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Shipping software ShipWorks has a new Enterprise edition with advanced tools to manage order fulfillment across a large organization.

ShipWorks Enterprise has been built specifically for high-volume shippers, and can be used from hundreds of workstations across different offices and locations.

The Enterprise edition can import sales orders from Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) including TMS, OMS and ERP platforms. Data connectivity options include OBDC, Excel, CSV, TXT and XML files, and the ShipWorks API.

Key features of ShipWorks Enterprise include:

  • Workforce management, auditing and reporting tools.
  • Customizable access rights at store, location and workstation levels.
  • Instant shipping rate comparison across carriers and services.

"ShipWorks Enterprise features have brought about a ton of efficiency in our overall shipping workflow," says Andrew Smith, director of operations at Golf Direct Now. "We are able to process 300-400 orders a day which is a 10x improvement over what we were able to do previously! ShipWorks Enterprise also provides us with a dedicated account manager which means we have direct access to customer support in case a problem ever comes up."

"ShipWorks Enterprise is the result of us paying close attention to the changing warehouse shipping environment over the last few years," said ShipWorks Co-Founder and General Manager Wes Clayton. "Warehouses need visibility, cost controls and carrier options to maintain ROI and stay competitive. With ShipWorks Enterprise, our customers can now access these new features to lower costs and expedite package delivery."

Source: Marketwired

Multi-carrier shipping label system Shippo can now receive order details directly from eBay.

eBay sellers are now able to sync their eBay orders with Shippo and connect to a network of shipping carriers around the world. Shippo can be used to get rates and purchase shipping labels for large volumes of shipments across multiple channels, from one platform.

Shippo automatically imports eBay orders into Shippo's dashboard then syncs the tracking number back to eBay.

Shippo streamlines shipment processing by creating shipping labels for a large batch of orders with the same package dimensions all at once. Shippo supports order sync from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Stripe and other platforms.

Users can also generate return labels, customs documents and commercial invoices (for international shipping) within one simple workflow.

Source: Shippo

Shipping system ShipStation can now generate shipping labels for packages to be sent via DHL Express in Australia.

Australian merchants who choose to connect to DHL Express through the ShipStation software will have access to leading shipping and fulfillment features:

  • Print international shipping labels using specially negotiated DHL Express rates
  • Create automatic customs documentation
  • Set up third party billing options so duties and taxes can be billed to the recipient
  • Consolidation of orders from multiple selling channels
  • Batch printing 1000s of shipping labels at a time
  • Automatic tracking/delivery emails, customers are updated on the status of their order
  • Easy to create automation rules that save time and money during shipping process

ShipStation has also introduced international address verification for users in Canada, Australia, and the UK to verify addresses when they ship in and out of the country.

Source: ShipStation

Shipping software ShipStation has released support for DHL in the United Kingdom.

UK-based sellers will now be able to ship to customers in-country and around the world, using ShipStation and DHL.

With the integration, ShipStation's UK customers will have access to the following DHL features:

  • Labels printed using negotiated DHL rates within ShipStation
  • Free electronic signature on every package
  • Carrier insurance
  • Automatically-generated customs documentation
  • Discounts for multi-package shipping
  • Third-party billing for shipping charges

ShipStation customers can also consolidate orders from multiple sales channels and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay; automate the selection of shipping options; batch print thousands of labels at once; and manage their shipping on a mobile device.

"This partnership with DHL continues to expand our breadth of offerings in the UK," said ShipStation's VP of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "Our UK customers are very important, and we look forward to helping them even more with their order shipping and fulfillment."

Source: ShipStation

Shipping system ShipStation now works with fully customizable shipping labels from eCom Label Solutions, currently available for FedEx shipments.

eCom Labels combine marketing features such as product showcases and loyalty coupons in a single, trifold label. The shipping portion of the label can now be printed directly in ShipStation.

To use eCom Labels, sellers need to design a label at eCom Label Solutions then ask ShipStation's User Success team to enable the feature on their account.

Source: ShipStation

Marketplace management tool Veeqo has partnered with transport management system STREAM.

The new partnership allows for a direct integration between the two platforms, smoothing out the entire inventory and delivery management process.

Businesses who need to manage inventory, ecommerce listing and delivery of products to customers using their own vehicles will particularly benefit from the integration.

