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A free new sales reporting and analytics tool Zenstores Insights has been released today.

Zenstores Insights is designed to give online sellers a consolidated, up-to-date view of their sales performance, and the power to identify the channels, products and customers that are driving their business' growth.

Product heatmaps highlight a seller's best and worst-selling products and enable them to optimise their product-mix. Customer leaderboards provide the intelligence needed to engage a business' most valuable buyers, while day-by-day sales trends by channel and account keep sellers on the pulse of their business and enable them to react quickly to sudden spikes or drops in sales.

Charlie Cawood of online microretailer Rahsia SG, commented: "Zenstores Insights is incredibly valuable. It provides us with straightforward daily sales metrics and allows us to assess our real-time performance and growth."

"We know that lots of small online sellers desperately want to take a more analytical approach to their sales strategy, but lack the time required to consolidate and interrogate reports from multiple channels," says Tom Palmer, Zenstores CEO. "Zenstores Insights is our answer to this problem, giving sellers a simple route to the answers they most want to ask about their sales performance across all their stores."

Zenstores Insights is completely free to use and is compatible with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Source: Zenstores

The latest release of multichannel management software ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has a new report which compares a merchant's marketplace sales to their competitors.

The new "Marketplace Mix Trend" dashboard shows a monthly marketplace sales break-down compared to the sales of competing sellers.

Other new features in the release include:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products export functionality.
  • New Amazon repricer option to allow one repricing rule to apply to items of various conditions.
  • Improved eBay listing error handling including additional information about the most common policy violations.

ChannelAdvisor also announced four new marketplace integrations are now under development: Bluefly, Choxi, Iguama and Tanga.

Source: ChannelAdvisor

Ecommerce management system Volo has improved its built-in reporting and analytics module.

The module, called Volo Vision, now includes full cost calculations for profit and loss analysis. The upgrade will help improve profitability and decision-making by providing accurate profit margin reporting and eliminating manual data entry.

The module enables granular recording and accounting, down to the individual SKU level. Sellers can set the degree of detail required and enter any costs incurred outside of the Volo platform to calculate accurate profit or loss figures.

Out of the box reports include a Margin Breakdown report, SKU Margin report, Order Margin report and Margin Performance report - showing margin changes and trends over time.

Paul Watson, CEO of Volo Commerce, said, "We know from our experience that many merchants and retailers either spend a lot of time and effort analysing their profit and loss, or don't do enough of it. It also happens after the sale, and feels more like an audit than a way of actively doing business. We've brought the intelligence into our solution so that you can capture costs during the general course of your business and have the answers at your fingertips. In so doing, we want to free sellers, from having to extract data, import data into spreadsheets, build their own formulas – and do this repeatedly."

Source: Volo

Ecommerce management solution Brightpearl has launched a reporting feature in partnership with analytics software company minubo.

The new Brightpearl Insights feature generates instant results, using pre-prepared metrics, reports and dashboards designed by retail experts.

"It's about insight," said Henry Morland, Chief Product Officer at Brightpearl. "The reports and dashboards within Brightpearl Insights encapsulate many years of merchandising, marketing and general trading expertise across a range of sectors, captured by both Brightpearl and minubo. These tools are designed to inform good decision making in order to increase the advantage that Brightpearl's community of independent merchants already enjoy over their competition."

Key features include:

  • Self-service dashboards reporting across customers, vendors, products and sales.
  • Pre-defined reports aggregating sales and products.
  • Pre-built analytic reports, giving insights into customer acquisition, customer life-cycle and marketing spend.

Brightpearl Insights are available in three tiers and available immediately in the UK, and from July 6 in the US.

Source: Brightpearl

ChannelAdvisor has provided more information on the marketplace reporting widgets that were included in its recent Spring Release.

