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XSellco's repricing tool Price Manager and feedback tool High5 are now available through the Linnworks App Store.

XSellco's help desk tool Fusion was integrated with Linnworks in April last year.

New features within the XSellco/Linnworks integration include:

  • Updating Linnworks order notes within XSellco Fusion.
  • Printing labels for Linnworks orders from XSellco.
  • Viewing Linnworks product information from within the XSellco dashboard.

Linnworks customers will be able to access all three XSellco applications from within their account.

Ray Nolan, XSellco CEO said "Price and Reputation are the central elements to successful multi-channel sales. Integrating closely with Linnworks makes real sense - better customer service leads to higher ratings and more sales at better prices."

Source: XSellco

Multichannel ecommerce software Webgility Unify is now integrated with warehouse management tool SkuVault.

With the new integration, Webgility Unify takes detailed ecommerce data from SkuVault and automatically syncs it with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero.

"Leveraging our years of experience in e-commerce, retail, finance, and accounting, we've developed Unify for SkuVault to meet the complex inventory management needs of multi-channel sellers," said Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO of Webgility. "We are pleased to partner with a leader of SkuVault's caliber to take busy retailers out of inventory bookkeeping and put them back in control of their growing businesses."

"SkuVault is committed to making inventory management as simple and reliable as possible," said Andy Eastes, co-founder and CEO of SkuVault. "Webgility's Unify is the number-one app in the retail category for QuickBooks, with 5-star ratings and an industry-wide reputation for being far more powerful and user-friendly than any competing software. This commitment to quality matches our own, and together we can make managing—and growing—our customers' multi-channel inventory a business advantage rather than a challenge."

Source: Webgility

Multichannel management tool Webgility Unify is now integrated with shipping management software ShipStation.

"Shipping and fulfillment are often the most time-consuming, arduous steps in any e-commerce sale," said Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO, Webgility. "Our customers have asked us to free them from these shackles of inefficiency—and we've done just that by partnering with ShipStation."

Users of Webgility and ShipStation can now:

  • Sync inventory across all channels.
  • Automatically post individual orders or consolidated groups of orders into accounting software.
  • View their entire multi-channel business performance from one place.
  • Experiment with new sales channels without adjusting workflows.

"For tons of businesses, Webgility is the e-commerce operations software of choice," said Robert Gilbreath, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, ShipStation. "We are excited to work with this innovator to help their customers save even more time and money on shipping and fulfillment."

Source: ShipStation and Webgility

Small business loans company Kabbage has partnered with Scotiabank in Canada and Mexico to begin offering loans to businesses in those countries.

Scotiabank customers in Canada and Mexico will be able to apply for and access small business loans up to $100,000 within minutes. The partnership will provide fully automated onboarding, underwriting, servicing and ongoing monitoring throughout.

The new lending program will have a phased approach, beginning by offering the service to more than 100,000 Scotiabank small business customers who do not currently have a loan from them. Scotiabank Canada customers will be able to apply for a Kabbage loan from July 2016, and Scotiabank Mexico customers will be able to apply from August 2016.

Small businesses represent 97.9% of Canada's employer businesses, employing more than 8.2 million Canadians. Over 90% of the 5 million enterprises in Mexico are small businesses.

Scotiabank will offer the new small business lending program through bank branches and its websites, with the application, decision-making and ongoing monitoring all powered by Kabbage.

Source: Kabbage

Shipping system Shippo is now integrated with marketplace management tool Sellbrite and payment processor Stripe.

Businesses using Stripe or Sellbrite can now purchase shipping labels at discounted rates from Shippo.

After connecting to Shippo, sellers will be able to access discounted USPS shipping rates by default, and rates from other carriers if they connect them to their Shippo account.

To purchase shipping labels, Stripe users can either integrate Shippo's API or log into the Shippo dashboard to process orders that are automatically imported. Sellbrite users, however, can access Shippo directly from Sellbrite to get discounted shipping rates and print labels.