STREAM is designed for companies with complex and challenging delivery requirements. The app provides map-based route optimisation, a mobile driver app, an innovative customer gateway, proactive email, SMS updates, and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

"We are excited about integrating Veeqo with STREAM," said Dave Pickburn, Director at STREAM developer Proximity. "Businesses who need to manage inventory, ecommerce listing and deliver products to customers with their own vehicles will particularly benefit from the integration of Veeqo".

Matt Warren, CEO and Founder at Veeqo added, "Our mission at Veeqo is to become the best possible platform for retailers to grow their business. This integration with STREAM provides a brand new way for people using our software to get their products delivered to their customers all over the UK."

Source: Veeqo

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo is now providing direct access to the US Postal Service via their ePostage program.

The USPS does not offer an open, public API for purchasing USPS shipping labels. Since 1999 the USPS has worked with only three technology partners (Pitney Bowes, Endicia and to provide public access to postage. Now through the new USPS ePostage program, Shippo has become the first new company in 18 years to enable all businesses to access USPS shipping services online.

ePostage is a new program developed by the USPS to accommodate the growth of ecommerce. While Amazon and Etsy have been using ePostage for their own USPS integrations, Shippo is the first and only company to make ePostage available to any business.

Writing on the company's blog, Shippo CEO Laura Behrens Wu said, "We worked with the USPS to make ePostage available publicly because we recognize that shipping is no longer just a 'back-room operation.' Shipping is a competitive advantage, tying together the online and offline experience. However, businesses of all sizes are still finding it difficult to successfully manage their shipping operations, citing the process to be time-consuming, expensive, and often confusing."

"Shippo provides a straightforward integration to the USPS, and a global network of carriers, in one integration. Our API and dashboard provides a full lifecycle solution for businesses at any stage. Now through ePostage, Shippo can guarantee businesses even better uptime, stability, speed, and scalability for USPS services. We've helped over 10,000 businesses around the world, ranging from small-business owners to enterprise platforms."

Shippo provides a multi-carrier shipping API to online retailers, technology providers and other businesses.

Source: Shippo

Shipping management tool ShipStation has added an integration with home products marketplace Houzz.

Houzz merchants can now ShipStation order fulfillment features including:

  • Free account (normally $15.99 per month) including discounted USPS rates.
  • Batch printing more than 500 shipping labels at once from a large variety of printers, from a Mac, PC, or mobile device.
  • Consolidation of orders from multiple sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many more.
  • Automation features allowing sellers to choose the least expensive shipping option based on type of product, weight, and geography.
  • Mobile app, free on iOS and Android devices, allowing sellers to manage and view their ShipStation accounts on their phones.

"We are excited to partner with this amazing company," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "Our integration with Houzz allows us to continue to help online sellers make shipping and fulfillment easier, efficient, and more cost-effective no matter where they sell."

Source: ShipStation

Multi-carrier shipping tool ShipRush has added support for marketplace Pricefalls.

Sellers using Pricefalls can now use ShipRush to find the best shipping rate, access discounted postage and more.

Source: ShipRush

Shipping software ShipRush now supports order download from Groupon Stores and WP eCommerce.

Sellers on those platforms can use ShipRush to find the best shipping rate, access discounted postage and more.

Source: ShipRush for WP eCommerce and Groupon Stores

Shipping system ShipStation has added support for real-time auction marketplace Tophatter.

Nearly every item on Tophatter sells, usually within 90 seconds, providing a unique and exciting platform for sellers to scale inventory quickly. Tophatter's largest partners sell 5,000-10,000 items per week, typically of heavily discounted items including jewelry, apparel, accessories, beauty and electronics.

The integration allows Tophatter sellers to easily connect with ShipStation to save time and money on their shipping and fulfillment processes. ShipStation offers:

  • Automation to find the least expensive shipping option based on type of product, weight and geography.
  • Order consolidation from multiple sales channels including Amazon, eBay and many more.
  • Batch printing more than 500 shipping labels at once, even wirelessly, from a large variety of thermal or desktop printers, from a Mac, PC, or mobile device.
  • A free USPS shipping account (worth $15.99 per month), including deeply discounted USPS rates.
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing sellers to manage and view their ShipStation accounts on the go.

