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Order management solution Ordoro can now be used to process customer payments via payment service Stripe.

The new feature can be used for selling in brick and mortar locations or handling phone orders, and enables retailers to process payments individually or in batch all within Ordoro.

Source: Ordoro

Multichannel management solution Brightpearl has launched an iOS-based retail POS system.

The new POS allows brick-and-mortar retailers to use one system for in-store, website and marketplace sales. It offers visibility into inventory over multiple locations, while directly integrating all transactions into Brightpearl's accounting back-end. Brightpearl POS supports return processing, collation of sales from multiple store outlets, real-time inventory updates across the business, warehouse visibility, and up-to-date financials.

"Brightpearl POS is a mobile Point of Sale specifically designed for omnichannel retailers. Fully integrated with the Brightpearl retail ERP solution, it allows the merchant to see store performance in real time, and empowers the team with a view of inventory across the entire business, so they can provide great customer service, and never miss a sale," said Andrew Porter, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "A mobile POS allows the merchant to take the in-store experience on the road, to trade shows, pop ups, or wherever they want to make that sale."

"With the Brightpearl POS, the most important thing for us is that we can spend less time looking at the screen, and more time looking at our customers. We can have a conversation with them, show them the jewelry and get them involved with what we do here," said Tom Graham, Ecommerce Manager, at Alex Monroe, a UK-based jewelry company.

The new Brightpearl POS also supports PayPal Here, an in-person payments platform. PayPal Here supports many payment forms including Chip and PIN debit and credit cards, or contactless methods, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Source: Brightpearl

Multi-carrier shipping tool ShipRush is now integrated with payment gateway Spark Pay.

Online merchants who accept Spark Pay can automatically send order data through to ShipRush, and use side-by-side rate shopping, discount postage plans, same-day delivery services, and more.

Source: ShipRush

Users of payment processor Stripe can now automatically synchronize orders to multi-carrier shipping system Shippo.

Orders from Stripe will appear in the Shippo online dashboard for shipping. Fulfilled orders information will be synced back to Stripe, along with the tracking number of the shipment.

Using the Shippo dashboard, businesses can connect to multiple shipping carriers to compare shipping rates, purchase shipping labels, generate return labels, track shipments, and manage orders.

Source: Shippo

Ecommerce platform X-Cart has released the latest version of their payments system X-Payments.

X-Payments 3.0 brings the software into compliance with the latest Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS 3.1), and has been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Other new features and improvements in X-Payments include:

  • Responsive and customizable design templates
  • Credit card errors now displayed on the same page
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Automatic update of card expiry date for re-issued cards, where supported by payment gateways
  • Chrome auto-fill support

Source: X-Cart

Inventory and channel management tool Zoho Inventory now works with payment provider WePay.

Zoho Inventory users can register quickly with WePay to start accepting payments from their customers. US-based businesses only need to enter their business details and bank information, then can start charging accepting Visa, Mastercard and Amex cards.

WePay has no setup or monthly fees, only a flat rate of 2.75%+30 cents per transaction for all card payments including Amex.

Zoho will provide all merchant support on invoicing, chargeback, refunds and discounts. Merchant accounts are processed daily for settlement.

Source: Zoho

Ecommerce platform Shopify will be an early adopter of Apple Pay's new web-based payments.

Apple Pay will allow consumers to quickly and securely check out via Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with one touch. Apple Pay was previously only available for in-person purchases.

All Shopify stores, in every country, will be able to accept Apple Pay if they're using Shopify Payments, Stripe, Braintree, FirstData Payeezy, Authorize.Net or CyberSource.

"Currently, online shoppers encounter a lot of friction when trying to purchase items on a mobile device. Apple Pay can help provide consumers with seamless purchase experiences," said Jason Normore, Director of Engineering at Shopify. "Shopify's mission has always been to enable our merchants to offer their customers the best experience, and that's why the announcement of Apple Pay coming to the web is so exciting. Now more than 275,000 small and medium-sized businesses are laying the groundwork for a better shopping experience on iPhone, iPad and Mac."

When you use a credit or debit card with Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device, nor on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element on the device. Each transaction is authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code.

Source: Shopify

UK ecommerce platform ekmPowershop has partnered with Swedish payments company Klarna to provide an integrated store and payments solution.

From today, all new EKM merchants will be offered a closely integrated payment solution powered by Klarna.

Luke Griffiths, UK Managing Director at Klarna, said, "Klarna and EKM have created a brand new solution, which will make it extremely simple for UK retailers to get online and compete with the giants of retail, which has been impossible up until now. Retailers will get a complete e-store just by going through one simple signup process. For a retailer, this is as close to instant selling as you will get."