The new widgets cover:

  • Product performance and pricing for Amazon, with insights into best-selling products and Buy Box ownership.
  • Global demand, showing the global destinations for marketplace orders.
  • eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP), showing destinations for eBay GSP orders.
  • Lack of demand, which shows which products haven't been selling well.

* * * * *

ChannelAdvisor has also released support for Amazon North American Unified Accounts and Rakuten UK (formerly

Source: ChannelAdvisor for Widgets and Amazon/Rakuten

Multichannel management tool Stitch has released new reports on supplier performance and website traffic.

The new "Supplier Scorecard" benchmarks suppliers on lead time, delivery speed, and accuracy of orders.

The Google Analytics report provides a holistic view of product interest. The report shows which products are increasing in popularity, how advertising is performing and which products should be restocked.

Source: Stitch Labs

Webstore provider Bigcommerce has launched a new set of "Insights" ecommerce reports, available for an additional fee.

Bigcommerce Insights automatically interpret product and customer data, and create recommendations. Insights are groups into four categories: Merchandising, Customers, Abandoned Carts and Marketing.

Merchandising insights include products with a low conversion rate, non-selling products, and products with fast-growing sales. Customer Insights include best customers, repeat purchase rate, best products for repeat purchases, and customer LTV (Lifetime Value). Abandoned Cart Insights includes Most Abandoned Products, and Marketing Insights includes Customer LTV by sales channel.

"Big retailers invest in advanced software that collects and analyzes volumes of shopper data," says Tim Schulz, chief product officer at Bigcommerce. "As shoppers move through their sites, their advanced data tools track every click, customer and conversion to understand behavior, discover obstacles, optimize marketing campaigns and forecast inventory needs. These sophisticated analytics enable them to take the guesswork out of running their online business so they can increase conversions and drive sales."

Insights is available on all Bigcommerce plans for an additional monthly charge based on order volume.

Source: Bigcommerce

Ecommerce management tool Sellbrite has added new reporting and order download features.

The new reports provides better insight into business performance, including Sales by Time Period, Sales by SKU and a Low Stock Report. Additional reports are in development.

A new order export feature allows users to download order details from all channels to a CSV file.

Source: Sellbrite

Internet analytics tool SumAll has introduced a premium version of its service, costing $19 per month.

SumAll Premium includes one-on-one help sessions, "AlwaysAware" data monitoring and alerts, and priority access to new features. Features coming soon in the SumAll development roadmap are grouping of ad campaigns, and sharing of data between SumAll accounts used by team members.

SumAll provides a single reporting and analysis tool for data from sites including eBay, PayPal, Amazon, BigCommerce and Facebook.

Source: SumAll

Business data aggregator SumAll has updated its Android and iPhone apps to include all 30 platforms supported by the service.

Activity on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as usage stats from Google Analytics, are all included in the new apps.

Analytics aggregation tool SumAll has acquired social media monitoring service TwentyFeet.

The acquisition will result in enhanced support for social media services such as Facebook and Twiitter, as well as broadening the scope of sites supported.

* * * * *

SumAll has been experiencing data integrity issues recently, with some users of Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube seeing inaccurate reporting in SumAll.

The company have explained the problem is the result of unexpected growth straining their infrastructure, and to address the issue are removing corrupted data and investing in more powerful databases and servers.

SumAll aggregates and analyzes data from a wide range of ecommerce-related systems including Bigcommerce, Shopify and PayPal.

Ecommerce management tool Shopseen has added a report showing inventory, sales and order volume across all channels.

Available metrics include sales performance, product click-throughs, total transactions and more.

A new reporting system for eCommerce software for media sellers Monsoon has been created by third-party software company Altaireon.

The reporting system, called Communiqué V2, provides over 140 standard reports, sophisticated dashboards, and advanced reconciliation tools. It is priced at $495 for a single-user license.

Altaireon also make Communiqué V2 for Stone Edge Order Manager as well as a CRM (customer relationship management) tool called Touché.

Sales analysis tool Auction X2 now features an organizer so users can schedule important tasks related to their eBay business.