"Tophatter and ShipStation are both leaders in the fast-moving world of e-commerce. This partnership helps Tophatter sellers ship large volumes of orders seamlessly via ShipStation, allowing them to put more time into growing their e-commerce businesses," says Andrew Blachman, Tophatter COO. "It's also been a pleasure working with the ShipStation marketing team to introduce many of ShipStation's clients to the Tophatter mobile marketplace as they look for new high-growth channels to expand their sales."

Source: ShipStation

USPS tracking numbers for shipments created through shipping system Shippo will now be live on the USPS site within one hour.

Previously, customers with USPS tracking numbers would see an "unknown tracking number" message when they went to the USPS website to track their shipment. The delay generated customer support overhead because consumers would contact businesses to tell them they had sent out a "bad tracking number".

Now, customers who receive a tracking number from a shipment created on Shippo will see that their shipment has been found, within 1 hour of the label being generated. The status is marked as "pre-shipment" and the origin address is shown, until the shipment is actually in transit.

Source: Shippo

Multi-carrier shipping tool ShipRush has integrated with shopping cart Ecwid and inventory management software Stitch.

Stitch and Ecwid sellers can now manage their shipments in both the desktop and web editions of ShipRush.

ShipRush offers side-by-side rate shopping, discount postage, same-day delivery services and more.

Source: ShipRush for Ecwid and Stitch Integrations

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo is now integrated with application connector and syncronization platform DSYNC.

The new integration enables more ecommerce, inventory, CRM, and accounting systems to synchronize order data into Shippo to compare shipping rates, purchase shipping labels, and track shipments.

"Our partnership with DSYNC is a great example of how systems can work together to power businesses of any size. We are excited to be connected to be integrated with DSYNC's network of software, helping to power shipping for their users," says Laura Behrens Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Shippo.

"We believe shipping should and can be democratized with technology. Our vision is to bring enterprise-level logistics to businesses big and small. Using economies of scale, we're able to tap into discounted shipping rates and provide merchants easy access to carriers all from one place."

Source: DSYNC

Marketplace management tool Seller Dynamics has added support for Amazon's Seller-Fulfilled Prime shipping program.

"We looked at the stats for Prime adoption and saw adding support as essential," said Alex Ogilvie, MD at Seller Dynamics. "60 odd million users and growing fast, and all apparently spending more than twice the average Amazon spend. That's quite a customer base if you can access it."

Seller Dynamics' support for Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) means sellers will be able to buy and print compatible Amazon shipping labels from within the software.

Currently sellers have to be invited by Amazon to join SFP, and sellers need to be able to meet similar shipping standards as Amazon itself.

Source: Seller Dynamics

Shipping management tool ShipStation now allows users to set up more than one account with the same mail carrier.

The new feature is particularly useful for sellers who ship from multiple locations with a different carrier account for each location.

Users can choose which shipping account to use via a dropdown menu, apply bulk actions or create automation rules to apply a specific carrier account.

Source: ShipStation

Multichannel management solution Jazva now supports shipping program Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, and ecommerce platform Volusion.

Jazva is now an approved shipping integrator for Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program. Sellers can process and fulfill SFP orders directly through Jazva, taking advantage of Prime branding and making their product listings eligible for Prime's two-day delivery service. This feature is currently in beta.

"Jazva already provides many robust integrations with Amazon FBA and MCF, so supporting SFP was the next logical progression to help our customers grow their Amazon business," says Itso Ivanov, Jazva's VP of Engineering.

Amazon estimates that sellers joining SFP will see a 30% to 40% jump in their sales.

Jazva has also added support for the Volusion shopping cart, enabling sellers to import products and orders from Volusion, as well as create products in Jazva and push listings to their Volusion web store. This feature is also in beta.

Finally, Jazva has released a number of UX (user experience) Improvements, giving a new look to the order admin area, redesigning the sales tax page, upgrading the missing items report, and creating new custom reordering options.

Source: Jazva

Users of payment processor Stripe can now automatically synchronize orders to multi-carrier shipping system Shippo.

Orders from Stripe will appear in the Shippo online dashboard for shipping. Fulfilled orders information will be synced back to Stripe, along with the tracking number of the shipment.