Klarna payment methods include credit cards, an interest-free pay after delivery option, or a one-click mobile checkout. The pay after delivery option allows customers to complete purchases without having to enter card details or remember passwords. Klarna's risk algorithm analyses the purchase and Klarna immediately pays the merchant.

EKM is the UK's largest hosted ecommerce provider, being behind 1 in 5 British online stores. Klarna is an innovative Swedish payments startup that processed £6 billion in payments last year.

Source: Finextra

Order management tool ShipRush is now integrated with payment provider, and can also be used to ship orders from within the Magento ecommerce platform.

Both the desktop and web-based versions of ShipRush now integrate to, allowing orders to be downloaded and shipped.

ShipRush is also now embedded into the Magento admin console, so orders can be processed and labels printed without leaving Magento.

Source: ShipRush for and Magento Plugin

Open source shopping cart PrestaShop has partnered with SOFORT, the European leader in direct online bank transfer payments, to provide a pre-installed integration with their payment system within the PrestaShop platform.

The built-in integration will make it easy for businesses that use PrestaShop to activate the SOFORT direct online bank transfer payment system.

"At PrestaShop, we are always looking for innovative solutions that will help our customers find a path to success for their business," says Bertrand Amaraggi, PrestaShop's Country Manager, Spain. "Considering how easy it is to use as well as SOFORT's growth not only throughout Europe but also in Spain, we thought it was the right time to offer a quick and easy implementation of their payment solution for our customers' online businesses."

With the SOFORT solution, businesses can offer customers the option to pay by bank transfer in three steps, without having to sign up with SOFORT. Businesses will receive an instant transfer notification with payment details, allowing them to process orders right away. The transfer is made directly from the customer's bank account to the business's bank account, without intermediary accounts, and at the original sales amount.

SOFORT is a part of the Klarna Group, one of the leading European online payment providers. Direct online bank transfer payments are a popular ecommerce payment option in a number of European countries. More than 35,000 online businesses use SOFORT in Europe, and the payment service is available to more than 180 million consumers in 13 European countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Source: Prestashop

Shipping label printing software ShipRush has added support for the Stripe payment system.

ShipRush and ShipRush Web both fully integrate with Stripe, so retailers can ship against Stripe transactions.

ShipRush has also released a number of new features, including:

  • Wildcards in search.
  • New "Auto Ship" Presets.
  • Auto-set COD options by store.
  • Enhanced visibility of Cancelled orders
  • Excel reports now include all line items of orders
  • New Big Cartel support
  • Amazon "buy shipping" support for UK and DE.
  • New "two factor" authentication.
  • DHL Global Mail support (aka DHL Ecommerce).

Source: ShipRush for Stripe and Feature Updates

US Sales Tax calculation and filing tool TaxJar is now integrated with payment service Stripe Relay.

Customers of Stripe Relay can now have all their order history synced daily with TaxJar, allowing state-by-state sales tax reports and electronic filing.

Stripe Relay provides mobile in-app "Buy" buttons that allow shoppers to quickly and easily make a purchase straight from their mobile devices. One example is making sales within Tweets.

Source: TaxJar

Multichannel ecommerce management tool plentymarkets now supports checkout via the Klarna payment system.

Klarna Checkout makes mobile commerce quick and easy, only requiring customers to enter information that they already know rather than long credit card numbers. Sellers do not need to modify their store's checkout to use Klarna, instead customers are redirected to Klarna Checkout rather than completing the process in the online store.

Klarna Checkout includes several different payment methods, and if the customer has used Klarna in the past then the payment information will be filled in automatically.

To use Klarna Checkout in plentymarkets, sellers only need to enter their Klarna account information then insert a code snippet into the store's web design.

Source: plentymarkets

Ecommerce platform Shopify has a new retail point-of-sale app for Android phones and tablets.

The app and is available for free on the Google Play Store, and can be used to accept card payments in person from any Android device.

Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Canada can get a free swipe credit card reader to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards using the app. A chip-based reader is available for the Shopify iOS POS app, and is under development for the Android app.

Source: Shopify

Multichannel ecommerce software company CORESense has partnered with Tempus Technologies to provide EMV (chip-based) payment card support for its users with POS terminals.

Tempus's PaymentMate software as a service (SAAS) solution interfaces directly with smart terminals, is payment card industry (PCI) certified, and supports Europay, MasterCard and Visa cards.

