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Web Retailer has added a new feature to help sellers find software relevant to their needs.

The new "Popular in this category" and "People also view" lists are shown on all software and service listings in the directory, and use the collective wisdom of Web Retailer visitors to identify listings which are the most viewed in the same category, and listings which people view in the same visit to the site.

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PriceYak founder Doug Feigelson was interviewed for Web Retailer article The Truth About Amazon to eBay Arbitrage.

Doug talks about his past business arbitrage selling books from Amazon to eBay, his opinion on "educational" schemes, and the future of arbitrage selling.

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The following new profiles have been added to the site today:

  • Zynk is a business automation platform with support for Sage, eBay, PayPal, Amazon and CRM software.
  • eBay Classic & Wildcard Search Tool provides access to eBay's former (pre-Cassini) search engine framework.

Following the recent addition of eAuction Anorak to the directory, profiles for two further UK ecommerce consultants have been added:

  • Kidsontalks offers ecommerce consulting in the UK and internationally. Services include eBay and Amazon Webstore design and integration, shopping cart system design and integration, multichannel strategy and implementation, marketing advice and implementation, and marketplace management.
  • Matthew Ogborne specializes in small to medium sized ecommerce businesses. Ecommerce consulting services are available via telephone, Skype or GoToMeeting.

Eight new profiles have been added to the site today, covering financing, shipping, currency conversion, consultancy and multichannel management:

  • Currencies Direct helps online retailers pay for inventory from overseas, and also maximise revenue received from marketplace and web store sales to other countries.
  • is USPS-licensed shipping software that allows users to import orders from eBay, Amazon, PayPal and other marketplaces and shopping cart software.
  • eAuction Anorak is an on-site and remote consultancy service specialising in eBay listing best practice, leveraging eBay's search, and social media marketing for eBay stores.
  • capexpand offers loans to eBay and Amazon UK sellers.
  • nChannel provides a web based management platform for multi-channel retailers that enables the management and exchange of data.
  • Stitch enables sellers to manage inventory, orders and expenses across multiple sales channels.
  • eSeller Solutions create shop front design templates for marketplace sellers.
  • Seller Cloud is a multi channel management system that streamlines inventory, product catalogs, order fulfillment, shipping, tracking, automated emails and customer feedback.

In response to user feedback, and after months in development, today Web Retailer launched a new website design.

The user experience has been re-thought, and now features:

  • Eight new category pages with profile filtering and searching built-in.
  • New profile pages with a tabbed format making it easy to find reviews as well as related forum discussions and news.
  • An enhanced product compatibility breakdown covering a wide range of marketplaces, fulfillment services and more.
  • A fresh and clean new look throughout the site.

Andy Geldman, Founder and Managing Editor of Web Retailer, said "The industry has changed a huge amount since I started the site in 2003. Ten years on, we are working hard to make the site the most effective resource possible for small and medium-sized businesses selling online — today's launch shows that we understand the value of an intuitive and modern site design to help our users find what they need. It sends a clear message to the ecommerce businesses of today: Web Retailer is a modern portal bringing together a rich collection of both professionally edited and user-contributed content to help online retailers find the best products and services to help them grow their businesses."

Web Retailer began as The Auction Software Review in 2003, covering software for eBay sellers. Over ten years it has grown to cover a wide range of software and services for online sellers including research, sourcing, marketplace management and order fulfillment. The site rebranded to become Web Retailer in February 2013.

  • Shopseen promotes, syncs, and manages products across multiple channels including eBay and Etsy and is free for up to 100 products.
  • BQool offers a solution for Amazon inventory management, hourly repricing, negative feedback removal, and negative reviews removal.
  • Buy Now Search saves searches and send emails within minutes of a matching item appearing on eBay.

A new profile has been added to the directory for multichannel ecommerce platform Etail Solutions.

Etail provides a multi-channel platform for mid/high volume online merchants by integrating channels for sales, marketing, inventory management, order management, accounting and shipping.

Regular visitors may have noticed a lot of new profiles added to the directory in the last month, and in fact 24 new profiles were added during April!