Using the Shippo dashboard, businesses can connect to multiple shipping carriers to compare shipping rates, purchase shipping labels, generate return labels, track shipments, and manage orders.

Source: Shippo

Shipping system ShipStation has added support for hosted ecommerce platform Weebly.

ShipStation provides Weebly site creators with the ability to manage and fulfill their orders across various shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more, all from within the ShipStation platform.

"ShipStation is excited to partner with such a leader in the industry," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "Weebly customers will benefit from ShipStation's time and money-saving options, and ShipStation will continue our mission to make every seller, wherever they sell and however they ship, exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders."

The package includes:

  • Free USPS shipping account (worth $15.99 per month), with deeply discounted USPS rates.
  • Automation features to automatically choose the least expensive shipping option based on type of product, weight and geography.
  • Batch printing more than 500 shipping labels at once, wirelessly, from a large variety of thermal or desktop printers, from a Mac, PC, or mobile device.
  • Customized and/or branded shipping and packing label options.

Source: ShipStation

Multi-carrier shipping label system Shippo is now available from within warehouse management system Snapfulfil.

Using Shippo's API, Snapfulfil now provides integrated access to global shipping providers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and ParcelForce, via Shippo directly from their platform.

"Our partnership with Snapfulfil is a great example of how customers of any size can rely on Shippo to manage their business across many different platforms. With the Snapfulfil - Shippo integration, merchants can now take advantage of lower shipping rates, additional carriers, and native Snapfulfil workflows to optimize their warehouse operations," says Laura Behrens Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Shippo.

As well as providing a single API to access domestic and international carriers, Shippo also aggregates shipping across their platform to provide volume pricing to their customers.

Source: PR Newswire

Shipping management tool ShipStation is now integrated with hosted ecommerce platform CoreCommerce.

CoreCommere's platform provides user-friendly technology to build an online business and track its growth. Key features include supplier management tools, B2B functionality, and premier customer support and onboarding capabilities.

The new partnership will combine CoreCommerce's service with ShipStation's shipping and fulfillment technology.

Source: ShipStation

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo has enhanced their shipment tracking feature with additional data.

The Shippo Tracking API gets the tracking status of any shipment with a tracking number, and now provides source and destination address information, the estimated time of arrival and the service level that the shipment was sent with.

OrderCup has implemented tracking using Shippo, so merchants managing their sales through OrderCup can now follow shipment statuses and find historical information without having to go to the carrier's website.

Source: Shippo

Inventory and channel management tool is now integrated with parcel carrier UKMail.

The addition of UKMail to allows customers to assign shipping, manage tracking numbers and print shipping labels from within Linnworks.

UKMail joins the extensive list of shipping integrations including Royal Mail, DPD, Interlink and FedEx.

The Linnworks team are also working on integrations with, Etsy, Magento 2, as well as stock receiving functionality.

Source: Linnworks

UK parcel delivery company ParcelBright, acquired by Veeqo in March this year, has been relaunched.

ParcelBright remains a standalone entity but is now integrated with Veeqo's software, providing Veeqo customers access to cheaper shipping rates and a wider range of couriers.

ParcelBright has established relationships with some of the industry's best-known logistics companies, including DHL, DX and UKMail. ParcelBright customers can select a shipping provider on a "per-order" basis, granting them more flexibility and cost savings.

"ParcelBright are one of the most exciting shipping companies in the UK, and we're really pleased to welcome them to the Veeqo family," said Matt Warren, Founder and CEO at Veeqo. "It's our mission to simplify and accelerate the sales and shipping process for retailers. Integrating ParcelBright with the Veeqo platform will make it easier and more affordable than ever before for retailers to ship their orders to customers all over the world."

Source: Veeqo

Shipping system Shippo has added integrations with two new parcel carriers: UberRUSH and Deutsche Post.

UberRUSH provides on-demand delivery services to businesses in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco who want to send parcels to customers in the same city. The service, provided by taxi company Uber, offers fixed quotes so the cost won't be affected by traffic delays.

Deutsche Post can be used by businesses sending parcels from Germany, both to destinations within Germany and internationally.

The new carriers will appear alongside existing Shippo shipping provider accounts which include USPS, DHL Express, and Parcelforce.