The partnership allows CORESense point-of-sale users to easily adopt EMV chip technology and process chip-based Debit and Credit Card transactions.

Source: CORESense

Open source shopping cart PrestaShop has a new partnership with leading Chinese payment service Alipay.

The partnership covers the UK, Netherlands and Germany and helps PrestaShop retailers sell to Chinese consumers by providing a payment option that they are familar with.

The Alipay Cross Border Online Payment module is integrated into the PrestaShop back office, and available through the Addons Marketplace.

Rita Liu, Head of Europe, Middle East & Russia at Alipay said: "We want to make sure that we make it simple for everyone to offer their products and services to Chinese consumers. Alipay has become a lifestyle for our customers and our goal is to enable them to easily buy what they want from outside of China as well as at home. By partnering with PrestaShop we are opening up a new market to European retailers and enabling our customers to use the payment platform they trust and rely on to buy online from smaller companies in Europe."

Today, 50% of online payments in China are processed by Alipay. Over $14.3 billion of gross merchandise volume was settled through Alipay on Alibaba's retail marketplaces on "Singles Day" - November 11 - this year.

Source: PrestaShop

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has partnered with fraud detection company Sift Science.

As a result, Bigcommerce has introduced a new single-click application to automatically detect potential fraud for online merchants with significant order volume.

Sift Science's tool looks at thousands of behavioral and identity signals before and after an order takes place to uncover hidden clues and red flags. Using this data, the app distinguishes legitimate users from fraudsters, and assigns a Sift Score to quantify the potential risk. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 being safe, and 100 being almost certainly fraudulent.

"We were able to catch two quite obviously fraudulent orders and cancel shipping within 30 minutes of installing Sift," says Arthur Maitre, ecommerce manager at Native Union, a Bigcommerce beta tester for the Sift Science integration.

Source: Bigcommerce

Cloud-based shopping cart Volusion has added support for Amazon's payments system.

Volusion Merchants in the US can now enable Pay with Amazon, allowing shoppers to make purchases using payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account.

The integration makes it easy for the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop on Volusion websites. The merchant retains full control of the customer relationship, and product-level order data is never shared with Amazon.

"Providing customers with the ability to seamlessly log in and pay for items with the information stored in their Amazon accounts is a must-have feature," said Garin Fons at "As a long-time customer, we are thrilled that Volusion offers this powerful integration."

Source: Volusion

Order management tool Ordoro has added support for payment service Stripe Relay, and also Amazon's third-party marketplace in Canada.

Stripe Relay is a payment service for in-app purchases, processing payments for retailers selling through Twitter's phone app, amongst others. Relay also works with the mobile marketplace Spring. Ordoro users can now connect any Relay-connected storefront to their Ordoro account.

Ordoro has also added an integration with Amazon Canada - both the marketplace and FBA fulfillment service.

Source: Ordoro for Stripe Relay and Amazon Canada

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has announced a number of new and enhanced technology integrations.

Bigcommerce has a new partnership with ShipperHQ to provide real-time shipping quotes, and reduce shopping cart abandonment due to uncertainty over shipping costs.

ShipperHQ is the number one shipping extension for Magento, and provides merchants with a sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine, allowing merchants to offer their customers accurate, real-time shipping quotes.

ShipperHQ supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, GSO (Golden State Overnight) and LTL Freight Carriers.

The ShipperHQ app is currently only available to merchants on the Enterprise plan, and will be available to the full Bigcommerce merchant base in 2016.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce has a new partnership with Pinterest to enable Buyable Pins for Bigcommerce merchants.

Buyable Pins are a new Pinterest feature, and appear in user feeds if they are relevant to that user's interests just like regular Pins. Customers can buy on Pinterest by entering their shipping and payment information, and future purchases will only take two clicks. Pinterest orders are fed back to Bigcommerce for standard order processing.

Pinterest Buyable Pins created with Bigcommerce are also Rich Pins, displaying additional product information such as pricing and availability on the Pin.

* * * * *

Bigcommerce and Square announced an integration in February this year giving Bigcommerce merchants with an offline store the ability to process payments through a connected POS system. Now the integration has been enhanced with real-time inventory synchorization across physical and digital channels to rule out the possibility of overselling.

Source: Bigcommerce for ShipperHQ, Pinterest Buyable Pins and Square

An in-depth interview with Alex Sullivan, Chief Commercial Officer at World First, has been published on the Web Retailer blog.

Alex talks about how World First got started, why sellers come to them for help with currency exchange, how they help sellers get set up on new international marketplaces, the importance of customer service and more.