The new entries cover almost every category of software and service for online sellers, such as order management system Ordoro, cross-border trading services from InterCultural Elements and even specialist loans for online retailers from Kabbage, EZBOB and iwoca. The size and breadth of new offerings demonstrate that online retail remains an exciting place to be despite (or perhaps because of) the challenging economic climate.

We will continue to work hard updating the directory over the summer, in particular:

  • Downgrading to supplementary, or archiving, profiles for software or services that are no longer available or unlikely to appeal to our audience of increasingly professional online sellers.
  • Working on our compatibility data to ensure its accuracy, and including a wider range of integrations such as price comparison sites and parcel carriers. We have already improved our categorisation of compatible software to support this.
  • Reviewing the category structure, and adding new categories to reflect industry trends such as those recently added for social media marketing and ecommerce financing.

We hope you find the improved content useful and would love to hear any feedback you have!

The Auction Software Review has rebranded as Web Retailer, and can now be found at

The Auction Software Review was launched ten years ago, in 2003, as an independent guide to software for eBay sellers. A lot has changed in the world of ecommerce since then: eBay has serious competition, most notably from Amazon; it has become easier to set up and promote an independent web store; and auctions are no longer the focus for many sellers.

We recognise that the industry has changed, and will focus efforts this year on enhancing the site to be the most effective resource possible for small and medium-sized businesses selling online. There will be a steady stream of improvements released throughout the year.

The first step, effective today, was to rebrand the site as Web Retailer and move to the domain The new name sends the right message to the ecommerce businesses of today - it's less about eBay and auctions, and more about the whole multi-channel world of selling online.

It's an exciting time for ecommerce and Web Retailer, and we look forward to your support while we change and improve the site.

  • comomail is an Android messaging application for eBay users
  • Marketplace Repricing is a pricing intelligence and repricing solution that also offers Amazon consulting.

StoreFeeder is a hosted multi-channel ecommerce software solution. It enables retailers to integrate with major sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Play, online stores and more.

ChannelGrabber is a web-based e-commerce management solution which brings marketplaces and webstores into one system.

  • comobuy is a free Windows desktop tool for buying on eBay.
  • ExportYourStore is an integration service which exports and synchronizes inventory between eBay, Amazon and online stores.
  • Neteven is an eCommerce solution focused on European sellers.

A new directory category is dedicated to custom design services for eBay and other marketplaces.

Previously, custom design services and off-the-shelf template suppliers were listed in the same category. The separation will help guide sellers who want customised branding, and those who want the cheaper (but more generic) design option of pre-built templates.

New additions to the category include uBer eBay Shop Design, Visualsoft eBay Store Design and Widshop.

  • Lengow is an eCommerce solution that specializes in feeding product data to a wide range of comparison shopping engines (CSEs), affiliate platforms, marketplaces and social networks.
  • SingleFeed is a product feed service from Vendio that is integrated with multiple comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and eCommerce platforms.
  • SellerEngine is a management tool for Amazon sellers that includes barcode product entry, listings management, automatic re-pricing, inventory dashboard, email marketing, pick list and mailing label printing, and community support.
  • Easy Auctions Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet which automatically downloads transaction information from eBay, including buyer information, shipping data and fees.
  • Amazon Bulk Lister is a tool for adding inventory to Amazon using CSV files and EAN/UPC lookups.
  • MarkSight is an eBay research tool with statistics including sell-through rate, average price, title keywords, and a breakdown by day of the week.
  • BETSI is a bulk editing tool for Etsy. Editing actions include find and replace, change price, re-list, edit tags and more.
  • Tools for Etsy offers a range of tools for the Etsy marketplace including hearts search, listings search, consolidated feedback search, tagging tools, treasury search, and more.
  • ReturnEasy is a returns management application based on eBay's Selling Manager apps platform.
  • BigCommerce is an eCommerce solution with eBay and Facebook integrations, shopping comparison feeds, email marketing, photo zooming, mobile support, inventory control, returns system and more.
  • RepriceIt is a product repricing solution for Amazon sellers.
  • Froo! Bulk Revision is a tool for modifying live eBay listings, including title, description, returns policy, start price, BIN price, quantity, handling time etc.
  • Sellermania is an inventory and order management solution targeted to selling on Amazon.
  • Shipwire Anywhere is an order management solution integrated with a wide range of shopping carts and marketplaces.

