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eBay marketplace research service Terapeak has released new features including:

  • Fixed-price 30-day listings appear the day after each item sells, rather than once the whole 30 day period is up
  • International sellers with the "All-Sites" package can now search all six international sites at once
  • A new "Value Track" feature monitors the value and sales rate of favorite searches, and reports the results in a weekly "stock-chart"
  • Server and site improvements mean faster searches

Antiques community WorthPoint has made an agreement with eBay market research company Terapeak, under which Terapeak will provide eBay data to WorthPoint, and resell WorthPoint's knowledge products.

“Our partnership with AERS and Terapeak will make WorthPoint the world’s most comprehensive source of information on art, antiques and collectibles,” said Will Seippel, CEO of WorthPoint. “We will be adding more than one billion items to our database over the course of this agreement and will make information accessible in an easy-to-use format so that people can learn more about the value of their collectibles. In these difficult economic times, people need help finding additional sources of income, and WorthPoint is the resource to help them do that.”

WorthPoint acquired rival GoAntiques in October 2008.'s auction widget and most watched items database are now listed on the site.

  • The Widget automatically shows your eBay listing's current Watch Count (how many eBay users actively clicked "Watch This Item") to your visitors.
  • "Most Watched on eBay" helps sellers discover the most watched eBay items, with searching by keyword and category.

Both tools are free.

eBay market research company Terapeak are currently beta testing a new feature called "Value Track".

Value Track collects frequent searches and charts data trends on a week-to-week basis. The grid breaks down like a stock chart, and allows tracking of product movement in terms of average price, number of listings, and aggregate success rate.

Community site WorthPoint has completed its acquisition of GoAntiques, the Web's oldest antiques and collectibles site.

Founded in 2007, WorthPoint offers a multi-million point database of sales records of art, antiques and collectibles from hundreds of auction houses. Members can take advantage of expert advice from the Company’s Worthologist team on how to preserve or sell antiques and collectibles. Members can also share their knowledge and create online collecting communities.

GoAntiques offers 650,000 items from approximately 1,300 dealers in 31 countries. The GoAntiques’ PriceMiner guide is the largest in the world, offering prices on 27 million collectibles and pieces of art and over 32 million images.

The combined company will have more than half a million registered members.

Research tool Terapeak has added an “Item Browse” feature to both Search and Seller reports.

Terapeak users can now view comprehensive details of items listed, and sort the results by different criteria. In addition, thumbnail images of closed listings are now larger.

eBay are to replace their market analysis tool eBay Marketplace Research with Terapeak, a well-regarded eBay research tool and licensee of eBay market data.

The new service will be called Marketplace Research by Terapeak and will be accessible from within the eBay website.

"We are pleased to join with Terapeak to offer our customers an alternative service for eBay Marketplace Research," said Laura Della Torre, Senior Manager, Seller Platform at eBay. "We have been working with Terapeak as a Certified Provider for several years and believe they are well suited to provide a research product that meets the needs of our customers."

Terapeak are currently offering year-long subscriptions at a discount rate of 60% off.

eBay seller statistics site SellerDome is now publishing separate rankings for the US, Germany, the UK, France, Australia, and Canada.

The US list includes the top 200,000 sellers; the UK lists 50,000; Australia has 10,000; and Germany, France and Canada list 7,500 sellers each.

Seller ranking website SellerDome is now providing monthly sales and price data on the top 100,000 sellers on eBay.

For some sellers this data is already available, and for others users of SellerDome may make a request and see the results in about 10 minutes.

The new data includes:

  • Average Monthly Sales
  • Average Item Sale Price
  • Sell-Through Percentage
  • Number of Listings per Month
  • Number of Bids

SellerDome is a free site that ranks the top million eBay sellers by feedback.

eBay market research company Terapeak officially launch the first of their product indexes today - tracking the price of iPhones sold on eBay.

The average price for a locked iPhone was $493.53 at time of writing. The average unlocked iPhone is selling for considerably more - $603.05. This same time frame saw 354 unlocked iPhones sold in a single day, and only 139 locked ones. This reveals a significant market preference for the unlocked iPhones.

In total, $60,075 worth of locked iPhones sold in a single day, while the vastly more popular unlocked iPhones scored $192,808 in sales (in total that's a quarter of a million dollars of sales in a single day.)

A white paper commissioned by ChannelAdvisor shows that multichannel selling significantly contributed to the success of 75 percent of the online retailers surveyed.

Other findings include:

  • 35 percent of retailers have sales and marketing initiatives that span at least six online channels
  • 39 percent have strategies for online affiliate marketing
  • 34 percent have strategies for comparison shopping engines

Download the white paper here.

eBay marketplace analysis tool Vendio Research & What's Hot has a new feature which monitors Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs).