With Shippo, businesses are able to compare delivery times and shipping rates and print labels immediately upon sign up through shipping provider accounts activated by default on Shippo.

Source: Shippo

Marketplace management solution ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces has partnered with UK-based mail consolidator GFS.

The new partnership provides ChannelAdvisor customers with the ability to print labels straight from ChannelAdvisor using GFS' multi-carrier despatch platform. Sellers can save time and money and reduce manual processing, as parcel tracking numbers are automatically provided back to sales channels and consumers.

Sham Singh, Head of Channel Development for GFS, says: "Its win-win for both of our growing customer bases; customers can access the amazing control and visibility ChannelAdvisor provides with their sales and inventory tools, fully supported by our swift despatch solutions and our shipping expertise. I am delighted ChannelAdvisor have collaborated on this integration with GFS, I feel we both share the same passion for providing sellers with the tools to excel in the aggressive online arena."

Håkan Thyr, Director of Partnerships, EMEA for ChannelAdvisor, says: "We're excited to announce this strategic alliance with GFS. Our aim is always to help retailers optimise their e-commerce operations, and by working with GFS, our customers have an even more seamless and effective way of managing orders, from listing to despatch. GFS is a great parcel and carrier platform and we're thrilled to be able to add them to our partner ecosystem."

ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to access GFS' competitive carrier rates and expertise in shipping.

Source: GFS

Ecommerce management system OrderWise now supports Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

Other updates to OrderWise include:

  • Users can now store an exchange rate against individual purchase order lines.
  • Automatic up-sell reminders for staff creating orders manually.
  • Automated invoice generation.
  • Minimum stock levels for Google Shopping listings.
  • Customizing how batch numbers and expiry dates appear on invoices, receipts and delivery notes.
  • New goods-in despatch feature, allowing one staff member to book in stock while other staff ship items.

Source: OrderWise

UK order management tool Shiptheory has added support for shipping consolidator Despatch Bay Pro.

Despatch Bay, based in the UK, provides competitive shipping rates for letters, parcels, packets and pallets via carriers including Royal Mail, Yodel, DX, Parcelforce and DHL.

Shiptheory's integration makes it easy to connect Magento, Shopify, Brightpearl, Unleashed, Exact and Visualsoft to a Despatch Bay Pro account and automate the shipping process.

Shiptheory supports over 100 of Despatch Bay's delivery services, and custom shipping rules can be created to select the best service for each shipment.

Source: Shiptheory

Order management software company Stone Edge, sold by former owner Monsoon Commerce in February this year, has provided an update on the future of the system.

Writing on the Stone Edge blog, new CEO Weiwei Li said, "I'm excited to share news with you about IRCE, Stone Edge Order Manager and introduce the soon to arrive web-based version – Stone Edge Fusion. In the future, some components of Stone Edge Order Manager will be treated as separate modules to enable changes to be made more rapidly, ease the burden of program maintenance on users, and seamlessly integrate with third party solutions."

The new modules, which will be provided free to customers with an active maintenance agreement, include:

  • Stone Edge Channel Manager, which will connect Stone Edge Order Manager to sales channels.
  • Stone Edge Sync Manager, which will sync inventory and orders between Stone Edge Order Manager and Stone Edge Fulfillment/Shipping Manager.
  • Stone Edge Fulfillment/Shipping Manager, a cloud-based module which will manage various styles of order fulfillment and and shipping and integrate with third-party services such as ShipStation and Shippo.

The aim is to provide a simplified Stone Edge Order Manager focusing on setup, batch order processing, drop shipping, purchase orders, receiving, and inventory.

Go-live dates for Stone Edge Fusion are expected to be start in the next few months.

Source: Stone Edge

Shipping system ShipStation now provides custom-branded parcel tracking pages.

The new feature, currently available only for US-based businesses, allows users to design their customer-facing order tracking page with their own brand logo, colors, contact information and social media links.

The progress of the customer's order is shown visually on a map. The branded page helps promote the business while providing a better customer experience, and is mobile-responsive.

A new Customer Engagement report complements the branded tracking page with open and click rates for tracking and delivery emails, along with statistics on visits to the branded tracking page and which links are clicked.

Source: ShipStation

Multichannel management tool Webgility Unify is now integrated with shipping management software ShipStation.

