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Search tool eBay Classic & Wildcard Search Tool is no longer working, due to changes in the eBay API.

eBay's API no longer allows access to their "classic" search framework which the WatchCount tool relied on.

The WatchCount tool effectively extended the availability of eBay wildcard searches beyond its removal from the eBay site at the end of 2012.


eBay Buy It Now search tool Buy Now Search has released a new app for Android devices.

Buy Now Search Free for eBay is available on the Google Play store.

The following new profiles have been added to the site today:

  • Zynk is a business automation platform with support for Sage, eBay, PayPal, Amazon and CRM software.
  • eBay Classic & Wildcard Search Tool provides access to eBay's former (pre-Cassini) search engine framework.
  • AuctionSensor searches for new Buy-It-Now listings and low-priced ending-soon auctions every 5 minutes.
  • DYMO Endicia allows users to print pre-paid U.S. Postal Service shipping labels directly from a PC, Mac, or API.

Windows-based eBay searching tool Prospector has undergone a major update with improvements in search setup and result display.

New searching options include item condition, best offer, and local pickup. In search results, shipping cost, item condition, and ship-to locations can now be shown.

In addition, the free Lite version now allows 100 searches per day (up from 30).

A new eBay US and UK search tool called Watched Item has been added to the directory.

Watched Item sorts eBay search results by popularity, measured by number of watchers - which is not shown on the eBay site. Shoppers can also view the 500 most watched items on eBay.

Sellers can promote their items with Watcher Counters, Product Gallery banners and Hall of Fame banners. The Watcher Counter tool encourages shoppers to watch an item. Products on watch lists get automatically promoted by eBay.

There is an interesting batch of new listings on the site today, including:

  • Listing Searcher, a new desktop eBay searcher from the makers of Prospector
  • Cascade, an e-commerce management tool for eBay, Amazon, and PlayTrade — from UK company Giant Systems Ltd
  • SellerDome, a list of the top 1 million (yes, really 1 million!) sellers on eBay - similar to Nortica's eBay 500 list
  • RepXchange, a place to share lists of non-paying bidders to add the the eBay block list

A search for misspelled items is now available to Business users. is a service that automatically searches eBay, as often as every minute, for new items matching your predefined search queries - useful for finding cheap Buy It Now listings before other buyers snap them up.

eBay's own Favorite Searches feature only searches once per day.

  • Auction Search Kit is an eBay / Google Maps mashup allowing eBay search results to be displayed on a map
  • ahTXT sends sale events, best offers, questions from buyers, and feedback notifications as SMS text messages to your cell phone
  • Supreme Auction is a free cross-marketing auction gallery

Buy It Now searcher JustDeals has a number of improvements.

These include an increase in search speed and accuracy, search naming, and improved sorting.

Price comparison site AuctionSHARK has a new mobile text based shopping tool.

Users can get the best prices from online stores and by sending a text message to using their mobile phone's SMS text messaging. Results are provided by AuctionSHARK's shopping search engine, which provides results from over 100 million item listings from eBay and more than 6,000 online stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock, Target and thousands more. The tool is free to consumers. has launched two pay services in addition to their basic free service., as featured in our free buying tools article Harry Potter and the eBay Bargain Hunt, searches eBay as often as every 15 minutes to find new Buy-It-Now bargains.

The Business and Premium Packages provide full featured search results emails, including pictures, the full listing description, seller ID with feedback rating, and more. The Business Package is $19.95 per month, and the Premium Package - which adds searching as often as every 1 minute - is $97 per month.

Searching and bidder shadowing tool Auction Shadow has added a feature which analyzes seller feedback and other information to enhance buying safety.

Auction Shadow's "Security Services" show how many unique buyers provided feedback to the seller, if the seller changes the content of their listings frequently, how the seller's feedback has changed over time, and more.

Auction Shadow's "ShadowSearches" allows users to 'shadow' other eBay shoppers as they bid. Users enter the user IDs of a few eBay shoppers they have bid against, and the system regularly searches for auctions being bid on by them. Alert messages are emailed whenever results are found.

Auction Shadow is a free service.

eBay has relaunched its desktop tool for buyers Project San Dimas as eBay Desktop.

eBay Desktop is a downloadable application for Windows and Mac computers that offers an alternative way for buyers to explore eBay, place bids, and buy items.

Unlike Project San Dimas, eBay Desktop works only with eBay US, but beta testers can continue to use San Dimas to shop on any eBay site until eBay Desktop support is extended to other countries.

eBay Desktop features a revamped home screen which highlights the user's eBay activity (watch list, bidding list, recent items, recent categories, and favorite searches). A new browse feature makes browsing on eBay a workable alternative to search. Favorite search feeds automatically pull down items that match a favorite search. eBay Desktop can optionally run in the background when the application is closed, to get reminders or outbid alerts at any time.

New eBay search tool getitnext has options to find "What's Hot", "Instant Deals", and "Hidden Gems".

What's Hot searches for the most popular items, Instant Deals searches for Buy It Now listings, and Hidden Gems uses a proprietary technology to find hidden and hard to find items.

New web-based searching tool allows automatic eBay searching as often as every 15 minutes.

eBay research company Terapeak have created a new application integrated with Facebook, using eBay Web Services and the Facebook Platform for developers launched last week.

The application, called Find it Instantly on Facebook displays results while a user types the search query without refreshing the page or clicking any buttons. Six eBay sites are supported: USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. Results can be shared with friends by adding any item from the result to a Facebook Mini-Feed or sending using Facebook Messaging. A Facebook ID is required to use the tool.