It's free to manage orders and use the Shippo API, customers only pay when they purchase labels.

Source: Shippo for Stripe and Sellbrite Partnerships

Order management software company Freestyle Solutions has launched a new partner program for complementary technology providers.

The Freestyle Nexus Partner Program will focus on working with technology partners to offer pre-built, no-cost integrations for customers. Freestyle Nexus provides a simplified on-boarding process for partners who work with ecommerce platforms, POS, ERP, CRM, payment processors, tax, shipping providers and more. The program is free to join. Freestyle customers and partners can access integrations and accompanying documentation at no cost through the Nexus Marketplace.

"The program is built to empower Freestyle customers as they strive to meet heightened consumer requirements. We welcome technology providers interested in working with our 2,000 customers that are willing to build an integration," said Scott Todaro, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Sales at Freestyle Solutions.

"Our integration gives Freestyle users the ability to easily manage and remain up-to-date on increasingly complicated tax regulations," said Marshal Kushniruk, EVP of global business development at Avalara. "Avalara is pleased to be part of the Freestyle Nexus program; we look forward to helping their community achieve compliance by offering our comprehensive solutions in a fast, easy, and cost effective way."

Current participating technology partners include Avalara, Altaireon, Mozu, Magento and Pitney Bowes. A full list of partners is available.

Source: Freestyle Solutions

Ecommerce platform Shopify has launched a new partner program for Shopify Plus – the version of Shopify for large merchants.

The Shopify Plus Partner Program is for digital marketing and design agencies who work with brands to help them sell through Shopify. The first agencies to join include One Rockwell, R/GA, Redstage, and Something Digital.

"Shopify Plus is quickly becoming an industry leader in commerce for some of the world's largest and most respected brands," said Loren Padelford, General Manager of Shopify Plus. "Over the past 10 years Shopify has created a large ecosystem of digital agencies, app developers and solution providers to support our merchants. Today we're again extending this ecosystem and introducing the Plus Partner Program."

"We're excited to be joining the Shopify Plus Partner program as it allows us to work with some of the world's most innovative brands, advising and influencing their commerce strategies, while building and supporting their digital flagships," said Gustavo Waizbrot, President and Founder, One Rockwell.

Shopify Plus is built on the back of the standard Shopify platform, and allows large merchants to design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels. Current Shopify Plus customers include like Tesla, RedBull, P&G, GE, RadioShack, Nestle and Kanye West.

Source: Shopify

A new integration shows inventory data from multichannel ecommerce tool Ecomdash inside order management system ShipStation.

"We're thrilled to offer ShipStation users the ability to view their inventory quantities across channels as a sale is made," notes Nick Maglosky, ecomdash CEO. "ShipStation is highly regarded for offering exceptional service and quality software to their users, and we are looking forward to a strong partnership with ShipStation."

Ecomdash sellers using ShipStation have access to the following:

  • Free iOS and Android mobile apps, to manage and view their ShipStation account on the go.
  • Automation rules to automatically choose the optimal shipping option based on type of product, weight and geography.
  • Batch printing more than 500 shipping labels at once, from a large variety of printers and devices.
  • Customized and branded shipping and packing labels.

"Inventory management can be a time-consuming process," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "We're excited to offer Ecomdash customers the ability to save time and money on their shipping and fulfillment via the ShipStation platform."

Source: ShipStation

Marketplace platform provider Mirakl has partnered with ChannelAdvisor to provide ChannelAdvisor customers with access to all Mirakl-powered marketplaces.

"We are pleased to partner with Mirakl to help bring an even more comprehensive and diverse e-commerce network to retailers in the US and abroad," said Mark Vandegrift, ChannelAdvisor vice president of marketplaces product management. "With Mirakl's technology platform and ChannelAdvisor's vast network of merchants, retailers now have access to a robust solution and the opportunity to stay competitive in a complex industry."

Business running their own marketplace using Mirakl can now add the "Access ChannelAdvisor" program to their marketplace solution, providing access to ChannelAdvisor merchants.

