' struggles are. I've felt their pain, and now I hope to help them even more."

Solid Commerce provides a multi-channel inventory and order management platform that allows retailers to sell across multiple marketplaces.

Marketplace selling platform Vendio has added bulk editing enhancements to their inventory system.

  • Quick edit allows changes to be made directly in the inventory listing
  • A new Bulk Edit Panel provides easy bulk editing
  • New filtering and sorting features

eBay auction management solution AuctionSound has upgraded their servers to improve performance as well as introducing several feature improvements.

The new features include template update for active listings, fully built-in Craigslist posting, exporting reports to Excel, and better photo support for buyers using mobile apps.

Enhancements in a new version of the SixBit eCommerce Solution for eBay sellers include a feature for viewing and answering messages from buyers.

Other new features include:

  • Pick list reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Additional packing list customizations

The new version of the SixBit eCommerce Solution for eBay sellers includes the following enhancements:

  • Flat file import/export now includes pictures, store categories, folders, and item specifics.
  • Custom workflow statuses so sellers can reflect their unique listing and sales process.
  • Retired status to exclude items from previously listed inventory.
  • Set the interval for scheduled listings in bulk.

eCommerce software company Zoovy has announced a new version of its Zoovy Integrated Desktop software.

The Windows-based application provides a bridge between Zoovy's hosted service and a merchant's back-office functions such as warehousing, inventory and order management. The new version includes three new features: Advanced Order Filtering, Fraud Status and Batch Order Processing.

Advanced Order Processing allows staff to filter and group orders based on a variety of properties, then place those orders into batches for fulfillment. Fraud Status makes it easier to identify the risk level associated with an order. Batch Order Processing groups multiple orders into a batch, then assigns them to employees for processing.

Zoovy CEO Brian Horakh said, "Zoovy Integrated Desktop is automated, fully integrated and customizable. A Zoovy merchant typically realizes a 30 percent increase in employee productivity. Merchants can concentrate on driving business with promotions, social media or analytic analysis rather than shipping product."

A new version of desktop-based eBay auction manager AuctionSage has been released.

AuctionSage 10.20 adds support for new eBay features including the (now mandatory) Item Condition setting, Multiple Variation Listings (MVL), and Buyer Requirements.

Popular desktop-based eBay auction management tool AuctionSage is beta testing its next major version.

AuctionSage 10 will feature Shipping Discount Profiles, auto-accept and auto-reject for best offers, a brand new HTML editor, and major improvements to custom item specifics.

eCommerce solutions company ChannelAdvisor will support's new Motors Parts Compatibility from its launch in selected categories in March.

"Whereas before sellers had to list each auto part multiple ways to account for the many ways that buyers search, now an item can be listed a single time and associated with all of the different applications (vehicle information)," said Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor CEO.  "This consolidation of listings can easily save a seller 75 percent or more on listing fees, while also helping them sell more since buyers can find the items more easily."

Parts Compatibility is currently limited to eBay Motors U.S. and only Air Intake & Fuel Delivery, Exterior, Lamps & Accessories, Lighting, Tires and Wheels categories. More categories will be added throughout the year.

Auction management software provider Auctiva has added support for eBay's Multi-Variation Listings (MVLs).

Multi-variation listings allow sellers to include multiple product options (such as color and size) in one fixed price listing, with each variation priced differently. MVLs are currently available in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, and Home & Garden categories.

eBay's web-based auction management tool Selling Manager will be free for all sellers from June 15, 2009. There will continue to be a fee for Selling Manager Pro.

Both versions will have a new summary page, and the navigation will change to become similar to My eBay. A new "Account activity" section will be available and "At a glance" data will be extended to 120 days.

Auction management solutions company Vendio Services has launched a new free eCommerce store package to beta testing.

Vendio Stores, a part of the new Vendio Platform, allows sellers to create a branded web store that showcases their products and converts shoppers to buyers.

The new Vendio Platform manages selling on multiple venues including eBay, Amazon, and an independent eCommerce store. While the store element is free, sellers who wish to list on eBay or Amazon pay a $10 monthly subscription plus 1.95% on sales up to $1,000 and 1% on sales over $25,000.

The Vendio Stores beta is currently open to new Vendio sellers with a public release in a few weeks.

Popular auction management service Auctiva was labelled as a dangerous site in Google search results from 21 to 23 February.

Searches for "auctiva" returned the Auctiva web site at the top of the results, but with the ominous label "This Site May Harm Your Computer." Browsers attempting to visit Auctiva from Google search results saw a warning page, stating "of the 50 pages we tested on [] over the past 90 days, 5 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent."

AuctionBytes reported that Auctiva servers had been infected with the "Trojan-Clicker" virus, and that the company quickly wiped the affected machines. Some buyers were apparently unable to pay for items.

