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Sniper Gixen has a new feature which works the opposite way to normal bid groups.

In a normal Bid Group, when one item in the group is won the snipes on the other items are cancelled - so you can win just one from a group of similar items. In a Contingency Bid Group, all the snipes in the group remain active until one item is lost - so you can create a group of items all of which you want to win but only if you can get all of them.

The new feature is only available to Mirror Service subscribers (which costs $6.00 per year). The standard Gixen service is free.

Sniping tool Gixen now has add-ons for the most popular web browsers, available only to "mirror" subscribers. The basic Gixen service is free, but the mirror option currently costs $6 per year and increases the reliability of the service.

The add-on adds a "Snipe this item" link to eBay web pages, giving direct access to's bidding page pre-populated with the details of the item that was being viewed. More information.

Mario Vodopivec of free sniping site Gixen has generously sent us some great new sniping statistics.

The stats were taken from Gixen's own data, then sniping levels for other sites was estimated using Alexa's comparitive rankings and traffic information. Total snipes per week from web-based services are estimated at 181,000 and the total number of sniped auctions is approximately 6%.

Many thanks to Gixen for this contribution.

AuctionBytes has discovered a new eBay tool called Bid Assistant that will offer Bid Groups - a feature common in sniping programs. Bid Assistant will not offer scheduled or last-minute bidding, according to its eBay help page.

Bid Groups allow a buyer to set bids on several items, but with the intention of winning only one. Bid Assistant creates bid groups from the "Items I'm Watching" list in My eBay, and allows the buyer to set the same maximum bid for all items in the group, or different maximum bids for each item. Once bids have been set, Bid Assistant moves through the group (starting with the item that ends first), and places bids until one item has been won, or it reaches the end of the group.

eBay have not made a formal announcement about Bid Assistant but it is mentioned in eBay Help and is buried within an eBay Developer's program Release Note. View sniping tools with the Bid Groups feature.

Free web-based bidding tool Gixen has launched a new "mirror" server located in a different part of the country. The mirror service reduces the chance of snipes being late or not submitted due to network delays, hosting facility problems, or outages on the main server.

The Gixen main service is remaining free, but there is charge of $5.00 per year for the Mirror service which the developer has introduced reluctantly, but says was necessary to make the operation sustainable.

Desktop sniper Auction Defender now supports eBay Poland, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India.

Free web-based sniper Gixen is now available in Spanish and French.

Searching and sniping tool AuctionSleuth now works with eBay Singapore.

Free desktop-based sniper BidSage is not functioning and will no longer be supported. Free alternatives are Bid-O-Matic and JBidWatcher.

Sniping program Auction Defender now has a Firefox extension for importing auctions easily.

Sniper Auction Defender now has a Conditional Bidding feature which allows users to set up bids that will only be placed if a connected auction has already been won.

Sniping service Esteal has implemented bid groups - a common sniping feature that allows a user to select several auctions to snipe and have them bidded on automatically until one auction in the group is won.

Web-based sniping tool Snip is offering users every second snipe for free during July and August.

Online sniping tool Phantom Bidder has had problems placing bids recently, due to eBay resetting passwords or asking users to enter numbers from an image during login.

Sniping services must automate the eBay login to place bids. Image verification is widely used by sites to stop automated logins, and would make sniping on eBay very difficult if introduced across the site.

"PlaceOffer" is a new API call within the eBay API which enables bidding. Developers have to apply and be approved to use PlaceOffer, and scheduled bidding (sniping) is not allowed.

Searching and sniping tool AuctionSleuth now supports Overstock Auctions.

Sniping service Snip will be free once again to celebrate its fourth birthday. Successful snipes made on December 13 between 0:00:00 and 23:59:59 Central European Time will be free of charge.

Free sniping tool JBidWatcher has a new version with an improved sniping engine and a cleaned-up interface.

Version 2.0 of popular searching tool Prospector for eBay is out now. There is a free Lite version that doesn't expire, and a programmable platform for third-party add-ons, through which Ace Sniper has provided a server-based sniping tool.

Paragon Last Minute Bidder is now available in Home and Gold editions, both with a 30% discount until 1 August 2005. Use coupon code LMGPR30 to receive the discount.

The 0.9.7 version of free sniping tool JBidWatcher has been released. New features include customizable columns, support for Buy It Now, complete revamp of searching, and RSS feeds of JBidWatcher data.

Sniping service Snip has introduced an extension for the Firefox web browser, in addition to their existing Internet Explorer add-on. The button allows bids to be scheduled from within the web browser.

Hosted bidding tool Auction Sniper is running a competition through to February 14. Bidders buying Auction Sniper's shipping insurance will be able to snipe for free, and three randomly selected users will win back the purchase price of their item, up to $500.

Free sniping service Esteal is being released as a full version after a year and a half as a beta product. inkFrog, the developer of Esteal, has not yet announced if the live service will be fee-based.

Sniping web site Phantom Bidder now has beta support for's Mature Audiences category.

Hosted sniping service Phantom Bidder has been told by eBay that its "Schedule Bid" browser button is considered an eBay password phishing page - a technique used by spammers to steal eBay passwords. Phantom Bidder rejects the claim, but has modified the page to comply with eBay's requirements. Many sniping services integrate bidding features into Internet Explorer, and all require buyers' eBay passwords to place bids on their behalf.

Long-established sniping tool Auction Station is currently unavailable while bidding problems are being addressed.

Online sniping service Bidnapper is looking for users to test its new Yahoo Auctions sniping feature.

Free sniping program JBidWatcher and free service Esteal are reporting that they are functioning normally again after problems due to eBay site changes.

Sniping service Bidnapper has altered its pricing plans from 1 August. Prices are now:

  • Non-stop, unlimited service, $6.95/month, recurrent
  • 12 months of unlimited service $45.95
  • 6 months of unlimited service $26.95
  • 3 months of unlimited service $16.95
  • 1 month of unlimited service $9.95
  • 10 winning snipes $19.95
  • 25 winning snipes $36.95

The Deluxe Edition of sniping tool Auction Sentry includes a built-in browser, bid groups, support for additional eBay IDs, and customizable views.

New searching, tracking and sniping tool AuctionNavigator is offering a 16.5% discount to Auction Software Review members, making the registration fee only $25.00. AuctionNavigator works with all international eBay sites. Details of all member special offers.

SnipeMonkey has added several new features including currency conversion, automatic timed eBay search, fast overbid email alerts, and a customisable user interface.

Free sniping tool JBidWatcher has an improved search mechanism, which puts results in named tabs. Management of auctions being watched and sniped has also been enhanced.

Onealpha, the developer of iSnipeIt has announced that the program does not currently work and will not sell the software until a patch is released.

Bay Prospector, the searching and bidding tool, has added searching features for eBay stores and the Mature Audiences category.

Sellathon ViewTracker, the online service that allows eBay sellers to see detailed statistics on their listings, has added a feature which alerts sellers when a snipe bid is planned on one of their auctions.

BidSage is a new free searching and sniping tool from the maker of AuctionSage.

It has impressive searching features, good help, and an easy-to-use snipe scheduer. Best of all, it is FREE!

An open-source sniping tool, JBidWatcher, has been added to the site and granted verified status.

AuctionSleuth, the sniping tool, has been updated today. New features include an enhanced warning on shutdown if snipes are pending, and many fixes.

Turbo-Sniper SE and SynchronEX Backup and FTP, both from Xellsoft, have been added to the site today.

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