Inside Ecommerce Currency Exchange Specialist World First

Source: Web Retailer Blog

Ecommerce platform Shopify has released a new credit card reader for its POS system, as well as direct printing of USPS shipping labels and a new Xero accounting integration.

Shopify's new credit card reader supports contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as new chip-based ("EMV") credit and debit cards. The reader connects wirelessly to any iPhone or iPad running Shopify POS, and is available to pre-order for $99. Shopify merchants who buy the new reader are protected against any fraudulent transactions resulting from swiped chip cards, until the new reader is received.

The deadline for US retailers to switch to a chip-enabled card reader is October 1st, and retailers swiping chipped cards after that date could be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.

* * * * *

Shopify sellers can now buy and print USPS shipping labels directly through Shopify. Discounted shipping rates have been negotiated for merchants, saving up to 40% on a 5lb package being shipped from New York City to Chicago. Packages can be dropped off at any USPS location or a free home pick up arranged.

Shopify's postage-printing system is provided through an integration with Endicia. Harry Whitehouse, CTO and co-founder of Endicia, said, "Shopify and Endicia are committed to improving the selling experience for online retailers and consumers alike. It's important that Shopify sellers are able to ship their products quickly or they risk losing return customers and future sales. This integration provides hundreds of thousands of Shopify users an efficient and seamless shipping solution."

"Shipping is a fundamental component of any online merchant's workflow. We're focused on streamlining shipping and product delivery for our merchants, so they can focus on other aspects of growing their business," said Louis Kearns, Director of Product and Merchant Solutions at Shopify. "With Shopify Shipping, not only are we saving merchants time and money, but we're also giving them the foundation they need to perfect their fulfillment strategy. We expect to expand these benefits to merchants in other geographies with additional shipping providers over time."

* * * * *

Finally, Shopify has released a new Xero app to provide better integration with the popular accounting tool.

Shopify merchants can now seamlessly export product, payment, tax, and customer data into Xero instead of manually copying the data.

Source: Shopify for POS, USPS and Xero

Cloud-based ecommerce platform ekmPowershop now offers its merchants the option to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

ekmPowershop have partnered with ChainPay to become the first UK ecommerce solution to offer a built-in cryptocurrency payment system.

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is transferred from peer to peer without the need to pass through a bank or central system. It's universal across all countries and the elimination of a central banking system means very low transaction fees. Bitcoin can be sold in many places and is easily converted into conventional currency.

For merchants, accepting Bitcoin via Chainpay involves no setup charge or monthly fee, a 1% transaction fee and no possibility of chargebacks. Bitcoin payments received can be instantly transferred to a bank account.

Source: ekmPowershop

Cloud-based shopping cart Shopify has added support for manual order entry and manual input of credit card details to enable wholesale and phone orders.

The new "custom orders" tool allows merchants to build orders in Shopify using existing products, new line items, one-time discounts, and customizable shipping rates. It also allows orders to be saved as drafts.

Custom orders can be emailed to the customer with a link to pay online, or paid by credit card by manual input.

Custom order creation is available to all Shopify merchants at no additional cost but only those using direct payment gateways can process credit cards through manual input.

Source: Shopify

Cloud-based ecommerce solution Bigcommerce has added a PayPal payment integration including mobile payments support.

After a one-click installation, Bigcommerce store owners can begin accepting PayPal and credit card payments without a merchant account.

The new payment option will be made available to Bigcommerce merchants in the U.S. in the coming weeks, with international rollout expected later this year.

"PayPal takes a partner-based approach to payments to help merchants and consumers connect more easily," said Bill Ready, SVP of Global Merchant and NextGen Commerce at PayPal. "We're excited to team-up with Bigcommerce to offer an end-to-end ecommerce solution that makes it easier than ever for their merchants to launch and grow their businesses. Together, we are giving merchants everything they need to open an online store in just minutes rather than weeks -- all bundled into a single integration."

Source: Bigcommerce

Cloud-based ecommerce platform Shopify has launched a new SDK to help developers build mobile apps which can make purchases from Shopify stores.

The new Shopify Mobile Buy SDK makes it possible to sell physical products through mobile apps. Buy buttons or full responsive stores can be embedded, with secure checkout using Apple Pay or a credit card.

An iOS version of the SDK is available today, with an Android version coming in summer 2015.

* * * * *

Shopify has also announced the share price for their Initial Public Offering on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. The 7,700,000 shares will be offered to the public at US $17 per share. The IPO is expected to close around May 27, 2015.