The Google "Safe Browsing" system hit the news on 31 January 2009, when the entire Internet was erroneously blacklisted for 40 minutes due to a rogue forward-slash character in the list - a character which is present in every website URL.

A team led by eBay Blackthorne founder John Slocum has begun development of a new auction management tool called Shebayng!, following eBay's lay-off of the Blackthorne team in November 2008.

Slocum's new company, called SixBit Software, aims to provide a low cost, high featured auction management tool - drawing on their 12 years of experience in the auction automation market.

They plan to develop major feature sets in three cycles lasting 6 to 9 months each. The first cycle will include listing features, the second will cover sales management, and the third cycle will add "professional features."

Further information at SixBit Software.

A major new version of popular desktop auction management tool AuctionSage has been released.

New features include:

  • Support for eBay Canada and Australia (as well as eBay and eBay UK)
  • Multiple international ship to locations for each shipping service option.
  • Return Policy function updated for eBay changes.
  • Various reliability and functionality improvements.

Popular desktop auction management tool SpoonFeeder now supports seven additional eBay marketplaces and has comprehensive features to import existing eBay listings and images hosted anywhere on the web.

The newly supported marketplaces are Singapore, Poland, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, and Canada (French).

New features allow users to import existing eBay items to create SpoonFeeder "AIE" listing files. Sellers can specify item numbers to import or choose all listings within a specified date range. The resulting SpoonFeeder listing files can be resubmitted directly to eBay or other sites.

There is also the option to automatically download pictures from listings hosted anywhere on the web, and to convert them to local picture files which can be re-hosted with SpoonFeeder or other image hosts.

Gene Chandler, President of SpoonFeeder Incorporated, said "This is a great feature for sellers who are migrating to SpoonFeeder from other auction management systems and who wish to easily bring their item listings with them. Sellers who have lost and wish to recover their original listings or photos or who wish to edit and migrate their listings to other selling venues will greatly appreciate this feature."

Popular desktop auction management tool AuctionSage is to add support for eBay's marketplaces in Canada and Australia, in addition to existing support for and

AuctionSage also has new features, currently in beta testing, to help Shooting Star users migrate to the software. Desktop tool Shooting Star was popular with users until recently, when it's developer ceased responding to support requests.

Auction management solution Kyozou now features an auction platform that allows online retailers to launch their own customized auctions site.

The platform includes functionality found on third-party auction websites such as multiple auction formats, live auction clocks, analytics tracking, and email marketing capabilities. The system can be fully branded to fit your website's look and feel.

The new auctions system is integrated with Kyozou's sales management solution.

Users of desktop auction management tool Shooting Star have been left in the lurch following the disappearance of developer Kevin Olayan.

The formerly well-regarded tool for eBay sellers has not been updated since August 2007 and the ordering page on the Shooting Star website has been removed. Panicked users discovered that Olayan was arrested on 19 July 2008 for Driving While Intoxicated and other traffic charges in Hawaii, the developer's home base. Attempts to contact Olayan, including visiting Hawaii to search for him, have failed.

A new eBay group has been set up by Shooting Star user flykitty to support users and search for alternative auction management tools.

Auction management solutions are in a crowded marketplace, and it's rare that a new tool comes along with a unique angle on eBay selling.

MerchantRun GlobalLink is for sellers who want to list directly on international eBay sites, in fact up to 21 different eBay sites. Every part of the system, including inventory, listing, cross-promotion, and pricing have been designed with international selling in mind. It even features translations of international category names so English-speakers can choose the correct category on any eBay site.

GlobalLink already has a wide user base in China, and is now available to eBay sellers around the world.

  • Jaast is a simplified eBay interface for the Nintendo Wii web browser.
  • ListEasy is a specialized lister for ticket sellers, enabling bulk listing to eBay by file upload.
  • Monsoon is a listing and management solution for sellers of books, CDs, DVDs, video games, auto parts, and consumer goods.
  • ReliaBid places a seal on auction listings to deter non-payment and passes details of non-paying bidders to a collection agency.
  • ShipRush automates FedEx shipping by retrieving orders directly from eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and PayPal.

Auction management system AuctionSound has a new feature that quickly imports inventory in bulk using a CSV file.

This feature follows recent recent enhancements for tracking, selling and automating inventory sales.

There is an interesting batch of new listings on the site today, including:

  • Listing Searcher, a new desktop eBay searcher from the makers of Prospector
  • Cascade, an e-commerce management tool for eBay, Amazon, and PlayTrade — from UK company Giant Systems Ltd
  • SellerDome, a list of the top 1 million (yes, really 1 million!) sellers on eBay - similar to Nortica's eBay 500 list
  • RepXchange, a place to share lists of non-paying bidders to add the the eBay block list

eCommerce solution provider Infopia has announced a new product called Infopia Transact.