Brightpearl's retail software covers physical and online sales channels, tying them both into back end business processes.

Features include synchronisation of sales and inventory across EPOS and Ecommerce sales channels, including eBay marketplace and the Magento ecommerce platform, with CRM and accounting included in the system.

Solid Commerce provides a multi-channel inventory and order management platform that allows retailers to sell across multiple marketplaces.

  • Feedvisor Amazon Repricer analyzes the competition and identifies a repricing strategy to win the Buy Box.
  • PhiConnect Order & Inventory Management is an order processing and inventory management solution for eBay, Amazon, Volusion, Magento, PayPal, Yahoo Store and storefronts.
  • is a free web-based eBay and Amazon management solution - the first since Auctiva began charging.
  • ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution for eBay, Amazon,, Etsy and PayPal.
  • Teikametrics Amazon Repricer has features including repricing inclusive of shipping costs, customizable rules and pricing strategy, exclusion lists and FBA repricing.
  • monitors eBay feedback and sends an email when new feedback is left
  • Bidder Warning notifies sellers of bidders with low, negative, or neutral feedback
  • chartixx is a sales and payments analysis tool with versions for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • FotoFuze is a free image processing tool that creates professional product images from ordinary photographs.
  • Share Your Items adds "Share" buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Delicious to eBay listings.
  • PhiConnect Return Service provides an online form for buyers to request product returns, and a four-step returns management process for sellers.
  • Price Spectre monitors competitors' listings to provide automatic repricing for eBay sellers .

A new marketplace management tool called covers inventory management, auto price checking, order fulfillment, customer emails, shipping, currency conversion and more.

An auto repricing feature supports PlayTrade, Amazon FBA and postage repricing. eBay integration is scheduled for Q2 2011.

A new auction management tool from the makers of eBay Seller's Assistant and eBay Blackthorne has been launched.

SixBit eCommerce Solution (known simply as "SixBit") is a modern Windows-based application that is low-cost, easy to use and supports multiple marketplaces, starting with eBay.

SixBit founder John Slocum was also the founder of Blackthorne software and first developed AuctionAssistant, the first automation tool for eBay. After being acquired by eBay, they went on to create the eBay Blackthorne tool. After eBay cutbacks left his team unemployed, they turned to what they knew best. "We've always had a very loyal following and have built both customer and personal relationships with thousands of sellers." says Slocum. "After two years of development, we are very excited to have a solution available and are anxious to begin renewing those relationships."

The initial release of the SixBit's eCommerce Solution supports selling on eBay with integration for other selling sites to follow in the coming year.

  • Paypal Batch Printing prints multiple eBay invoices, shipping labels and packing slips in one batch.
  • JoyBidder is a new sniper available as a desktop application or a Firefox extension for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Accounting tool AucSys tracks transaction data from eBay, PayPal, inventory, shipping and other sources.
  • UK-based company Pentagon Interactive offers an eBay management outsourcing service including store design, listings creation and buyer customer service.
  • Magniphy is an eCommerce solution including storefront builder, merchant account, domain name, eBay listing tool, eBay research tool, dedicated support, and education program.
  • Sellit creates a "mini-shop" from products listed on supported marketplaces (including Yahoo! and Etsy), which can then be posted to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. BlogFronts is a free tool for Sellebrity Analytics customers.

It can be used to publish eBay listing content to a blog, and drive visitors back to a seller's eBay auctions and fixed-price merchandise.

Sellebrity Auction Analytics tracks all eBay listings, providing insights into visitors including their location and search terms used. A/B testing is possible comparing and optimizing various ad styles.

Private messaging has been added to the forum. To send a PM click on a member's name to view their profile then click "Send PM".

To view your existing PMs click "PM" at the top left of any page, between the links "Profile" and "Logout".

To help prevent spam and other abuse the following limits and rules are in place:

  • Limits: Within a 24 hour period you may initiate a maximum of five private messages, and only one to a single individual. Replies are unlimited.
  • Rules: Normal forum rules apply. Messages can be viewed by moderators. Abusers will have their messages deleted and membership cancelled.