Competitive Seller Research allows sellers to compare their DSRs against other eBay sellers.

The DSR system was launched by eBay last year and allows buyers to rate sellers on item description, communication, shipping speed, and shipping charges — in addition to the positive/neutral/negative feedback system.

eBay lister Ztail, launched only last year, has suspended its services.

Ztail was launched as a free listing tool in June 2007 with a huge catalog of product pictures and descriptions, and the option to show listings on blogs and social networking sites as well as eBay.

The site now has a holding page promising a new service which tells you how much your items are worth on eBay.

eBay research provider HammerTap has released a new feature that helps eBay sellers determine their likely profit margins before investing in a product.

The new report, called “Should I Sell My Product on eBay?”, provides sellers with graphic representations of the chances of selling, distribution of price, and competition for a product or category on eBay.

“The purpose of HammerTap is to provide eBay sellers with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand data,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap's CTO. “This new report on the profitability of selling a product is just the latest installment in HammerTap's mission to better serve the eBay community.”

AERS have launched the latest version of eBay market analysis tool Terapeak.

New Terapeak tools include information on what shoppers are searching for on the eBay platform and what products and titles are experiencing the most sales activity.

Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Sukow, explains, "This advanced version is the result of intense design innovation to create the industry's leading market research tool for use with eBay. Terapeak 5.0 offers vastly superior web interface products with newly enhanced features and functionality designed to create a fresh, seamless and fun user experience, regardless of whether you're an eBay PowerSeller or an eBay novice."

eBay research provider HammerTap has launched a new title builder for eBay sellers with the latest release of HammerTap version 3.

“Understanding which keywords to include in your listing title can make a listing much more profitable,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap’s CTO. “This new title builder helps any seller create more successful and more profitable listing titles much more quickly and easily.”

The new title builder analyzes individual keywords used in listing titles, and displays how many listings are using that keyword. In addition, sellers can see how each keyword affects their ending price and chances of selling. The title builder makes it easy for sellers to select keywords that increase their ending price, their chances of selling, or a combination of both.

The latest version of eBay research tool HammerTap includes three new analysis reports.

The three new reports make it easier for sellers to select the best category, best end day and best listing enhancements to increase their selling success rate and maximize profitability on every listing.

“In the past it has been difficult to understand how to apply eBay research to your listings,” says Brian Clark, HammerTap’s CTO. “Starting with this release, we are simplifying research in a major way as HammerTap revolutionizes how sellers use eBay research and analysis.”

Other changes over the next few months include a longer time frame for the product search, shipping cost data analysis, search via item specifics, a search wizard, additional reports, and automatic weekly reports. HammerTap will also be launching a listing tool, that promises to be completely different to anything currently on the market.

DataUnison has a new free version of their eBay Research API, for non-commercial use.

"At its core, eBay has created an open marketplace for goods and services," says DataUnison CEO Fred Speckeen. "But it also enables market competition - an important capability. With these new and updated tools, DataUnison taps into eBay data to provide sellers and now developers with the most comprehensive information for their online businesses to compete effectively. Developers are critical to harnessing this information to enhance online buying and selling through eBay."

DataUnison is a licensed eBay Market Data reseller owned by AERS, the company behind research tool Terapeak. They also license an advanced set of APIs to get more comprehensive data. More information.

HammerTap is running a web-based seminar on December 11 on the topic of using market research to increase profit margins. More info.

OrderMotion has a webinar on December 13 on customer contact centers. More info.

A new article by Sam Carson has been added to the site, covering free software and services for eBay sellers.

Don't pay for eBay selling tools! covers research tools Mpire Researcher and Terapeak; fee calculators eBCalc and ecal; and listers/management tools Auctiva, AuctionSplash, and ChannelMAX.

Sam reviews each tool in the course of selling seven unwanted garden gnomes.

eBay research tool Terapeak has been awarded with a Star Developer Award by eBay Germany for "Best Market Data Application". Terapeak was given the award in recognition of its positive impact on the German eBay selling community, which uses Terapeak's research tools to better compete on the eBay platform.

Terapeak's market research tool assists eBay sellers by providing statistics on the best time of day to sell, how to price items, the hottest products, how to pick a listing strategy, tips on using the best keywords and other research to help eBay sellers grow their businesses. Terapeak research offers eBay sales data from up to 90 days back from six different countries - U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France and Australia - and shows category trends for up to two years prior. More than 10,000 eBay sellers have used Terapeak's market research services to grow their businesses, approximately 750 of whom are based in Germany. has launched a new service called WipBox Mobile, which provides eBay and Craigslist price information by SMS text message.