Infopia Transact is a comprehensive eCommerce platform including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Merchandising
  • Market Presence
  • Shopping Tools
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Management
  • Analytics and Decision Making

More information

Free eBay auction management service Auctiva has introduced Inventory, a new feature for online sellers to track their stock quantities and costs.

“Being able to release inventory is an exciting moment for us,” said Auctiva Vice President of Engineering Kevin Kinell. “This brings us towards the final step of being a complete selling solution for all types of eBay sellers, from the smallest, to the largest.

* * * * *

Auctiva also has introduced new Auto-Relisting, Consignment Auto-Emails, and Education features.

The new version of popular desktop auction management tool AuctionSage has a number of new and improved features.

New features include Avery label printing, and importing website sales. Improvements have been made to custom item specifics, shipping, and images.

The fees for MarketplaceAdvisor (formerly Marketworks, now owned by ChannelAdvisor) are changing from a monthly minimum fee to a monthly subscription from 1 April 2008.

The fee remains at $29.95 but will be a fixed monthly amount rather than a minimum applied to final value fees.

Final value fees are unchanged at 2% for auctions, and 3% for store sales (minimum and maximum fees apply), and extra image hosting space is available.

ChannelAdvisor Pro is to close down on 22 July 2008. Existing customers can import their settings into MarketplaceAdvisor, and will not be charged any fees for the service until 20 May 2008 (conditions apply). More information.

ChannelAdvisor announced today the launch of support for the Merchants@ program via its MarketplaceAdvisor Premium software solution.

Merchants@ is Amazon’s third party sellers platform which allows invited merchants to compete with other merchants, and even Amazon itself, for the main “Add To Shopping Basket” button on the site (often referred to as the “Buy Box”).

James Scott, ChannelAdvisor’s UK Managing Director said: “Amazon’s Merchants@ program offers an enormous opportunity to both existing and new online marketplace traders. is the most popular e-commerce site in the UK and we are extremely excited to offer this opportunity to our customers and look forward to helping them maximise their online sales through this lucrative channel.”

eCommerce solution provider Infopia has formed a new team, called The Infopia Motors Group, that focuses on merchants selling in the motors and parts and accessories (P&A) sector.

Motors are one of the largest markets on eBay, and Parts and Accessories is the fastest growing category. Many merchants in the sector are selling a significant amount online. The Infopia Motors Group introduces these merchants to best practices and eCommerce technology that automates business processes - freeing up time to focus on other strategic objectives.

“We understand this industry and what it takes for motors merchants to be successful,” said Robb Louder, an Account Executive in the Infopia Motors Group. “Our 25 years of combined experience in the motors industry, expertise in eCommerce technology, and knowledge of online selling best practices can really change the revenue potential of companies that sell motors-related products online.”

FillZ, a sales management tool for media sellers, has launched a newly redesigned web site, following a successful year for sales.

"It was an exciting 2007 at FillZ," says FillZ President Shaun Jamieson. "Our business has more than doubled yet again. I'm really pleased with what our small team has accomplished in the past year and excited about what's to come. FillZ is now a serious player in our market and we don't see our growth slowing."

FillZ sellers typically list books, music, movies and games through the following online marketplaces: AbeBooks, Alibris,,,,,, a1 Marketplace, Barnes &, Biblio, ChooseBooks, Chrislands, eBay Stores. eBay Express, eCampus Marketplace, Gemm,, TextbooksRus, TextBookX, and ValoreBooks.

ChannelAdvisor announced today the relaunch of its e-commerce management solutions, following its acquisition of rival Marketworks.

MarketplaceAdvisor replaces Marketworks’ primary solution and MarketplaceAdvisor Premium replaces ChannelAdvisor’s Merchant solution.

MarketplaceAdvisor is designed for online sellers focused solely on eBay and allows them to automate many of the processes vital to growth and success. In addition, sellers can leverage time-saving efficiencies including tracking and shipping of orders all from a consolidated interface.

MarketplaceAdvisor Premium is designed for multi-channel sellers, offers the same eBay features, and gives retailers access to full integrations with Amazon and Overstock Shopping as well as enhanced functionality that improves the quality of product feeds sent to comparison shopping engines including Shopzilla,, and Google Product Search.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of technology in the online retail marketplace,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “We see the MarketplaceAdvisor and MarketplaceAdvisor Premium products filling a much needed space in the online retail marketplace by bridging the gap between single channel and multi-channel sellers.”

eCommerce solution provider ChannelAdvisor has become a partner of NetSuite’s SuiteFlex Developer Program, and an inaugural partner in the Google Product Search Partner Program.

ChannelAdvisor has extended NetSuite’s One System Architecture with new capabilities to help meet the needs of the top Internet retailers. Inventory data can be pulled from NetSuite and retailers are able to efficiently manage and market their inventory across the top e-commerce marketplaces and comparison shopping engines. ChannelAdvisor Complete then feeds the orders back to NetSuite for fulfillment.