Retailers can manage the synchronization of product and order data between ChannelAdvisor and Mirakl using a seamless API-based integration. Specifically, the feature allows Mirakl customers to access real-time product updates and expanded visibility into order fulfillment.

Mirakl-powered marketplaces include Best Buy Canada, Galeries Lafayette, Game, ePrice, Condé Nast and Halfords.

Source: Mirakl

Ecommerce management solution CORESense has partnered with ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to provide multi-marketplace support.

The partnership provides CORESense users with more options to list, advertise and sell products across multiple online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Jet, Newegg, Sears and more.

"Partnerships with leading ecommerce solution providers such as ChannelAdvisor, make it easier, faster, and more cost effective for our customers to make use of today's most innovative 3rd party solutions," said Chris Martin, President of CORESense. "We are excited to add ChannelAdvisor to our growing COREPartner program."

CORESense is the only cloud-based retail POS solution that brings together point of sale, ecommerce, inventory management and customer management into a single, centrally managed application, says the company.

Source: CORESense

Inventory optimization tool Lokad and order management software ShippingEasy have integrated with inventory management solution Stitch.

ShippingEasy can now automatically receive orders from Stitch to manage fulfillment, then send the order status and tracking numbers back into Stitch.

Lokad can download data from Stitch then create sales forecasts, reordering recommendations, and pricing reports.

ShippingEasy and Lokad used Stitch's new Partner API to create their integrations.

Source: Stitch Labs

Customer support system XSellco Fusion has added an integration with ecommerce management software Brightpearl.

The integration provides one-click access to Brightpearl order details from within Fusion.

XSellco are offering Brightpearl customers who are new to Fusion 15% off for the first 6 months.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce customer service tool XSellco Fusion has integrated with inventory management platform ChannelAdvisor so users can access order details from within XSellco.

When an XSellco user receives a message relating to a product that was listed using ChannelAdvisor, they can now access the order details held in ChannelAdvisor in one click.

Source: XSellco

Ecommerce channel management tool Lengow has added support for customer reviews add-on Bazaarvoice.

Mickael Froger, Lengow's CEO, said "We are delighted to annonce this new partnership with Bazaarvoice, which will help our mutual customers to further optimise the visibility of their products. This rapid integration perfectly illustrates our commitment to enabling ecommerce players to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of consumers and thus increase their sales."

Bazaarvoice has over 700 million monthly users, deals with 500 million comments posted per day and has over 3,500 clients using the solution.

Source: Lengow

UK ecommerce outsourcing company Genie & The Geek has announced a new partnership with French ecommerce software provider Neteven.

Neteven's platform offers a wide range of marketplace integrations across Europe and the US, while Genie & The Geek has expertise in ecommerce, product photography, marketing, customer service and logistics.

Tayyab Akhlaq, Managing Director of Genie and the Geek, said, "We are very pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Neteven. Cross-border trade is a big focus for us and for our customers this year. Working together with Neteven will allow us to reach even further into Europe, as their software integrates with many international leading marketplaces and many more territories than competitive products of the same quality."

Greg Zemor, co-Founder and CEO of Neteven, added: "We are proud that a UK based company has chosen Neteven as its partner. In 2014, we successfully launched some projects with Genie and the Geek and we are all ready to take it to the next stage. Genie and the Geek and Neteven's strategies are closely aligned. We both understand that technology to master online marketplace management is essential and that services to help businesses outsource part of or their entire cross border trade distribution project is very important. We are now looking forward to managing hundreds of clients together."

Last year, Genie & The Geek launched their client My1stWish on French marketplaces PriceMinister, La Redoute and Cdiscount using Neteven.

Source: Neteven

Ecommerce management tool SureDone has announced a new integration with warehouse management software SkuVault.

SkuVault is designed to manage products using barcodes, supporting multiple bins, shelves, aisles, zones and warehouses. Quality control is improved by better tracking of items that are damaged or expired, and accurate inventory levels can be maintained.

