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An alternative version of Prospector for eBay that uses the official eBay API is available at This version has improved speed and reliability but lacks sniping features.

Search service has been added to the site. ItemScout searches eBay at regular intervals - between 5 minutes and 24 hours - and emails you the details of any new items found.

Free searching tool AuctionSieve has added new search options (price range, PayPal, BIN, quantity), the ability to specify a default eBay site, and a new menu for instant access to saved searches.

Bay Prospector, the searching and bidding tool, has added searching features for eBay stores and the Mature Audiences category.

Innovative searching tool AuctionSieve now supports international eBay sites.

Auction Magic, the free searching and monitoring tool, has been updated with a number of new features, such as:

  • "Excluded Sellers", which filters out specified sellers.
  • "Watching By Magic", which tracks individual auctions (similar to eBay's Watch List, but not limited to 30 items)
  • “Quick Search”, which immediately executes a search, instead of requiring you to set up a search in a folder.

Bay Prospector, the searching tool, has recently added new features including new listing tracking and notification, and Seller Check, which filters a seller's feedback to show only negatives.

Version 3.3 of AuctionVision, the searching tool, has been released. AuctionVision 3.3 contains many new features, including a Bids Screener, enhancements to the Snipe Tuner, reloading of unplaced Snipe Bids at start-up, and more.

Prospector Professional for eBay, the searching tool, has added support for eBay Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.

Prospector Professional for eBay, the searching, tracking and sniping tool, continues to expand and improve, by enhancing support for eBay UK and Australia with Germany coming soon.

AuctionSieve, a Java-based searching tool from Australia's Hashbang, has been added to the site.

An impressive new tool, Prospector Professional for eBay, developed using the Microsoft .NET Framework, has been added to the site and granted verified status.

The new version of My Auction Search has been granted verified status

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