* * * * *

ChannelAdvisor has been named an inaugural partner in the Google Product Search Partner Program. The partnership will integrate the ChannelAdvisor Complete platform with Google Product Search.

ChannelAdvisor simplifies the technical processes for retailers sending data feeds into the Google Product Search platform. Based on an item’s relevance, consumers will be able to easily find retailers’ products on Google Product Search, and on some occasions even the main Google web search site.

* * * * *

Following ChannelAdvisor's acquisition of Marketworks, the company has continued Marketworks' promotion that allows online retailers to sell through with no subscription fees for three months. ChannelAdvisor retailers can integrate with and register for the Selling on Amazon program or the Pro Merchant program without having to pay the $39.99 subscription fee for the first three months.

Auction manager Laris has announced new features including support for eBay affiliate IDs and a widget manager.

The Widget Manager can display eBay listings or e-Commerce products anywhere on the web, including social networking and blogging sites such as MySpace, BlogSpot, Blogger, and Digg.

Laris customers can also add an eBay affiliate ID to their website’s auction listings. This generates commissions when visitors win eBay auctions after following an affiliate link from the seller's website.

Sell Center, the company behind auction management solution Laris, have a redesigned website with a new Learning Center and Wiki.

The Learning Center is a collection of eBay, e-commerce, and online marketing articles, most of which will be completely free. Content is written by industry experts such as Skip McGrath and Codi Hall, CEO of Drop Ship Direct, as well as the company's own consultants.

Laris-Wiki is a wiki for the Laris auction management system. Content will include how-to's, best practices, glossaries, set-up procedures, and standard feature documentation. Laris users will have the opportunity to help update, improve, and expand upon the documentation and knowledge base.


Laris users can now automatically generate reports on a pre-defined schedule, and have them e-mailed or uploaded to an FTP server automatically.

iwascoding today released GarageSale 3.3, a free update to its eBay listing solution for the Mac.

The new version adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and can interface directly with Endicia's Mac client. Sellers can also use eBay's combined shipping discount feature and start charity auctions.

eCommerce system provider Infopia has launched a new eCommerce Success Center powered by

Infopia's eCommerce Success Center, built upon's customer relationship management solution, provides increased support quality and efficiency through streamlined communication for merchants and a comprehensive 360-degree view of support issues for Infopia account managers.

ChannelAdvisor has added support for PayPal Express Checkout to its ChannelAdvisor Merchant eCommerce management solution for purchases in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

When consumers choose the PayPal Express Checkout option, they are taken to PayPal's site to approve payment, and then returned to the retailer's site to complete their purchases. This process enables tight integration between PayPal and the retailer's order management procedures.

"Merchants rely on ChannelAdvisor for leading products and services in the e-commerce industry," said Stephanie Tilenius, vice president of merchant services for PayPal. "We are pleased to be working with them to deliver PayPal Express Checkout and help merchants increase sales by offering a more convenient and safer way to pay online."

Desktop auction manager MarketBlast has had its license fee increased again, from $199 to $399.

MarketBlast was acquired by Acclivity from original developer 4D in June 2006. The original license fee of $99 was very low for a tool using the eBay API (which subsequently became free to access), and has been increased 3 times by Acclivity. Unusually for an eBay auction management tool there are no recurring fees, only a one-off license fee.

Specialist in estate sales has announced a number of new features, including free image hosting, consignment management, eBay speedloader, and integrated USPS label generator. Listings are independently uploaded to Google Base.

Hosted auction management service Vendio has developed a version of its site specifically for eBay ticket sellers. Vendio Tickets Manager costs $49.95 per month.

Leading auction management service provider Auctionworks is now known as Marketworks. CEO Alec Peters says the name better reflects the full capabilities of the company, which has recently secured $3 million in venture capital funding.

Vendio's desktop auction management program, Sales Manager Pro, has been updated to version 6 and has greater listing capacity, improved upload speed, one-click image attachment, support for PayPal immediate payment, and autosave. Sales Manager Pro is free with Vendio's online Sales Manager or Stores services.

eBay is rolling out new versions of Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. New features include:

  • Customizable and printer-friendly views
  • Time filters - view data from the last 120 days
  • Groupings in Sold View for multiple items from a single buyer.
  • Fresh new look consistent with My eBay redesign
  • Bulk feedback

The full retail version of auction management application Easy AuctionTools Version 5 has been released. This major upgrade uses the eBay API and Microsoft's .NET to interact with eBay.

Auction management tool AuctionSage is currently beta testing a new PayPal integration feature. "PayPal Payment Processing" or PPP downloads payments received via PayPal and automatically updates payment, address, shipping and tax information — potentially saving sellers hours of manual checking and inputting.

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