Source: SureDone

European marketplace management solution Neteven is now integrated with enterprise ecommerce platform hybris.

hybris users can now distribute products on European online marketplaces, using the Neteven integration available on the hybris Extend app marketplace.

Greg Zemor, CEO and co-Founder of Neteven, said: "We are very proud to be the first marketplace management solution hybris has selected to partner with. Our tech team has created a very efficient marketplace extension. This partnership will allow hybris merchants to easily launch cross-border trade projects without any technical knowledge. The full sales cycle on the marketplace will now be managed from hybris through an integration to Neteven's technology."

"With many retailers in B2B and B2C in the world recognising the revenue and brand extension opportunities marketplaces represent, the availability of an integration with Neteven's marketplace management solution, via the hybris Extend integration marketplace, is a welcome addition to hybris customers", said Patrick Finn, Senior Vice President, Global Channel & Partnerships at hybris.

Source: Neteven

Warehouse management software provider SkuVault have partnered with repricing and price analytics provider Wiser to "improve inventory management and fulfillment for online retailers".

Andy Eastes, CEO & Co-Founder of SkuVault, explained, "We're very excited about SkuVault’s strategic partnership with Wiser – Wiser gets you the best prices on the market, and SkuVault eliminates picking and shipping errors, making sure that those best-priced products reach their end consumer. Both of our companies help give eCommerce merchants an edge."

Arie Shpanya, CEO of Wiser, said "This is a great partnership because pricing, inventory, and fulfillment go hand-in-hand. Together we can bring even greater value to the ecommerce industry. SkuVault's inventory intelligence and Wiser's proven pricing and monitoring engine help make ecommerce move more smoothly and benefits online retailers on a global scale."

Source: PRWeb

Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) supplier Dydacomp has partnered with ecommerce developer Grand River to offer custom-built ecommerce sites using Magento and M.O.M.

"By building our network of Magento solution partners, we are fulfilling our mission to provide small online retailers with best in class order management solutions," said Fred Lizza, chief executive officer of Dydacomp. "We are excited to partner with Grand River to help give their customers the best possible eCommerce experience."

Dydacomp and Grand River are both Gold Partners with Magento. Magento is owned by eBay.

UK-based ecommerce management service Pentagon Interactive and French marketplace management system Neteven have announced a new partnership.

Laurence Guy, CEO of Pentagon, commented: "We are very pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Neteven. Cross Border Trade is a big focus for us this year, and working together with Neteven will allow us to reach even further into Europe, as their software integrates with many more marketplaces and many more territories than competitive products of the same quality."

Greg Zemor, CEO of Neteven, added: "Pentagon and Neteven strategies are closely aligned. We both understand that technology to master the marketplaces is important but that human service to help enterprises outsource part or their entire distribution project is very valuable. We are proud that Pentagon chose us among other solutions and we are looking forward to manage hundred of clients in a near future."

ChannelAdvisor has announced agreements with vehicle data supplier DCi and small business loans company Kabbage.

The exclusive partnership with DCi, the largest provider of automotive product data, will allow retailers to list from a product database of hundreds of thousands of auto parts.

"Our partnership with DCi allows sellers to identify products from the industry’s leading manufacturers through the DCi platform, and then feed those products directly into ChannelAdvisor's solution to sell on marketplaces and direct channels," said ChannelAdvisor Vice President of Sales Ryan Walsh. "By connecting this detailed product data with an advanced e-commerce platform, online retailers gain a competitive advantage as well as time to focus on other strategic business initiatives."

The partnership with Kabbage offers ChannelAdvisor customers direct access to capital. Funds can be used to purchase inventory, add channels, launch marketing campaigns, hire staff and more.