"Shipping and fulfillment are often the most time-consuming, arduous steps in any e-commerce sale," said Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO, Webgility. "Our customers have asked us to free them from these shackles of inefficiency—and we've done just that by partnering with ShipStation."

Users of Webgility and ShipStation can now:

  • Sync inventory across all channels.
  • Automatically post individual orders or consolidated groups of orders into accounting software.
  • View their entire multi-channel business performance from one place.
  • Experiment with new sales channels without adjusting workflows.

"For tons of businesses, Webgility is the e-commerce operations software of choice," said Robert Gilbreath, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, ShipStation. "We are excited to work with this innovator to help their customers save even more time and money on shipping and fulfillment."

Source: ShipStation and Webgility

Marketplace management tool Selro Multi Channel has integrated with US marketplace and carrier management system Shippo.

Selro has added to its list of registered channels, in addition to existing support for eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Etsy, Flubit, Sears, Bonanza, CDiscount, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, and Blue Park. was launched in 2015 and predicted it would reach $1 billion in sales in May this year.

* * * * *

Selro's new Shippo integration provides access to carriers including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and ParcelForce. Selro customers can print Shippo shipping labels directly from their Selro account to fulfill orders from all their sales channels.

There are no monthly charge for Shippo, only the cost of postage plus 5 cents per label.

Source: Selro for and Shippo integrations

UK shipping tool Shiptheory now supports multiple accounts with the same parcel carrier.

Users can, for example, add three entirely different DPD accounts based at different locations in the UK from just one Shiptheory account.

Carrier accounts can be given a label to make them easy to identify. Each account counts towards the Shiptheory carrier allowance.

Source: Shiptheory

Shipping system Shippo can now handle shipments consisting of multiple boxes.

For orders that do not fit into one box and must be shipped in multiple boxes going to the same delivery address, Shippo can create one shipment and provide one tracking number.

Multi-piece shipments are available through the Shippo API and for UPS and FedEx shipments only.

Source: Shippo

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo has a new integration, with Canada's Purolator.

Shippo will support all Purolator courier services in Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Shippo allows users to:

  • Compare shipping rates and services
  • Print shipping labels
  • Track packages
  • Create manifests for large shipment volumes
  • Require signature confirmation upon delivery

Purolator offers a variety of parcel services to both national and international destinations.

Source: Shippo

Shipping system Shippo is now integrated with marketplace management tool Sellbrite and payment processor Stripe.

Businesses using Stripe or Sellbrite can now purchase shipping labels at discounted rates from Shippo.

After connecting to Shippo, sellers will be able to access discounted USPS shipping rates by default, and rates from other carriers if they connect them to their Shippo account.

To purchase shipping labels, Stripe users can either integrate Shippo's API or log into the Shippo dashboard to process orders that are automatically imported. Sellbrite users, however, can access Shippo directly from Sellbrite to get discounted shipping rates and print labels.

It's free to manage orders and use the Shippo API, customers only pay when they purchase labels.

Source: Shippo for Stripe and Sellbrite Partnerships

Inventory and channel management tool Linnworks is now integrated with UK shipping aggregator Parcel Station.

The new integration provides Linnworks users with access to some of the lowest rates on the UK and international parcel delivery market.

Parcel Station's carrier integration software provides sellers with intelligent routing options, allowing them to automatically select the best carrier and print the correct shipping label.

Parcel Station delivers to over 190 countries worldwide, and has partnerships with industry-leading carriers across the globe. Parcel Station has a "direct injection" arrangement for deliveries to Germany, France and the USA, meaning that parcels are entered directly into the national postal networks of those countries. Direct injection can save 40%-50% over standard overnight services such as FedEx.

In the UK, Parcel Station covers the following carriers: Hermes, Royal Mail, Yodel, DX and DX Freight, DHL and XDP.

Source: Linn Systems

UK order management tool Shiptheory is now integrated with ecommerce platform Zoey.

By installing the Shiptheory app from the Zoey App Marketplace, merchants can connect to a range of parcel carriers and print labels directly from Zoey.

The Shiptheory Zoey app is integrated with FedEx, UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, UK Mail and more of the worlds most popular shippers. Shipping rules can use order weight, value, product data and more to calculate which orders to ship with which carriers.