By texting "WipBox" and the item's name to 44636 (4INFO), you receive high and average prices on eBay and Craigslist. By registering with WipBox, Craiglist results will be returned for your local area. The service is only available in the US.

A new version of eBay research tool Terapeak has been released, along with a new Title Builder application.

The new version 4.0 of Terapeak features improved navigation, performance and reports. The new Title Builder helps sellers build better eBay auction titles with real-time feedback, and is available to paying customers to analyze 400 eBay listings and to free users to analyze 100 eBay listings.

Terapeak has announced a new service - free eBay research with 30 days of historical eBay transactions.

The tool is accessed from Terapeak's home page and provides data on sell-through rates and average prices achieved with different upgrades, listing types, starting days, and more. The free service covers only.

eBay market research company HammerTap has announced integration with eBay's ProStores through the ProStores Developers Network. The new functionality allows ProStores’ users to import their inventory lists into the HammerTap research interface.

After importing a client’s inventory list, HammerTap organizes the products into categories. From there, users can generate research reports for specific products, bypassing several steps in the research process. "This integration is the first of its kind for any eBay market research tool," says Jen Cano, HammerTap spokesperson. "We are breaking new ground to bring online merchants simpler and more relevant research than ever before."

eBay marketplace analysis service eSeller Street now provides research reports on the marketplace.

The UK service is priced at £4.65 for 20 reports or £10.90 for 60 reports, and is good value for sellers who want to research eBay less than 40 times per month, says the company. Users can research using keywords, and both UK and US sales results are available to provide a cross-marketplace comparison. Reports include total revenue, average sold price, sales success rates, statistics by category, time and duration, the best listing strategy and links to top matching listings.

eSeller Street is powered by DataUnision, an eBay Market Data Reseller. DataUnison's parent company is AERS, which is also behind subscription-based research service Terapeak.

Market data archive for antiques and collectibles PriceMiner now has more than 25 million pricing records, making it the largest source of historical prices in this area, says the company behind PriceMiner, GoAntiques.

"Since introducing PriceMiner two years ago, it has been adopted by amateurs and professionals alike as one of the most reliable sources of historical pricing information," said Jim Kamnikar, president and chief executive officer. "PriceMiner is the first product to combine historical pricing information from multiple sources with’s vast archive of art, antiques and collectibles sales information."

Originally created for consumers and antique industry professionals, also offers custom versions of PriceMiner tailored for specific business applications, such as libraries and the insurance industry.

Terapeak is the first eBay market analysis service to offer official data from eBay UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France - in addition to Previously, international eBay sellers only had unlicensed tools such as AuctionIntelligence and Hot Item Finder to choose from.

Infopia has introduced a new product called "Infopia Analytics" which helps their customers pull together a variety of business data for analysis and reporting. Tools within Infopia Analytics include Operational Reports, Performance Analytics, Website Analytics, and eBay Market Data (using HammerTap's PowerWeb tool). More information.

eBay market analysis tool AuctionIntelligence is introducing an add-in which analyzes data from The add-in will download detailed vehicle data for analysis, and is priced at $49.99 per month for an introductory period, then $74.99 per month. Beta testers are currently being sought.

eBay market analysis provider Terapeak has changed their pricing. The old price plans - Research Complete at $16.95 per month and Research Lite at $9.95 per month - have been replaced by Research Insight and Research Advantage. Insight includes 30 days of eBay data to search, and category trending over 1 year for $14.95 per month or $149.95 per year. Advantage includes 90 days of eBay data to search, category trending over 2 years, and competitor research - for $24.95 per month or $197.95 per year.

eCommerce solution Infopia has released a new version of its Marketplace Manager, with extended selling channels, more checkout options, analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Supported selling channels now include uBid, Bid4Assets, and comparison shopping sites; checkout options include PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Google Checkout; analytics are available through integration of Google Analytics and Hammertap Research; and CRM is provided by Integration.

Online auction research service PriceMiner has signed agreements with a number of offline auction houses to include their historical pricing information in their research database. The auction house data, combined with information already available from eBay, GoAntiques and expands PriceMiner's database to more than 20 million records on the sales of art, collectibles and antiques, more than 13 million of which have photos.

eBay developer HammerTap has released a web-based version of their flagship market research software, also called HammerTap. The "PowerWeb Edition" is aimed both at eBay sellers, and at partner websites - such as listing and product sourcing tools - wishing to enhance their services with eBay market research. eCommerce company Infopia has been named as the first service to integrate HammerTap PowerWeb Edition.