"ChannelAdvisor creates strategic partnerships that help retailers ramp up their sales, and our recent partnership with Kabbage provides our customers capital to fund their business needs," said ChannelAdvisor Director of Business Development Jordan Weinstein. "Both ChannelAdvisor and Kabbage are key resources for any retailer who is looking to increase their marketplace volume. This opportunity is especially beneficial right before the holiday season, giving retailers a means to invest in new initiatives or inventory that will accelerate their sales in the coming months."

eBay listing design service Widshop is now compatible with eCommerce management solution SellerExpress.

SellerExpress joins Turbo Lister, ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro and Selling Manager on Widshop's list of supported software.

Accounting solution for eBay UK sellers Tradebox has a new integration with order management software Linnworks.

The partnership enables the integration of Linnworks sales data into Sage Instant or Sage 50 Accounts via Tradebox’s Finance Manager solution, and will allow Linnworks customers to rapidly and accurately create comprehensive and individual financial entries in Sage, providing transparency and management information.

eCommerce solutions provider Zoovy has announced partnerships with reviews service PowerReviews and checkout system Amazon Payments.

PowerReviews Express is an award-winning customer reviews solution for small to medium-sized online retailers. For a limited time, Zoovy clients get the first 30 days of PowerReviews Express Free. Thereafter they pay $75 per month.

Amazon Payments provides the same payment and checkout solutions used by tens of millions of Amazon customers to third-party merchants. Amazon Payments is offering free transaction processing to merchants through to 30 September 2009.

Video hosting service vzaar has released an API which allows third-party eCommerce solutions to offer vzaar video hosting to their customers.

eCommerce design and auction management company Frooition are the first to use the vzaar API. Frooition customers can now manage and add video to their product description pages from within the Frooition interface.

Adrian Bausor, head of development at Frooition commented "Our customers want to add video to their online shops, so when we were scoping the project we were faced with two options; we could build the feature ourselves, which would have taken several months and resources to develop, or we could interface with an established video hosting service. We opted for the later and decided on vzaar. Using the vzaar API has allowed us to offer the feature much faster and with more confidence given video encoding, hosting and streaming is their business."

eCommerce software company CORESense has announced three new partnerships in the COREPartner Ecosystem, a program announced in March of this year.

The COREPartner Ecosystem integrates third-party point-solutions with the CORESense application, enabling merchants to benefit from a range of eCommerce tools without losing time on complicated configuration and integration work.

"Partnerships with leading e-commerce software providers gives our customers, SMRs [small and medium-sized retailers], the same reach as the large chain stores and allows them to compete more effectively," said Jason Jacobs, CEO of CORESense. "Because we pre-integrate solutions with our retail management software, our customers have cost-effective access to tools that help them grow their business."

The new partnerships are with:

  • Power Reviews, a company that provides customer reviews and social merchandising solutions.
  • SLI Systems, whose Site Search with Merchandising provides a customized site search service.
  • LivePerson, a provider of online chat solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice.

* * * * *

CORESense has launched a Retail Competitiveness Index Survey, designed to help SMRs get a clearer picture of how effectively they are competing in five different areas of retail management. Participants need to provide contact details to view the survey results.

Auction and e-commerce solutions company Infopia has partnered with e-commerce company Channel Intelligence.

Through the alliance, CI customers will be able to expand sales to marketplaces such as eBay, while Infopia customers will gain access to additional comparison shopping engines. The offering combines CI’s data feed optimization and Infopia’s marketplace connectivity.

CI customers will have access to Infopia’s eCommerce platform to help them sell on eBay, and Infopia customers will have access to CI’s platform for optimized comparison shopping engine data feeds.

ChannelAdvisor has extended its alliance with GSI Commerce Inc. to help online retailers leverage paid search and comparison shopping engines.

Under the alliance, GSI will manage their clients' search advertising and comparison shopping campaigns using ChannelAdvisor’s Complete software application. ChannelAdvisor will provide GSI with an integrated platform for the management, optimization, and reporting of paid search and comparison shopping engine campaigns; and offer strategic support, training, and educational services to GSI’s in house team of online marketing specialists.

GSI Commerce is a leading provider of solutions that enable organizations to operate e-commerce businesses.

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