By shipping orders in Zoey, Shiptheory will pickup the orders, calculated the shipper to use, electronically transfer consignment data to the carrier, print a shipping label and pre-populate the daily manifest. The carrier tracking number is returned to the order in Zoey and emailed directly to the customer.

Zoey is an increasingly popular ecommerce platform built on Magento.

Source: Shiptheory

Shipping system ShipStation is now integrated with UPS in the UK and Australia.

UPS is the second supported carrier for Australian ecommerce merchants, and UPS is ShipStation's first supported carrier in the UK.

"We're thrilled to provide UK and Australian retailers with this integration," says ShipStation's VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. "By offering a feature-rich integration with UPS UK and Australia, we are helping our users become exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders, wherever they sell and however they ship."

Customers will have access to the following UPS features:

  • Negotiated rates
  • Discounts for multi-package shipping
  • Third-party billing for shipping charges
  • Saturday delivery

"Selling online today is easier and faster than ever before," says Gilbreath. "E-commerce businesses are popping up all over the world, every day. ShipStation is the platform they use that gives them the options they need."

Source: ShipStation

Multi-carrier shipping system Shippo has a new integration, with USPS mail consolidator DHL eCommerce.

Shippo users can now access DHL eCommerce alongside the other shipping providers Shippo supports.

DHL eCommerce is a discounted postage partnership program created between DHL and USPS. Packages are first pre-sorted within DHL's eCommerce distribution centers, expediting the process, then inserted into the mail stream for final delivery via USPS.

DHL eCommerce provides various service levels for businesses based on specific package weight and dimensions. Packages are sorted in DHL facilities and delivered by USPS. For expedited services, the estimated delivery time is 2-5 days, and for ground services, the estimated delivery is from 3-8 days.

DHL is also an approved carrier of "dangerous goods" such as lithium batteries, perfumes and some electronic equipment. With DHL eCommerce merchants can send items that are considered dangerous at a much lower shipping rate.

Source: Shippo

Order management tool ShipStation is now available to sellers in Canada, Australia and the UK, in addition to the US.

ShipStation users in Canada, Australia and the UK have access to the following features:

  • Batch printing of more than 500 shipping labels at a time.
  • Consolidation of orders from multiple sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many more.
  • Continually updated automation features to set up shipping processes to save time and money.
  • Automatic tracking and delivery emails, keeping customers updated about the status of their order.
  • Wireless printing via ShipStation Connect, allowing users to send shipping labels to one printer and packing slips to another.

In addition, ShipStation users in Canada, Australia and the UK who ship internationally will be able to:

  • Set up automatically populated customs forms for international shipments.
  • Create automatic customs documentation.
  • Set up customs forms to be automatically signed for international shipments.

"International e-commerce is growing rapidly and Canada, Australia and the UK are three of the top ten countries with the most e-commerce sales," says ShipStation's VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. "ShipStation is pleased to support our users in these countries by integrating with the carriers they know and utilize on a daily basis and providing a best-in-class shipping solution."

* * * * *

ShipStation has also announced an integration with Purolator, one of Canada's leading freight, package and logistics solutions providers. Merchants based in Canada will now be able to ship to users throughout Canada and around the world, using ShipStation's shipping software and Purolator's delivery service.

Source: ShipStation for International Expansion and Purolator Integration

UK shipping tool Shiptheory has added support for freight transporter Palletways.

The new integration makes it easy for Magento and Shopify store owners, Brightpearl users and Exact users to automate their shipping process and send shipments using Palletways.

Shipping rules can be created in Shiptheory to automatically create Palletways shipping labels for pallets. Shiptheory electronically transfers pallet information to Palletways, keeping customers informed throughout the delivery process.

Palletways, founded in 1994, transports over 30,000 pallets everyday across their network of more than 400 depots in 20 countries. Palletways was acquired by Imperial Holdings Limited for £163 million on the first of June this year.

Source: Shiptheory

UK order management tool Shiptheory has added a customizable CSV export feature, and an integration with freight carrier Tuffnells.

Shiptheory users can now create CSV templates to match file formats required by systems that lack a direct integration option such as an API.