Source: Shopify for Mobile SDK and IPO Pricing

Webstore platform Shopify has added support for Google's Wallet payment system.

Google Wallet is a US-only payment option that lets online shoppers securely store their credit and debit cards with Google, then quickly checkout from all online stores that display the "Buy with Google" button.

Hana Chang, Head of Commerce Platforms at Google, said, "Typing shipping and billing information on mobile devices can be a difficult experience, which is one of the main reasons why mobile shoppers abandon their shopping carts. We're working with Shopify, the leading commerce platform, to integrate Google Wallet and make checkout on mobile devices as easy as two clicks."

Source: Shopify

Cloud-based shopping cart Bigcommerce has released an integration with Intuit's QuickBooks Online, including QuickBooks Payments.

The integration covers a range of features in QuickBooks Online including invoices, expenses and other financial data.

"Both Intuit and Bigcommerce develop technology that makes our clients' lives easier, and this partnership will help Bigcommerce merchants simplify accounting with the help of QuickBooks Online," said Avi Golan, vice president and general manager of the Intuit Developer Group. "Merchants taking advantage of this integration will save time once spent on accounting, and will be able to keep their focus on running their business."

The integration includes synchronizing all ecommerce transactions, including sales and refunds, into QuickBooks Online from Bigcommerce.

The integration will be available first to Bigcommerce retailers in the U.S., followed by merchants in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia in the coming months

Source: Bigcommerce

Hosted storefront provider Bigcommerce has a new integration with payment and POS (point-of-sale) technology provider Square.

"Bigcommerce is helping Square merchants take their businesses to the next level," said Eddie Machaalani, Bigcommerce co-founder and CEO. "Ecommerce has fundamentally changed the ways in which retailers reach and attract customers. Through this integration, we're making it easier than ever for merchants to grow their brand and revenue without the burden of introducing additional complexity to their businesses."

"Trying to separately manage both an online and physical retail store can feel like running two different businesses," said Terry Carter, CEO of Travertine Spa. "What Bigcommerce and Square have built will immediately improve my day-to-day business processes, freeing time that was spent on reporting and technology to instead focus on growing sales and serving our customers."

Founded in 2009, Bigcommerce supports 60,000 retailers around the world from its offices in San Francisco, Austin and Sydney, Australia.

Source: Bigcommerce

Ecommerce integration tool Wombat has updated its support for POS system Vend.

Wombat users can now use its Vend integration in a few minutes without any custom coding. Key features include:

  • Sending product updates to the storefront.
  • Accurate tracking of customer orders.
  • Synchronizing inventory levels in real time.

"Having a point of sale integration that you can trust is key to ecommerce success," said Spree Commerce Chief Product Officer Sameer Gulati. "With this upgrade we've made connecting with this integration as easy as possible. Just follow a few simple steps and you're on your way."

Source: Wombat

Multichannel ecommerce tool TradeGecko's October release includes support for partial payments and improved handling of variant products on multiple sales channels.

Sellers can now track multiple payments against orders, to help manage split payments and deposits. Partial payments will also be fed to the Xero accounting tool.

Variant inventory items can now be bulk published and unpublished to specific sales channels from the product page, and a new Sales Channels tab for each variant provides fine control.

Also in the release, new user permissions provide control over which team members can view the cost price of inventory.

Source: TradeGecko

Shipping system ShipStation is now integrated with the Square physical point-of-sale payment app.

With the new integration, Square sellers will be able to ship orders using ShipStation's discounted USPS rates, multi-carrier label processing, and order management functionality. The setup process is streamlined by automatically populating store and warehouse information from Square.

Square's flagship feature is a point-of-sale mobile app, running on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Source: ShipStation

Hosted online store provider Upshot Commerce is now integrated with fraud-prevention technology provider Signifyd.

Benefits of the integration include:

  • The ability to quickly see whether a transaction is good or bad by score and color indicators.
  • Detailed customer information and Signifyd's recommendation on every transaction.
  • Instant alerts every time a risky transaction occurs and chargeback insurance.

Signifyd's technology utilizes multiple data sources including customer history, social data, public records, transaction speed, device identity and cross-merchant blacklists.

Upshot CEO Neal Kaiser said, "As a full service system, we see ourselves as partners, rather than service providers. Our relationship with our clients is ongoing and collaborative; we provide technical assistance and practical ecommerce expertise to our clients while they are constantly providing us with ideas, suggestions and feedback about new and developing features for our platform. Our amazing clients are truly our best assets."

Source: Upshot Commerce

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