AuctionX2 will automatically generate reminders, and sellers can view daily sales figures within the calendar.

The latest version of eBay sales analysis tool Auction X2 includes a new feature allowing eBay sellers to create budgeted forecasts of profit, and to compare their budgets against actual bottom line profit.

A new graph allows the seller to see all activity against budget or alternatively to drill into the data by eBay category.

In addition all reports now come with a print function and a number of other minor enhancements.

The Spring 2008 release of multi-channel selling solution Infopia has been announced, and includes new web services, advanced Amazon integration, and performance reporting.

The web services functionality opens up the Infopia eCommerce platform to customers and partners that want to integrate back-office solutions, while the Amazon integration enables inventory to be launched to Amazon Seller Central with advanced attribute data. The new performance reporting gives online merchants access to business information for optimizing their eCommerce operations.

* * * * *

Infopia has also launched a new Search Marketing service for small- and mid-sized merchants that sell online. The service provides pay-per-click (PPC) management that enhances website traffic and grows online sales. It includes professional management, campaign optimization, and exposure on all major search engines.

"Search marketing can be a serious challenge for online merchants who have limited time and resources," said Bjorn Espenes, CEO of Infopia. "Infopia Search Marketing helps merchants be very competitive with how they market themselves and drive the traffic to their site that's needed for success."

Sell Center, the company behind auction management solution Laris, have a redesigned website with a new Learning Center and Wiki.

The Learning Center is a collection of eBay, e-commerce, and online marketing articles, most of which will be completely free. Content is written by industry experts such as Skip McGrath and Codi Hall, CEO of Drop Ship Direct, as well as the company's own consultants.

Laris-Wiki is a wiki for the Laris auction management system. Content will include how-to's, best practices, glossaries, set-up procedures, and standard feature documentation. Laris users will have the opportunity to help update, improve, and expand upon the documentation and knowledge base.


Laris users can now automatically generate reports on a pre-defined schedule, and have them e-mailed or uploaded to an FTP server automatically.

Infopia has introduced a new product called "Infopia Analytics" which helps their customers pull together a variety of business data for analysis and reporting. Tools within Infopia Analytics include Operational Reports, Performance Analytics, Website Analytics, and eBay Market Data (using HammerTap's PowerWeb tool). More information.

Auction manager Zoovy has launched Order Manager 6.0, which automates the order process for eBay sellers and other merchants. Order Manager 6.0 allows users to print postage, and sends out tracking information to the buyer. Integration with QuickBooks allows users to synchronize customer and order data.

The new software also provides reporting and customer relations management features to track customer and product information. A variety of payment options such as PayPal or automatic credit card processing are supported.

eBay has announced that Sales Reports Plus will be made free for all sellers. The timing has not been communicated, and the Sales Reports Plus page on eBay still states a $4.99 monthly fee. The standard version of Sales Reports is currently free.

Vendio has launched a new service called Vendio Reports. There are three pricing plans, including a free basic plan, and reports help sellers:

  • Get a snapshot of sales and costs over days or months
  • See which marketplace strategies make the most money
  • See the most successful items across all categories
  • See where most costs are accrued

eBay recently announced its "Favorite Seller Digest", an option which sends regular emails to buyers about items for sale by sellers they have selected. This is similar to MyStoreCredit, a Certified Solutions Provider, whose service enables buyer discounts for repeat purchases, and emails buyers with details of items for sale.

"eBay Sales Reports" are a new subscription-based product that will provide sellers with key sales information for their eBay businesses. The basic Sales Reports are free and Sales Reports Plus are $4.99 per month (free for Store holders). This service shows sales by category, listing format, timing, and duration, as well as average sale price and eBay fees. This begins to encroach on the territory of auction management and counter services such as Andale.

Auction Management application AuctionSage has added a new reporting tool, and made improvements to inventory reports and shipping charge calculation features.

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