The CSV templates can include delivery address data, shipment detail, product information and senders information in any order required. When shipments are exported to CSV, the sales channel for each order (Magento, Brightpearl, Shopify etc.) will be updated accordingly.

Shiptheory has also released an integration with freight carrier Tuffnells Parcels Express. Tuffnells provides UK, EU and Worldwide freight services, using its fleet of 700 vehicles. Shiptheory have seen increasing demand for the Tuffnells B2B Next Day service in particular.

The Tuffnells integration includes electronic and paper manifests, and supports shipping rules based on the weight, value, destination and order contents.

Source: Shiptheory for CSV Export and Tuffnells Integration

Amazon analytics system ManageByStats now has a direct link from Amazon orders to parcel carriers' tracking pages.

Instead of navigating to Amazon and copying-and-pasting the tracking number into the carrier's website, ManageByStats provides a direct link pre-filled with the correct tracking information.

Source: ManageByStats

Shipping system ShipStation has a new integration with automation platform Zapier.

Zapier connects to over 500 popular web services, including social media, accounting, marketing, forms, shopping carts and more.

Zapier users will be able to connect with ShipStation's many features to save time and money on their shipping and fulfillment processes.

"An integration with Zapier was one of our top requests, and we are proud to say that ShipStation is the first shipping and fulfillment integration with Zapier," says ShipStation's Vice President of Marketing Robert Gilbreath. "We're excited to offer Zapier users more automation tools to save time and money on their shipping and fulfillment."

Marketplace management tool Veeqo also added an integration with Zapier recently.

Source: ShipStation

UK shipping tool Zenstores now supports parcel carrier myHermes.

Zenstores Business Account customers can now create shipments and print labels for parcels to be delivered by myHermes.

Hermes Sales Director Mike Antwoon said, "We are making significant investments to support our Business Account holders which include sole traders, internet power sellers and SME retailers across the UK. It is an area in which we are seeing significant growth and so it is important that we have the right partners on board. Zenstores will help our customers to streamline their operations and maximise efficiency."

Source: Tamebay

Multichannel management tool Sellbrite can now create shipping labels and print USPS postage directly from the system.

Postage can now be purchased from within Sellbrite for all USPS orders. Dimensions, weights, and shipping locations are remembered and stored on products to save time. Sellbrite offers the lowest rates available from the USPS. Merchants can load funds in advance into their postage wallet, cutting down on transactions and reducing work. Funds can be auto-replenished.

Sellbrite can also split orders, allowing some items within an order to be fulfilled in-house while others are routed to FBA.

Source: Sellbrite

UK shipping tool Shiptheory has released a new API, allowing developers to integrate other systems with Shiptheory's multi-carrier shipping engine.

The Shiptheory API makes multiple carriers available through just one consistent endpoint. Retailers only need to integrate with one API to entirely automate their shipping.

The Shiptheory API is a REST API, exchanging data using either JSON or XML. It supports the following functions:

  • Book a consignment with a carrier
  • Get a consignment and print labels

Shiptheory founder James Mikkelson said, "Developing integrations with carrier software is tricky. Every carrier has a different set of requirements and reams of documentation. The Shiptheory API takes the pain out of the development process for our users, providing one unified endpoint for all our supported carriers."

Source: Shiptheory

UK multichannel management solution StoreFeeder has a new feature which assesses how changes to shipping rules will affect orders.

The new Shipping Rules Tester, previously only an internal tool, is now available to all StoreFeeder users to test how shipping rules will perform under different circumstances.

The Tester allows users to see all valid shipping rules for an order, and which rule would be applied, helping sellers create shipping rules that calculate the correct results under different scenarios.

StoreFeeder's Shipping Rules have also been improved with new Specificity and Priority settings. Specificity and Priority acts as tie-breakers when more than one rule could apply to an order.

Source: StoreFeeder

Ecommerce platform Shopify is now connected with on-demand delivery service Postmates.

Shopify merchants can deliver to local customers using Postmates to get deliveries to their door in as little as an hour.

Postmates is available in over 200 cities across the United States. After enabling Postmates, local customers will be able to select it as their delivery method. Then a Postmates courier will come to pick up the order and take it directly to the customer.

Both the merchant and customer can track the order in real-time from pickup to drop off.

Source: Shopify

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