Free eBay searching tool AuctionSieve now supports eBay Stores searching.

Searching and sniping tool AuctionSleuth now works with eBay Singapore.

We have a new special offer — 20% off the Professional and Business versions of Munnin, the fast eBay seaching and monitoring tool. Visit the Special Offers page for more information and other member discounts.

Version 2.2 of eBay accelerator and searcher Munnin has been released. Improvements include storing favorite searches in folders; search for similar items; notification emails which include gallery images; performance improvements, and more.

New features in eBay searcher Nabit include translation into Portugese, start on Windows start-up, minimise to the status bar, and display of the buySAFE logo if a seller is a buySAFE Bonded Merchant.

eBay for Windows Media Center solution mceAuction is now compatible with Windows Vista (beta), and has new and improved skins.

eBay search tool Cooqy has added "myCooqy widgets", snippets of HTML code that add the Cooqy search engine to any web page. myCooqy widgets are free and support eBay USA, Canada, UK, India, and Australia.

Search tool Cooqy has a new Search Notification feature, which notifies users when a search that previously returned zero results results in one or more matching eBay item.

Free searching tool AuctionSHARK has expanded its multi-site search to more than 30 online auction and shopping sites. In addition to online auction sites from eBay, Yahoo, and Overstock, AuctionSHARK also searches online stores including Amazon,, Best Buy, Old Navy CompUSA and more.

Auction searcher Cooqy has added a feature which seaches for typos and misspellings.

Yahoo! has integrated Yahoo! Maps into the "Near Me" feature of Yahoo! Auctions. This new feature allows users to view the auction location on a Map.

A similar service is available for eBay searches via free third party offerings such as eBay Google Maps Mashup, AuctionMapper, and Cooqy.

The new version of AuctionTamer can automatically leave positive feedback for the buyer if they have left positive feedback for the seller and have paid for the item. Another new feature constantly searches for newly listed fixed price items that meet specified criteria.

eBay is adding RSS to search pages, enabling buyers to subscribe to an automatically updated list of auctions matching advanced search criteria. RSS feeds of eBay category and search results are currently available using third party products such as MarketGizmos and Pluck.

Search tool AuctionSleuth now supports Search By Seller for eBay, eBay Motors, Yahoo and

Version 3 of popular searching tool Prospector for eBay is now available. The update includes searching for media by ISBN, UPC, or EAN; statistics on completed items; comparison shopping links; and searching with distance restrictions.

Version 2 of Munnin, a tool which accelerates and enhances eBay searching and browsing, has been released. The new version supports searching by seller, background search updating, automatic auction archiving (which helps monitor specific sellers), a proximity search and more.

eBay Stores sellers are now able to set up a RSS "feed" that will make available a regularly updated summary of their recently-listed Store items to people who subscribe to it. RSS feeds can be viewed using readers or aggregators such as Pluck.

RSS functionality is currently available using third-party services such as MarketGizmos and Mighty Ticker.

Web-based eBay searcher AuctionMapper now offers a number of "Item Finders" that use eBay's Item Specifics to refine search results.

New site AuctionMapper includes advanced eBay search options and shows found items as pins on a zoomable US map.

Version 6.0 of searching program timeBLASTER has been released. The new features allow simultaneous automated searching of eBay Stores and eBay auctions, and presents a unified view of the items.

timeBLASTER is a Java-based application for collectors and serious shoppers that automatically runs a buyer’s eBay searches and creates Photo Albums containing the items found.

Web-based cross-site searcher AuctionSHARK now searches uBid,, eCost, Half and Overstock’s Shopping site, in addition to, Amazon, Overstock Auctions, and Yahoo!

Internet Bargain Center allows users to easily search or browse items on by US ZIP code.

Version 2.0 of popular searching tool Prospector for eBay is out now. There is a free Lite version that doesn't expire, and a programmable platform for third-party add-ons, through which Ace Sniper has provided a server-based sniping tool.

Popular Windows & Mac searching tool AuctionSieve now supports eBay's Ireland and India web sites.

eBay accelerator program Munnin can now search for auctions with typing and spelling errors.

eBay Toolbar alternative MOOBar now stores more searches, and recent searches are more easily accessible. A new version of feedback and monitoring program MOOSell is currently in beta testing, and features alert sounds, auto updating, a status log, and highlighting of new bids. MOOBar and MOOSell support exclusively, as does buyer tool MOOBuy.

eBay analysis company Terapeak has launched a free tool for buyers which searches for current listings at less than the average price. The tool leverages market data from the company’s database of closed auction listings to compare prices and return the best bargains. Try it here.

Free Java-based searching tool AuctionSieve has added a feature called "Price History Instant Averages". This calculates the average price of saved auctions that contain a selected keyword. Different currencies are averaged separately.

AuctionSieve can build up its history of ended auctions from searches of live auctions, or from individual completed auctions chosen by the user.

Searching tool AuctionSieve has been updated with a Watchlist for an unlimited number of items, and Price History so information on ended auctions can be retained indefinitely. Items can be added to the Watchlist by simply copying an eBay item URL from the browser address bar.

New searching, tracking and sniping tool AuctionNavigator is offering a 16.5% discount to Auction Software Review members, making the registration fee only $25.00. AuctionNavigator works with all international eBay sites. Details of all member special offers.

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