If you do not wish to receive private messages, go to your profile page and uncheck "Accept private messages" then click "Save All". You will still be able to send PMs and receive replies to PMs you initiate even if you do not accept new PMs.

  • FreeForm is an eBay HTML template generator
  • Sellernet is an eCommerce and marketplace management tool for UK sellers
  • Sellerwise provides data on visitors to eBay listings including number of views and search terms used.
  • DSR Report, from eBay Star Developer runner-up NullApps, provides a report on a seller's Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) feedback.
  • Mercent Retail feeds product data from an existing e-commerce system to online marketplaces, shopping comparison engines, and search engines.
  • WordPress Plugin displays eBay items in real-time on WordPress blogs. Options include showing items from a specific seller or by keyword.
  • Froo! Template Themes is a library of over one thousand listing design themes with zoomable images and a cross promotion feature, from design company Frooition
  • Quantity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity available on eBay when a fixed-price item is purchased, to maintain the appearance of scarcity.
  • UPS Worldship automatically exports eBay order data for shipment by UPS, and updates eBay sales with tracking numbers

We have just added a new article by Trevor Ginn about his business Hello Baby. In a little over a year of trading, Hello Baby is successfully selling on eBay, Amazon, and its own independent web store.

Trevor talks about software, credit card fraud, marketing, and his future plans for the business in Beyond eBay: The Hello Baby Story.

  • Auction Tracking retrieves eBay listing information and creates profit and loss reports by item and category for any period of time
  • BargainChecker is a free eBay misspelling search tool
  • Dynamic Watch Link provides a "Watch This Item" link that can be placed anywhere in the listing description.
  • Auction Accountant downloads eBay sales information and fees, and PayPal transaction information.
  • AlphaPAL PayPal Fee Calculator supports currency conversion, volume discounts, personal PayPal accounts, and reverse fee calculation.
  • eBay on iPhone is an eBay application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • is a web store solution for vehicle sellers, with eBay Motors integration.

A new eBay US and UK search tool called Watched Item has been added to the directory.

Watched Item sorts eBay search results by popularity, measured by number of watchers - which is not shown on the eBay site. Shoppers can also view the 500 most watched items on eBay.

Sellers can promote their items with Watcher Counters, Product Gallery banners and Hall of Fame banners. The Watcher Counter tool encourages shoppers to watch an item. Products on watch lists get automatically promoted by eBay.

It is now possible to comment on reviews of products on the Auction Software Review.

In the interests of transparency and fairness, we have added the facility for members to comment on reviews of software and services on the site, in addition to the existing "Did you find this helpful" feedback system.

Members can comment only once on each review, and if the company responsible for the product has commented then their comment will appear first. Look for the "Comment on this review" link under each review to add your comments.

We hope you find this new feature useful. Feedback on this and any other aspect of the site is much appreciated, as always.

Linnworks Order Management has been added to the product directory.

Linnworks is a system for UK eBay and Amazon sellers, for fulfilling online orders and controlling stock. It handles order processing, postage management, stock control, reorders, customer returns/refunds, stock scrapping, stock purchases, and purchase life cycle.'s auction widget and most watched items database are now listed on the site.

  • The Widget automatically shows your eBay listing's current Watch Count (how many eBay users actively clicked "Watch This Item") to your visitors.
  • "Most Watched on eBay" helps sellers discover the most watched eBay items, with searching by keyword and category.

Both tools are free.

  • BidBall is a web-based eBay auction sniping service
  • GaragePay is a tool for managing Paypal transactions on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Lot Vantage is a management tool for eBay Motors auctions
  • GavelThief is a web-based sniper with live customer support, email and SMS alerts, and RSS auction status feeds
  • bidCal allows eBay buyers to monitor upcoming auctions from their electronic calendars

In this new article Ryan Miller, President of MerchantRun, describes how to expand your business by listing directly on international eBay sites.

Many sellers think they are already selling internationally because they have some foreign buyers, but listing directly on foreign sites offers a much bigger opportunity.

Read Make the Most of International Trading on eBay.

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