Version 3 of eBay market analysis tool HammerTap (formerly DeepAnalysis) has been released. The new version has more powerful market research capabilities, including six months of data analysis, seller-specific research, and a streamlined interface. Seller-specific research is an often-requested feature that enables users to develop competitive profiles for specific sellers.

DataUnison has announced the winners of their eBay Research API Developer's Contest. Deal of the Moment, which helps buyers set proxy bids without the need to guess and without overbidding, won the Innovative Application award. Second place went to eSeller Street. Baywotch, a research tool for German eBay sellers won the Research Tool award, with Mr. Research as runner up in the category.

Data Unison is a division of AERS Inc., the developer of the Terapeak eBay marketplace research tool.

AERS, the company behind research tool Terapeak have launched a new tool specifically designed for eBay Motors Parts and Accessories (P&A) sellers. Terapeak’s Motors P&A Research researches the past year of sales activity on eBay, and reports on the best time to sell, how much to sell for, and which keywords perform best.

eCommerce solution provider Truition has made a deal with Fast Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search technologies, to integrate FAST's ImPulse technology with Truition's CMS eCommerce platform. This will enable retailers on Truition's platform to customize visitors' search experience; cross-sell products based on individual profiles; monitor user search to discover trends, and more.

Smart counters company Sellathon, Inc. has created a list of the top ten thousand eBay sellers (by feedback) worldwide. The list shows whether sellers have an eBay Store, if they are PowerSellers, their country, joining date, and more. It also shows that a significant proportion of top sellers are no longer registered users (banned) on eBay. See the list here.

Nortica has been running a similar service since 2003.

Andale is offering a free open trial for its Research 2.0 service. The trial is open to all, does not require a login or email address and can be accessed at As well as pricing recommendations, the service provides the optimal day and time to list an item, recommends the type of auction or fixed price format, and suggests marketing features, such as bold and gallery. The trial runs until 31 July 2006.

HammerTap's DeepAnalysis has been updated and relaunched at eBay Live! as HammerTap 3. The new version features a data history of up to six months, streamlined interface, and seller-specific research.

Auction listing and research company Mpire has launched Mpire Shopping, a web-based service that searches eBay, Yahoo!, Overstock and Craigslist. Research data is used to indicate the market value of products, and search phrases are suggested as you type.

Data Unison, the official data reseller and service provider for eBay's Market Data Program, has announced an eBay Research API Developer’s Contest. Contest categories include Innovative Application, Research Tool, and Smart Listing Application. Contestant registration starts June 10th and ends July 10th, 2006 and finalized projects must be submitted by July 25th, 2006. More info. Data Unison is a division of AERS Inc., the developer of Terapeak eBay marketplace research tool.

eCommerce solutions provider Infopia has announced its latest solution, Infopia Analytics, designed to help Infopia customers analyse their business, and improve strategy. The new application captures and aggregates performance data to show overall performance for products, listings, revenue, marketplaces, promotions and more. The data can be analyzed to provide greater insights and support decision-making.

Infopia also announced their selection by drop-off chain iSold It to provide customized software for their franchise stores.

eBay market rsearch tool Terapeak has launched a seller specific research feature. This allows users to search official eBay market data by seller ID and generate reports on any eBay seller. Possible uses of this include personal sales reports, competitive reports, and sales trending over time.

HammerTap, developer of market analysis tool DeepAnalysis, has become a separate company after two years of working as a division of Bright Builders, Inc.

The new version 3 of DeepAnalysis will undergo a name change from DeepAnalysis 3 to HammerTap 3, and enable users to track competitors’ auctions with seller-specific data.

HammerTap is planning to release DeepAnalysis version 3 in the near future. The new version will include seller-specific data, so sellers will be able to track competitors to increase sales and profits. New shipping data will allow sellers to list the best shipping price to close more auctions. And a new user interface is designed to help researchers find the data they need with graphical charts and reports.

Mpire Corporation has released Mpire Researcher Mobile, the first eBay market analysis tool specifically for cell phones.

eCommerce solution provider Truition has announced a partnership to integrate Omniture’s SiteCatalyst product into Truition’s Commerce Management System. SiteCatalyst enables vendors to analyze marketing initiatives and consumer behavior using metrics such as conversion ratios.

Omniture also provides visitor statistics for eBay Stores.

Auction management service provider Kyozou has launched a new website statistics and analysis tool - "eCommerce Statistics LIVE!". The new feature will help merchants monitor advertising performance; and analyze visitors' geographical location, referring link, visit length, and more.

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